A Helping Hand is Rewarded Ch. 02

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Chapter 02 : She fell down in my bed, and I lost my mind

[Author’s Note : If you’re new to this story, I’d recommend you to read Chapter 01 before proceeding here. It will introduce you to the main characters and show you into the given circumstances, making it easier for you then to follow the latter evolutions, and incidents.

This story is based on an order of events where one led to another like inevitably, culminating in mutual, and thrilling wrought-up feelings. This love affair took place in Berlin, Germany through my years of study (1978-1981); all parties concerned were over 18 that time.

This story has been primordially written in German for a (commercial) anthology, successfully published in 2002.

I hope you’ll appreciate my decision to translate my story into English, and open it to the public at LitE.

Thank you all for reading, and enjoy!]



“Do you want to call your parents darling, just to appease them?” I asked when I lowered her feet to the carpet, before pulling her coat from my shoulder to toss it onto the couch, “The phone is right here on the table.”

“No darling, thank you, that’s sweet but not necessary… my father is out of town for a conference in Frankfurt, and my mom will already sleep I guess.” She gave one of her cute little coy smiles that always and unfailingly forced me to suppress a concupiscent whimper, “…but you could show me to the toilet my love, I’m, ahem…” a hint of blush, gawd soo cute…

“Again?” I interrupted her with a lewd grin.

“Well… in fact it, ahem, never really stopped…” her blush deepened, my dick rose to attention, the saucy smile in the corners of her eyes wasn’t of any help. She brushed a few cheeky strands of hair back over her shoulder before her eyes lowered, slowly to scrutinize the recent state of my pants, and the content, her sweet mouth opened to form a perfect ‘O’. She swallowed, hard, “Ahem, darling, you… err…don’t you hurt?” Her eyes met mine again, now half closed under heavy lids, she whispered huskily, “can I, ahem, help…?”

I rolled my eyes, “Heavens… with all good spirits…darling,” I cawed whilst reducing the distressing distance between us to one millimeter, probably a bit less, she flung her arms round my neck, as usual, meanwhile it seemed to be kind of an automated reaction once I was near enough to her. She pulled my head down and kissed me as if there was no tomorrow, whilst her entire body altered to that of a snake, thrusting her chest into mine, rubbing her wriggling pelvis all over mine, both of us groaning and grunting with the sensations when her thrusted out crotch settled on my left thigh, pushing and grinding her vulva against my throbbing pole as if to masturbate both of us mutually, till we had to break the kiss to fight for air, clinging tightly to each other, both heavily panting and shaking.

I was the first to regain the capability to speech, “Good lord, will we ever make it to the bedroom darling… what do you mean? Or will you furthermore insist to make me cum right here – if so…you’re terribly close, my sweet seduce.”

Her eyes, deep dark and dilated with desire, gazed up to mine, “Oouugh…gawd yes… yessss my sweet love, I know you need to…” her voice huskily, low with lust, “…please let me…”

“Noooo – pleazzze darling…” I pleaded tormented, bravely withstanding the urge to additionally fall to my knees, “…not here darling, and not in my pants…”

“Oouugh…okay my love… then let me pee first, I want no interruption you know later, and afterwards you should bed me at last, please hurry my sweet heart… gawd, you’re making me soooo HOT, hot for you my darling…don’t let me wait any longer my love. Ohgaawwwdd I love you, I love you, I love you so much that it’s close to aching. I love you Bernd, and I want you, and I want you… NOW!”

“I know, my princess.” I kissed my lovely maiden sweetly while I reached for her hand, “come with me, my darling, I’ll lead you to the bathroom.”

She attempted to keep up with me, but tripped. I caught her, held her close, she murmured, “Good lord darling, my knees are too weak…”

“That’s okay my love, you’re a new born wolf cub… a cute little bitch wolf cub, ready for your first steps into a new world, a promising world. Now hang on to me my sweet darling, I’ll bring you… I’m your Alpha, and I’ll never let you fall.”

She growled at me, or let’s say she tried to, for me it sounded more like a cute little purr. She giggled happily as I lifted her into my arms again and growled back at her, a low growl from deep in my chest, “You have so much to learn cub…”

“Gawd…” she croaked, “…you’d better stop this my Alpha, you’re vibrating all through me…”

Using my left elbow I opened the door to the bathroom to let us in, sat her feet to the ground by the toilet, put the lid up and helped her to squat whilst she reached back to save the hem of her skirt. “Are halkalı escort your knees better, my sweetness?” She smiled up to me, nodding, and I added, “I’ll pick up some water from the kitchen meanwhile, okay? Call for me when you’re ready. Or…do you want me to stay?”

