9: Lyn’s special request

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9: Lyn’s special request

It was so wonderful to have Lyn in my arms once more. I really felt something that had gone missing had been found and finding it gave me that feeling of wholeness that I had not known for a long time. Lyn just nestled her body into mine as we sat in the shelter on the promenade, waiting for a respite from the squally showers that were driving themselves onto the beach with the rising tide. Very few others were about – probably we had been foolish to venture out but much as we enjoyed the solitude of each other’s especial company, together with all that that can provide, we had been cooped up for two days and needed a change of air.

During these last few days we had talked about past loves and we both accepted that we would expect to enjoy physical pleasure with other partners still. At the same time Lyn told me she would love no other and never really had, she now knew. I told her no-one ever could or would give me what she has given me and continues to give me.

‘Tell me once again the story of your first summer,’ I said.

‘Why that story?’ Lyn asked as she snuggled further inside my all-enveloping greatcoat. I smelt the perfume on her body and the familiar scent of her clothes, tangy with the salty sea air.

‘Because it satisfies so well those fantasies of mine that centre on watching you make love,’ I answered truthfully and without any hesitation or embarrassment. ‘The most exciting parts are when you expand the detail of the acts of penetration, intrusion and the coming together of souls in orgasmic splendor, enjoying the nakedness of their shared bodies. You turn me on so much with your tale, my darling,’ I ran out of words that had come from me in a much more labored, broken way than it seems on the page. I knew Lyn understood me and was confident about sharing her own sexuality.

‘It’s wonderful to have you back,’ she said and then began to weave her spells once more. I wondered for a moment whether she would tell it as well as last time…..or better…

By the third full day at Les Sables d’Antan we were all comfortable with each other and with the knowledge of each other’s bodies. On the second evening Dave had taken Sam before us all and at times he was quite rough with her. He inserted at least four fingers into her overstretched young cunt and pulled down hard on her breasts, a frequent feature of Dave’s love-making. She howled but when he hesitated she encouraged him on again, yanking on his stiffened penis and touching his balls, all of which drove him to more extremes.

Dave bit her breasts and sucked hard. Sam bucked against him. She responded aggressively and clearly was very aroused by the way he came on to her. Eventually they copulated athletically, Sam arching her young spine in an expression of the intensity of her desire as she responded to his domination of her physique. She orgasmed brazenly screaming: ‘Do me, do me, fill my fucking c…..’ Then she quietened as she enjoyed the delight that filled her. Dave was pushed beyond his control at this point and climaxed into Sam for the first time. He continued to gently thrust away at my sister’s limp form for a short time, kissed her tenderly and withdrew. They sat together on the floor a while, arms around each other.

Eventually Sam went to bed with both Gail and Dave, who had used her a few more times by morning and Sam was able to experience again Gail’s talents, leaving me a chance to enjoy Ben. I had been missing him but realized that any neglect of each other was entirely mutual. Especially when I recounted to myself my own experiences of the last few days.

Poor old James had to spend another night with Case. Secretly they were both so crazy about each other that they couldn’t wait. During the evening Case sat in James’ lap and after a while I saw that she was gently moving her lower body back and forth: she had impaled her ass on James’ cock.

The next morning we had decided to drive about 10 kilometers to a beach we had heard of but never visited. A couple we met one evening had recommended it because it was sheltered from the winds we’d had recently.

When we reached Le Domaine Caché there were few cars in the car park camouflaged among the dunes. A well-worn but narrow path indicated the way to the beach. When the seven of us reached the beach we were delighted to find such a beautiful hidden cove. Five or six couples or families were scattered along the part pebbled, part sandy semi-circular beach. Fading dunes clad with marram grass clustered close to the high tide waterline, protected as they were by the spit of land that sheltered the little bay from the worst ravages of any Atlantic storms riding in off the Bay of Biscay.

Soon we were all naked and we stretched out on our towels to soak up the morning sun as it slowly warmed. Later it would be too hot but for now it was just pleasant. James was sitting up, taking in the scenery – everyone else was lying back, warming themselves. I had left James alone largely as he settled bahis firmaları in with the family and I had enjoyed watching his evolving interest in Case, and her obvious attraction to him. Now, however, I thought I would enjoy a little of his attention. I said sharply: ‘James!’

