A New Neighborhood Ch. 3

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As we lay together I could feel Allen’s hot breath against the back of my neck slow down and become more regular. I felt a glow of total satisfaction. In less than two days had had sex with my best girlfriend and seduced one of my new neighbors. I could feel his penis shrinking inside of me, wondering what would be next as I drifted off joining Allen in sleep.

I awoke a few hours later while dreaming about having a hot cock in my ass when I realized that Allen was already awake with his hard-on slowly pumping in and out of me.

“Hi beautiful.” was all he said before kissing my neck.

“You’d make a wonderful alarm clock.” I said with a moan.

“Lets change positions Jeanie,” Allen subjected, ” I want to see your face while I make love to you.”

I wasn’t sure how we would manage it, but I knew I didn’t want to loose contact with that glorious cock right at that moment. Allen lifted my leg to my chest and got to his knees keeping my ass tight against crotch. I shivered and moaned in delight as the movement drove his penis even deeper. With him between my spread legs I rolled onto my back while Allen gripped both of my ankles forcing my knees to my chest. Then he started to slowly withdraw until just the head remained inside of me then drove his manhood in to fill me completely. Instantly my hips convulsed in pleasure, I felt his balls slap against my ass cheeks each time he drove his cock deep into my bowls.

Releasing my ankles, he fell on top of me and sucked on my nipples. Snorting with every down stroke. Allen started pumping faster and faster, I knew he was about to cum soon so I wrapped my legs around him and held on. Allen’s abdomen rubbed against my own little penis pushing me towards a blinding orgasm. Just as I felt his hot seed blast into me I heard a sigh and looked up to see Alice standing in the doorway with a dreamy look on her face and a hand in her pants furiously rubbing herself off. I orgasmed spilling my cum between our bellies. For a moment, I seemed to have blacked out from pleasure overload.

The next thing I knew, Allen pulled out of me and felt emptiness for a moment that made me wish he hadn’t. Alice was sitting on the edge of the bed telling Allen not to worry, she could keep secrets. He did look a little embarrassed at that point.

“I’m really sorry guys,” Alice pleaded, “but I couldn’t help myself, it was so sexy watching the two of you getting it on. You don’t know how much I envy you Allen. Wish I could have been the one to take Jeanie’s cherry. Actually I was planning to do her today.”

With a sly grin Alice pulled out a strap-on dildo from the large purse she had on her shoulder. It was bigger then Allen’s and it looked so life-like it almost looked real.

Standing up Alice took off her jeans and attached the device around her hips.

Looking at Allen she said, “Move over buddy boy and watch how a couple of women can fuck.”

Alice grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me up so that her fake cock was only inches from my face.

“I’m a little disappointed in you Jeanie, the first moment I turn my back you go and get yourself fucked by a man when you knew that I wanted your cherry for myself. Now suck on this like you sucked on his and get it nice and wet for your ass. I guess I’m going to have to be satisfied with sloppy seconds.”

She rubbed it against my face and I opened my mouth to take it in. I could see Allen’s cock begin to throb to another erection as he watched us.

Alice looked at him and said, ” Go clean yourself off and I might let you share my slut with me.”

By the time Allen returned, Alice had me on my knees at the edge of the bed. Standing behind me she began to force that over-sized rubber cock into my tender hole as Allen sat on the bed next to us.

“Do you think your roomy will want some of this?” she asked Allen.

“He’d be crazy if he didn’t.” Allen replied.

“I’m sure this little slut,” she slapped my ass, ” would love to get gangbanged, right Jeanie?”

All I could do was moan as I once again gave into the pleasure of getting my ass fucked and heard her laugh as she drove her cock deeper and deeper.

“Kneel in front of her so I can watch her suck on your cock.” Alice told Allen.

I felt the bed move and the heat of his penis as rubbed against the side of my face. Alice slapped my ass again.

“Get up on your hands you lazy slut and suck on your boyfriend for me.” She demanded.

Having Alice ordering and calling me slut really excited me and my hips convulsed in another anal orgasm. Her next slap on my ass gave me the strength to push up onto my hands. I was face to face with Allen’s cock again seeing a drop of his sweet pre-cum drooling from the tip waiting for me to lick it up. I just had to taste again and took his cock once more into my willing mouth.

