A Player No Longer Ch. 02

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First, I apologize for taking so long to finish this. Life gets in the way sometimes.

This Part is a bit harder than the simple panty fetish of Part I with creampies, watersports, snowballing, and anal with rimming. The story line is the same however…..


In Part I, Pat Jenkins a 6′ 3″, green eyed, auburn haired (worn in a pony tail) wide receiver just retired from a 15 year Pro Football Career and was reviewing his life’s journey which included Emily Grove, a 6′ flat chested, green eyed, auburn haired beauty with similar features to Pat. She turned him on to panties and their striking likeness in matching pairs was the start of a journey in different sex for them….


Picking up from the last few paragraphs of Part I ….

Whispering in my ear she said with a hint of smuttiness, “Pick a pair because and I’ll show you how it feels.”

I selected a matching pink pair so we would both be the same. Dropping the quilt, I allowed Emily to help me into them. She positioned my cock to the side and tucked the head in under the elastic. The material was so silky. I was in seventh heaven and was becoming very aroused.

Taking me into the bathroom, Emily removed her shirt and we gazed at our bodies each clad in pink. With our hair and eye color being the same and combined with her flatness, we looked like twins. The striking differences were the length of Emily’s hair and the shaft encased in my panties.

We made love three more times that morning soaking pair after pair of her panties. Finally Emily sent me on my way. We both had studies which needed to be done. Plus I had a film study session I needed to attend at the stadium. The ironic part was the panties I wore under my clothes. As mine undies were ruined, Emily insisted I wear a pair of hers. She made it a point to find a matching pair.

From that day on we became inseparable….

……….to be continued


I had a hard time concentrating at the film study session. All I could think of was Emily’s sensuous body and the images of our passion, especially those in the mirror while we were adorned in matching panties. Thank god the lights were low at the meeting because those images along with the snugness of the panties I was wearing had my cock in a semi-aroused state all night.

Back at the dorm I managed to finish my studies, and it was time for bed. Normally I just hop in the sack and sleep. This night was different. Since I room alone I allowed myself to melt into the bed as my hands explored this feminine sensuality. Slowly I flicked my nipples and traced the smooth part of my nail along it as Emily had taught me. My cock swelled at my touch and I teased the head of my shaft in a similar manner. My self caressing was so sensuous; I even let my finger tips dance around the bud of my anus, all on the outside of my panties.

Ironically I didn’t want to cum. I just wanted to be aroused. I don’t remember falling asleep but I do remember luscious dreams. Monday morning arrived and I was off to class, still in Emily’s intimates.

Emily met me at the door to social studies. She gave me a tender hug and asked in a whisper what I was wearing. When I told her she smiled and said she wore the same ones too. It was good we took our seats before my cock got any harder.

True to Emily’s prediction, Professor Turnbull talked about the game and my catch. It was a bit embarrassing and I told him it was a team effort. Emily just looked at me and smiled.

After class we walked out together and Emily asked if I was busy at nights. I told her I usually had practice until 5:30, team dinner at 6:30 and then I went to the library to study. She had a surprised look on her face. I smiled and explained the athletic dorm wasn’t very conducive for studies. We made a date to study together.

After we finished at the library, we stopped for a snack. I walked Emily back to her apartment and she received her second surprise of the day when I had to decline her offer to spend the night. It was a football rule: all players had to be in their room by 11:00 pm during the week while in season. As it was now 10:30 pm, I needed to get back before curfew.

Emily gave me an evil smile and said, “Do you have one minute for a girl in need?”

Based on that smile alone, the only answer I knew was “Sure.”

She led me through the doorway and into the stairwell leading up to her apartment. Closing the door behind us, Emily pushed me gently against the wall and pressed her lips softly onto mine. The feeling was so erotic my cock hardened almost instantly. She seductively rolled her crotch into mine as her fingers found my nipples through my shirt. Her tongue began a slow fucking of my mouth. I thought I was going to lose it on the spot.

We played like this for a few minutes with Emily in control of my pleasures. Breaking our kiss, she moved back and leaned her shoulders against the opposite wall with her legs bahis siteleri open out in front of her. Pulling off her sweater, Emily exposed her nipples to me and to the chill of the night air. Those puffy points hardened as she spoke.

