A Birthday Gift for Jim

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“Johnny,” Sue whispered in my ear, “you want to come and party with us at our house?”

Her hand was rubbing my thigh through my jeans, and occasionally brushed over my hard cock. She giggled when she felt my erection.

My face flushed from the alcohol and excitement. I answered her, “Ah, well…yeah, sure!”

The bartender had just announced ‘last call’ when Sue asked me. I’d met her and her husband Jim a couple hours earlier, and we hit it off immediately. Even though they were older, in their mid-thirties, I had a great time with them drinking and laughing.

Sue was a pretty woman with long, black hair, shapely legs and fanny, and I guessed 34-C breasts. I’d gotten my first erection that night when we danced and she held me tight against her warm, supple body. She flirted with me the rest of the night. I didn’t know what was going on between her and Jim, but she was definitely coming-on to me.

Jim was a very handsome man, with a hard, firm body. He was two-inches taller than me; probably thirty pounds heavier and it was all muscle. I didn’t consider it a ‘gay-thing’ by admitting he was handsome; I’m an open-minded guy, and I say what I think.

I explained to Sue that I didn’t have my car here — that I lived close enough to walk, and she smiled, “No problem — Jim will bring you back when we’re done.”

Done? Done with what? I wondered.

In the car, Sue had me sit in the middle between her and Jim. There wasn’t much room, and my thighs pressed against both of theirs. She stretched out her arm and laid it on the top of the back rest. She stroked my hair and neck as we drove to their house. My erection throbbed inside my pants; pre-cum soaked the front of my string bikini briefs. Sue had a slight smile on her face as we rode to their house.

I’d moved to town three months earlier. Nowadays, you had to go wherever you could find work. My job required me to work pretty much alone, so I hadn’t made any friends there. I found the bar a couple blocks from my apartment, which meant I could walk back-and-forth. A good thing, too — I tended to drink more than I should.

Their house was beautiful! They were doing quite well for themselves. A three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath, southwestern ranch-style with a swimming pool in the back yard, and it was very tastefully furnished.

Sue had disappeared; Jim and I sat next to each other on a large, plush couch. We smiled and made small talk. I felt comfortable with him.

When Sue came back she handed us a glass of wine. I usually didn’t like wine, but this tasted delicious. She sat next to me and reached into a small, gold-leaf box on the coffee table. We watched her pull out a joint; she lit it and gave it to me. I’d smoked pot before, but I was more of an alcohol type-of-guy. I dragged on it and proceeded to cough. They thought it was very funny, so now I was determined to show them that I was a cool-guy, and took a long, deep drag and inhaled it into my lungs.

I passed it to Jim; he took a small drag and gave it back to me. I took another deep drag and gave it to Sue. All the while, Sue’s hand stroked and caressed my thigh. Once again, my penis was hard as a brick. By the time we finished the joint, my head was floating in the clouds; I wore a permanent grin on my face, and my cock throbbed and danced inside my jeans.

Suddenly, Sue announced: “Last one in the pool takes it in the bottom tonight!”

They took hold of my hands, helped me off the couch, and we went outside to the swimming pool.

They wasted no time stripping off their clothes. My head turned side-to-side watching them undress. When Sue was naked I gasped at the sight of her beautiful breasts and soft, sensual flesh. I turned my head in time to see Jim take down his boxers.

His hard cock sprang into view. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock and balls. He had to be seven inches long, and an inch-and-a-half around, and he was hairless ‘down there’, as-a-matter-of-fact, his chest and back were hairless, too. He had the most magnificent body I’d ever seen on a man!

They came to me, and their hands worked at my clothes. When I stood wearing only my red, string bikini briefs, Sue smiled and said, “Oooo, look at his pretty panties.” Then she grasped the waistband and yanked them down exposing my trembling, five inch cock.

“How cute!” she shrieked; then standing between us, grabbed our cocks and led us down the stairs and into the water.

Normally, I would have died of embarrassment. I was shy and introverted and sexually naïve, but the pot worked its magic, and I thought this was the coolest thing that had ever happened to me.

We splashed and swam and played games. Sue was an excellent swimmer and made sure we never lost our erections. She’d swim circles around us, grabbing our cocks whenever she could. I wasn’t a very good swimmer and when we went to the deep end, Jim held me by the waist with his strong hands. Sue would swim between our legs and give our cocks two or three quick strokes. My head swam in lust; my balls ached for release.

“Okay guys,” Sue said, “it’s time for the band aid game!”

