A Meeting with Mr. Rey

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It had been so long since Mr. Rey had called Wendy into his office that his call took her by surprise. After all this time, she figured he no longer needed her assistance and that there would be no more meetings, but now here she was walking down the hall to his office, clipboard in hand, wondering what he wanted to go over now.

“Come in,” he called out when she knocked on his door. When she entered his small office, he leaned past her to close and lock the door behind her. As he sat back down in his chair, he took a hold of her hips and pulled her towards him. She smiled a little as she put her clipboard on his desk, glad that he wasn’t completely done needing her servicing.

“It isn’t that cold in here, is it?” he remarked, observing her hardening nipples pressing through the fabric of her dress. He began to massage her tits; rubbing his thumbs across the tender nipples to make them harden even more and making her moan a little.

“Aren’t you going to bring them out for me to play with?”

She pulled down the top of her red dress, scooping a large breast out of a lacy bra. He immediately ran his hand across the pale skin of her breast, flicking the nipple with his thumb as it became more swollen. Then he ran his tongue around before finally wrapping his mouth around it and eagerly suckling, his other hand massaging the second still clothed breast.

She enjoyed watching him as he savoured the taste of her, ever so often tugging gently at her nipple with his teeth as she gasped. She tried hard not to let her moans get too loud so no one in the hall outside could hear, but it was difficult when all she wanted to do was give in to the moment and be as loud as she wanted.

After a while he pulled down more on her dress so he could relieve the other breast from it’s lace enclosure and began to feast on it as well, taking bahis firmaları turns to suck on one tit and then the other while simultaneously tweaking and teasing the nipple of its exposed partner. She loved the feel of his mouth, his tongue and his hands as he consumed her tits as she ran her fingernails up and down his back. She was eager for there to be more than just this and wondered what it would be like to have his cock nestled in her cleavage for her to suck on.

He took a break from feeding to admire the sight before him, a pair of giant, pale G cup breasts glistening wet from being sucked and engorged from all his manhandling. He ran his hands along her hips and down her ass, tracing the outline of the lace panties she had on underneath with an appreciative grin.

She looked down to appraise the swelling of his cock in his jeans and was tempted to lean over and run a hand across it, perhaps even just unzip his pants and pop the hard member into her mouth so she could finally know the taste of him. But she was hesitant to ask, still feeling shy despite being as exposed as she was. She watched his silvery eyes taking her in while she ran her hands along his arms, wishing he would just take her there.

He turned her around and had her sit on his lap, his hands still on her waist, but this time guiding her to grind up against him. She enjoyed the feel of his cock getting harder against her and wished that there weren’t so many clothes between his dick and her pussy so she could ride him properly.

As she rubbed against him, his hands reached around to massage her tits, making her moan some more. “I wish you would fuck me,” she whispered. “God, I want you in me so bad.”

He said nothing. Instead he pulled up her dress until her panties were exposed and then ran a finger against the fabric crotch, which was now kaçak iddaa soaking wet because of how turned on she had become. She felt the brush of his finger through the lace and wished he’d push it aside and slide his fingers in to her aching pussy.

As if reading her mind, he finally slipped a finger underneath her panty and began gently brushing against her engorged clit. She couldn’t help let a loud moan escape at the sensation. He ran his finger gently along her wet pussy lips; arousing her senses and making her want him in her even more.

He had her stand up and turn around to face him. “Hold up your dress for me so I can see your panties.” She obeyed, wondering what he would do and was happy when she felt him take them off of her and watched him put them on his desk.

He pulled her closer to him so he could suck on her tits some more, but this time she felt his free hand slide up between her legs, teasing for a moment at the lips before sliding inside of her. She enjoyed the dual sensation of him finger fucking her while he devoured her tits, and felt light-headed from her heavy breathing. As he worked on her, she could feel this amazing sensation build inside her until finally she came, her body spasming from the orgasm.

As her body finished pulsating, he stood up and took a moment to kiss her, slowly and gently at first, and then more urgently. Then he turned around. “Bend over,” he said, guiding her to rest her arms on the desk and then pulling her dress up to her waist.

He caressed her ass at first, smacking it a bit and then spanking harder. She relished the sting. He had her spread her legs a bit more and then she could hear the sound of his zipper as he pulled out that cock she’d been fantasizing about for months. He slid it between her legs, rubbing it against her wet cunt and then teased her by pressing kaçak bahis the head against her opening, but not going in further and pulling back if she tried to press against it.

Then she finally felt the harder pressure of him and the momentary resistance of her tight pussy, and then he slid right in to the hilt and the feeling of it made her gasp aloud. He held himself in her, pushing to be as deep as possible and holding it there first before he started fucking her.

She loved being fucked from behind. It felt as if she was being fucked so much deeper than regular missionary. The most difficult part though was to keep herself from screaming as he pounded into her hard. Had they been at his place or hers, she would have been screaming in pleasure with every forward thrust, begging for him to make it hurt more because it felt so good.

She enjoyed the rhythmic slap of skin on skin as he pounded her harder and harder. His hands, which had had a firm grasp of her tits at first were now holding tight to her hips as he got faster and faster. She could feel him swelling and stiffening inside of her and her head was spinning.

Just when she wasn’t sure she could stifle her screams anymore, she felt him explode inside of her. She luxuriated in the warm, pulsing sensation of cum being pumped inside of her. It seemed to last for a long time and when he was spent, he continued to hold himself inside of her for a while as they both caught their breath.

When he did pull out, she could feel the tickle of cum dripping down her thigh a bit. She could still feel the ghost of him inside of her, her insides now aching from being hammered so intently, and she didn’t stand up right away until she heard the sound of him redressing.

When she turned around, he was sitting back in his chair looking relaxed and satisfied. He pulled her close again just to lay his head on her chest for a while as she ran her fingers up and down his back and through his hair. He gave a few kisses to each breast and a few more on her lips and then turned to go back to work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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