A Fairy Tale Ending?

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My eyes opened onto a room of pure white, sun shining in the windows, and the fresh scent of flowers. I wasn’t sure where I was for a moment and I turned my head to take in my surroundings. A small table sat next to the bed and held a lamp with a lace shade. In the corner was an armoire that matched the style and colour of the side table, and the curtains were a light cream. The bed itself was softer than mine and the duvet was mauve with streaks of white.

Suddenly I became aware of breathing beside me. I turned my head and was met by a mass of dirty blonde hair. I moved one hand up and gently brushed some of the hair to the side.

“Mmmmm, let me sleep will you” I heard and with a thump she had turned her back to me. I froze and a smile ran across my face as reality pushed aside the cobwebs in my head.

Beside me lay a woman, but not just any woman. This was my ideal woman, the one woman that all others were compared to. I could not believe what had happened last night and I was equally shocked to find her in bed beside me. More times then I care to admit I dreamed of waking up beside her and now that it had come to life I was even more afraid to move in case I woke up. The woman was in her early thirties and had had two children, but her body was as beautiful now as it was when we first met in school. I was a little disappointed that she had turned over because her smile was my favorite part of her. She had laughing eyes and a white smile that gave her an innocent and naughty look all at the same time.

I pulled the covers down and her nude body came more into view. She was tanned and had several moles that broke up the soft skin. I ran my fingers lightly up her back and shoulders. She was so soft that I was afraid to hurt her with my clumsy hands. She moaned as my fingers circled her shoulder blades. I was not sure if she was awake or in that sleep like state that you enter when morning comes. She moved slightly exposing more of her back and neck. My fingers traced her spine as they moved towards her ass. I wanted to make love to her again, but I contented myself with softly tickling her skin. As my fingers moved in a circular motion on her hip I widened the movement so that I could touch her cheek on one side and her soft curly hair on the other. When I moved to her legs she quickly moved so that I could not touch her pussy. I smiled and continued caressing her legs, ass, and back.

She shivered, so I pulled the blanket to cover her and moved closer. She snuggled back into me and I felt her body touching mine. I was already hard by this time and I felt myself being squeezed against her ass. I leaned over and softly kissed her neck, my hands moved through her hair and I licked the end of her ear. “Mmmmm”, another moan escaped her and this time I was sure she was awake and responding to my touch. I kissed her neck and then moved to her shoulders and back to her neck. My hand ran down her side and circled up once I hit her ass, I moved bahis firmaları over her tummy and stopped, cupping her breast. I could feel how hard the nipple was and she moaned as I gently pinched it.

“So your not asleep” I said.

“What makes you say that” she said, and I saw the smile I love appear.

I smiled back and increased the pressure on her breast. My cock pushed against her as I held her tight. My mouth found her neck and I ran my tongue over it. She pushed her ass into me and I felt the tip of my cock slip between her ass cheeks. She reached down and grabbed my cock and slowly started masturbating me. I pushed my cock through her fingers and whispered into her ear.

“I love you” I said, but her reaction was not what I expected.

She released my cock and slid out of the bed. I could see she was crying as she ran into the bathroom. The door slammed behind her and a minute later I heard the shower start.

I leaned back on the pillows and sighed. I knew better than to say that, but I couldn’t help it. I had been in love with her since Junior High School and the passage of time had only strengthened the feeling. But she was married and had two kids and I was divorced. What we had done was not right, but neither of us had cared at the time. But now my slip had brought reality back to her and I felt the hurt she carried. I thought back to our younger days and the fun we had had. Walking to the store, talking, and writing notes when we should have been paying attention to the teacher. I could not think of those times without smiling, at least until I got to the part where I started going out with someone else and she ended up getting pregnant.

The water stopped and the door opened. She stepped into the room in a hotel robe with her hair in a towel. I finally realized that I was in a hotel room when I saw the robe. She sat down on the bed and looked at me with a mix of sadness and fear in her eyes.

“I’m sorry” we both said at the same time.

“What are you sorry for?” she asked.

“It was my idea to get this room and spend the night”.

“I know” I said, “but I feel bad about it”.

“Well I never claimed to be a great lover, but nobody has ever complained before” she said, a smile appearing on her face.

“You know what I mean smarty” I snapped back and I pulled her close to me. Her head rested on my chest and we both sat for a minute content in each others arms.

“I always wanted to make love to you” I said.

She looked up at me, “since when?” she asked.

“Junior High” I said.

She smiled and then stuck her nose in the air, “if I had known you liked little girls I would not have spelt with you”.

“Considering I was in Junior High when I first thought of you, I don’t feel bad about it at all” I said.

We laughed and sat in each others arms. Her neck was exposed and I reached down and kissed it again. She moved away, but I caught her hand.

“when are kaçak iddaa you supposed to be home?” I asked.

“Not until tomorrow afternoon” she said.

