A Baby Girl is Born Ch. 03

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Note: This story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

The A Baby Girl Is Born series is dedicated to my daddy…the man who knows me best, whose words make my hips wiggle, and who this baby girl was created for. For him I think and plan.

A Baby Girl Is Born: Daddy Marks What’s His

He was a local author and business owner, powerful, intelligent, and looking for a young woman to share his life and his bed. He had met hundreds of women and none of them were the right fit. He had a taste for the taboo daddy/daughter type relationship, but the modern emancipated women he’d met were not willing to play that role. They didn’t want to give over any power in a relationship. Until one day…

Previously in the library parking lot…

They left the library, leaving her car there. As they walked through the parking lot he kept her near him with one strong arm wrapped around her waist, reminding her that she was now his and he would always be by her side. Once they were settled in his SUV she asked about stopping by her apartment to get a change of clothing and he said, “Baby girl…you aren’t going to need clothes once I get you home. I will always want you naked and ready for me when you are spending alone time with daddy.”

Her body began to ache, “You want me naked all the time?”

“Oh yes baby girl. I want to be able to see your yummy curves and watch as your breasts bounce when you move…mmmmm…having access to those rosy nipples makes my mouth water.” his fingers teased her straining nipples through her blouse while his deep brown eyes caressed her from head to toe as if she were already naked, “Yes baby…I want you naked all the time.”

Her head was spinning, her heart was pounding, and her clit was throbbing…he wants me naked all the time.

As they left the library parking lot he said he had one quick stop to make before they headed home. They pulled up to a small brick building with a small sign marked “Exxxtreme Play” on the door. He told her to stay put as he got out of the SUV and headed into the building. The triple X in the title of the store made her little cunny hum as she thought of the various items he could possible purchase there. He appeared holding a large bag that he handed to her once he entered the SUV. “Open it baby girl. I got these for you…well for me too (he gave her a devilish grin). I don’t want you worrying about anything and I want see how many times I can make that sweet little pussy of yours squirt”. She peeked in the bag and saw two boxes of Exxxtreme Sheets with a picture of a naked man between a woman’s thighs.

He bought rubber sheets made just for super wet sex…her little cunny had butterflies. She melted into the seat next to him as he drove through the city and down a country road. His home was about a 30 minute drive off the main road, in the middle of a wood. It was the perfect place for no interruptions…the perfect place for her to be as loud as she needed to be and she knew she was going to be making some noise once her daddy squeezed that thick monster cock inside her tight little pussy. They spoke about what each expected from the other and came to an agreement. She would spend the weekend with him and at the end of those three days (if they both agree) she would move in with him and he would begin the paperwork legally naming her as his daughter. This detail tickled his daddy/daughter fetish and set the tone for the type of relationship they both wanted…an incestuous one.

He pulled into his underground garage and the large door closed behind them. His steadily growing daddy dick let him know he finally had his baby girl home. He had dreamed about this day for a long time, late at night stroking his thick hungry daddy cock imagining her curvy soft body pinned under his or bouncing on his lap mewing and moaning ‘Daddy!’ in her pleasure. She had to be the one. He just knew she was going to be the one…a sweet knowledgeable virgin with a sexual appetite to match his. If she could take his thick daddy cock over and over again and want more, he’d be the happiest man in the world. He turned to her and said, “Baby girl, whatever happens here know you’re safe with me and I will never do anything you don’t want.”

She excitedly nodded her head, “Yes daddy.” and he leaned over a kissed her tenderly on the forehead and then claimed her sweet lips in a passionate deep kiss.

“Let me show you our home baby girl and then we’ll get you settled.”

They walked through a door and down a short hallway until they entered the kitchen. “Wow! Do you do a lot of cooking daddy?” she exclaimed looking at the long butchers counter top and all the chef quality appliances.

“Yes I do sweety and this weekend I’m going to cook a feast for you. Later (he caressed the long butchers table, giving her a hungry look) this is where I am going to feast on you my love. But bahis firmaları for now I think the rest of the tour will have to wait. Daddy needs to taste his baby girl right now.” He pulled her to him, growling in her ear.

