A Summer in Paradise

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A Summer in Paradise

My fascination with the female foot began when I was about eighteen years old and would continue to foreshadow my future relationships well into the present. From feisty Latinas in sandals during the summer, to my own dark-skinned black women in dainty stilettos, I was fortunate enough to have a fair share of variety in college. But nothing else compared to the most forbidden fruit of all, my absolute favorite: white women’s feet.

There was something about the scent as they frolicked in flip-flops all semester and sunbathed barefoot at the beach in spring, fastening bracelets around their ankles and flipping on their stomach so that I could see their perfectly formed soles.

For entertainment I watched as these women wiggled their delectable little toes and lusted after every individual wrinkle in their white, luscious soles. My infatuation with these white women’s feet knew no bounds, as I fucked dozens of them over the course of only a few years and received more foot jobs than I ever could have hoped for when I was eighteen.

Each and every single one of them was just another boost to my already overinflated ego as an African American man who had embraced his fetishization at the hands of a fearful society that framed him as a kind of mindless barnyard animal that could only fuck, and had indulged in the one benefit afforded to him by the countless white women for the picking.

I must have lost count after reaching triple digits, but each one was just another conquest whose used panties I procured as proof of my success and as a masturbatory aid for when I needed a little sensory stimulation in the form of sniffing. I even did it with their flip-flops güvenilir bahis and sandals after having seduced them into giving me foot jobs.

The ego boost from keeping these sexual mementos was phenomenal and contributed to my future success. Indeed, it would be a lie if I did not admit to being drawn by the forbidden factor of these white women as I deflowered their feet with my massive black cock.

My twenty-year-old girlfriend Ashley was sunbathing on the balcony, in the nude as I preferred. At only five feet tall with a deliciously plump, white figure and blonde hair, she was the most forbidden fruit of all. With her perfectly pedicured toes and delicate little size 5 feet that were always prancing around in flip-flops, she was my most prized possession of all.

I watched as her creamy white soles glistened under the sun like precious ivory, and she laid prone on her stomach with her bare ass exposed. I felt the blood rush to my most cherished member as she spread her pristine toes apart as if to call me closer, and from the look of her pink pussy, she was also aroused.

I absolutely loved those dainty, ticklish little toes of hers, as I recollected how often they had been inside my mouth, and I would wrap my wet tongue around them like a snake until she was nearly passed out from the laughter. Those sensual little toes of hers that she would so often use to seduce me like a siren as she secured them around my black snake that had been inside so many of her kind and pleasured it.

The little cocktease had it coming as I slipped out of my shorts and sat on her legs, my gargantuan member was so aroused at this point that it bounced in anticipation of the conquest that was to come. I stared once güvenilir bahis siteleri more at those oily, sunbathed soles of hers and could taste them already as the saliva accumulated in my mouth, and I licked my lips in preparation of the licking that was to follow. It was an acquired taste, indeed; but a man who did not appreciate the natural oils of the female foot in all its glory was no man at all.

I grasped her right foot by the ankle to give it a soft and gentle kiss, as her immaculately proportionate little white toes brushed across my face like a spider. She giggled like a schoolgirl and playfully wiggled her toes all along my face, up my nose, and across my lips, as I proceeded to kiss both feet by alternating between ankles.

I savored the sensory overload as I stuck my tongue between each individual toe and sucked them until she was frantically shouting for mercy. Her resistance only made my urges that much more insatiable as I proceeded to pull them apart and slither my tongue around them like a snake, playfully flicking every toe until they were drenched in saliva.

The blonde haired little white cocktease was helpless as I had my fill on her sexy feet. She screamed and pleaded for me to stop as I traced my tongue all between her wiggling toes and slid them into my mouth one by one, surrounding them with my lips in the process. The barefooted beauty cried hysterically as I mercilessly sucked each helpless toe until the intoxicating oils were no more and used my tongue to play with them. She begged me to stop while I pulled apart her toes and licked between them, using my fingers to tickle them at the same time.

I gently blew on them and then brushed my tongue across so as to iddaa siteleri build anticipation before I placed them in my mouth again. I stopped momentarily to catch my breath, as my shaft throbbed from the excitement of having conquered another innocent little white woman.

I gripped her tiny feet in my hands and admired the view as she haplessly wiggled her toes as if to escape. I buried my entire face into her meaty, soft soles and kissed them as the erotic aroma made me even more erect. I rapidly pressed my cheek up and down her soles then turned my head so that I could do the same with my other cheek.

Finally, my more stubborn member could not resist any longer, so I placed my black cock on top her soles and gently began to fuck them. Nothing was more arousing than the contrast between ebony and ivory as her delicate white feet began to work my dark, carnal member that had defiled so many white girls before her. This cherished little snake of mine throbbed and pulsated as she tickled it with her precious toes.

No longer willing to wait, I violently thrust my cock between her soles and dry fucked them until my foreskin was almost up to my pelvis. The pain was unreal, but so was the pleasure as I frantically humped her feet until my conquest was complete. In and out my cock went from between her soles until I could no longer hold in my sacred nectar.

Semen exploded forth from my penis like a fountain and made those white soles even whiter, as she continued to wiggle her cum covered toes across my now relieved, ebony member. She let out a sigh of relief, and I reclined next to her on the long, extended beach chair. To my side was her discarded, thong bikini bottom lying strewn on the floor as she always sunbathed in the nude. I picked it up and brought it to my nose for a deep, satisfying sniff.

Today was another conquest in the life of a man who loves female feet, another pair of used panties to add to my collection of trophies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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