I canlı bahis didn’t know what she meant but I played along. Jim and I sat side-by-side on the edge of the pool, our feet and legs dangling in the water.

Sue came to us and fastened band aids at the base of our hard cocks and wrapped them around our shafts.

“Okay, guys — whoever gets the band aid off the other guy first — WINS! And Johnny, there’s a trick to this game — see if you can figure it out.”

Huh? What? I wondered.

Then I felt Jim’s hand on my cock; his hand twisted and turned at the band aid sending sharp jolts of pleasure through my cock and up my spine. My mouth opened and I groaned.

Not to be outdone, my hand grasped the base of his cock and began trying to slide the band aid up and off his rigid member. We laughed and worked hard at the band aids. Our hands slid up-and-down each others’ cocks. Jim put his arm around me and pulled me close — he kissed me. I kissed him back; our hands working feverishly on our cocks to win the game; our mouths and tongues fused together in passion because it felt sooo good.

Jim stroked my cock faster-and-faster — he never touched the band aid. I began to swoon; my chest heaved; I gasped for air. His hand was the center of my universe. Up-and-down—up-and-down—up-and-down—his strong hand stroked my cock. I felt my balls contract; my head fell back and I shouted and moaned as wave-after-wave of cum shot out of my cock. He kept stroking until he had milked my balls dry.

My penis returned to normal. He easily slipped the band aid off my shrunken cock.

“We have a winner!” Sue yelled.

We laughed. So the trick was you had to make the guy cum before the band aid would slide off.

Very clever! I thought.

I was aware of Jim’s hard cock still in my hand. “I want to finish the game, too,” I said.

He smiled at me and we kissed each other as my hand moved faster-and-faster on his beautifully smooth, now-throbbing cock. Our lips melded together; he began moaning and thrust his hips in time with my stroking hand. His cock felt natural in my hand. I reached for his balls with my other hand. I rolled his balls with my fingers. He shouted, “OH JOHNNY!” and shot load-after-load of hot cum between us. When he was done, my hand was covered with his cum and I brought it to my mouth and tasted it. I liked it — I licked my hand clean.

I pulled the band aid off his now-deflated penis. We laughed and kissed.

“Johnny…Johnny — I need your mouth, baby. Eat me, Johnny—eat my pussy!” we heard Sue scream. I’d forgotten all about her.

I looked and she was sitting next to me, her legs spread wide with her hand between them feverishly masturbating. I jumped in the pool and positioned myself between her legs. I watched her hand on her pussy.

Now this was never my favorite thing to do with a woman. A vagina seemed so out of place with the rest of a woman’s body. I mean, from head-to-toe a woman was soft, supple, full of curves and sensuality, but when I looked at her pussy it seemed like just a hairy gash. A jungle of hair with an open slit deep in the middle of it. It doesn’t fit with the rest of her body. I was afraid of it.

I took a deep breath and went in. My last girlfriend taught me how to pleasure her this way, and I concentrated hard remembering the lessons she gave me. Sue was easy; she had done most of the work herself. I pushed my lips and tongue into her and licked and sucked. Her juices were flowing freely. Breathing down there was always the hardest part. When I took her clit between my lips and licked it with my tongue she exploded. Her thighs trapped my head tight between her legs as her hips thrashed about wildly. I gasped for air. My face buried in her pussy.

“That was nice, Johnny,” she said. Then she reminded Jim that they had to get up early, and asked if he’d drive me home; it was more of a command, than actually asking him. It had been clear all night that she wore the pants in the family.

When Jim excused himself and went to the bathroom Sue came to me.

“Johnny, next Friday is Jimmy’s birthday, and I really want to surprise him…he, ah…he really likes you — a lot! You seem to like him, too!” I blushed. “Anyway, I was thinking…if it’s okay with you….”

The suspense was killing me. “What? I mean…what do you want to ask?”

“I want you to be his ‘birthday gift’…I want you to be his ‘bitch’ for the night!”

I blushed a scarlet red. “I…well…ah. I—“

“Think about it okay? Give me your phone number and I’ll call you.” I gave her my number. “Promise me you’ll consider it. From what I saw tonight — you might like it even more than Jimmy!” I blushed again.

On the drive home Jim and I didn’t say much. We were tired, but from time-to-time we smiled at one another. He parked the car in front of my building.

“I had a good time tonight,” he said.

“Yeah, me too!” I answered.

“I hope we can get together again,” he said.

It was then I noticed his deep, sea-blue eyes. “Maybe we will,” I sighed.

