A Condom Big Enough for a Futa Ch. 03

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Hello all! A couple notes for this story: Starting with this chapter, this story is basically going to follow Victoria’s life and conquests. Dylan and Jessica will both show up but have much more limited roles. This chapter also sort of establishes the “lore” that all my original stories will share. As always feedback and comments are appreciated!

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With a yawn and a stretch, Victoria began to wake up. Blinking the sleep from her eyes, she slowly opened them fully and took in her surroundings. A room covered in cum, both wet and dry filled her vision. While not unexpected, it didn’t help her ascertain where she was. She sat up, brushing her black hair out of her face and leaned her back against the headboard behind her, pleasantly surprised at its mostly dry state – she hated waking up with wet cum touching her skin. Looking down at her blanket covered body, she noticed a large form moving underneath her sheet, down by her legs. Grabbing the white sheets, which were naturally white and not white in the same way the rest of the room was, she threw them off to reveal the rest of her body and the source of the mysterious movement.

A snoozing blonde lay curled up next to one of her legs. Sleeping soundly, her large chest moved up and down steadily, and her mouth hung slightly open leaking a small trail of drool. Completely naked, her body showed signs of the events from the night before. Her body was covered in the telltale signs of sexual domination; dried cum and bruises covered her form. Her stomach was bloated out, and to any ignorant observer she would have simply seemed very pregnant, but Victoria knew the truth. Like most of her conquests, the blonde had been inflated innumerable times throughout the night by the futanari’s over-producing testicles.

The night before came to Victoria clearly once more. She had come over to the blonde girl’s, Jessica’s, apartment as she usually had as of late. Jessica had quickly became one of her recent favorite fuck toys, although she was starting to grow a bit bored of her. To Victoria’s half-surprise, Jessica’s ex boyfriend, was there. Victoria had been surprised because she was the reason they were no longer dating – she had fucked his girlfriend essentially in front of him for hours on end. But she also was not that surprised because he was definitely the type of pathetic bitch to come crawling back, trying to win her back. This of course, is not what ended up happening.

What happened was Victoria fucked his former lover in front of him, up close and personal, before turning him into a cocksleeve for her to use as well. She had fucked them both all night, taking their anal virginities in turn, molding them to perfectly please her penis. This had continued all night until the early morning, when Victoria had finally gone soft. She had left them both ballooned with her cum and had retired alone. She had made the smart decision to rarely fuck in Jessica’s room anymore since their first session had ended with a broken bed, one that Victoria demanded she replace quickly.

Well, it looks like the little slut had woken up and wandered into the bedroom at one point while Victoria slept, after she had drained herself of enough cum to be able to move again of course. At least the blonde hadn’t woken her up and incurred her wrath. Moving somewhat gingerly, Victoria turned and swung her legs, and by extension her cock, off the bed. It hit the floor with a loud thud, many inches resting heavily on the ground. Victoria stood up and stretched once more, her subtly defined muscles flexing as she raised her arms above her head. Grabbing her phone off the nightstand next to her, Victoria began to walk towards the bathroom: she was done here and it was time to move on with her day.

Victoria’s feet plopped across the carpeted hallway, stepping in puddles of cum as her cock dragged behind her. She wasn’t sure why she had grown more in the past few weeks, but she wasn’t complaining. She loved having a giant cock, and even if there were some annoyances that came with it, like finding clothes that properly hid it and situations like she was currently facing where it literally dragged on the ground due to its size, she wouldn’t change a thing. Checking her phone, she noted the time – it was a bit past noon. Checking the date, she cursed herself internally; she had an appointment with a group of scientists for a paid study, and she would be late if she didn’t hurry.

Stepping into the bathroom, she scanned its present state, noticing it was mostly clean of any excess sexual fluids. Lifting up the toilet seat, she grabbed her cock in a large bunch, held it up towards the bowl with her massive head pointing down, and began to relieve herself. Another weird side effect of having such enormous genitalia was she had an increased bladder that went along with it. People often mentioned pissing like a racehorse, but she was sure she could put one to shame in that department, amongst others. Her bahis siteleri urethra flared open and a dark stream of urine jetted out into the toilet. The force of it immediately splashed the water up, splattering on her knees before being quickly filled with her piss. Her penis kept releasing piss at an alarming rate, her golden stream not showing any signs of wavering even after 30 seconds of non-stop flow. Victoria had seen people joke around on the internet that pee was stored in the balls, but she sometimes wondered if that was true for her.

