A Family That Plays Ch. 01

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Jamie was eating. For the first time in three days he was eating, and it wasn’t scraps he’d find in a dumpster somewhere, but real food. An honest to goodness home cooked dinner. At a dining table, no less, surrounded by a pleasant looking family of rich white folks that called themselves the Nobles. Don, the kind man that brought Jamie into his luxurious home—rescued him from a bitter and freak blizzard just two hours ago—sat at the head of the table with his elbows propped and hands clasped together under his chin, smiling. Jamie could feel the man’s kind eyes on him, but he was more concerned with attacking the unbelievably delicious yams on his plate.

He realized that this all could have been some sort of dream, or that he had died in that blizzard and gone to heaven, so he saw fit to revel in the bliss while it lasted. It’s not every day a homeless eighteen year old black kid found himself in a situation like this, after all.

“When was the last time you had a meal, hun?” Olivia, Don’s wife, asked while primly cutting through a juicy chicken breast with her knife and fork. She always took very small bites, and seemed to savor every morsel she so elegantly carried past her lips. Jamie vaguely remembered tasting the gorgeous meal Olivia had prepared. He’d been too concerned with getting the food down his esophagus and into his belly.

Jamie stabbed his last yam and stuffed it into his mouth, barely chewing it before swallowing it hard down his throat. The young man sitting across from him—who had introduced himself earlier as Ryan, Don and Olivia’s eldest child—snickered, as did his eighteen year old sister Nina, a spitting image of her beautiful mother, sitting beside him.

“S-Sorry…” Jamie said.

“Don’t be!” Olivia solaced. “Ryan, Nina, don’t be so darn rude!”

“Sorry, ma,” Ryan said with a bit of laughter in his voice still, “but he was really going at it!”

“Yeah, seriously!” Nina agreed, nodding.

“Well, looks like ol’ Jamie here just worked himself up an appetite runnin’ in that blizzard is all,” Don said through lips that never seemed to stop smiling. Jamie had told himself that there wasn’t that much happiness in the world to be smiling like that, but contrary to a lot of people he’d dealt with in the past, Don’s friendliness, as well as his family’s, seemed really genuine. That, or they were impeccable liars.

“Found him face down in two feet ah snow,” Don continued, “completely unconscious.”

Ryan and Nina murmured their surprise, and Olivia’s face looked stricken.

“My God! Why were you running out there like that, dear?” Olivia asked.

Jamie looked to Olivia, and then back down to his plate. He found it difficult to look at her for too long. She was just so… gorgeous. Sure, he’d seen plenty of beautiful women in his life, but none of them appeared to match Olivia. Her long and lustrous red hair seemed to catch fire when the light hit it just right, and it framed her pale, heart-shaped face to perfection. Her big green eyes apparently possessed heat vision, for looking canlı bahis şirketleri into them for too long induced melting. Her lips were full, glistening delectably with some sort of lip gloss. She was also stacked like a brick house, slim but remarkably shapely. Olivia could make a Coke bottle envious.

Nina was gorgeous as well, but she couldn’t quite match her mother. She had inherited her mother’s best features, from her ample breasts and hips sand thighs, to her gorgeous hair (though Nina’s red hair appeared to have come in a bottle) and soul-capturing eyes. But there was something about Olivia… Something that Jamie couldn’t put his finger on.

“I, uh…” Jamie started, trying to pull his thoughts together, “well, like I had told Mr. Noble when I came to…”

“Please, call me Don.” Don’s smile grew wider, which should have been impossible.

“Um… ah, Don,” Jamie corrected himself, feeling a bit thrown off by calling the man by his first name. Sure, Don had insisted, but it still made Jamie feel awkward.

“You were saying, dear?” said Olivia.

“Uh, yeah, well,” Jamie continued, “I was running to the shelter… I’d lost track of time reading at the library and was rushing to get there before they closed their doors for the night.”

“Oh, you like to read?” Don’s question surprised Jamie. Not so much the question, but how he asked it. It had been void of the condescension he’d grown accustomed to whenever he’d told folks that he actually read books, because apparently street kids are too preoccupied with running drugs and turning Tricks. Tally another point for Don Noble.

“Yeah… I love books.”

“That’s fantastic,” Don said, “Ryan here has a large collection of novels that I’m sure he wouldn’t mind sharing.”

“What’s mine is yours, dude,” Ryan said, shoveling the last bit of his mashed potatoes into his mouth. He raked his fingers through his short, chestnut brown hair, then extended his hand to Jamie for a fist bump.

“Wait… are you saying I can stay here?” Jamie asked. The look on his face appeared to amuse Don and Olivia, and they snickered a bit.

“For as long as you like, hun.” Olivia, finished with her meal, started to rise and collect dishes until Nina beat her to the punch.

“I… I ca—”

“Can stay for as long as you like, son,” Don interrupted Jamie, smiling that unwavering smile of his.

Jamie just sat there for a minute, mulling over his new situation in his head. Were these folks serious? Did they really plan on allowing him, a homeless street kid, to stay in their home? To live in their home? He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment and then snapped them back open. No… he wasn’t dreaming, after all.

“Dude, ya gonna leave me hangin’?” Ryan said light-heartedly, his fist still hanging in the air.

“Oh!” Jamie caught himself, and happily bumped fists with his new… brother? The Nobles laughed a bit, and Jamie joined them. It was the first time he’d laughed in a long time. It almost made his chest hurt.