The next few days bahis siteleri were sheer torture. A million thoughts raced through my mind. This was the biggest personal decision I ever had to make in my life. If I agreed to be his ‘bitch’ — my life would change overnight. I didn’t know how my friends and family would react to the news that I was queer. Not only queer, but a ‘bottom’ queer, no less. I thought my mother would be able to deal with it, but my dad? No way!

It didn’t surprise me I was even considering the idea. The mental image of Jim’s face and body had been intruding into my psyche often now. And his gorgeous, hard cock…well, I masturbated every night remembering the thrill I had gotten when I held and stroked his hot flesh, and the delicious taste of his cum. I fantasized what it would feel like to have his cock in my mouth…and in my bottom.

I heard from Sue. She gave me the directions to their house and what time I should get there. “I know it’s awfully early,” she said, “but I want to get you ready for him.”

Ready for him? I wondered.

Friday finally came — it seemed like the longest week of my life. I was still undecided; torn between my base animal wants and needs, and my logical, practical mind.

I left work early to get to their house on time. Well, you know…when has a brain ever won out over a hard penis?

“Hi Johnny,” Sue greeted me then hustled me straight into the bathroom.

A bubble bath was waiting for me. I was getting nervous; this was a little too girly for my tastes.

Sue knelt down and untied my shoelaces. “C’mon, Johnny — we really don’t have much time!”

I removed my shirt. She had taken off my shoes and socks and when she went to open my belt she sensed my hesitation. “Don’t be a silly — I’ve already seen you naked. Remember?”

I slid off my pants and briefs, and stepped into the hot bath. The water felt wonderful as I sat back and relaxed. Puzzled, I watched Sue strip down to her black lace bra and panties, she was alluring and sexy, but for some reason I didn’t get a hard-on. She then grabbed soap and a loofah and began cleaning me.

“So Johnny,” she said, “how many boyfriends have you had?”

“Huh?” I said.

“Oh, I don’t mean to be nosey, I was just wondering….”

“Ah, I haven’t…ah, well—none!” I answered.

“None?” she wrinkled her nose. “You just play around? Isn’t that kind of dangerous these days?”

What in the world was she talking about? “No-no…I mean, I’m not gay.”

She dropped the soap. “Huh?” she squinted at me. “Surely, Jimmy’s wasn’t the first penis you masturbated, was it?”

“It sure was,” I said.

A smile slowly spread across her lips. “So you’re not gay?” I nodded. “Why are you here?”

My face turned red and I was tongue-tied.

“No-no-no, that’s okay…when we met you we just assumed…so you’ve never ‘been’ with another man before Jimmy?”


Her smile reappeared. “So you’re a virgin?” I nodded. “…and you’ve never given a blow-job, either?”

“No,” I smiled, “but I’ll try like hell to make it good for him!”

We both laughed. She didn’t press me for an answer as to why I was doing this, and I was grateful for that. Instead, she went into a long, but interesting explanation as to how Jimmy liked to have his penis sucked. I listened attentively and made mental notes.

She went to the vanity and returned with a razor and shaving cream. She frowned. “I figured I’d shave you, but if you’re not gay, I dunno…Jimmy likes his boys hairless!”

“If that’s what Jimmy likes — go for it!” I said.

Now I understood why we started so early. I never realized how long it takes to do a good job of shaving body hair.

She shaved my legs, underarms, chest, around each nipple, then finally my pubes.

“Oooops — one more place,” she said, and told me what I should do. I stood and bent over for her and spread the cheeks of my ass with my hands. It was embarrassing, but when I felt the shaving cream back there and then the razor, it made sense to me.

When I was ‘hairless’, she pulled the plug from the bath, turned on the shower and had me rinse the soap and hair off my body. I ran my hands over my shaved areas and loved the smooth feel. Who knows? I thought, I might keep this look.

“Just one more little thing, sweetie,” she said as she held up what looked to be an enema bag.

“Is that what I think it is?” I asked, incredulously.

She smiled. “Well, sweetie, when he takes your cherry and you discover how much you love the feel of his marvelous member inside you, well, that’s no time for an ‘accident’ to happen.”

I guess she was right. I’d never thought about it before. When we were finished, and I cleaned myself, she pointed to a hangar that held a pink negligee and matching panties.

“You’re going to look hot in those. He’ll love it!” she said, and handed me the garments. I’d seen them earlier, but figured they were hers.

We heard Jim call out Sue’s name. He was home — my heart began beating faster.

“Get dressed, sweetie, I’ll have him shower in bahis şirketleri the master bathroom.” She said, and left me alone.