I heard Alice moan behind me and begin to fuck harder and faster. She started to repeat oh yeah over and over just like she did the night before bahis siteleri and I knew she was getting off on the scene. Every time Alice drove her dildo into me more of Allen’s cock was forced down my throat. I managed over half of his length before I felt Alice’s hips shudder in an orgasm that pushed me over the edge.

Alice collapsed onto the bed pulling me with her onto our sides and forcing my mouth away from Allen’s cock.

Undoing the straps, Alice left the dildo buried deep inside of me and rolled onto her back

Looking first at Allen’s hard cock, then to me she said, ” I’m going to borrow you boyfriends cock for awhile.”

She motioned for him to take his place. I felt totally drained as I rolled over to watch them fuck. Within moments he was buried deep inside her pussy hammer his full length in and out as moaned and yelled in pleasure.

“Get up here on your knees,” Alice demanded between grunts, ” I’m not finished with you yet.”

I felt like my body was full of lead and I could barely move. I managed to get into place the way she wanted. Reaching between my legs she started working the dildo in and out in short strokes that instantly began to drive me wild.

My little cock was brushing Allen’s face and he turned his head sucking my penis into his mouth. Alice and I both groaned in unison. She rose up on her elbows kissing Allen and took turns with him sucking me off.

Their techniques were as different as the feel of their skin. Alice’s skin was soft and smooth while Allen’s rough with razor stubble. She sucked gently, using her tongue in all the right places while he sucked more forcefully with very little tongue movement. But they both felt great and with in moments I was on the verge of cumming again. Alice’s body became flush and her breathing and moaning grew louder and faster signaling the approach of her own orgasm. Then I saw the tell tale shake of her hips which made her start to jerk the dildo more erratically and making me shot into Allen’s mouth before collapsing back onto the bed.

Closing my eyes, I felt the bed moving faster and faster. Allen was snorting like a bull in heat while Alice’s moans grew louder again as she approached another orgasm from his cock. The last thing I remember as I drifted off into total bliss was Alice’s scream and Allen’s grunting and a huge sigh from both as the bed stopped shaking.

I awoke later to find Alice sound asleep beside me with a contented smile on her face. I rolled over to find that her dildo was still deep inside me and I squirmed to get into a more comfortable position to stand. My movements woke up Alice and she started to laugh at my awkward movements.

“Having troubles dear?” she asked.

“No,” I replied, ” I’m just a little tender and sore down there.”

“Lets go take a shower,” She suggested, ” Everything will come out alright in the wash.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her little pun as I walk half bent over and on weak legs to the bath. Alice came up behind me and tugged on the rubber cock almost sending me to my knees.

“I guess you shouldn’t have fallen asleep with your new friend inside your ass Jeanie.” Alice stated with a snicker.

“It felt pretty good at the time.”

I couldn’t help laugh at my predictiment when I saw the impish grin on her face. I had to admit it though I really did enjoy having my ass thoroughly fucked by my friends. I could still taste Allen’s cum when I licked my lips and knew I would not ever go without that taste in my mouth again.

“What happened to Allen?” I asked.

“He said he had to go to work tonight and that he was afraid that if he didn’t leave before he fell asleep he’d never make it.”

“I wonder how he feels?”

“He left with a smile, why do you miss him already?” she taunted. ” Don’t worry dear he told me to tell you that he’d see you tomorrow. He’s as hooked as you are.”

“Hooked, what do you mean?”

“He even kissed you on the cheek before he left, all I got was a good-bye.” she said with a mock pout that made me laugh.

Alice and I played for a while in the shower. As soon as she started manipulating the huge rubber cock inside of me my little hard-on jumped right up.

“You must really like getting your ass fucked?”

“The sensations where great.” I replied, “I was actually having anal orgasms one right after another.”

“I’ve never tried it myself,” Alice said, ” maybe I’ll let you do me, if you’re nice enough to me.”

Alice pulled the dildo out and dropped it to the shower floor. Turning her back to me she bent over with her legs spread as wide as she could.

“I want to feel your mouth first,” she told me, ” if you eat my ass good enough I let you fuck it.”

Instantly dropping to my knees I dove right in forcing my tongue past her sphincter to try and loosen her up. In only a couple of moments Alice was breathing hard and moaning words of encouragement as I feasted on her ass. She made me eat her out for about canlı bahis siteleri ten minutes before screaming out that she was ready. I spit on my hand and rubbed it onto the glands of my penis. Rubbing the end in little circles as she pushed back against me forcing herself onto my cock.