She gasped as his hot mouth grazed her neck, sucking, nibbling, and kissing. He led her to the master bedroom. It was a large room with a fireplace, a leather sofa next to it, a wall of windows looking out over a small pond in the woods, and a huge bed in the center of the room. He sat her on the sofa next to the fire and pulled the linens off the bed, gabbing one of the new rubber sheets and started to dress the bed. She was impressed and giggled at his stealth in getting that fitted sheet on the huge mattress. He eyed her up and wiggled his finger at her to come to him now.

“Undress for me baby girl. Show daddy that beautiful curvy body he’s been craving all day.” his eyes gleamed hot.

She slowly took everything off and crawled into the middle of the bed. Her nakedness gave him a mouthwatering view with her half reclined on her hip, big beautiful breasts pressed together, warm pink nipples aching to be sucked, and that sweet little plump pussy that would make any daddy cock throb with anticipation. He pulled his clothes off as his eyes drank her in. Her shy gaze took in her daddy’s tall naked form. She longed to feel his dark body hair rubbing against her tender flesh and that thick hot daddy cock looked even bigger than when she had it in her hand and mouth. Oh fuck…he’s gonna slide that fat cock deep in my pussy! He climbed up on the bed, looking like a panther eyeing up his dinner.

He grasped her ankles and in one quick motion pulled her onto her back, opened her thighs and devoured her sweet pussy. She gasped and wiggled as he held her firm and tickled and teased her little jewel with his hot tongue. “Oh daddy! It’s so naughty! You’re not supposed to lick my pussy daddy!” she squealed her fake protest.

He grinned against her pussy lips and in a moment he got to his knees still between her thighs, stroking his aching cock and said, “Incest isn’t naughty baby girl…it’s natural. It’s the best way for daddies and daughters to show how much they love each other. Now get ready for daddy’s cock baby girl. Daddy loves you so much!”

“Y-yes daddy”, she whispered blushing, “but please daddy go slow. Your cock is so big and my pussy is so little.”

She was perfect…shy, sweet, and so damn wet. His cock was drooling in anticipation of its new home. “I’ll go slow baby but your little cunny is so wet already that daddy’s cock should slide in nice and easy. See how much you love your daddy?” He slowly slid that fat daddy cock up and down her creamy slit, nudging her clit with its bloated mushroom head until she started pumping her hips up to him.

He pushed firmly against her tight little pussy-hole till that fat swollen head popped in. It hit her G-spot making her cry, “Oh Fuck!” and her pussy squirt immediately all over his pelvis, cock and balls.

Her pussy was too wet and tight, and the heat of her squirt lit a fire in her daddy that demanded he pound her sweet cunt hard and fast! “Damn! Baby girl daddy has to fuck you really hard right now!” he growled as he pulled her hips to him to get balls deep. She took all of him but she was so tight it almost hurt them both. He continued to pound her hard till he could finally get a hold of himself then he slowed his pace to where he slowly slid in and out teasing another orgasm out of her luscious frame.

She cried tears of lust with every hard fast thrust of her daddy’s cock. Once he slowed to a tease all she could think of was how good his thick cock felt sliding in and out and rubbing her pussy walls causing little sparks of mind blowing pleasure. She was never more aware of how creamy wet she was hearing the beautiful wet noises coming from his thrusts into her hungry kitty. All of a sudden the waves of pleasure sharply increased and hit her hard as her body tensed and squirted another cunt full of hot pussy juice all over her daddy’s cock, “Oh fuck daddy! Oooooooo…it’s sooo good! Please don’t stop daddy!” she cried, tears running down her face. She could feel the hot gush of her cum flow out of her cunt-hole, over her taint and down to tickle her even tighter rosebud ass.

A huge puddle of her squirt was forming under the lovers and daddy reveled in the fact he’d made his baby girl squirt twice already. “That’s right baby girl…wet your daddy’s cock. Such a good girl that creams and squirts on daddy’s cock. This is what you were made for sweety…taking your daddy’s thick cock deep in that sweet, tight cunny!” He punctuated those last three words with hard quick thrusts that pushed her over the edge again as she gushed a river of hot baby girl cream over his already frothy wet cock.

Her tight cunt squeezed his throbbing cock every time she came, making his balls draw up tight and kaçak iddaa ready to explode. “Oh baby! Daddy’s gonna cum! I have to fill your tight little pussy with daddy’s hot seed! Take it baby!” he growled. “Take all of daddy’s cum baby!” he groaned and fired copious amounts of hot fatherly cum deep in his baby girl’s cunt accompanied by a deep lustful growl with every shot fired.

