A Miserable Pile of Secrets Ch. 06

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Again, as most people do, Arthur sometimes looked back on his life, and he often thought his previous actions were that of a dense and slow-witted person.

In his defense, he couldn’t think of himself as someone that … well … important. Not to Vince, anyway.

On the second work day, Vince asked him to come have workout later. No big deal. Arthur had to practice hitting a punching bag, although he was still absolute shit at it. A break. Then he got to run on a treadmill. Another break. Then he tried something new. He worked with embarrassingly tiny dumbbells while sitting on a long bench. Vince did the same thing beside him, but his dumbbells were so big they looked scary.

But sometimes … Vince liked to let his dumbbells thunk on the floor, put his palms right on one of Arthur’s arms, as if he wanted to change their shape but didn’t want to put any pressure on him, and he’d give some suggestion about how to move. Arthur had thought he was doing just fine, but he wasn’t about to stop Vince from touching him.

It happened … so many times.

Once, he did it so quickly after the last time, barley giving Arthur enough time to lift his dumbbell up. Vince’s palm lingered on his biceps. His fingernails only lightly scraped on Arthur’s flesh. Arthur tried not to shiver. He really did.

“Hey, you’re doing really great,” Vince said with a scratchy voice.

Arthur looked off at some random machine. “Oh … cool. Thanks.”

“I mean, I’m not trying to insult you.” A hand slid up the biceps and stopped close to the shoulder. “It’s just that you’re not really good at this, but you’re really trying, and that’s great.”

Sucking on the inside of his cheek, trying will his blood to stop gathering in his cock, Arthur’s words hardly left his throat. “Oh. thanks.”

The hands … constricted … but not painfully. “Are you okay?”

Arthur shook his arm, which worked well. Vince released him immediately. “Yeah,” Arthur said as he bent down to put his dumbbells on the floor, “I’m okay, but I think I’ll stop early. I need a shower.”

The connected bathroom was huge, but designed for only one person. That meant Vince would have to take a short walk to get to the next bathroom. He took it well. “That’s fine. I’ll stop too. Don’t worry about the hot water. It’s pretty difficult to hog it all in this place.”

The shower in the bathroom Arthur walked into was weird. Across from the perfectly smooth and shiny wall the fixtures were in, there was a glass wall held into place by thin metal supports. There weren’t any other walls.

Arthur scrubbed himself the best he could, but his mind was terribly disturbed.

He thought of Vince touching him. First, his hand. Second, his arm. Third, he started imagining other things.

His back practically slammed against the glass wall.

This was okay, right? He lived here. It was okay. Yeah, definitely okay.

His balls were tightening up. His fingers were going around his cock. The hot water only made him feel more brazen when the first stroke was made. His other hand turned into a fist and tapped the glass behind him, then another tap. He soon had a rhythm, and his strokes matched it.

Coarse laughter.

Arthur was imagining it, but it was enough to help his testicles swell and darken his penis. The water raining down and reflecting off his body was certainly hot, but it seemed cooler than the blood rushing in him.

Yes …


He inhaled a bit of water.


And his whole body spasmed as if he was terribly unwell.

A flood of lonely pleasure.

It was good to be in a shower. It really was. The semen was washed away in a few seconds.

Arthur coughed again and slid down the glass, his legs bending. His backside met the slightly rough floor.


This was not okay.

Vince was his roommate, his landlord, his god damn boss, and his friend.

And he had a crush on him.

His palms clapped over his ears. His eyes were shut. He shook his head back and forth.

Not okay. Not okay. Not okay. Not okay.

The ultimate in all that is not okay!!

But at least he thought he got some of his stupidity out of his system. The rest of the shower went quickly. A short drying with a towel, and he got dressed. Nothing special. A boring long flannel shirt with long sleeves an some jeans. Winter was here, but he only wore that flannel shirt because he knew that, not because of the air inside the building. This place was always comfortable, or at least the temperature was.

`Vince was in the gym when Arthur got back there. He wondered how he’d washed up so quickly and returned in such a short amount of time. He was sprawled out on his back, resting on a bench they hadn’t used, looking up at the ceiling with a somewhat bored expression. One foot was in its slipper. The other was bare and kicking in the air. Its slipper was on the floor at an angle.

Why did his foot have to be so … interesting?

Not too soft, canlı bahis just groomed enough.

A set of toes that might be called Greek.

Triangular and fierce.

“Hey, you okay?”

