A Brief Encounter

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He waited for the elevator to come to the 5th floor. His life was a lot like the elevator; lots of ups and downs, but never seeming to go anywhere. The door opened, and there appeared the regular crowd: The cute girl who gets off on 9, the half mad guy from 11, the nice woman from 12; always said good morning to him. And then there was her. Tall, brunette, extremely classy, always on her phone, the Blackberry or her briefcase. She never seemed to look, never noticed how much he stared. She went up when he got off on 15. That meant she was with the investment firm that took up 16 and 17.

He entered the elevator, asked the cute girl to punch 15 for him. She smiled. Oh wow he thought, at least a smile today. The nice lady said hello and he answered back, the door closed and that imposing silence, the elevator silence, engulfed them. The beautiful lady was on the Blackberry today, probably texting some giant deal. Everyone got off at their respective floors and he was left with her. Then suddenly it happened.

She looked over at him, jotted something on a piece of paper and handed it to him. She spoke. “Here, this is my personal number. Please call at exactly 10 AM. I have meetings until then. I want to go to lunch with you.”

The door opened on 15 and he stood there with the note in his hand. “Are you getting off on your floor or coming with me?” she asked.

My floor, she knows my floor he thought in amazement. He still had not spoken yet. He was in shock, could barely breathe, but he managed to squeak out the words: “Yeah getting off here, I promise I’ll call, lunch of course.”

She stopped the door from closing as he stood in the entry way looking at her. “Listen,” she said, “you are very handsome. I have seen you in here every day. I like handsome men. Please call me.”

He stood there even more dumbfounded. She had just called him handsome, and he was trying to fathom where this would lead. Her…she…lunch….the gorgeous woman from above….call her. His morning passed slowly. He did his work, robot-like, but without his brain. It was elsewhere. He tried keeping his mind off of her. He kept looking at his watch, the minutes were passing so slowly, but finally it was five till 10. Call now, no wait she said 10…his heart was racing…At 10:00:15 he picked up the phone and called…A woman answered, but it wasn’t her voice.

“I was calling Ms….” he was cut off in mid-sentence. “She is expecting your call. I’ll put you through said the voice.”

“Hello,” he said.

“Hi there” she answered.

“I’m calling about lunch,” he managed to say.

“Well,” she said, “this is a special lunch.” “I am going to be very direct here. I want to make love to you,” she said.

He dropped the phone, juggled it in mid-air. “Why yes, make love.” he stammered.

“Shhh,”she said. “Let me explain. Please do this. Go the Stephen Austin Hotel, know it?”

“Of course,” he said. It was just around the corner.

“Ask for the Concierge, his name is Stephen. Tell him that Ms. Mary has sent you. He will know. He will take you to a hotel room. You need to be there by 11:45, can you do that?”

“Yes,” he said.

“Wait there for me. I’ll explain more, promise. And trust me…what is your name?”

“Michael,” bahis firmaları he said.

“Michael, this is what I really want….I’ve seen you looking at me…I have been watching, believe me…and I want you. I’ll see you then.”

He hung up. He was dripping everywhere. He was sweating, his nose was running…why was that he thought?…he was dripping precum….He felt very warm all over.

One of his co-workers peaked in and looked. “Hey, you ok?” he asked.

“Oh I am fine. I need to take an early lunch today.” “No problem.” said his friend.

He left the office at 11:30, walked slowly to the hotel. He went in. He had never stayed there. He saw the sign for concierge. He walked over and said, “May I speak to Stephen?”

“That’s me,” the man said grinning.

“Ms. Mary sent me and said you would know…”

“Oh yes,” he said. “I know, just follow me.” He grabbed a key card from under his desk. “You are one hell of a lucky guy,” he said.

“Yeah tell me.”

“She is exquisite. Always. If she is doing this, well, let’s just say, I know how to be discreet; and this doesn’t happen often.” “Are you here for the big meeting today?” asked Stephen.

“No, she just talked to me…asked me…I am still a bit confused.”

They entered room 1625. “This is her room. I am sure she will be here shortly.” Michael started to tip him, but the Concierge refused.

“That has already been more than covered my man.”

There were suitcases already in the room. He looked around. What should he do: undress, no, too gross. Sit on the bed, no too direct. A chair, sit in a chair. He did. Five minutes later he heard the card slide, and lock slip…it was her.

“Michael, ummm so glad you could come. I know this all may be very strange. I mean we have never spoken, but I have noticed you, noticing me mostly.” She stood there,

immaculately dressed…totally beautiful. He thought he looked like a schlep compared to her.

“Michael, I really need this today. Today, this afternoon to be precise, downstairs, I will open a meeting about the biggest merger of software companies ever to take place in this town. I have brokered the deal from Day 1. It means millions of dollars will change hands and obviously our company will greatly benefit. But me Michael, I need someone to make love to me. I have to go in there, completely relaxed and confident. I need to be fucked, and I want you to do it. We have until about 1:30, when unfortunately, people will start arriving downstairs. I am all yours.”

She walked over, slipped out of her jacket…then unbuttoned her silk blouse. “Please understand, I want you; crazy yes, but you.”

She took off her blouse, and then slipped from her bra in one move. She stood there. He looked. Her two breasts looked perfect. She was perfect…makeup, hair, body.

“Well she said…do you like what you see so far?”

He walked over to her, took her in his arms, and kissed her, not just any kiss, but one they both would remember. Their tongues danced as he fondled her tits. When he stopped, she was gasping.

“Had I known you kissed like that, this would have happened six months ago.” She grabbed him, pulled him into her waiting tits, “Try kissing these.” He did as she asked kaçak iddaa and kissed her breasts. As he playfully kissed and licked, he felt her nipples growing larger and harder, begging him for more attention.

