3rd Affair (3 Too Many) Ch. 3

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Randy was at home that night. He did some homework, jerked off, and went to bed. He didn’t even want to think about what his ex-fiancé was doing.

He would not be surprised to find out that Erin spent her lunch hour fucking some guy she went to school with, and went to her other lover’s house after work to get some more. She got to Jason’s place at around 10 that night. She had been staying there for a couple of weeks now, and was getting all the cock she wanted, between him and his roommate Mike.

She hadn’t been able to see Jason all day, working the night shift while he worked the day, and normally she would be climbing the walls with desire for him. Today, however, with her unexpected encounter with Bill, she had a little more control. She was tired, and went straight to bed.

Jason watched her get undressed for bed, very aroused as she watched her climb in wearing skimpy black panties, a white T-shirt, and no bra. He stripped down to his boxers and got into bed with her, shutting off the light. He slid his arm around her stomach and listened to her talk about her day.

As the conversation slowed, he began to kiss her cheek, softly, making his way towards her neck. He kissed her earlobe, and Erin’s heart rate increased, and that familiar tingling sensation started up in her crotch. Jason kissed back up her cheek to her lips, and she kissed him deeply, slipping her tongue into his mouth. He sent his tongue back the other way as his strong hand caressed the side of her body, over her breast above her shirt, down her smooth leg to her knee, and back up again.

The next time his hand reached her knee, he slid it back up the inside of her thigh, still kissing her. Erin parted her legs for him, encouraging him to touch her. She could feel her pussy moisten as his cock grew hard in his boxers and she could feel the movement against her leg. His hand reached her crotch, and he began to rub her hot cunt over her thin panties.

“Mmmmph…” she sighed into his mouth, electric bolts shooting up her body at his touch. He could feel the outline of her swollen pussy lips through the wet material as he rubbed her gently. She began to writhe herself up against his hand, and he knew he had her as horny as she could be.

He slipped his fingers into the side of her panties, running them through the soft curls of her pubic hair to her moist slit. Not wasting any time, he slid his middle finger into her steamy hole, and she moaned into his mouth again, loving the feeling of being entered.

Jason began to slide his finger in and out of her, kissing her passionately. Erin lay there, entire body on fire, as she allowed him to pleasure her. She was in tune with every inch of her body, feeling every sensation his finger gave as it slowly glided out of her hole, and slowly slid back in.

Her small hand http://www.izmirlitv.com/ caressed down his chest and into his shorts. Her fingers curled around his thick, rock hard manhood. Feeling his size only made her wetter. She began to stroke it slowly, as he slipped a second finger into her twat.

“Mmmmmph…” she moaned again. She was feeling so good, but she needed more. Why won’t he hurry up and fuck her?

Finally, she felt his fingers slip out of her wetness and he grabbed onto the thin sides of her panties. He tugged them downward and she raised her ass off the bed as the second man of the day slid her panties down her sexy legs and off her tiny feet. He threw the skimpy things on the floor and squeezed a leg in between hers.

Erin opened her legs wider, allowing the big man to get between them completely. He broke the kiss and she watched him slide down the bed, slowly. He kissed her skin, right at the bottom of her belly, then he kissed the furry triangle of her bush. He could smell the scent of her arousal as he crept ever closer to her treasure.

She slid her feet up the bed, giving herself to him, breathing laboriously. Jason kissed the very top of the inside of her thigh, then he did the same to her other one, teasing her, prolonging her wait. Finally, he kissed the moist lips of her pussy, and he heard her suck in her breath.

Tingles shot up her spine when she felt his mouth on her cunt, and her toes curled in anticipation. His tongue snaked out, and he slowly licked from the bottom of her vagina, up to the top, tasting her. His tongue nudged her clit and she gasped, her small hand sliding down her body.

Her hand held his head between her thighs as he slipped his tongue into her treasure. He slid his hands under her ass, holding her delicious pussy in his face.

He sucked her lips into his mouth, then slowly let them slip out. “Ohhhh…” she sighed. He did it again, sucking her swollen, sensitive lips into his mouth, pulling them outward, and then slowly releasing them. She was squirming beneath him, feeling an orgasm start to build within her.

He sucked them into his mouth a third time, this time, he held them there, running his tongue up and down them.

“Ohh God.” she whispered, subtly humping her hips up into the air. He released the lips of her cunt again, and licked up to her clit. His tongue lightly lapped at it, sending bolts of pleasure up her body. His hands squeezed her soft ass cheeks harder as his mouth clamped onto her clitoris. He circled his tongue around the sensitive nub as fast as he could, and she hurtled towards an orgasm. She held her breath, letting it build as his tongue relentlessly ran around her little button.

“Ohhhhh Fuck!” she moaned, releasing her orgasm. It was a potent one, her hands roughly holding his head into her crotch. She raised her ass high off the bed as she came, the inner walls of her vagina were convulsing. He continued to lick her clitoris until she finished cumming, which was longer than usual. Finally, it subsided, and she lay quivering before him.