Alice gasped as the head penetrated her sphincter, her legs started to quiver as I forced my virgin cock deeper. Even though I had cum several times that day already, the excitement of fucking my first ass overwhelmed me and I came with a shudder deep inside of Alice’s perfect ass.

“Hurry, put on the dildo and fuck my ass off,” she pleaded.

Her hands were shaking as she adjusted the straps around my waist before grabbing her cheeks and bending over spreading her asshole as much as she could. I could see my cum slowly dribble from her ass. I tried to be gentle and pushed softly at first. But as soon as Alice felt the head start to penetrate, she forced herself back and drove about half of the dildo inside. She let out a loud gasp and I could see the muscles of her clenching around that huge rubber cock.

Alice kept repeating oh yeah fuck my ass, the deeper the fake cock went in the louder she got. I hoped that no one below my apartment could hear. I drove the full length in and out her for about ten minutes before that telltale shake of Alice’s hips and her scream as her orgasm claim her. We both feel to our knees.

” My God, I never thought it could feel so fantastic.” Alice moaned, ” I should of tried that years ago.”

She slowly pulled away from the dildo, gasping as it came free with a plop making us both giggle.

A few hours later, after getting dressed up Alice and I where about to leave to go for something to eat. Of course Alice insisted that I wear my slinkiest outfit, a pink silk mini dress with spaghetti straps and handed me fishnet stockings and crotch less panties.

“You’re going to have to keep control in these Jeanie.” She laughed.

She also insisted that she do my make up for me and proceeded to make look as sluttish as possible. As I waited for her to finish getting dressed there was a knock at the door. Looking through the peephole I could see Jim waiting there.

“Hy.” I said opening the door.

“Wow,” Jim stated with his eyes bulging, ” you look fantastic Jeanie, I take it you’ve got plans?”

He looked a little disappointed and before I could reply Alice came into the room wearing a leather mini and jacket set in black. With no make up on she looked kind of butchy.

“I’m taking my little bitch out to dinner.” she said in an authoritarian sounding voice, ” you’re welcome to join us, if you think your man enough?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the shocked look on Jim’s face. I reached over and pushed up on the bottom of his jaw to close his mouth.

Shaking his head as if just waking up he said, “Well, I didn’t really have any plans. Can you give me five minutes to change?”

“Not a second more.” Alice ordered to his retreating back looking at me with a wicked grin on her face.

“I want you to tell him in the restaurant so I can see his face.”

“Well, I’d prefer do it somewhere more private.”

“I wonder if Allen said anything to him. It would be a safe environment to do it in, you wouldn’t have to worry about him flipping out.” Alice stated.

“Public embarrassment doesn’t exactly thrill me either.”

” Don’t be such a spoil sport, just whisper it into his ear.”

“Maybe.” Was all I could say, because Jim came out into the hall way just then.

The restaurant Alice picked was a really nice place with big booths that where totally private. While they chatted away I considered telling Jim my secret. We had almost finished our meal and had had three drinks each already when I felt a hand on my knee. I reached down and lightly covered Jim’s hand with mine. I figured now was the time before he found out on his own.

“There’s something you should know about me.” I started. ” I want to whisper it to you.”

“Secrets, go ahead?” he said with a smile leaning closer.

I suddenly became very nervous and my palms were perspiring. I had a tremendous urge to lick his ear lobe.

Taking a deep breath I blurted out, ” I’m a transsexual.”

Jim’s eyes got very round and his mouth dropped open. He did keep his hand on my knee though.

Shaking his head he said, ” I don’t believe that, you’re way too cute, I mean you look all woman to me.”

“Thanks for saying that, but it’s true.” I said.

“I’d have to see that for myself.”

“Yes Jeanie, why don’t you get up on the table and do strip for every one.” Alice put in.

“I don’t think the whole place needs to know my secret. If you want me to prove it to you I will.”

I reached down again and took a hold of Jim by the wrist. I started to slide his hand up the inside of my thigh until he got the hint. I felt a rush as his fingertips contacted the flesh above my hose. I instantly canlı bahis got excited, so it wasn’t hard for Jim to find what he was looking for.

“Wow, I would never have guessed that you weren’t a real girl.” Jim said.

