A Stormy Passion Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: The Next Morning

She languidly opens her eyes, a smile lighting up her face. Her father is laying on his side, facing her. His beautiful eyes are closed, his mouth upturned softly in sleep. She kisses him softly then moves her mouth to his ear.

“Daddy? Wake up, sleepy head.” she whispers.

“Hmmm, Morning, baby.” suddenly he scrambles out of bed to rush into the bathroom. “OH GOD! What did we do last night?!” he cries out, horrified.

“Daddy! We made love. Don’t! I love you, don’t hurt me!” she wails. Tears pouring down her face, she runs to her room. She falls on her bed and weeps horribly. The sound carries across the hall easily.

His running footsteps alerted her to his closeness before he frantically pounds on her door.

“Shit! Oh god baby, don’t cry, please! I didn’t mean to hurt you last night. I’m a fucking sick bastard! Don’t cry!” he yelled through her locked door. Slamming his body into it violently, shaking the frame.

She swings the door open suddenly, her eyes bloodshot and puffy. She glares coldly at him as he falls to his knees.

“You hadn’t hurt me until you freaked out when you woke up with me! Am I hideous? Are you ashamed to love me completely? God, I seduced you, dad! Not the other way around!” she screams shrilly.

Her dad just looks up at her in shock, his mouth hung open.

“Jessie? I’m confused?” he pleads quietly.

She slams the door in his face, lotusbet güvenilirmi “Leave me the fuck alone! I thought I could trust you not to hurt me but you just killed me.” she sobs out.

She hears him sobbing quietly as he walks away. She flings her body on her bed, and drifts into an exhausted sleep.

She wakes up and thinks about last night. She had seduced her daddy. They had made intense love to each other during the storm. She smiles at the thought of him cumming for her. Then the horror of this morning floods back in. He had become disgusted, ending the elation she had felt.

A soft knock on her door precedes her fathers grief stricken voice.

“Baby? Please, open the door. I love you so much! I need you and want you completely! Last night…well, I haven’t felt that much passion in years. I realize I acted like a dickhead to you this morning but I was just so shocked it hadn’t been a dream. Your beautiful, kind, loyal, and completely made to fit me, I can’t live now without you. I meant what I said. I’m forever your man, baby. Please open the door.” he begs.

She runs to the door, flinging it open. Her dad was on his knees, crying. She fell down before him and hugged him fiercely. We clung to each other desperately.

She leans back and places her small hand on his chest and traces the ridges of his muscles lightly. A glint of desire flashes in her eyes, the feeling of her lotusbet yeni giriş daddys naked skin wiping all negative thoughts from her mind. She lowers her moist lips to encircle his nipple , lightly teasing the other with her soft fingers. Her tongue slowly circles the hardening pebble; then, flicking across the tip rapidly. His hands cradle her head gently. He leans his head back and moans softly. She gently uses her teeth to agitate the sensitive skin, sucking it into her mouth.

“Oh god, baby girl, that feels so good. Daddy loves you so much. Don’t ever stop loving me this way.” he murmurs huskily.

She smiles against his skin and pushes him to lay down in the hallway. She slowly slides his sweat pants off, his cock jutting up to her. She straddles his muscular thighs, and turns her mouth to the other nipple, giving it the same attention. He gently rubs his hands up her thighs and sides to gently cup her breasts. His deft fingers teasing her nipples into achingly hard buds. She moans softly and sits up, giving him better access. She looks down at him through hooded eyes as he massages her full breasts lovingly.

“Oh Daddy, I love you so much. I want you so badly.” she slides her wet pussy against his rock hard cock.

“Oh god baby! You can have me anytime, love. Take me, Take your daddy, baby.” he urges her, his large hands grasp her waist. He lifts her up as she snakes a hand down and lovingly lotusbet giriş grasps his cock, guiding it to her soft warmth.

His loud moan fills the room as she slowly slides her wetness down his shaft. Her muscles contracting tightly, bringing him as deep as he can go. She sits down fully, her ass pressed against his tight balls.

“Oh Daddy! You feel so good! I’m so full with you in me, Daddy.” she cries out.

He bucks his hips a little, surging up into her a fraction more. His eyes clench together tightly as she seductively grinds down on him. Her hips begin to pump, sliding her tight pussy up and down his throbbing cock.

“That’s it, baby. Ride Daddy! Make me fill you with my seed, baby girl.” he growls out through clenched teeth. His eyes open quickly when she changes position.

She brings her feet up under her, settling back down around his cock. With much more range of motion, she slides up and down fast. Her pussy juice running down his shaft to his balls.

“Oh god! Baby, I’m gonna cum soon!” he shouts, his hands cupping the underside of her spread thighs.

“Daddy! Cum with me! Oh yes!” she screams wildly, bucking on him furiously, her creamy cum gushing out around his probing cock.

He slams up into her one final time and roars loudly. His cock twitching hard as streams of his cum coats her silken pussy walls. She collapses on his heaving chest, panting. He wraps his arms around her, placing little kisses on her temple.

“Baby girl, I can’t ever give you up. I’ll love you beyond forever.” her daddy whispers in her ear, lovingly.

“Good, Daddy, because I want to have your babies.” she whispers back, shocking him into complete silence.

Another storm is brewing.

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