A Foot Slave’s First Orgasm

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At the beginning of a foot-slave’s 18th year he is prepared every day by his mentor, a woman in her thirties or forties, who is responsible for his training and behavior at the Royal Court. The mentor has been given the young slave when he is about 10 years of age and she has been training him in the art of foot massage technique and all of the necessary prayers and rituals of Goddess Worship. His behavior is monitored and his cock is stroked and his balls are tickled on a daily basis, he will learn to serve and worship every woman as his role in this life so that he may receive his eternal reward in heaven at the feet of the Goddess. It is from his mentor that the young man will learn how to be a proper foot-slave, and the correct manner of prayer to the Goddess as his cock is stroked and his balls tickled for the rest of his life, as he worships all women as the living incarnation of the Goddess.

Thus, in a young foot-slave’s 18th year, his mentor begins feeding him fruit and honey from her toes every day, and checking his balls. She will take him to a Imperial Doctor, and she will examine him and give her medical opinion on approximately when he will reach his first orgasm. The mentor will also have her friends examine the young foot-slave’s balls to compare him with others of his age group and prepare him for the religious ritual of bringing a foot-slave to his first climax at the feet of a woman, thus initiating him into the joys of slavery and a life devoted to worshiping the feet of the Goddess.

The mentor will observe the slave closely as he worships her feet, and she will place him on an X-frame and stroke his cock, and fondle and tickle his balls to watch for any pre-cum. She might ask one of her friends to strap the slave to a cross and to tickle his balls without mercy for a few hours, until the slave is hoarse from hysterical laughter and begging for relief, his poor cock throbbing with excitement as a member of the “ball tickler cult” amuses herself, she will tease and torment him, tickling his balls and the tip of his shaft without mercy as described in the Third Chapter of the Holy Scripture of the Goddess. The mentor will check the slave’s body for signs of approaching orgasm, and when she is certain that he is ready she will take him to the Temple of the Goddess and ask the Head Priestess to let her bring him to climax on the main altar. The first orgasm of a young foot-slave is a joyous religious celebration, there are many women in attendance for this ceremony. The mentor leads the naked young foot-slave by his erect cock up to the main altar and he lies on his back and is tied by his ankles and wrists to the posts supporting the altar. The Priestess will greet him and welcome him to the ranks of adult kemalpaşa escort Goddess worshipers, and celebrate his attainment of manhood and his full enslavement to the Goddess. She will stroke his cock and hold it while he asks her permission to become the Goddess’ foot-slave, as he is asking her for permission to become a Goddess worshiper, his mentor will place her feet near the young slave’s mouth and the Priestess will issue the command “Worship the Goddess! Prove your Devotion!” and he will passionately kiss the soles of his mentor’s feet as she caresses his balls and strokes his cock. His moans will fill the temple as she relentlessly teases the young foot-slave to the limit of his endurance. The cum of a foot-slave’s first orgasm is considered lucky and the women in attendance all want to have a drop, the mentor’s friends and relatives will crowd around the altar as she tickles and strokes the young slave’s cock as he worships her feet. When she feels he is about to orgasm she will tickle and caress his balls so that he will spurt his cum up high and hard and it will fall among the women watching him. They will reach out and touch his cock and then taste his sweet cum as he is in the throes of his first climax. The mentor will caress the young slave’s balls and tell him how pleased she is with him as he licks the soles of her feet in devoted gratitude. Since he is young and healthy, the mentor will ask other honored guests to take her place and the young man will begin a series of foot worship with invited guests designed to drain his balls completely, toward the end of the ceremony, the mentor may ask 2 guests to tickle his balls and tip of his cock at the same time to totally drain the foot-slave. Some of the women will tickle his balls mercilessly, and others will suck the sensitive tip of his shaft while he licks the soles of their feet to show his thanks and devotion. The celebration continues until the foot-slave is drained completely dry, unable to produce anymore cum, and only then he is released. The foot-slave kneels and kisses the feet of each guest and thanks each woman for allowing him to worship the Goddess as a full fledged adult. He will ask each woman for her blessing on his life’s journey as a foot-slave and Goddess devotee. As the young slave stands, the guest will take his balls in her hand and tell the slave that she looks forward to him attending her in her prayers at the Temple, when he will be tied to the altar and he will worship her feet as she plays with his cock. Or perhaps the guest will tell him that she will buy him at auction during Holy Week so that she can milk his cock everyday. The young man shivers with delight at the words of the women as his cock throbs in their escort kemalpaşa skilled hands.