He gently wrapped his fingers around my penis and stroked me a few times and said,” I think I’d like to have a closer look at that sometime.”

“We where hoping you’d want to play.” Alice replied and grabbed her purse, “Lets go.”

Alice drove like a maniac in her haste to get home. I sat in the back seat with Jim and he instantly put his hand up my dress and started stroking my hard-on. He started kissing my neck as I reached down to feel his cock through his jeans. It felt bigger than Allen’s and it was still only semi hard. Alice adjusted the rear view mirror so she could see better and from her moans she must have been rubbing herself off.

Jim stopped kissing me long enough to say, ” I have to try it.”

The next thing I knew Jim slid to floor of the car and pushed my skirt up. My body shivered when I felt the warm wetness of his mouth.

“Save that for when we get home.” Alice demanded, ” Besides, I can’t see what’s going on.”

Jim sat back up on the seat and said, “I figured if I didn’t just go for it that I might of lost the nerve to do it at all.”

Five minutes later we were entering my apartment. Before the door closed Alice was pulling on the buttons of Jim’s pants. I kneeled to the floor and started to pull off his shoes. We had him completely naked in moments. Alice gripped the shaft of his penis and rubbed it across my face, leaving a trail of pre cum.

“This one is even bigger than my rubber one.” Alice cooed. “I bet you’re going to like this one up your sissy pussy Jeanie.”

Alice’s taunt gave me shivers as I stretched my lips around the glands. I could barely get more than an inch of the shaft into my mouth it was so large. Looking up I could see them kissing wildly as Jim’s hands mauled her breasts and Alice tried to remove her clothing.

As soon as Alice was naked she began to peel my dress down, rolling it over my hips and stopping when it had bunched around my knees on the floor. She kneeled behind me and started to pinch my nipples making me squirm on Jim’s big cock.

“You look so pretty with a penis in your mouth dear,” she whispered into my ear while licking it, ” I can’t wait to see it in your ass.”

Quivering with excitement, I continued to try and suck on as much of Jim’s cock as I could. Managing only about another inch or so before gagging on the monster.

Alice moved around and started running her tongue up and down the shaft, stopping to mouth his sack until he tensed. She pulled his cock from my mouth and stuck her tongue down my throat while rubbing the head against our faces.

“Turn around on your hands and knees.” She ordered.

Looking over my shoulder I could see Alice pulling Jim to the floor behind me. She used his cock to spank my ass. I felt a rush of pleasure with each smack and could her Jim groaning in his own pleasure.

“Get down there and get her sissy pussy wet,” she ordered Jim.

Jim instantly obeyed her and I felt the heat of his tongue pushing into my still tender anus. Suddenly I felt Alice sliding underneath me until her pussy was right below my face. She grabbed me by the hair forcing my mouth into her wetness. Finding her clit, I sucked it between my lips as I felt her take my cock into her mouth.

“I’ve got the best seat in the house to watch him split you with his monster cock.” Alice laughed, ” Do it now.”

I had a moment of panic, remembering how much I had to stretch my jaws to accommodate Jim’s cock when I felt the blunt glands make contact with my hole. I could feel Alice’s fingers pulling my cheeks apart in her effort to help. I felt my sphincter stretch painfully as the glands slipped through. I groaned into Alice’s pussy making her hips shake.

Jim was rubbing my back while he waited, giving me time to get use to so being fully filled. After a few moments he pushed a little deeper until he felt my muscles tensing, then waiting again for me to relax before going deeper. It seemed to take forever and I was a quivering moaning mass by the time I felt his scrotum touching me. I fell, to lie on top of Alice when Jim started to slowly withdraw until about a third of his cock was inside before pushing it back in.

I can’t even guess, how long Jim fucked me. All I know for sure is that on about the fifth stroke I came into Alice’s mouth while she groaned around my cock. I heard Alice encouraging Jim on to fuck me harder and faster, but I can’t remember her words. Laying on top of her in total rapture, I was lost to all but that magnificent cock filling me over and over, while orgasm after orgasm drove me to insensibility.

Suddenly Jim’s movements became erratic and he drove himself as deep as he could. I felt the throbbing of his cock as his orgasm exploded deep within my bowels. My body stiffened in one last orgasm making me pass out from its intensity.

I woke up the next morning in my bed, totally satisfied and cuddled up against Alice. If it wasn’t for her presence, I would of thought it all a dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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