“Last night I taught you how to suck my nipples. They really need your attention right now. I am so horny. Please suck them for me. Lick my buds. I need to cream myself.”

Unbuttoning her jeans, she pulled down the zipper and stepped out of her pants. Emily stood before me in just her panties.

Moving towards her, I lowered my mouth onto her left nipple and began a soft, slow, deep suckling of her small pointed tip. Her moans filled the stairwell as her areola was taken into my hungry mouth. My fingers went to the other nipple and played with it; kneading the gum drop nipple between my fingers. Each suck and squeeze produced lustful, muffled moans. Emily’s hands worked her clit and pussy through her panties. It didn’t take long for her body to start quivering towards an orgasm. I went back and forth between nipples, alternating hard sucks with nibbles and bites. Unable to control herself any longer, Emily pushed me to my knees and jammed her pantied covered cunt into my face.

Grinding her hips into my face, she guided her clit to my mouth. Although it was covered with the silken material of her panties, finding it was no problem in its swollen state. I sucked and licked on it as Emily exploded. Waves of her cream poured through the material. I tried to capture her essence.

Emily slowed and slid to her knees in front of me. Her mouth found mine and her tongue cleaned her juices from my face. We shared her nectar in a final deep kiss.

I wanted to cum so bad, but it was now so close to curfew, I would have to sprint back to the dorm. Emily had an idea. She removed her panties and shoved the soaked offering into my pants pocket. Emily took my hand and moved it over her dripping pussy covering it with her essence. With a final sloppy kiss and a devilish grin, she sent me on my way.

“Enjoy” was her only word.

Glancing at my watch, I shot out the door and high-tailed back to my room. I made it with a minute to spare. Thank god I was fast.

It took a while to get my wits about me. Did what just happen really happen? The soaked panties in my pocket told me yes. It didn’t take long to re-arouse my self. I fondled the cream coated cotton crotch panel and licked what I could off my fingers. How I wished Emily and I were together right now.

I continued my play in bed. Tonight I did stroke myself with the pair of Emily’s panties I wore all day. My tongue attacked what was left of Emily’s essence in the pair she was just wearing. My orgasm was intense as it soaked Emily’s panties completely.

Waking the next morning I rolled over onto the still somewhat wet panties from the night before. My cock grew as I recounted the hallway interlude of the previous evening. Finding the panties Emily creamed, I began to stroke myself with them again. I exploded with what seemed to be a gallon of cum into them. Still consumed with lust, I took the cum filled panties and did the unthinkable.

Bringing them to my mouth I allowed my tongue to roam my essence and found the slightly salty remnants to be thrilling. I envisioned sucking my cum from Emily’s pantied covered pussy. I thought of grinding myself to eruption while we dry humped wearing matching panties. I could see her bucking in orgasm as my tongue swirled our combined juices over her bud.

I was lost in my thoughts and in the silkiness or her intimates.

The knock on my door jolted me back into reality. It was our quarterback asking if I was going to breakfast. Jumping out of bed, I looked around for a place to put the panties and quickly shoved them between the mattress and the box spring. Hollering back I said I overslept and to go without me. I’d catch up with him later.

Reality can be very rude at times. I hustled and left for the day.

Again Emily met me at the door to the social studies building. After exchanging a few short, tender kisses, she asked me which pair I was wearing. Blushing I told her I was wearing my own. Emily gave me an inquisitive look as we walked into the room. Taking our usual seats, class started and we shifted our focus to the professor.

About half way through class, Emily handed me a note. Before opening it, I glanced around to see if anyone was watching. Only a couple of people even saw the exchange and they didn’t seem interested. Unfolding the paper there was a one line question with a YES/NO check box.

The note read; “Did you soil your intimates?”

If anyone was watching they would have seen me go beet red as the question struck home. I checked the YES box and refolded the paper. At the right time, I handed the note back to Emily, who opened it and smiled.

After class, Emily asked if I was going to the library again or if I cared to study at her place. My answer surprised Emily as I explained canlı bahis siteleri the team was leaving for our away game Thursday night so I needed to have all my work done and handed in before then. Because of this, I needed to use the library.