“Yes daddy! Oh I can feel it! It’s so hot daddy! Oooooo…fill my pussy daddy! Make me take it all! Oh daddy…I can feel your cock throbbing! Oh fuck…I’m gonna cum again daddy! Oh daddy…!” she mewed and cried as her pussy clamped down on her daddy’s cock bathing him with more of her sweet honey cream.

He lay on top of her quivering body still thrusting every now and then that made her let out sweet little gasps until they caught their breath. He rose up on his elbows taking in her beautiful flushed face and watched her blush under his heated gaze as he tenderly kissed her forehead then her swollen pink lips. “Daddy’s little squirter.” he grinned. “And such naughty talk about it not being right and good for daddy to give your little cunny daddy’s special kisses.” he teased her. “Daddy may have to spank such a naughty baby girl.”

She blushed again at his words but loved every one of them. “I don’t want a spanking daddy!” she continued to play.

“Well I think that’s just what you need to remind you of who your daddy is and keep you from giving him any of that sassy mouth!” he said as he rolled off of her and puller her over his lap. She gasped again and tried to cover her big soft ass with her small pink hands. “Mmmmm…you have such a sweet ass too baby.” his hands roving over her cheeks until… “It’s a shame daddy has to spank it!” he raised his big strong hand and came down with a firm swat! SWAT… SWAT…SWAT!

It took her breath away and made her little secret places tingle. “Oh baby girl…you are naughty aren’t you!” as he ran his fingers over her wet pussy lips and teased her tight little rose bud asshole. “You like when daddy spanks you. In fact I think you love it!” he declared followed by a few more swats. “You like when daddy rubs you here baby girl?” he teased her little rosebud asshole and she let out a little cooing noise.

“Yes daddy!” she whispered bucking her hips as he continued to circle, tease and pat her hot little asshole, using her wetness to push just the tip of his finger into that hot hole. “Ooooooh!” she gasped.

“You know there’s something very special that only the best baby girls do with their daddies. I can tell you would love it butt (he grinned at his own pun) I’m not sure if you’re ready for it. Do you want me to tell you about it sweety?” his voice was so seductive and silky smooth.

“Yes daddy.” she knew where this was going and trusted him to be gentle with her absolute virgin hole.

“Well…when a baby girl really loves her daddy…” his finger still teasing her by dipping just the tip in and out, “she lets him fuck her ass baby. Do you really love and trust daddy? Do you want daddy to fuck your sweet little rosebud ass? Remember to use your words baby…daddy loves to hear you talk dirty.”

“Ooooooo…yes daddy! I want you to fuck my tight little ass! I wanna feel you stretch my virgin asshole daddy! And I want to feel you cum in my ass too daddy! Would you like that daddy? Do you want to fill your little girl’s ass with your creamy hot daddy seed?” she teased wanting to really get him going like he did her. It worked.

“Oh fuck baby, yes!” He pulled her off his lap and onto her knees, pressing her shoulders to the bed. “Let’s get that ass up nice and high for daddy!” he growled feeling the full hunger of his now rock hard cock. Her naughty words made him happy and hard and she was about to experience a whole new world of pleasure.

He rubbed his cock between her drenched pussy lips before taking a moment to cock-slap that tight little brown hole just aching for a hard daddy cock. His swollen head pressed firmly against his prize until it popped inside. “Oh fuck!” she cried, “Daddy! Oh fuck daddy! It’s in! You’re in my ass!” she panted.

“Fuck baby! Oh yes, daddy’s cock is in your ass! Let me slide in more baby…just relax and take all of daddy’s cock!” he purred, “Daddy’s gonna make you feel so good baby!”

He pulled her hips to him until he was fully seated in her ass, “Daddy it feels so full! I feel like I can’t breathe but it kind of feels good too.”

Her ass was so hot and tight that he just wanted to start pounding her right away but he managed to control himself and started out slowly pulling in and out of her sweet ass. “Oh baby girl, seeing my cock sliding in and out of your sweet rosebud ass is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! Is this OK baby? Daddy’s not hurting you is he?”

“No daddy. I’m OK. Um…I think I want it a little harder.” He picked up his speed a little loving her more with every kaçak bahis slap, slap, slap of his balls spanking his baby’s cunt.

“Ooooooo! Oh yes daddy! Oh that’s good! Harder daddy! Harder! Oh fuck daddy it’s so good! Oh please don’t stop!” she cried.