She reached over and flushed the toilet preemptively due to the quickly rising liquid filling it. Despite the volume of yellow liquid going down the drain, the levels didn’t change at all. Victoria moaned loudly as her stream didn’t stop. In fact, the intensity only increased at this point. She would’ve overfilled it if she hadn’t flushed it early. After nearly a minute and a half of emptying her bladder, she finally finished. Several large dollops of piss dripped off her tip before she released her cock and let it plop onto the cold tile. She flushed the toilet once more. Victoria would’ve let it overfill, loving nothing more than marking her territory in any way she could, but she hadn’t wanted the acrid smell of her liquid waste to suffocate the bathroom while she showered.

Taking a moment to scratch her immense balls, having to use both hands to get at each area, she turned towards the shower. Flinging open the curtain, she surveyed the inside, making sure it wasn’t caked in cum: more than once had she woken up to find the entire bathroom covered, but this time it looks like she had been smart enough to avoid that in her lust-filled rampage from the night before. She turned the knob in the shower and waited a minute for the water to heat up. Scrolling through her phone, she ignored the numerous messages from desperate lovers wanting to see her, and opened the email from the study. Rereading the information, she copied and pasted the address of the testing site into her map app and studied where it was in the city. After learning it for another minute, she turned and flung her phone onto the bathroom counter.

Stepping into the shower, she paused for a moment to lift her cock over the edge and plop it down onto the porcelain floor of the tub. Victoria stood slightly outside of the waters range, and then slowly moved her body towards it. Letting her body get used to the heat little by little, she eventually let her whole figure fall under the cascade of warmth. She stood there for a moment, relishing the feel of the hot water washing away all of the excess of the previous night. Opening her eyes, she turned and grabbed a bottle of shampoo. Her thoughts raced as she performed her usual shower routine. Hands gliding through her hair, soaping it up thoroughly, she thought about the study she had agreed to participate in.

The study was, predictably, about futanari. A team of researchers had been granted a large sum of money to perform the study, and from what little information she had gathered from the emails, she had learned it was being privately funded, rather than by the government. Victoria had been enticed just as much by the money they had offered, a fairly large amount for such a public study, as she had been by the promise of learning more about her sex. She had been born to normal parents, a regular man and woman; this was something that was very rare, but not unheard of. As soon as she was born, her parents were offered large sums of money by the government to be able to study her as she grew. They had declined, not wanting their little girl to feel like a test subject her whole life. They had neglected any further offers they had received throughout her life, and had taken her to a very specialized, private physician.

Victoria had been mostly thankful for this decision, despite the fact that it left her knowing little-to-nothing about her own sex. Her relationship with her parents had eventually soured, although it was more due to her own sexual proclivities than anything. But still, she had tried to find out more information herself as she got older, scouring the internet and joining groups designed for futanari to socialize. Unfortunately, she still didn’t gleen much from these virtual outings – it was mostly all things she already knew. Futanari have bigger than average genitals. Futanari have increased libido. Futanari give off a kind of pheromone that makes people horny. These were all the common knowledge facts about futanari, but she wanted to know more!

Lathering her body with a fruity-scented wash, she paid special attention to her genitalia. Making sure to reach every nook and cranny, an arduous affair, she spent an almost excessive amount of time making sure it was properly soaped. Grabbing a loofah hanging from the shower head, she scrubbed it roughly, her thick cock and leathery sack able to take more punishment than a normal person’s could. Once she was done, she finished her shower by conditioning canlı bahis siteleri her hair, letting it settle in her hair as she gave her shaft a few squeezes. Cum sprayed out of the tip towards the drain; despite the fact that she wasn’t hard. Her cock was capable of constantly leaking cum, and she had found it beneficial to release some of her backed up baby batter throughout the day rather than let it build up.