Arthur blinked and put his hands in his pockets. “Yeah. That shower was great.” He looked down at his feet. He was wearing socks, but no shoes. He knew all too well that he had gaps between his second and third toes. He thought he had weird feet. “You think it might snow soon?”

“I heard there might be a little snow tonight, but it’ll melt in the morning.”

“Ah, cool.” Arthur thought he needed some alone time. “I’m going to my room. I want to play some Fable.”

Vince sat up as soon as Arthur starting walking away. “What’s that game about?”

“Eh, it’s a funny action-RPG, I guess. Pretty open-ended but kind of short.” He waved his hand and touched the exit door. “I’ll talk to you about it tomorrow, alright?”

Vince’s voice lowered. “Well, that’s cool, I guess.”

Arthur was actually surprised that he was able to find his bedroom without getting lost.


An hour and a half later, and Arthur’s character was trying to seduce some random woman into marrying him. Arthur had thought her accent was hilarious and since polygamy was legal in this game he was also planning on marrying a man. His cell phone beeped. Arthur paused the game and checked to see what the issue was.

A text from Vince. “Hey. Sorry. Are you busy?”

Stomping one socked foot onto the floor, Arthur tried not to bitch out the device in his hand. It wasn’t his phone’s fault. It was Vince’s. Of course he was busy! He’d told him he wanted to play a game, didn’t he? He didn’t have to hang around Vince all the time, right?

Arthur tapped out his answer. “Kind of.”

“I want to talk to you about something.”

Arthur scratched his cheek and jaw. Then he cursed. “Why don’t you just call me?”

You know … like people used to casually do … before texting was normal?

“It’s really important. We should be face to face.”

Then why the shit didn’t he say something before? They’d spent all that time working out! Vince could’ve said anything he wanted!! His phone still in his hand, Arthur ran to his bed and leapt right onto it, belly first. The mattress bounced and he made a frustrated groan. Then, when the mattress was calm, he decided to reply. “Are you dying or something?”

“Can we just talk? We need to talk.”




Arthur thought he shouldn’t have to deal with sudden neediness if he wasn’t even getting a fucking every once in a while. Who did this guy think he was? He didn’t get to demand anything of Arthur outside of work hours.

He typed out, “Why?”

“It’s important.”

Well, if it was important, then AGAIN, why didn’t he say something before?!

“Okay, you want to come say hi?”

“I’ll have someone escort you.”

Escort you? What? Arthur rubbed an eye and went back to his desk. He had to get his game saved. Thankfully, he wasn’t in the middle of a quest. Maybe five minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Arthur went there to unlock and open it.

A nicely dressed man greeted him. Arthur thought it might have been one of the butlers. He didn’t know what the point of a butler was, to be honest, but he didn’t want to be nasty to any of them.

“Excuse me, Mr. Glass?”

“Uhm, yeah?”

He stepped back and held his gloved hand out. “Would you please follow me, Sir?”

Arthur made sure his pockets had his keys in them. “Okay. Just let me get some shoes and lock the doors.”

“Of course, Sir.”

Arthur pushed his feet into some slip on shoes. Then he went to the hallway and locked the doors. The butler led the way. It felt like a long way. At last, they were at some door Arthur was pretty sure he hadn’t ever opened before. The butler opened the door and nodded. Arthur gave him a uncertain look as he walked into the room.

The butler closed the door.

The lighting was pretty bright.

But …

It was a bedroom?

A huge bed with a white upholstered button headboard and bed frame. Pillows, sheets, and covers that seemed to be blood red. Across from the bed, a very grand, white mirror with a thick black frame. White carpeting on the floor.

A light scent was in the air.

Freshly laundry and a hint of vanilla.

Why a bedroom?

Arthur sat down on a red chair and tugged his phone out of his pocket. He tried to text Vince to ask why the hell he was waiting around in a bedroom, but the door opened before he could type a word.

Vince was there.

In a black silk robe that covered his knees. Matching slippers.

Arthur jumped up from his seat and blurted out, “I’m sorry?! Nani the fuck?!”

Vince’s hand stayed on the door’s handle after he closed it. He turned to Arthur, and he stared pretty hard. “What … what does that mean?”

“Ah … well,” Arthur nervously rubbed his nape with his palm here, bahis siteleri “it’s some stupid weaboo thing I saw on the Internet years ago. It’s cringey … but it … well it just came out.”

“Oh.” Then Vince gave the same sound, but an octave deeper. “Oh.” He moved in with quiet footsteps. He had lowered eyelids, parted lips, and a gait that was even more confident than normal. One of his hands rose and went for Arthur’s shoulder. “Hey, come here.” He sounded like he was about to do something Arthur refused to accept as reality.