He was in heaven pounding into her sweet ass and hearing her use her naughty words to get daddy to fuck her harder, “That’s it baby! Take daddy’s cock in that tight little ass of yours! Tell daddy who owns this sweet ass! Tell me now!” he commanded.

“You own my ass daddy! It’s all yours! It’s always been yours daddy! Just don’t stop daddy!” her words were punctuated by his fierce pounding. All of a sudden her body started shaking and he felt her pussy tightening up through her ass and she let out a loud cry and squirted, “Daddy! Fuck daddy!” she sobbed. “It’s too good! Oh you’re making me squirt…!” she gushed again. This time he had to fight to stay inside her as her ass clamped down so hard on him it almost pushed him out.

“Fuck baby! Daddy’s cumming! Oh yes! Daddy’s gonna fill that hot ass!” he growled as his orgasm took him by surprise. He pumped and pumped what seemed like a gallon of hot daddy seed deep in his baby girl’s ass. “Oh baby…you made me so proud. Daddy loves you so much!” he breathed into her ear as he collapsed on her quaking body.

“I love you too daddy!” she sighed as she could feel him ease out of her heated backside. They lay together on the cum-covered bed. He pulled her with him onto a dryer spot and held her tightly against him, nuzzling her neck and planting sensuous kisses and nips wherever his reach would allow.

She never knew it could be like this. She never knew this kind of love existed in the world beyond the erotic novels she’d read. He never thought he’d find his true baby girl. She was the one woman who understood his heart, his lusts, and gladly followed him wherever he wanted to take her. He dared to break the beautiful silence that enveloped them, “Baby girl, do you think you’d like to stay here with me forever? Do you think you’d like spending this kind of time with me doing this every day?”

“I’m scared you aren’t real…this isn’t real. I’ve dreamed about you all my life…I’ve waited for you, yearned for you because no other man could ever live up to the daddy in my head…my daddy.” She confessed.

“Oh baby!” he sighed, as he looked deep into her eyes. “I am real and this can be real too…if you want it to be. Do you want it baby girl? I meant everything I’ve said to you and I want you. I want you in my life forever. Be my baby girl. Don’t make me wait the weekend out. Say yes to your daddy.”

She looked into his deep brown eyes and saw everything she every wanted. She saw his love for her and his lust that made her toes curl. She looked into the eyes of her daddy, “Yes daddy! I want it daddy! I want you daddy!”

He rolled her under him and kissed her deeply. She clung to him feeling his heart beating fast against hers…matching her own rhythm. “What’s next daddy? What are you going to do with your baby girl?” she giggled.

“Oh I have so many things to show you baby girl…so many things for you to experience. But first, do you remember the homework I had you do at the library today?” he had that glint in his eyes.

Today at the library…that seemed so long ago. He’d devoured her in the library stacks and she loved it…wanted more. They had been caught up in this silken web of incestuous lust and love and it was as if time stopped for them both. “Oh! You mean the passage about the pregnant daughter feeding her daddy her milky breasts while she sat on his lap…on his hungry daddy cock?” she quoted the passage blushing to her toes.

“Mmmmm…yes baby girl. That’s the one.” his voice still sensual and silky smooth. “Tell me again what you said when I told you I wanted to make your breasts full of milk so you could let daddy suck on those beautiful nipples while I bounced you on my cock. And asked you if you wanted that too?”

“I nodded my head yes daddy.” her pussy was heating up again.

He began teaching his baby girl what her daddy craved, “Let’s get you pregnant baby girl. I want your little pussy always full of daddy’s seed. And we are going to start practicing you feeding daddy with those luscious breasts daily. Daddy is very hungry and will need to feast on those sweet nipples several times a day for an extended period of time. And you will visit daddy at work every day for lunch to make sure he doesn’t miss a feeding. And daddy may have to feed on your sweet swollen bell too so it’ll be best if you just wear a wrap dress and nothing else. Do you understand me baby girl?”

“Yes daddy!” Her mind was swimming and her pussy was aching. My pussy is always going to be full of hot daddy cum and he’s going to be sucking on my breasts several times a day! She imagined herself sitting on his lap in an office while he sucked and tugged on her nipples and her lying back on his desk before him as he feasted on her little kitty.

He wants me pregnant and lactating for his hungry mouth. I’m going to be that baby girl in the book!

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