A Queen of Love City

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It was one of my first nights in Love City and I still had no place to stay. I knew Q from my previous life and I heard that she had been living here for several years. She agreed to put me up.

In the evening we chatted on her couch about music and book, drinking wine. The conversation got a bit boring, so I decided to change the subject. The first kiss startled Q, but she didn’t move away. I slid my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue was quick to respond. Soon they were both dancing wildly to the same tune. I slowly placed my palm on the back of her neck, as if the hand was too shy to share the passion of the lips. Q’s eyes were closed and her hands were buried deep in the fabric of the couch.

“I love the way you kiss, but we can’t have sex today… Not yet,” she said after we paused to catch her breath. We returned to the conversation about books and music, but now there was some tension just below the surface of her voice and she did her best to hide it. One more glass of wine. Suddenly, Q stood up without a word, took my hand, and led me to the bedroom. She didn’t turn casino şirketleri on the light, so for a few seconds I saw only her dark silhouette against the colorful neon lights of Love City flickering outside the window. When my eyes adjusted to the darkness, she had just removed the panties and stood there naked. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to watch her undress. She climbed gracefully into the bed and said “Buon giorno, my dear.”

I undressed clumsily and joined her in the bed. For a minute I knelt between her legs spread invitingly, admiring her marvelous curves in the flashing neon light flooding through the window. I leaned towards her face, kissed her lips, and placed my hand on her groin rubbing it gently. I kissed Q’s neck and moved downwards to caress her breasts. My lips found the hard nipples swollen in arousal and started sucking them. She moaned with elation, but her arms around my shoulders were motionless and dead. I continued downwards, until I reached her groin and started licking her wet, warm, fragrant clitoris.

“Alright,” she gasped. “I will let you casino firmaları in, but you have to use a condom. I don’t want you to stay inside after we’re done.” I reached for my pants, took a condom from the pocket, and put it on. I started rubbing my erect penis against her clit to see if Q was already moist and open enough.

“Go ahead, but be careful. I’m a bit tight.” I gently slid my penis into her and when it was all in, I pressed my body against hers, started moving slowly and kissing her face. I noticed that something changed in her, but couldn’t say exactly what this was.

“Can you call me by my name?” she whispered.


“Can I imagine you love me?”

“Yes, you can,” I replied after moment’s hesitation.

“Can you tell me you love me?”

“I’ll tell you when it’s true.” She said nothing. Her hips responded to my rhythm, but her hands in my hair were lifeless like two pieces of wood.

“Take me from behind.” I felt a pang of disappointed, since the sight of the magnificent breasts undulating to the tune of our lovemaking was güvenilir casino extremely stimulating, but we changed the position. I firmly grabbed her hips and began thrusting rhythmically. A new wave of excitement was gradually taking me away. I closed my eyes and let the wave carry me. The rising feeling in my groin was slowly sucking the awareness away from the neon lights of Love City, Q’s bedroom, her body, and from my own rhythm. For an instant, the Self fell apart into a spaceless timeless void. A short-lived carnal enlightenment. When it was over, Q lay down on her back, spread her legs, and nodded towards her crotch.

“I’m a bit difficult. Sorry for that.”

I began rubbing her groin. As her arousal grew, she put her legs together squeezing my hand between the thighs. After a while the wave carried her and when her Self disintegrated for a few seconds, she panted “I love you.” Q fell on the bed exhausted and cleaned herself with the sweaty sheets. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I had to leave in the morning to find an apartment. I promised to call her, but after that night an uncomfortable silence infected the telephone lines. She never answered any call and never phoned back. A year later I saw her on TV. She was a successful woman: got herself a better-paid job and moved to a bigger apartment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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