“I have the room for tonight too” I said, letting an evil smile play across my lips.

She stuck her nose up in the air again, but there was surprisingly little resistance when I pulled her to me and kissed your warm mouth. She let the robe fall to the floor and removed the towel from her head. She pulled my head towards her and stopped when my lips wrapped around a hard pink nipple. As I sucked it she moaned and closed her eyes. In turns I kissed her nipples and massaged her breasts with my hands. After a few minutes I pulled her onto the bed and began kissing her toes. Moving slowly up her foot and ankles I kissed and licked her calves. She moved her legs apart as I neared her thighs. Just as I reached the top of her thigh I veered off and went up the side of her leg to her pubic area. She shuddered as I licked the soft skin of her legs. Whenever my tongue got near her clit she would buck to make contact. I could feel the urgency in her as I teased her body.

Without warning I stuck my tongue into her pussy and licked upwards until I felt her clit in my mouth. She sucked in the air and moaned as my tongue ran across her lips. She was rocking and moaning and I was licking her pussy for all I was worth. She tasted so sweet that I wanted to stay there forever. Suddenly she grabbed my head and forced me back, her hips wiggling and her breath coming in pants. A small squeal issued from her lips and grew into a soft “OHMYGODDD”. I pushed a finger between her lips and she ground herself against them. My fingers were coated in her juices and she was a thrashing around on the bed. With a final moan she laid back spent, her eyes looked dreamy and her limbs were rubbery.

I moved up her body kissing her as I went until our mouths locked. In the middle of the kiss I pushed my pelvis forward and I slipped inside her easily. Another moan came from her and her eyes rolled back in their sockets. I began pumping into her slowly, letting the length of my cock pull out and then push in as deep as I could go. Her breathing got quicker and she grabbed my ass with her hands.

“Give it to me hard” she moaned and hung on as I increased the tempo. My own breathing was rapid and my hips ached as I pushed into her as hard as I could. I couldn’t continue and I collapsed on top of her feeling my cock being held tight in her warm, wet pussy. Slowly moving in and out of her we laid there enjoying the pleasure. She pushed me onto my back and moved one of her legs over me. My cock stood straight out as she maneuvered herself towards me. She took my cock in her hand and eased the tip into her pussy. A moan escaped me as she bottomed out on my cock.

Slowly she moved in small circles, it was her turn to tease me now and I was in heaven. I always liked being on the bottom and looking into the face of the woman. It kaçak bahis made me feel good that I was giving her pleasure. My cock was swirled around inside her, then withdrawn and then sunk deep in her. She enjoyed teasing me and she knew I was not going to complain. As clear as it was that she was in control I could sense that she was getting more and more aroused. Finally she abandoned all attempt at control and rode me hard. Her breasts bounced up and down and I reached out for them. I massaged them as she rode me and the OHMYGODDs began again.

Bucking and twisting she rode me, it didn’t even seem that I was there, she was completely engrossed in her own pleasure. She stopped grinding and small tremors covered her body. Her eyes closed tight and she literally vibrated. A scream/moan left her lips and she laid down on top of me. I could feel her wetness as she laid there. I began moving in her and she tried to get up.

“Just lay there” I said. She relaxed back down again as I thrust into her. I held her ass tight with both hands as I shoved my cock into her as hard as I could.

“OH YEAH” I almost screamed as I continued pushing in and out of her. My balls tensed up and I felt myself shooting off deep inside her. My own spasms alternately pushed and pulled me and my cock keep filling her with my seed.

“I love you” I said, and as soon as it came out I realized I had done it again.

I looked into her eyes “I’m sorry, I …”

But before I could say anything she put her hand over my mouth. Her eyes sparkled as she looked at me. Then what I wanted to hear all my life came out of her lips.

“I love you too” she said. She smiled, “I have wanted to make love to you for years too”.

We looked into each others eyes and then our mouths met and we kissed long and deep. When my cock had shrunk enough it fell from her with a plop.

“Time for another shower” she said and headed to the bathroom.

“So what happens next?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” she said, stopping at the door to the bathroom.

“Are you coming home with me?” I asked.

“Tomorrow I am going to my home” she said and in her eyes I saw the fight that was inside.

“But I thought …” I started, but she only sighed.

“I have two kids, this is the only thing that can happen” she said.

I wanted to say something to make her change her mind, but I couldn’t. She was right, we had both wanted to be together and we had. But now it was back to reality for real. My heart ached and I felt a little sick to my stomach. I laid back and wondered what I would do next. The water came on and I heard her washing her hair. Long ago we had had our chance, but it was past. We were two different people with things in our lives. If this had been a movie we could have stayed in bed forever, but in the real world things are more complex.

It has been several years since that morning and my life has not changed much. My ideal woman is living with her husband and kids and I am still alone. I fill my life with as much as I can, but it still is missing something. My job and my hobbies have earned me friends and respect, but no woman has appeared to take her place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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