Next moment I threw my plastic bottle of suncream at him. His eye was sound and he caught it easily, with a smile.

‘Do my back, please, James,’ I said and rolled over onto my stomach. James crawled across to me on his knees, protesting as a smaller pebble that he hadn’t spotted dug into his kneecap. He knelt at my side and began to apply the lotion, working his way down my back from my shoulders. This was a more confident and experienced James who had now had some practice at doing this and at pleasuring his partner. He was firm and reassuring, without erring to towards the nervous tickle of the novice. When he reached my ass he worked away steadily massaging me, delving down to my anus with the lotion. A finger pushed just inside me, spreading cream around my entry. James continued down my legs and stopped.

‘Okay for now?’ he asked, nimbly rising to his feet, pulling Sam by the hand and scampering with her down into the sea. I watched them messing about together for a while before I realized that Ben and Case were watching too. They exchanged glances and Ben got up in turn and took Case’s hand as they splashed into the waves to play with the others. As a foursome, naked in the water, they looked splendid. My body urged itself to respond to these moving pictures of beauty. I wanted James to return so I could touch him and so he could touch more of me. Sun lotion, yogurt, ice cream – it didn’t really matter what it was. No, perhaps ice cream would be too cold, I thought. A shiver ran down my back.

They came back laughing, the girls riding piggy-back on the lads and collapsed at our feet. I decided to join in as they dried themselves, if they’d let me. Sam was drying Ben and James was drying Case’s front. I started to dry James’ back.

‘Do you want him to yourself for a while, Bobs?’ Case asked in a very relaxed way. Obviously she wasn’t annoyed by or resentful of my intrusion.

‘No,’ I answered, ‘not just to myself, perhaps James is old enough to cope with the two of us at once,’ I teased.

James was still naive enough to be trapped into a blush of embarrassment which we both found so attractive.

‘I think you didn’t give Bobs enough attention when you left her earlier, you naughty boy!’ she said, whipping his stomach with her towel. It cracked against him and he went: ‘Ouch!!’

James grabbed her and pulled her to him, kissed her on the lips and smacked her bottom playfully, then he reached for me, still holding Case, and pulled me into him, so our three faces were all close together.

‘What do you both want, then?’ he asked.

‘I want to lie with you and watch you whilst you do whatever Bobs wants and then I want you to fuck me up there on top of that rock so that everyone can see that I want you and that sometimes even you still want me!’ Pointing to a large boulder that dominated the cove, Case pouted in a mock sulk at James.

‘Bitch,’ he mouthed silently. Case stood immobile before him and didn’t drop her gaze, challenging James to accept.

Slowly, each word formed carefully as James’ thoughts slotted into place, he made his judgment: ‘If that’s what you want, then as the sun sets in the Western sea, your will, Case, will be done.’

She smiled.

James lowered me to my towel and came down to me. He kissed me and worked his way down, suckling on my breasts and making my nipples painful in their arousal, licking down my tummy and starting to tongue my cunt, thrusting into me, and out, and licking the inside of my thighs. He nibbled on my cunt lips gently and then paused. Taking the lotion in his hands he spurted a large dollop on to my tummy and then started to massage up into my breasts and over onto my neck, pressing back down over my breasts again, massaging the lotion into my skin. Nipples stretched and pinched, erect to their extreme like long thimbles. Suncream covered fingers pushing into my cunt, stretching and enjoying me. I was groaning. James took no notice and worked the remaining excess cream down my legs and back up again. His fingers repeated their penetration of me and were rhythmically enjoying me.

‘Will that do?’ he asked.

‘No, I want you to come inside me now’ I said, urgently pushing my abdomen up towards him in sexual surrender. I looked at his curving scimitar penis. James was hard, shining and ready to thrust this sword blade up and into me, possessing me entirely.

‘You’ve done this before,’ I reminded him. ‘I want it longer and further into me this time’ I tempted him. James seized the moment and positioned himself. I felt him push in and wait. I thrust myself at him so he came in further. I was shaking as my own fulfilling orgasm, like a tidal wave, began to unfold upon the beach of my body and my mind. Like kaçak iddaa Canute, I tried to hold it back. Suddenly it seemed to crash ashore and I felt its power surge up inside me, pushing me, taking me, filling me with the white horses of his galloping semen. As James gushed and swirled into me, he fell onto me and moaned. I came and came, and trembling came again as James continued to throb inside me. I pulled tightly on him. I felt a hand cup my breast and squeeze me and saw Case. I turned towards her and her face came down to me and we kissed.