She blushed an impressing strawberry red, but held eye contact – my courageous girl. All of a sudden her eyes widened, she understood the beyond reasonable meaning of my question, her eyes pleaded for me to bend down. I fell to my knees between her splayed thighs and held her hands, a soft pressure rewarded my understanding, I smiled reassuringly. She smiled back sweetly, her eyes full of trust and love, she kissed me and whispered into my lips, “You are wonderful Bernd, and yes…I understand. Please give me some more time my love, and I’ll be ready for the next step, will you my darling?”

I kissed my sweetie, and rubbed my nose on hers, “Of course my love. You’re a brave girl Diana, and I appreciate your understanding, my sweet heart. I thank you for your honesty, and for your trust in me my lovely.” I cupped her still glowing cheeks and kissed her deeply, “And I thank you for granting me the honor to be THE ONE, it means more to me than you are aware now, my sweet love. Thank you Diana, my sweet, lovely Diana.” Her eyes welled with tears, and I ran, closed the door behind me, still hearing her quiet sobs. Gawd, how cute can a girl be…I swallowed hard.

Arriving in the kitchen I grabbed a bottle of water and a glass, added another bottle, just in case, and ran to the bedroom to place the beverages on my small bedside table, grabbed the matches from my drawer, dimmed the headlights and lighted the seven scented candles, what turned into a closely ceremonial act without deliberate intention… I collected latent power to build an altar of love for my charming princess: Rose, lavender, hibiscus and jasmine on the headboard; vanilla, lily of the valley and lilac on the dresser drawers; natural flavors, not overwhelming but sweet and effective on fine way. The candle flames, dancing in the scented air that filled the room, were in numerous sparkles reflected by my antique mirrors.


The bathroom door clicked into place, and I saw to meet my beloved princess as she entered my… no, our bedroom, she remained spellbound in the step, her big wide eyes grew soft with wonder when she breathlessly whispered, “Dear lord… you must have arisen from a fairy tale, Bernd… always the perfect, romantic cavalier.”

I swallowed, hard. My eyes watered. Time stood still.

“You like, my sweet, enchanting princess?” I managed to ask softly, but my voice was scratchy.

“Bernd…oh God Bernd…” She broke into tears but didn’t mind a bit, instead stretched her arms out to me and I raced over to hold her close, she flung her arms round my neck and pulled me any closer, “Bernd…this is… oh God Bernd… thank you my darling, thank you my sweet love…” she pulled my head down for a lonnnngg sweet kiss, before she looked around once more, “Bernd, my sweet heart… this is beautiful, it’s wonderful, this is like a dream has come true… you are making this night a magic night, for me…all for me…” she sniffled, gawd soo cute, I cupped her damp cheeks and kissed the point of her nose, my reward was the next cute sniffle, and her sweetest of smiles, “My White Knight, my favorite knight…you must stop this… you’ve made me the happiest girl around already my sweet love…and that was hours ago, and still you won’t stop to make me even happier… gawd, Bernd, this is the sweetest of things ever, and I thank you, thank you my love, I thank you sooo much.”

My thumbs brushed her cheeks to wipe her tears away, and my lips caressed her lids, “I cannot stop my sweet love…” I backed away and smiled into her questioning eyes, “I can, and will not rest before I’ve made you the happiest girl ever…less is not acceptable.” She bursted out laughing, helplessly shaking her head.

She needed a minute to calm, “Well darling, I guess I have to accept that, right?”

“Right…that’s my girl!” She curled, again shaking her head.

‘I should stop this,’ I thought by myself, ‘before she’ll suffer from a concussion.’ I reached down to embrace her still slightly shaking body, before my fingers combed her silky hair, slowly and softly, she purred against my chest and our eyes met again, hers dreamily as she backed away a bit and asked softly, “Bernd, I’ve confessed to you earlier that my first time was a terrible disappointment…” I nodded, and became aware that I’d clenched my fists, my jaws clamped and my eyes were hard, “Ssshh darling…” her forefinger on my lips silently pleaded me to calm, “…please my darling, don’t get angry, not now. See, it was rather my fault than his, back then both of us were virgins, and I put the saddle on the wrong horse if I may say so, because I…well, guessed that not really taksim escort loving the guy wouldn’t matter, inexperienced as I was back then. I know better now, of course. I know now that it should have been you to take my cherry, the loving man by my side, the man after whom I devour – alone you weren’t around, not even in sight.” Her suddenly resolute eyes showed wishfulness, too, “All I want now is to beg you to help me my darling, see…I’d like to put the clock back, in this magic night I might be able to recover my mistake at that time; I dream of being eighteen again, and experience my first time with you Bernd, the loving man I love more than anybody and anything else in the world. I want to forget my darling, oh I wanted it since long; I want this unique, significant experience to be like it’s meant to be…considerately, tenderly, wonderful and perfect – almost… sacredly.”