Emily understood and asked if I wanted company. She beamed when I told her I’d be delighted to study with her. We set a date for 7:00pm.

Practice was intense. We were undefeated at 4-0, and coach had us all thinking about a national title. It wasn’t going to be easy. The hardest part was being prepared mentally; jumping from school work, to practice, and to Emily was difficult. Somehow I managed to keep things separate.

I met Emily at the entrance to the library and we camped out at a table in a quiet part of the building. I lost myself in studies: going subject to subject; computer to printer; proof reading; stapling; crossing off each subject as I completed them. We stayed at the library until it was nearly curfew. I was able to walk Emily back to her place, but unfortunately there was no time for anything but a sweet kiss good-night. Well, maybe a grope or two, but not much beyond that.

Wednesday was much of the same. Again we met at the library. I was working as quickly as possible because I wanted to have some time with Emily. From time to time I would glance at Emily and smile. She had a very curious look about her. A look which told me something was on her mind. I made a note to ask her about it when we were done.

After studies we headed to a little hole-in-the-wall place off campus, away from the mainstream student body. It was there I asked her about the look. She smiled and blushed a bit. I had to coax her a little before she told me what was on her mind.

“Well,” she began. “I shouldn’t be telling you this because girls’ need to have some secrets and what I have to say just might taken the wrong way. But here goes.”

I listened and inwardly prepared for the worst.

“When I first met you I thought you were just a typical jock. Cute, but dumb! Over the last four weeks I listened to what you had to say in class and I realized there was more to you than muscle. Watching you work these last three nights, I realized you really are a student-athlete. Add to that our…” Emily hesitated momentarily, “…passion and you seem a bit surreal; a good surreal, but surreal none-the-less.”

My heart fluttered; my thoughts raced; and my lips went to Emily’s instinctively. I allowed my soul to softly flow through my lips. With that kiss I somehow gave myself completely to Emily, and she to me. As we broke from our loving moment, I tenderly lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. Not a word was spoken. We simply kissed again.

Our walk back to her apartment was slow even with curfew looming. We held hands and talked about nothing. We both knew what this feeling was, neither of us wanted it to end, yet we dared not speak its name.

Time was not on my side and I needed to get back. Emily gave me a long, deep kiss and wished me luck. She said she’d be watching. I really didn’t want to go back to my dorm; I wanted the new found intimacy of Emily. Still, football was my meal ticket and off I went.

The game was on national TV as we were ranked #8 and Cal was
. Playing on their turf would make our task that much harder. What was supposed to be a tight game turned into a blow-out. We jumped on them early and often. Our quarterback threw for over 400 yards, much of it to me. I wound up with 8 catches, four of them for touchdowns. We shut them out 49-0. Now we were really thinking National Championship.

The next week had us, specifically me, on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The picture was one of my four touchdowns where I was laid out horizontally behind three defenders making a finger tip catch in the end zone. The campus was nuts; Turnbull wanted details; and the co-eds were throwing themselves at us as we jumped to

in the polls as other top rated teams fell. I could tell Emily didn’t care much for the adoration the coeds were giving me. They all looked at her and her plump nipples on her flat chest and gave me the ‘anytime’ look.

The rest of the season was a dream come true. We pounded everyone, averaging over 40 points a game while giving up less than one TD per contest. We headed into the bowl games 12-0 and still ranked

but facing an equally powerful

ranked ‘Bama squad. We had five weeks to prepare and coach gave us a week off and said we would have four days at Christmas before we went in seclusion the last ten days before the game. He said we needed a little time to heal.

It was a long season. Emily was blown away by the demands of football and my dedication to both it and my education. She never realized how much of my time was required.

Sunday evening through Thursday it was school, football, dinner, studies, and sleep. All day Friday through Saturday’s game was 100% football and I was no where to be found. Saturday evening to Sunday evening was canlı bahis 100% Emily and we made the most of it.

Emily was a sexual predator and I her prey. Although it was football during the week, we did manage to sneak in a tryst from time to time. Emily also kept me in a constant supply of panties. We developed a kinky exchange system. She’d slip me a pair of her moist panties before I returned to my dorm and I would return a pair a bit moister than the ones she gave me. It seemed to make us both horny to feel each other’s wetness trapped in her panties.