‘He’s wonderful, Case,’ I said.

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘but I can share him with you all, and still enjoy…’ her words trailed away as James himself pulled her to him. The three of us lay entangled for a while, shifting our limbs occasionally to enable pleasures to be shared and passed around.

Later as the day cooled and the light faded we watched Case and James make love up on the rock. We heard nothing of their love-making, nothing other than the steady beat of waves crashing ashore and a screech of gulls overhead. We saw in the distance, high up on the rock, jet black against an orange background, the single silhouette formed by two bodies, each receiving the gift of love.

Life was good at ‘Le Domaine Caché.’


That evening after eating a salad with smoked jambon cru we strolled down to the shore and went for a walk. We were dressed, but very casually, as we would be walking in the village and down by the harbor. Gail suggested we sat and have a beer whilst we watched the little fishing boats bobbing beneath the twinkling stars. A warm breeze rustled; an empty paquet à chips rolled by, chased by a lean and wiry, unprepossessing black cat. Gail yawned.

Sam and James set off first, followed by Case, Ben and me. Gail and Dave were just behind us. Ben and Case had been so used to each other’s company, both as brother and sister but also as lovers, before my arrival in their lives that I often felt a trifle guilty on her behalf. I dropped back and sat on the wall at the South end of the harbor. It drops about six feet to the beginnings of the beach but there is no ramp down for another couple of hundred yards. You often spot immortal teenage boys jumping off with ne’er a care in the world for their legs and ankles.

I swung my legs back and forth as I looked out to sea. In the dark there was little to see but a few swinging lights on boats and moonlight that played peek-a-boo as it crept out and then hid again behind the clouds. I was fine, honestly. I didn’t mind a bit of time alone with myself.

‘Is Bobs all right?’ Gail asked. ‘Go back, Dave, and talk to her, she sometimes gets a bit left out at times. I’ll carry on back to the chalet.’

Dave came to me and put a hand on my shoulder.

‘Lyn?’ he began. ‘Are you happy?’ I turned to him and took his hand from my shoulder but kept hold of it. ‘Sit down a moment, Dave, please,’ I said.

Dave swung his legs over the low wall and dangled his legs over the edge alongside mine. I leaned into him and moved my hand to his knee.

‘I am totally happy being with you all, Dave. I don’t need constant attention, I don’t need sexual partners all the time.’ I paused.

‘What do you really like in your private thoughts then, Lyn?’ Dave said, very quietly, so the seagulls wouldn’t hear.

‘I like to have several lovers.’ I stopped and knew I had blushed. I had never actually explained what I liked and dreamt of to anybody, not fully even to Ben. He tended to know or sense my desires and the scope of my tastes. He didn’t make me enunciate them. I found it at first embarrassing but also very exciting to tell Dave. I wanted to tell him and I don’t think I could have told anyone else so simply and truthfully.

‘I like to have lovers of both sexes and I do like to experience new people, but only from time to time. I like to watch my lovers with their lovers and I like to be in a group situation with my lovers, like when we watch each other and sit around together in the evening. I like to be used by you Dave, when you want to take me, but I love to watch you too. I don’t need endless sex, all day long, but I really love to be in the company of lovers.’

I added: ‘And I like to be naked, very much. I never realized how natural it would become for me.’

I stopped and looked down at my feet and at the sand below. Dave put a hand to my chin and raised my gaze to his face.

‘Is there anything special you like but never say?’

‘No, Dave. You know I sometimes enjoy being beaten, but only rarely when the urge comes. I don’t mind being donated sometimes, because Ben likes that, but mostly I like to encounter novelty when it comes, not plan it.’

We sat a few more minutes. Still looking down at both our feet, I said, without looking at Dave but wanting his attention:

‘But if there’s anything really very special I could ever do for you, Dave, I would very much want to make that wish come true for you.’ Very kaçak bahis quietly, almost under my breath, I added: ‘I adore it when you don’t ask, you just use me for your pleasure.’ I shivered.

Dave put his arm round me and said: ‘You’ve made so many of my dreams come true already for me, and for Gail, you know. What more could I ask? Perhaps there’s still something I could do for you?’