The indescribable longing in her eyes left me speechless and out of breath, unable to say a word I held my hands out for her, she grew her oh so cute coy smile and closed in to me again till our hands met. I lifted hers up to my lips to kiss the fingertips, one by one, then her palms, devoutly. She gasped, “Ooh Berrrnnndd…” she swallowed hard and continued, “…it was the enchanting atmosphere you created that encouraged me to ask you…” her eyes kissed mine, “…oh my God, Bernd, you’re crying… oh my darling I’m… I didn’t mean to…” I shook my head ‘no’ and embraced her small, trembling body, held her close, she urged against me, “…you mustn’t say a word my darling, I can feel you can’t now, and your eyes showed me, gawd your eyes are wonderful my love… thank you my love, thank you for your understanding, thank you for striving to make my dream come true, my sweet love.”

I fought like desperate to swallow the lump in my throat whilst planting feathery kisses all over her forehead, her lids, her damp cheek, I whispered near her ear, “Heavens Diana, you mustn’t thank me… well probably a bit…” I could feel her smile on my cheek, “…thank you for the biggest compliment ever my love, and I feel highly honored my lovely princess; yes my darling… I understand how much this means to you, and it’ll be the greatest of pleasure for me to fulfill your wish, of course.”

I kissed the sweet spot beneath her ear, before I told my sweet girl all about my love with a long, tender, devoutly kiss; she understood, her heavily trembling body showed me even before she sighed into my lips, “Ooh yes my darling, so sweet, just how I wanted it… thank you my love…” she started to sob quietly when I lifted her sweet weight and made our way to the bed, knowing that this were tears of relief and overwhelming happiness, nonetheless I kissed her tears away, her eyes, her cheeks, and the lonely rider that had made its way down to her chin. She smiled oh so sweetly, and sighed, her wonderful eyes, dreamily now, caressed mine, I let her down to her feet, slowly and carefully, my hands cupped her damp cheeks, her pretty face came up as if to beg me to kiss her sweet lips once more, and I did, of course, ever so softly… our first ‘lovers kiss’. She caressed the back of my skull, my hairline, my nape, before she unlocked her lips and sighed contented, “Good Lord, my love… so sweet, so much love. Thank you my love… my man, my wonderful man… make me yours now my love, yours forever my love.” Her soft whispering tightened my throat, all I could do was to nod ‘YES!’

I began to unbutton her blouse, her eyes on my hands, her pretty face concentrated, and still sweetly smiling. One..two..three buttons, I opened the gap, slowly and did what I had waited for since hours… I buried my nose in the sensual valley of excitement, deeply inhaling her aura…the concentrated, delighting fragrance of her unbelievable soft, flawless skin. My love’s hands raced down to her chest, cupping her breasts’ outside slope thus pressing the soft, warm, fleshy hills against my cheeks, and it felt like heaven, she whispered, “yes, my darling, that’s what you wanted all night…you like, my love?”

‘What a question!’ I thought, smiling to myself whilst licking the full length of the enticing valley and planting about a thousand feathery kisses all over her delectable décolleté… ‘Is the pope catholic? Next question, please!’

I shook my head ‘no’. Diana snickered under her breath, tenderly rubbing her cheek against the back of my head, softly moaning, I switched my hands to automatic mode and they undid the remaining buttons all on their own before shortly resting on the sensual swell of her hips, before I raised them to the gap of her blouse. It was hard a task! … but I forced my head to leave the sweetly smelling valley of my dreams and come back to the surface where my eyes met a pair of big wide sparkling eyes, dark with desire, embedded in two glowing cheeks – neither blush nor shame, of course – just heated with my sweet girl’s craving for love and affection. I nibbled şişli escort her luscious lower lip, and whispered, “thank you my sweet love… I knew you’d understand. Gawd you smell, and taste heavenly, I could eat you…” a soft bite, she squeaked lowly, and I promised, “…and I’ll do, later… that’s for sure!” She giggled short-winded, most likely reveling in anticipation.