Standing under the water for a couple more minutes after she had finished cleaning herself, she turned the water off and stepped out, her bare feet sinking into the furry bath mat. Victoria grabbed a towel off the rack, and wrapped it around her torso, not bothering to try and contain her lower extremities. Walking over to the mirror, her cock dragging as it usually did, she grabbed the toothbrush that she had previously left and started to brush her teeth. Victoria could feel her cock lurch slightly and deposit another bowl’s worth of a cum onto the ground between her feet. She looked down, slightly annoyed, just to check and make sure her feet weren’t coated too badly.

As Victoria went through the motions of preparing for the day, like brushing her hair and sending texts, she walked around the apartment carefully, making sure she didn’t dirty herself on any of the cum that stained nearly everything in sight. Her first stop was back in Jessica’s room to grab some clothes. Jessica herself was still snoring lightly on the bed, and knowing what she had been through, Victoria knew she’d be out for most of the day. Victoria opened the closet door and reached for a high shelf where she usually left a spare pair of clothes. Spare clothes were always needed in her life with how often she tore through them or ruined them with ungodly amounts of cum.

She changed quickly. A long, flowy dress, with a single pocket at the breast, covered her whole body. Short sleeves fell just above her elbows, and a simple floral pattern on a yellow backdrop painted the entirety of the garment. Victoria wore no underwear, her breasts being firm enough not to need any support, and her cock and balls being far too large for anything besides the most specially tailored undergarments. Besides, she liked the freedom of wearing as little clothes as possible. However, her dress, like most of her clothes, did have one self-made modification. It had a strap that held her cock to her leg and lifted it slightly; as much as she would love to have it hang out all day, at its current size it would be a pain to have to carry it and lift it over different obstacles. As tough as it was, its skin being incredibly thick, it would still hurt her to drag it on concrete or dirt.

Now as dressed as she was gonna get, Victoria walked out of the room and towards the living room. As she passed it by, she looked over and surveyed the destruction from the night before. Everything was white, of course. She always painted everything in her cum, like a kind of calling card. And there was Dylan, still lying on the floor, completely drenched. His stomach was still bloated, about as much as Jessica’s still was. He was snoring loudly, also similarly passed out. Victoria smirked to herself as she could clearly see that his asshole was still incredibly stretched – it looked like she could’ve popped an arm in with no resistance. Basking for a moment in the scene of her sexual aftermath, Victoria continued walking past the living room and through another entrance into the kitchen.

The kitchen was a wreck for the most part, although the destruction was not from last night. Victoria had fucked Jessica pretty roughly in here one night and it showed. Cabinets below the counters had large cracks in them, and a couple even hung off the hinges – all from her gigantic orbs slamming into them. Pretty much everything was stained with cum, and some broken plates lay shattered on one of the counters where they had fallen from the force of her fucking Jessica. Maybe she would tell Jessica to clean this room up next, although there wasn’t really a reason to. Victoria walked over to the fridge which was probably the only thing that wasn’t brutally touched, and opened the door.

She reached in, grabbed a water bottle, twisted the cap off, and immediately downed the whole thing. Not even bothering to close the fridge, she threw the empty bottle onto the floor and reached for another. A similar scene followed with several more bottles, each being drained in an instant. One thing Victoria had learned about her body was that she required much more water than a normal person. She normally drank several gallons a day at minimum. While she didn’t know the exact reason, she suspected it was to keep up with the amount of sperm her testicles were constantly producing. It didn’t quite add up, her balls producing more semen in one orgasm than all the water she drank all day, but it was the only thing she could think of that made sense.

After satiating her thirst, she grabbed another bottle for the road and strolled towards the front door. canlı bahis The black running shoes she had worn yesterday were unfortunately soaked in cum, something Jessica would be responsible for cleaning. But, as always, Victoria had come prepared. Opening the door, sunlight flooding her face, she stepped out onto the door mat and shut the door behind her. Next to the mat, she had left a pair of sandals – luckily Jessica lived in a decent area so there was little chance they would get stolen. Stepping into them, her naked toes slipping in easily, she tapped the bottoms onto the ground making sure they were firmly on. Now, it was time to start the day.