I pulled the negligee over my head and smoothed it in place. Then I stepped into the panties and pulled them up. Oh my God they felt good! The panties were diaphanous and sheer; the material pressed against my cock and I got hard instantly. I stroked my cock through the panties — Sue caught me and laughed.

“I knew you’d love them!” she said, looking at my erect cock, “oh, yeah, keep yourself hard — you look so hot with your penis poking out like that — Jimmy will friggin flip-out!”

She gave me last minute instructions and a peck on the cheek.

“Have fun tonight, sweetie!” she whispered, and left me standing in the bathroom, behind a door that was slightly ajar so I could hear what was being said in the living room.

I heard their muted voices in the living room. I strained to hear my cue. Finally, I heard her say, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JIMMY” and I slowly walked into the living room.

The look on his face was priceless! His eyes bugged open as he drank me in. His jaw dropped. Then he smiled that beautiful smile; he looked so incredibly happy that it brought tears of joy to my eyes.

He was dressed only in boxers. His skin glistened from the hot shower. He was more gorgeous than I remembered.

Sue played a slow song and sweet music filled the air.

“I get the first dance,” she said, and I watched the happy couple hold each other tight and sway with the music. I saw Jim’s lips say, “Thank you” in her ear. She smiled and said, “Be gentle with him — he’s a virgin!” His eyes lit up.

Sue motioned for me to come to them. She broke away from Jim and she said, “Next”

“Have a wonderful evening, boys,” she said as she grabbed her purse and went out the front door.

Jim stroked my hair as we danced. I ran my hand up-and-down the smooth skin on his back.

“I thought of you all week,” he whispered in my ear. “I was afraid I’d never see you again.”

I was amazed at how good those words made me feel. I guess I always underestimated the power of words.

“Sue said that you’re a virgin…how can that be? A boy so pretty and personable like you.”

“I’ve never been with a man before — except you.”

He pulled my head close to his and we kissed. A long, slow, lingering kiss. He took my hand in his.

“Want to go to the bedroom?” he asked, his eyes searching mine.

“Yes,” I said, barely audible.

He felt my hand shaking and asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes…I want to be your girl tonight,” I answered.

“Girl?” he smiled.

“Or is it ‘I want to be your bitch tonight’?…see, I told you I was new at this.”

We both laughed as he led me to the bedroom.

A lone lamp with a red light bulb on the table beside the bed illuminated the large bed. I thought the lighting was sexy, very passionate. The covers had already been turned down. He wanted me to lie down, but I another idea.

I kissed him and caressed his chest and played with his nipples. I kissed his chest, his nipples then downward until I was on my knees. I pulled his boxers down. My heart leapt when his erect cock sprang into view. God it was beautiful!

I smothered his cock with kisses. I reveled in his manly aroma. Then my tongue snaked out and licked every glorious inch; every vein and bump. I discovered he was especially sensitive when I licked the underside of his cock. I wet my lips and slid them over his cockhead. I licked the hot flesh of his cockhead and my own cock throbbed inside my panties. I grasped his shaft with one hand while the other held his balls. His sac was heavy. I massaged his balls and sucked on his cock. This brought a low, guttural groan from deep within him.

I slowly stroked his shaft. I took as much of his cock into my mouth that I could. My head bobbed back-and-forth on his cock while I stroked his shaft and messaged his balls. He was moaning constantly now. I remembered Sue’s advice and kept my tongue licking and lapping at his cock-flesh while my lips slid over his soft skin.

I felt his hand press against the back of my head and his hips push forward. He forced more-and-more of his cock into my mouth. I licked and slobbered on the stiff hot poker in my mouth. My hand grasped his shaft firmly and flew back-and-forth—back-and-forth—back-and-forth.

Suddenly, he held my head still and fucked my mouth. I felt his balls contract in my hand. I planted my tongue on his cock-slit and caught his cum directly on my tongue. I greedily sucked and lapped-up his cum and swallowed. His cock spurt load-after-delicious-load of cum on my tongue and I swallowed and swallowed. Finally, his cock shrank in my mouth. I licked him clean. When his cock slipped from between my lips, I looked up at him. A look of sensual adoration came over his face. I was pleased and proud.

I lay on the bed and he lay beside me. He stroked my smooth chest and thighs; I held his balls and we kissed. He took hold of my cock through the panties; my body spasmed at his touch. Pre-cum wet the front of my panties. He stroked me firmly, relentlessly. We were kissing when I came. I groaned into his mouth. My body jerked and heaved. I completely soaked the front of my panties with cum. It was the best orgasm I’d ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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