Raw bewilderment jolted through Arthur’s body as he stepped away, raising his hands and waving them. “What kind of prank are you playing on me?”

Vince simply kept moving to him, and he repeated, “Come here.”

Arthur kept backing up. His legs tapped the bed. He hadn’t expected that, and so he tripped over his own feet and fell back.

Big mistake.

Vince was fast, which meant that he was on him like Axe body spray on a young teenage boy who didn’t understand what bathing was. Well … except Vince smelled wonderful. Arthur’s brain wasn’t able to keep up with Vince’s speed, and his wrists were held down.

A blur’s worth of Vince’s face.

Soft, hot, intense, heavy breath that wasn’t Arthur’s was blowing in and out on his face.

Oh god …

It was real. It was all real.

Arthur melted.

They were kissing. Not tight little kisses you’d expect from people with innocent crushes. Nope. These were the prying, licking, sucking kisses that were proof of scorching lust. That lust was charging through them. Arthur could feel it. He literally felt the other man’s erection swelling up and poking from behind the robe, and of course Arthur felt himself.

Vince popped his tongue out and his lips off long enough to growl, “Clothes. Off. Now.” Then he released Arthur’s wrists and shoved his fingers under Arthur’s waistband.

Holy shit, yes!! Whatever he wanted was going to happen. Arthur would see to it. He fumbled with the buttons on his flannel shirt. Vince hissed as he tore Arthur’s shoes and jeans away. The keys and phone seemed to fall out because they clanged and thudded on the carpet. Then Vince shoved Arthur’s hands away and nearly ripped the shirt as he opened it. Arthur thought one of the buttons popped off.

Arthur’s flesh was suddenly very needy, and Vince gave well. His hands roamed all over his back, his chest, and his thighs, and Arthur held him as closely as possible. He felt the soft, black hair through his fingers. He whined with every kiss. It was better than anything he’d imagined.

Oh … god … Vince pinched a nipple, and he held his fingers there a solid five seconds. Arthur squirmed and mewled against the tongue in his mouth. He reached into the other man’s robe and let his palms enjoy the prickling texture in the body hair.

Vince pinched at Arthur’s briefs. He went up for air and put his mouth at Arthur’s ear. “I want it. I want to see it in my mouth.”

“Ah! What?!”

Vince’s teeth went right on his ear’s helix, which made Arthur cry like a fox. Then Vince licked where he bit and whispered, “I know you heard me. I want it in my mouth.”

Arthur was honestly shocked that he’d say that.


Vince pushed himself up to give Arthur a fearless and corrupted grin. Then, shamelessly, Vince put his lips to the center line of Arthur’s chest and gave him a long, deep lap of his tongue.

Inflamed, maybe even a little flustered, Arthur put his hands over his eyes. “I … I mean I can … if you want …?”

The tongue’s tip dabbed into his belly button. His hips were gripped for a moment. “Hush and let me have you.”

“Oh … okay?”

Vince shuffled down even more. Arthur felt his chin slide back and forth against his erection through the cotton underwear. Arthur was jittering.

The briefs were gone, slipped away to some place Arthur was too busy to care about. Once of Vince’s hands touched his thigh.

Was it … was it okay? Did Vince like the view? Arthur tried to keep himself well groomed, often bald, but he hadn’t been as fastidious lately. There was definitely some hair there.

Vince purred to him, “Spread a little, Honey.”

“Huh? I …?”

He felt Vince breath on his penis’ head. “Don’t be shy.” He moved Arthur’s leg a bit.

Tight … blazing …

Holy fuck!!

Arthur’s toes curled and his heart beat so fast he almost thought he’d get another broken rib.

Vince wasn’t dainty, wasn’t gentle, wasn’t even quiet. His smooth mouth put lava in Arthur’s veins. Even Arthur’s taint was throbbing. His balls were soon ready to send out everything they could. Arthur moaned and moved his head from one side to the next. He happened to peek through his fingers, and what he saw froze most of his muscles.

A vivid reflection.

Vince’s mouth taking in most of his cock. He paused to grip what his saliva coated lips couldn’t reach, rustling a little in the pale pubic hair.

And Vince’s eyes bahis şirketleri … they subtly moved … towards the mirror.

So playful, but also brutal.

Arthur bit his own finger and shut his eyes.

His ass stiffened up. He knew his prostate was going crazy.

“Ah!! Ohhhhhhh!! Shit!!”

Arthur tasted his own blood. His finger was bleeding!