Weekends were adventures in eroticism. Emily introduced me to the gourmet side of sex. I’ll never forget the weekend she taught me about anal sex.

It was during one of her post game massages. Emily poured a bit of oil onto the small of my back and was working it into the cheeks of my ass. Her hands were pushing and squeezing my cheeks together and apart. It felt great, especially when the air would kiss my exposed anus. Gradually Emily let oil drip down my crack and she would catch it with her finger just as it touched my bud. I loved the sensation and let her know with a soft moaning purr.

Sensing my pleasure, Emily allowed her finger to dance around my hole. My buttocks responded in kind with a rocking motion matching the movement of her finger. Finally I felt the tip of her finger push lightly on my virgin bud. It began a slow massage onto the entrance. More oil traced its way down my crack and onto Emily’s finger and the motion went from a circular pressure to a pushing pressure.

Her finger pressed and withdrew; pressed and withdrew; never really leaving my opening but simply gathering more of the warm oil to ease its inward journey. A squishing sound started as her finger tip went deeper in and out of my entrance. The feeling was incredible. As my sphincter relaxed, the pushing went deeper.

Finally Emily’s finger pushed completely past the muscle and into the warmth of my ass. Emily slid her naked body next to mine, bringing the hotness of her breath to my ear. Her finger was now rhythmically gliding in and out of my ass as her throaty whispers filled my head.

“I know how wonder it feels to have something moving so smoothly in and out of your ass. I adore the feeling and I sense you do too. There is so much I am going to show you and so much for you to enjoy. What you are experiencing right now is just the start. I promise you will enjoy it all, especially when it is your cock gliding in and out of my ass.”

Emily’s words and ass fingering had my cock intensely hard. I allowed my ass to move back and forth in a fucking motion; keeping in synch with her finger. When she pushed in, I pushed back. When she withdrew, I pulled away. The warmth of my cock rocking against my body nearly brought me to orgasm. What happened next I didn’t expect.

In one smooth motion, Emily’s finger was replaced with a long slender object. It passed beyond my muscle deep into my ass before it seemed to snap into place. I heard the sounds of air whooshing and felt the thing expand slightly. Emily’s words began again.

“I want you to relax. Allow your body to get used to being filled. I need to prepare for our next step. By the way, the feeling in your ass is a small inflatable plug. You’ll love how big it gets; but all in due time. Enjoy, and watch my transformation.”

Emily crossed the room to her dresser. Opening the bottom drawer, she withdrew a hat box and walked back toward the bed. Standing in front of me she opened the box and removed its contents. In one sensuous move, Emily stepped into a pair of flesh colored rubber panties. Jutting from the front of them was a life-like rubber cock similar in size to my own: 7 inches in length and about 1.5 inches in diameter. Emily spoke with lust.

“I’ve been waiting a long time to use this. I find it so unfair you have the only cock. Now we both have one. You will really like these panties too, because they are split in the crotch which gives us access to both of my holes. Now it may seem unfair to you that I have an extra hole, but we’ll just have to make due. Between us we now have four nipples, four hands, two cocks, five holes and two dirty minds.”

“Do you remember how I taught you to make love to my nipples? Today I am going to teach you how to make love to my ass and you’ll tech me how to make love to your cock.”

Her hand was stroking her cock as she spoke. Walking to the edge of the bed, Emily stood before me. The tip of her cock was now only a few inches from my face as she seductively spoke.

“Sucking your first cock can seem scary. Thoughts run through your mind: ‘What if it cums in my mouth?’; ‘How am I supposed to get the whole thing in?’; ‘What if I choke?’ What allows you to overcome those fears is desire: the desire to please; the desire to taste; the desire to consume; the desire which only comes from lust. Build the desire and there is nothing one won’t do. Let me show you.”

Emily brought the tip of her cock to my lips and said’ “Kiss it.”

It was very difficult for me to do. I just couldn’t pucker up and kiss a cock; even if it wasn’t real. However, I couldn’t move my head away either, because something inside me wanted this.

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