Checking her phone once more, she noted the time. It had taken her over half an hour to get ready, which meant she had less than an hour to get where she needed to be. Luckily for her, the city had good public transportation. Walking quickly, she headed towards the nearest bus stop, her sandals tapping lightly on the concrete. She stood at the bus stop, alone, and checked her phone: the closest bus was only a couple minutes away and it would take her only a couple blocks from her destination. She downed the water bottle she had brought with her, and threw the empty plastic onto the ground. Tapping her foot impatiently, she looked around the street with an annoyed look on her face. After what felt like forever, the bus finally came.

As the doors opened, Victoria quickly rushed on, flashing the driver her pass. Surveying the bus, she noticed amongst the usual ramble of people, a lone cutie sat by herself towards the back. She looked similarly in age to Victoria, and she wore a plain, low cut white shirt that showed off plenty of cleavage, and tight, hip-hugger jeans. Smiling to herself, Victoria casually walked forward, making her way to the back. Just as she reached where the solitary girl was sitting, the bus lurched forward predictably. Victoria let herself be carried by the momentum, and fell forward onto the girl. As she fell, she made sure to position her legs so her leg-strapped cock would hit the girl. Her plan worked perfectly.

Pretending to try and steady herself, Victoria instead used one hand to grab onto the back of the startled girl’s hair, wrapping her fingers in her brown locks, and pulling her head forward. In this position, the girl’s face was mashed right up against the shaft of Victoria’s pole. Victoria knew the girl could feel it pulse, and knew that the heat it let off could be felt clearly through the dress’s thin material. Not only that, but Victoria knew that no matter how much she scrubbed and cleaned her cock, it still left on an incredibly pungent aroma. While the girl couldn’t have possibly known all of this, she was now getting an up close and personal futa anatomy lesson. The mischievous futanari turned her head and looked behind the pair, noted smugly that none of the others on the bus had even looked their way.

Taking a step back, Victoria finally released the girls head and looked down at her. She put one hand on the rail above her to give the illusion that she was following the bus’s rules, just in case. That few seconds of contact with Victoria’s meat had left the girl breathing heavily. She stared wildly at the immense bulge in Victoria’s dress – Victoria had used her other hand to bunch fabric of the dress and pull it tightly against herself. Now anyone looking would get an eyeful of her inhuman beast through her dress, exactly what Victoria had wanted. As the girl continued to stare, the futa pulled her dress up just until the giant head of her cock came into view. She motioned with her arm, causing the girl to look lower. She gasped.

Victoria’s glans pulsed angrily, the position of it in its bound state causing it to point directly at the shocked girl. Hints of the giant shaft could be seen behind the head, and the bottom of her bowling ball sized cum makers poked out near her knees. They visibly shook in her oversized sack, and a low gurgling sound rumbled from their depths. Victoria was used to the sounds her testicles constantly made, becoming almost like white-noise for her; but to someone hearing and witnessing it for the first time, it was a confusing and terrifying sound – a sound that spoke to Victoria’s divine virility. Shifting her cock by raising her well-toned leg slightly, she angled it so the gaping hole she called a urethra was pointed directly at the girl’s chest.

With a wicked look on her face, Victoria grunted. The opening at the tip of her cock widened even more, and an incredible amount of cum belched out onto the stunned woman. Incredible to anyone but Victoria, that is. The massive stream of cum jettisoned from her urethra and sprayed out onto the girl’s clothed chest. Her torso was instantly covered; the thick, sticky substance clung to her shirt, causing it to glue to her skin. The white shirt was instantly turned translucent, the girl’s black bra now noticeable underneath it. The cum painted her entire torso, splattering onto her jeans and neck, along with the seat she was sitting on. Victoria wasn’t finished. Raising her leg even more, her cock head now parallel with the drenched girl’s face, the futa grunted once more, followed by a similarly sized blasting of semen as before.

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