“Awesome, canlı kaçak iddaa welcome to the family, man.” Ryan nodded and sat back in his dining chair with a smile that matched his father’s.

“Can I, uh… take a shower?” Jamie asked earnestly.

Olivia’s perfect mouth stretched into a big smile and nodded. “Of course, dear, for as long as you like. I’ll have Ryan pick out something of his for you to sleep in.”

Jamie smiled, and a foreign feeling blossomed in his chest… warmth.

He could get used to this.

? ? ? ? ?

It was quiet. Not homeless shelter quiet, either, but a safe, suburban home kind of quiet that he had only seen on television or heard from fellow homeless folks. No sirens. No cars. No people. Just the sound of the blizzard outside, raging in the freezing December night. In the darkness of what used to be the Nobles’ guest room (“This room belongs to you, now,” Don had told him), Jamie lie awake in an actual bed, wearing clean, fabric softened clothing, wrapped up in the coziest blanket his skin had ever had the privilege to touch. A part of him felt a little bothered by the quietness of a family home, but a bigger part of him really didn’t give a damn. He was warm, and in an actual bed. He even had his own private bathroom for chrissake!

He could really get used to this.

In his impossibly comfortable bed, it didn’t take long for sleep to take him, but he’d awakened just four hours later (an astonishing new record for the street kid), his bladder screaming for sweet release. Hastily and quietly, he slipped out of bed and into his bathroom. Taking care of business, he stepped back into his bedroom and began to climb back into bed when…

A faint moaning sound pervaded the stillness of the night.

“Is… is someone watching a porno?” Jamie quietly asked the empty darkness of his bedroom.

He started to write it off as such, but curiosity had gotten the better of him, and on silent bare feet he slipped out of his bedroom followed the soft mewling sounds, his ears leading him down the dark corridor, towards Nina’s bedroom. As he drew closer, the moans grew louder, and Jamie thought he could hear at least two other people whispering. Curiouser and curiouser…

Light spilled through a small crack in the door, which was plenty space, Jamie thought, for him to spy through. Bringing himself to his knees, he peered through, and saw nothing at first, but then spotted a large mirror sitting atop a long dresser. He squinted, focusing on the glass, and caught the reflection of…

My God… Jamie thought as his eyes witnessed the scene playing out before him.

Atop her queen-sized bed, Nina lie naked on her back, succulent thighs spread, with her gorgeous breasts softly jouncing as she writhed in pleasure. Betwixt those creamy thighs had been none other than her mother Olivia! Jamie watched the gorgeous, fiery haired woman nestle her tongue in her daughter’s hairless folds, lapping her tongue like a starving pup.

Olivia looked even better in the buff… She canlı kaçak bahis was on her knees with her magnificently plump behind hanging in the air, exposing her mouth-wateringly bare pussy. He couldn’t get a good look at her breasts due to the angle, but he could tell that they were larger than he’d imagined.

Standing beside the bed in all his naked, well-toned glory, was Don, running his fingers through his daughter’s hair with one hand and slowly stroking his cock with the other. He was shaven as well, waxed perhaps. He shushed his mewling daughter, smiling that heart-warming smile of his. He whispered something, but it was too low for Jamie to hear. But whatever he’d said made Nina look up to him, her face twisted with pleasure, and nod furiously.

Olivia dragged her tongue from Nina’s pussy to the top of her pelvis before looking up and whispering something herself. She never stopped pleasing her daughter, though. She’d slipped her middle and index finger into her pussy, and began pumping them in and out of her hole, to which Nina’s slender frame responded accordingly, squirming against her parents’ touch.

Is this… is this real? Jamie thought. Is this really happening?

These people were family! How could they do such nasty, raunchy, and debased things to one another? Had they no shame? Just what in the hell were they thinking? But perhaps the biggest question of all was why did all of this turn him on so much? Without thinking he had been stroking himself through the grey sweat pants that Ryan had given him, his heart skipping a beat every time he witnessed Nina looking up to show her mother the sheer ecstasy on her face. He had never been so turned on by something so utterly wrong.

Olivia brought her mouth back down onto Nina’s pussy, suckling softly at her daughter’s throbbing clit. Nina’s body thrashed beneath her mother’s mouth, pleasure curving her elegant spine into a severe arch. Don played opportunist and lowered himself to suck upon Nina’s right breast, while his wife continued to work their daughter’s cunt. Nina covered her mouth with both hands, her hips bucking against Olivia’s mouth as a climax seemed to barrel through her.

Wow… Jamie said in his thoughts.

Before Nina’s spine collapsed back against the mattress, Don was grunting, shooting his seed all over his daughter’s ample breasts and tummy. Determined not to miss out on the fun, Olivia rose and began to lick up her husbands jism from Nina’s skin, each lick sending a jolt of pleasure through the young woman’s entire body. It was magnificent.

But it was wrong…

Animals, Jamie, thought. Dirty, filthy animals. But he was enjoying every minute of their nastiness, savoring each delectable moment of wrongness they displayed.

“No…” He said to himself, almost inaudibly. He carefully rose and took several silent steps backward, shaking his head. “This is wrong… I can’t… I can’t be here.” He turned and tip-toed back into his bedroom, and quickly climbed back into his bed. He would leave here in the morning, he decided. It seemed like a good deal at first, but…

You enjoyed watching them, though… A voice echoed in his thoughts.

He pulled his—no, the Nobles’—warm blanket over his head and squeezed his eyes shut. He’d sort it all out in the morning.

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