Her now smiling eyes followed mine to the open gap, I pulled the silky material to the sides to take it off her – and froze, only heard myself whispering, “Good Lord, what a view… what a divine view!” I glanced in pure adoration, she wore… no, she filled a utilitarian white bra, the low cut cups supported two perfectly shaped hemispheres, about a third of the upper swell on display, the rest hidden from the view – so far, but I was eager to change that. Soon! The erect nipples tented the soft material I was stroking so slowly, cupping and weighing the sweet freight. Even through the hiding softness I meant to hear the cute nobs’ seductive pleading, ‘free us, tease us, suck us – don’t hesitate!’ I winked down to the cuties, not sure if they’d understand my silent promise, so I whispered, “I’ll be back soon, I’ll take good care of you…” No answer. Not that I’d expected one.

With outermost will power I managed to un-glue my eyes from the enchanting view, planning to force my slightly shaking hands to unhook that damn bra. Diana’s beaming eyes welcomed mine and I saw that her arms already were busy on her back, she gave me a quick peck on my lips and whispered, “Would you return to hold them again, so lovingly, please… while I’m gonna unhook my skirt for you too, my sweet love?” I nodded silently and got round her, pressed my demandingly throbbing erection against her already quivering half globes whilst my hands cupped her delicious breasts, again. Her hips already danced on their own will, my cutie moaned louder and louder with the seconds as I softly massaged her swelling breasts. I bent down and kissed the sweet, awfully receptive sweet spot beneath her cute left ear, she gave a deep, gasping sigh that made me smile, I continued with kissing and licking my way down the side of her neck, through the hollow, my lips caught the left bra-strap and pulled it over to her shoulder where it dropped off on its own, same procedure on the right side, only the other way round till I finished my hard work beneath her right ear.

My princess had waited patiently, though all the time softly moaning; only her hips and pelvis danced and squirmed continuously thus rubbing her cute little butt against my erection, now she sighed, “Bernd? You are wonderful, you’re doing good, gawd…sooo good, now get off your pants and let the bra go, I want to feel you on me. Please, my love…”

No question…I was butt naked in no time, took her blouse, kept her bra from dropping to the ground, and tossed garment and lingerie on top of the growing pile on the nearest chair. I was just about to snuggle up to my sweet maiden again, but froze, thinking about her skirt plus my dripping cock – no good mix… Diana certainly wouldn’t want to wear a spotted, reeking skirt, so I’d better be careful. I grinned, and knelt behind my sweeties cute ‘behind’, which would meet my upstanding pole early enough, means in a few seconds. Furthermore foolishly grinning I kissed her spine just below her ribcage, she jumped and screamed, “Oouugghh gaawwdd daaarrlinng…” before stifling the noise with her hand; I reached round her and cupped her breasts from below, what elicited another stifled scream from my now heavily trembling beauty. I kissed my way down her spine, slowly, with my eager tongue circling every vertebra, gawd she tasted deliciously, even her sweat tasted highly erotic, her constant moaning grew louder, my fingertips brushed her nipples – she wheezed sharply – before grazing their way down the outer slopes to the sides of her ribcage, “oh my gawd…” she sighed softly, seemingly out of breath. My fingers grazed slowly over the awfully soft skin, down her flanks to her bucking hips, most likely caused by some ticklish spots on the way, my tongue reached the small of her back to draw circles over the sensitive region, my lovely girl whimpered helplessly whilst her hips bucked and rotated wildly, reminding me of a seductive lap dance, whilst my excited victim’s scratchy voice couldn’t stop calling out, “Oah gawd — ohmygawwdd…” Period…

My hands reached out for the waistband of her skirt, already opened up in the back, showing the gaping V in the middle. My fingers slipped inside the skirt, thumbs hooked over the waistband to lower the garment, slowly, seductively, she whimpered with the feel of my warm hands on the sides of her buttocks, then her thighs till the skirt followed the force of gravity on its own. I leaned a bit back and drank in the delighting view, her hips – simply perfect, seductively curvacious, just what the doctor had ordered for me; the sensational, mouth watering buttocks, perfectly shaped from the upper swell to the delighting meeting with the thighs, the outside curvature worth a wet dream, “Holy shit! Daarrlinng!” I kissed and licked the quivering cheeks, over and over before fighting hard to stop myself, “Darling, my sweet darling – you are the personified sensuality on legs! Gawd darling, you are absolutely perfect…!”

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