‘Yes, there is,’ I said, and then blurted out: ‘I’ll tell you about it as we walk home.’ Laughing now, I swung my legs round so I could stand again on the footpath. Helping Dave to his feet I put my arms around his neck and said,’ And then when I’ve explained you can come to the shower with me.’

The others were all out of sight now when Dave and I set off again. We walked arm-in-arm and I suspect anyone who saw us assumed we were father and daughter. Or perhaps there was something in the way our bodies behaved together, seemed to belong together, adjusting to each other as we walked, that perhaps might have made the occasional passer-by think to himself: ‘Lucky fellow!’ or to herself: ‘Lucky girl!’

‘What were you going to ask?’ came from Dave who was clearly wondering whether I had been just teasing when I had said there was something I should like from him. His curiosity, probably his sexual curiosity, was now aroused by my silence as I walked at his side.

‘I would like to do something I’ve mentioned before,’ I began. ‘Remember when we took photos of Ben and Case and me in the garden at Crome?’


‘Well I’d like to do more of that but just with you photographing or filming me. You may choose where and if you want someone else involved in the action with me then I will accept what you want and do whatever you wish, Dave,’…. ‘if it pleases you,’ I added quietly, trying to show my desire to grant my submission to him. I was very turned on simply by thinking these thoughts and expressing them so matter-of-factly to Dave.

All went very quiet.

‘What if I chose something you didn’t want to do?’ Dave questioned me.

‘I would still do it. However, Dave,’ I stopped him and put my hands on his shoulders and gazed into his face. ‘I trust you and I think we understand each other’s secret desires. I believe you will choose something I will ultimately enjoy.’ I kissed him on the lips, saying: ‘Come on, we’d better go.’

As we neared the chalet I provided more details of my request, saying:

‘You must choose everything and not tell me in advance what I am to do. That will be the thrill for me. Understood? Anything you like, please.’

‘You can still surprise me, Bobs,’ said Dave, an arm on my waist as we entered the chalet.

‘I’ll see you in a minute, then, in the shower room, okay?’

I had already dropped my shorts to my ankles and as I went into my room I kicked them up into the air, caught them and threw them on the bed. Dave was following me with his eyes as I turned in my short t-shirt to face him, standing in the hallway.

Dave unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. He looked at me steadily, holding a hand out to me, asking me to come to him. I pulled the t-shirt over my head and walked over to him. I was face to face with a man whose company I very much enjoyed and by whom I adored to be beaten, used and fucked, in any order you like. My cunt was already wet in anticipation of what would happen between us in the shower. Nervously rushing things, my fingers trembled to unbutton Dave’s shorts at the waist. Then I pulled the zipper down and let his penis, hard and purple headed, spring forth. I pushed his shorts down and pushed myself onto him. Dave pulled me tight and with his hands he pressed my bottom into him. I ground back in acceptance as he nibbled on my shoulder.

‘I want you to fuck me in there, now!’ I urged him as I pulled Dave by the hand into the shower room. I grabbed his dick and squeezed hard. Dave turned the water on and mauled my breasts in the hot stream. I felt fingers invading me, pushing up as the warming flow ran over me, caressing my incredibly aroused body. Heaven’s doors opened for me as I spread my legs slightly wider and fondled his balls. His erection pushed into my crutch but Dave didn’t want to rush his penetration of my cunt. I grunted: ‘More fingers, Dave,’ as he shoved more up inside me, stroking and thrilling my clit.

‘Please…’ I leaned back hard against the tiles of the shower room wall, slightly away from Dave who seemed to understand what I was hoping for. He reached under me, supporting my body as I lifted my legs from the floor of the shower and wrapped them round Dave, clasping him at the waist. As I Did I felt Dave’s engorged member push into me, further and further. He rammed me into the wall so much it hurt. A little screech made this clear to Dave. ‘Sorry, Bobs,’ he said.

‘No, it’s all right, do it again, I’m ready for it now.’ He banged me even harder into the wall and I felt him press upwards, even higher into my cunt. I also became aware he had two fingers in there too, screwing around as he thrust. I responded as well as I was able but my own thrashing was somewhat restricted. The pain grew as he rammed he harder up onto the cool tiles but somehow I managed to tell him how wonderful he felt.

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