He kissed her slit one more time before crawling up the bed towards her. He kissed her belly, sliding her shirt up her body. Up over her tits it went, and she pulled it over her head and off, becoming naked for him. He kissed around one breast while his hand caressed her other. His tongue gently tickled over her erect nipple, and she sighed with pleasure. Still licking her tit, he pushed his boxers down kicking them off, unleashing his massive hard on. He continued kissing up her chest to her neck. He lay on top of her, the shaft of his penis lying along her defenseless vagina. His mouth found hers and they kissed eagerly, lips smacking.

He began to rub himself against her as his tongue explored her mouth. She wanted so badly to be filled up again, she loved how big he was and how full she felt with him inside her. Her pussy was buzzing with desire, she couldn’t take much more. Her tiny feet ran up and down his hairy legs, encouraging him to enter her. Finally, he broke the kiss and slowly reached down between their naked bodies. Grabbing his massive cock, he slowly ran it down the lips of Erin’s pussy. At the point where she was at her hottest and wettest, he knew he found the entrance. She had a look of pure pleasure on her face in anticipation of what was going to happen.

He pushed forward and the fat head of his dick squeezed into her treasure, slowly entering her halfway. “Ohhhh…” she sighed, hands caressing his back. He pulled partway out of her, and then pushed into her again, harder.

This time he was able to slide his nearly 9 inches of penis into her horny vagina.

“OHHH yes you’re so big!” she moaned, feeling so full. He began to thrust in and out of her, using long, hard strokes. Her small hands slid down to his ass and held it, feeling his muscles flex every time he shot into her.

She raised her feet up into the air, knocking the blankets completely off of them. She was breathing laboriously, feeling amazing as he slid his long organ in and out of her hungry twat. Her eyes were closed, her face was wincing with pleasure, her tits were bouncing up and down with every thrust.

He looked behind him and could see her small foot flailing in the air behind him. She could feel an orgasm begin to form within her again. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” her cries grew louder as that extra large cock slammed into her harder. She was just about to fall over the edge and cum violently when Jason pulled his long penis out of her.

She was caught off guard, almost there, when he grabbed her and flipped her roughly onto her hands and knees. Her gorgeous ass was in front of him, two beautiful white globes just below a tattoo of a sun. He placed the thick mushroom head of his dick at the entrance to her treasure and wasted no time in sliding it home.

“UNH!” she cried as his pole shot into her hard. He held the soft sides of her ass and began jam his cock in and out of her, groin slapping against her sexy ass. ‘slap slap slap slap slap’ he watched the cheeks of her bum shake every time he slammed against them.

He looked over her lovely body as he fucked her doggie style. From the freckles on her upper back all the way down to the bottoms of her tiny feet on either side of him, this girl was hot. He got even harder at the sight.

“Ohhh! Unh! Unh! Ohhhhhhh!!!” she moaned, cumming. He reached so deep! She couldn’t get over it, he was so far inside her! She was helpless, trying to reign in the feelings that overtook her. The walls of her vagina were pulsating as nearly 9 inches of manhood jackhammered in and out of her tiny body. Jason reached within himself and began to fuck her even harder, starting to lose it.

“I’m cumming!” he grunted, ramming his long rod deep inside her, over and over. She was gasping for breath as he slapped hard against her ass. He slid his penis all the way inside Erin’s vagina and held it there, his groin pressed against her bum. He moaned, his hands gripping the sides of her ass tightly.

His long, 9 inch penis seemed to expand even further inside her as it jerked. A long, thick stream of his seed fired off the back of her womb. His cock pulsated again, another river of cum flowed into her hungry pussy.

“Ohhhh God!” she moaned as more of Jason’s semen shot forth. He sighed, leaning forward on her as the last of his cum trickled into her. He kissed her on her back, then rolled off her, softening penis slipping out of her hole. She collapsed on the bed, sighing.

“It’s been awhile since you’ve had that, eh?” he joked, “Over a day!”

“Pretty much!” she said. There was something about the way she said it that led Jason to pursue this a little further.

“Pretty much?” he said, “We haven’t fucked since last night! You’re not sleeping with anyone else, right?” he asked, still kidding around, but becoming less so.

“Ahh…nooo…” she said, hesitantly. She took too long, now Jason became serious.

“Nooo what? You haven’t slept with anyone else?”

“Well…” she trailed.

“You’ve fucked another guy?” he said incredulously. “When?”

“At lunch time.” She replied.

“TODAY?” he couldn’t believe it. “Get out of here! Go sleep on the couch, tonight!”

“What?” now she was mad. “We’re not going out exclusively! I can do what I want!”

“You can’t be fucking guys, and then just come home and fuck me!” he said. “Go sleep on the couch, and tomorrow I want you to get the fuck out!”

They argued for the next half hour, but eventually, she realized she had no other choice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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