After the guests leave, the young man will be re-tied to the altar and his mentor will caress his balls and stroke his shaft to make him hard again, and then she will mount his cock, feeling it pulse inside her, throbbing as he licks the soles of her feet, while she recites a short prayer asking the Goddess to protect and keep the young foot-slave healthy and safe from all harm. It is somewhat difficult for her to complete the prayer as she can feel his young cock throbbing inside her, providing a pleasant distraction to her supplication, and she feels his warm, wet tongue in between her toes as she recites the words of blessing for the young foot-slave.

For the mentor this is a bittersweet moment, now that the young slave has become an adult he will live full-time at the Temple (until he is purchased by a woman to be a personal foot-slave), and she will not see him on a daily basis anymore. She thinks about the young men she has mentored previously who will be her foot-slaves in the next life, existing to please only her, worship and massage her feet, and have their cocks stroked and balls tickled for her amusement, and of their rock hard, throbbing cocks inside her as they suck her toes. Perhaps in a few decades she may purchase one of the young men, if the slave is available and has no owner, she will purchase this one. Her role of leading a young man into adulthood has ended for this young foot-slave. She thinks of all the hours she spent training the boy to worship the feet of all her female guests, or having him serve as a footstool for her visitors and herself, of him devotedly kissing the feet of all of the women who visited her home, as he is taught that they are all to be worshiped as the incarnation of the Goddess by him. Of teaching him to give proper pedicures and massages; sometimes she had to be strict, but it made him into a better foot-slave for the Goddess. And now he will be the property of the Temple, where he will serve at the feet of the women who come to pray and study. He might be strapped to a cross and have his cock and balls tickled for hours until he is broken completely by a female Goddess worshiper. Or, he might be used as a footstool, to kiss and lick the soles of a young woman’s feet as she studies scripture, his young cock rigid and throbbing ih her hand as a young woman studies feminine dominion over males, with his warm wet tongue working slowly in between her toes. And he will be used for training, to show a young woman that when a male is “in her hand and at her feet” he is her slave and that she is in total control of him. Soon, in a about a year, the Priestesses kemalpaşa escort bayan will shave his balls, and the Mentor will make sure to ask the Head Priestess to be part of the ceremony, so she can tickle him as he worships her feet, his freshly shaved balls will be extra sensitive and she knows just how to flick the tip of her tongue along the tip of his cock as she fondles his balls until the young foot-slave is in a frenzy, begging for mercy into the soles of her soft feet covering his face, and she smiles to herself at the thought of making him orgasm at her command. She loves to make a foot-slave do that, and she bites her lower lip mischievously at the thought.

Perhaps in a few months she will see him secured tightly to an X-frame at the doorway of the Temple, with another young foot-slave on an X-frame by the other door pillar. Placed in front of every temple doorway for the women to stroke their cocks or tickle their balls as they enter or leave the main hall. It is a common sight to see two women standing by a door pillar to talk and as the women chat, one of them might absent-mindedly tickle the tip of the slave’s cock or fondle his balls as she speaks with a friend. Not even aware of the man’s moaning as the women pass the time in conversation. If he is selected for that day’s assingment she will be sure to stop by and give his cock an agonizingly slow tickle as she looks at her former trainee, watching how he matures during his time as a Temple foot-slave. She looks forward to cupping his balls in her palm as she watches him mature in the coming years. Or she may find him on an X-frame in the garden behind the themple, placed near a bench so that a woman may sit in the sun and admire a bound slave, if it is a hot day, the woman may apply sunblock to the slave’s balls and cock, a process which can take up to an hour. Many of the retired women like to sit in the park and spend the day there among the beautiful flowers and trees, enjoying themselves. The mentor often thinks about how lovely retirement like that would be, sitting in a garden and tickling the balls of a bound foot-slave all afternoon. She hopes that the young slave will have a cock worshiper with him if he has to spend the day in the Temple garden. Perhaps she will be able to spend a few hours with the boy if he is near a nice shady bench and she can take her time in tickling his balls and making him beg for relief.

Depending on the young man’s first year at the Temple she may be selected again by the Head Priestess to be the mentor of another young foot-slave and thus the cycle will begin again. She will go to the temple at the request of the High Priestess and a young boy will kneel at her feet as she crosses her legs and lets her sandal dangle off her toes, she will observe the reaction of his young little cock, if it gets hard then she will lift her feet so that her soles are pointed at his face and tell him to lick gently, if he obeys instantly she knows that he will be perfect for her to train for a few years until they reach this time again….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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