The next hour and fifteen minutes were filled with love making. He sucked on her tits as she slipped out of her skirt, her slip, then her panties. She had a gorgeous ass. He

grabbed it as he sucked harder. She leaned back, already moaning…already.

“Your tongue feels wonderful rolling on my nipples she said….so wonderful.” She started helping him undress. His dick was harder than he had ever felt it. Her own body was responding with delicious warmth and incredible urges.

“Oh yes she said…I want that,” as she reached inside his shorts. She knelt down and slipped his waiting dick into her mouth. “My turn,” she said. He stood there in complete ecstasy. She sucked him softly, getting his dick deep into her mouth.

“Ummm…..magnificent.” she said.

Suddenly she stopped and pulled back the blankets and opened the sheets…she was on the bed.

“Please Michael, lick me from behind.”

His mouth was suddenly all over her; all over her waiting pussy. She kept moving, he kept tonguing.

“Get my ass hole,” she said. “I want it wet.” He licked all over her; from her pussy back up. She moved with his rhythm. He had never done this; not like this. She was so willing, so ready; he had never felt such wetness. She began fingering her clit.

“Keep going, right there, your tongue, there. I want to do this so badly.”

As he kept licking and tonguing, she kept fingering her clit. Suddenly she exploded. Oh fuck yes. She shoved his face deep into her pussy.

“Now my ass again please, oh please.” He did what she wanted. He almost came.

“God not yet,” he thought…not yet….

He stood up and began fucking her doggy style. It seemed they each knew exactly the right thing to do. He kept pumping her, her moans and sounds were driving him crazy. She stopped him, put his dick in her mouth again and began sucking.

“I love my own juices,” she said. He almost came again. No wait he thought; inside of her. She pulled him on the bed and told him to keep going.

“This time in my ass. I want you to fuck my ass.” She grabbed some oil from the table. “Use this, then fuck me, I am aching for you to fill my ass.”

He put the oil on her. Her ass was already wet with his sucking and licking. He pushed gently but easily slid inside of her.

“Yes,” she said. “Oh gods yes. Now…make me cum.”

He began sliding in and out of her. He could see her tits as he looked around her moving back and forth as he moved.

“Oh god, yes, yes, Fuck me Michael, I want you to fuck me,” she kept saying. He did. He kept pumping, slowly at first then with a nice rolling rhythm. As he moved she did. She was enjoying it so much. She was moaning and laughing; crying out and pushing with her ass.

“Now I am going to cum,” she said; and she did. “Oh shit…fuck…”she cried. “Ooohh,” she cried. “Oh my god yes.” Suddenly, just as she screamed, as he felt her ass contracting in deep pulses, he came, he screamed. “Oh yes,” she said. That was what I wanted; you cumming up my ass.”

She collapsed kaçak bahis on the bed. He was on top of her. They lay still for five minutes. He could feel his dick, still half hard on her ass, as he moved, she wiggled under him. She turned over, staring up into his eyes.

“Michael,” she said. I needed fucked, but what I got…well…damn…Michael…that was wonderful.”

He looked down at her…makeup a bit smeared…hair ruffled, but still gorgeous. Her tits were swollen. Her nipples ached to be sucked. He gently kissed them and sucked.

“Now kiss me again,” she said. “Like that first time.” He did, very gently, very purposefully. “Ummm…yes….” She could feel him getting slightly hard again…

They lay on the bed forever it seemed. They would kiss more, and then fondle each other. After a bit, she reached down and felt him very hard again.

“Let me see if I can do this.” She flipped him over on his back. She got between his legs, and sucked. She pumped him with her hand as she sucked and licked.

“Your dick tastes wonderful,” she said looking up. “Now cum in my mouth.” As she sucked, he lost track of where he was, what was going on. He just felt her. Then he came, he arched his back and still felt her licking and pumping.

“There,” she said. “Even steven, two apiece.” She laid down on his chest. “Where have you been she asked?”

She finally looked at the clock. “Damn. I have to get ready Michael.” “Watch me dress before you go?” She went to the closet and pulled out another tailored suit. This is my killer suit she said. I wear it at every big closing. She opened her suitcase retrieved silk panties and bra. All lace, all silk. He lay there totally amazed. She put on her slip, the bra, and a lovely light green blouse, and then her skirt.

“Will you need these,” he asked, as he handed her the silk panties she had slipped out of when they began.

“Hmm, no, I think you should keep those, as a reminder of our lunch date. Michael, that was incredible. I mean I needed fucked, but what I got was well…”

“Come,” she said. He went into the bathroom with her. “I need to freshen my makeup.”

What she didn’t know was that he thought that was one of the sexiest things women did. He watched her fix her hair, then touch up her eyes, a little color; more mascara.

She glanced over at him. “Like this huh?” He just shook his head. She took out some coral lipstick. “Not red, not for a closing, too pretentious,” she said. He watched

as the lipstick glided over her lips. He was dying to kiss her again. “No,”she

said. “No more kisses, not today.” She smiled. She touched up her blush, moved

three strands of hair, and then stood up straight. “Well what do you think?” she asked.

“Am I ready?”

He stood there, almost out of breath. “You have no idea,” he said. “For months I have seen you in that elevator. I have wanted to talk to you, say: Good morning; grab you and make love to you in the elevator with everyone watching.”

She grinned. “A bit kinky…never done that,” she said.

“You have no idea how many times I have wished for a moment, an encounter with you just like this, just like now,” he said.

Mary looked at him, deep into his eyes, reached over and touched his face. “Dream no more Michael.” Then she kissed him again. He tasted her lips, her lipstick, her tongue, all inside of her mouth. “Now let me fix that lipstick again,” she laughed. “Dreams do come true, you know?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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