But he felt so damn good!

At the last moment, Vince slid his lips off and jacked Arthur off as quickly as possible.

That was it. That was when Arthur’s brain shut down.


It didn’t last long.

Winding down, Arthur came back to reality.

Vince crawled back up his body and put a kiss on his throat. But suddenly he grabbed Arthur’s hand.

“Huh?” Arthur looked at his bitter face. “What? What’s wrong?”

“You hurt yourself!” Vince heaved out. He really smelled like … well … just as one would expect. Arthur didn’t want to say aloud how much he liked it. There were a few drops of semen on his chin. It ruined whatever intimidation factor he had.

Vince rolled off the bed. “I think I have a first aid kit around here somewhere.” He went to a nightstand and started taking things out the drawers. A box of condoms. A pack of wet wipes that were essentially baby wipes for adults. A big tube of lubricant. Bondage cuffs, fucking bondage cuffs!! A box of latex gloves. Random prostate massagers. A few dildos. A fleshlight that clearly didn’t have a fake vulva on it. And some cock rings.

Arthur sat up with a mess on his genitals and extra blood in his cheeks. He gaped at all those mostly interesting objects that Vince just tossed on the bed, and he tried to think of something to say. But all his throat let out was, “Uhm … you got some stuff on your chin.”

Just when Vince had finally found the first aid kit, he paused and reached for the wet wipes. “Oh, alright. Thanks.” Totally casual, completely happy. He rubbed at everything, even around his eyes, just in case. Then he put on a dopey smile, looked down at Arthur’s crotch, and said, “You might want to do something about yourself.”

Wondering how steam wasn’t rising from his pores, Arthur quickly wiped himself off. Then Vince took his hand and treated his bitten finger with cotton and hydrogen peroxide. It didn’t seem to matter that his hands looked like they were highly capable of choking big men. They were compassionate and hardly put any pressure on Arthur’s skin. That was when Arthur clustered up his words.

“Why me?”

Vince was unwrapping an adhesive bandage. “What the hell are you talking about?” He didn’t have a hint of anger in his words. There was actually quite a bit of care there.

Arthur sighed. “I mean … I didn’t even know you were into guys.”

“It wasn’t important,” Vince said as he stuck the bandage around Arthur’s finger. “At least … it wasn’t important at first.”

“At first?”

Arthur was all bandaged up and ready to do anything, but Vince held him, and he said, “Being gay doesn’t make you interesting or unique. It doesn’t make you morally superior. It doesn’t give you the right to anything. It’s not a personality trait. It’s not very important at all unless you’re trying to get laid or married.” He lightly covered the back of Arthur’s hand with his palm. “Hell, we live in one of the best countries in the world to be gay in. Being gay doesn’t even mean you’re oppressed. So when I get to hang out with someone, I don’t ask what they like to fuck and I don’t tell them what I like to fuck. It’s just not important.”

Something in Arthur’s mind was wrung out like a wet rag. He looked up at Vince’s calm, poised face, as beautiful as a masterpiece of a portrait. “Maybe … maybe this was a bad idea. This is mixing business with pleasure.”

“Are you worried about how vulnerable you are?” Vince’s eyes turned more perceptive, narrowing, but the corners of his lips rose. “If you’d just said, ‘No,’ or, ‘don’t touch me,’ I’d had left you alone, and you’d still keep your job and your room and everything else.” The muscles in his face seemed to unscrew and he sadly looked down at Arthur’s hand. “I just,” a sigh, “I mean, Dude. I … I don’t want you to worry about anything. A place to stay, employment, finances, none of that. I don’t want you to freak out over any of that. And I sure as fuck don’t want you to get hurt anymore.”

How … how could this even be real?!

Disbelief and amazement, Arthur was struggling between the two. He blinked and asked, “When did you figure out you were attracted to me? And why?”

Vince gripped Arthur’s bare shoulders, searing him in the most delightful way. His lips went to Arthur’s brow. It was so sweet. “I don’t know when exactly.” Another kiss and he nuzzled Arthur’s hair. “As for why? I think it’s because you’re comfortable.”

Admiring the expanse of flesh Vince was showing (his robe was mostly open), Arthur repeated in a questioning tone, “Comfortable?”

“Like that bear and monkey, or that pillow you fell in love with when your rib was broken.” Vince hugged him again. Arthur was entranced. “You’re so innocent. You wouldn’t hurt anybody.”

“Innocent?” Arthur actually smirked and put his arms around Vince’s waist. “That doesn’t sound very manly.”

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