A Tale of Serendipity

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A Tale of Serendipity

By Aleq de Satyr


Serendipity is defined as an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident…The faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. Serendipity is an unsought, unintended, and/or unexpected, but fortunate learning experience that happens by chance. Life certainly isn’t a series of random events; everything happens for a reason. This story is about an incident of serendipity.

A Refreshing encounter

The discreet Alpa valley in northern New Mexico, is crisscrossed with glittering lakes, clear water streams and leafy inlets; a truly enticing scenery. The little country cottage I’ve rented for twelve days of fishing and relaxation, looked neat and well kept. The view of the valley from the kitchen window was absolutely stunning.

After unpacking the boxes of booze, food and fishing gear, settling-in and guzzling a few drinks, I decided to scout around the area and get acquainted with my surroundings, before getting down to some serious fishing the next day.

Walking along the bank of a clear rushing stream, I watched the sunlight reflecting on the water, the leaves shimmering and sighing like waves. I felt like stripping naked and lying down in the grass and feel the sun’s warmth stroking my body.

The woods had become quiet, saturated with heat and sunlight. I was lost, totally absorbed in the reflection on the water, the broken moving other-world of trees and sky. Then softly, I heard the high-pitched voice of a woman across the rippling water. I looked up and there was a young woman in shorts and tank top, waving from the other side. A small dog played behind her among the trees.

“Hi, you must be new around here” she shouted.

“Yes, I’m here on a fishing trip” I shouted back.

“Why don’t you cross over so we can stop this shouting match” she said smiling. Then without any compunction and to my utter surprise, she began to undress. My God I thought, folks out here are either very sophisticated or just plain natural and carefree.

She stood in the water splashing her naked brown body with handfuls of water. Her belly was covered with a line of hair that ran into a startling lush, black, curly bush, tangled like underbrush. Her thighs and legs were covered with hair. Her breasts were wide-set and upturned with raised brown nipples. Her black hair was thick and tangled like a horse’s mane. She was slender, young, early 20’s and looked strong. The curve of her back, ass and hips graceful and well-formed.

Irresistibly drawn to the young woman in the shimmering water, I took off my sneakers, rolled up my jeans and waded across to her, my feet slipping on the moss-covered rocks.

“My name is Carlota” she smiled, offering me her hand. “And I’m Ramon”.

She said bathing in the stream was a regular routine for her, especially at that time of day when there’s no one around, to wash away sweat and grime. I enjoyed watching her luxuriate in the water with her dog Zora, while we talked amiably. She seemed quite experienced and on the prowl. What she probably did not know was that my pants were splitting with a roaring erection. I sincerely hoped I was not dreaming. Carlotta eventually got out of the water and into her clothes, smiling mysteriously.

“Would you like to come to my house, I have some beer” she offered. O God, let this be real I wished. Carlota whistled to Zora to follow and beckoned to me. We walked along a shadowy, overgrown trail thru the woods, the dog leaping excitedly around us, and Carlota laughing heartily at my jokes.

“You’re so funny” she said, “I like funny men”.

We came to a clearing below dark rounded hills and an adobe house built into a depression in the hillside. A couple of goats bleated around the house, a rooster chases the hens around looking for a fuck no doubt. An old rusty Honda, Carlota’s, sat under a shed.

Carlota led me inside. There was a lot of unfinished pottery standing around. “This is our living, my aunt and me. She is away in the town of Morazon delivering a consignment to her retailer, and buying supplies and food. Then she plans on visiting her older sister. She’d be gone for 5 days”. Carlota’s been living with her aunt Elsy since age ten when her parents died in an auto accident.

Carlotta offered me some tacos and beer after changing into a short caftan. She minced no words expressing her feelings about everything, especially after smoking a joint. From her occasional stormy relationship with her aunt, to anonymous sex, including forays into lesbian sex. She’d had two abortions and did not intend to ever get married or have kids.

“You don’t have to be polite with me” she said smiling as she sat beside me on the couch, running her fingers thru my hair. “I like you and I’d love to fuck you”. I simply adored her frankness and refreshingly shock-proof demeanor.

Carlota seemed totally and irredeemably liberated. She believed in promiscuity, never kaçak iddaa becoming infatuated with a single male…She’d laugh derisively at a suggestion of a monogamous relationship. She seemed at ease with sex, generous and intense, almost nonchalant. Her calm exuberance placed her above all conventions. She preferred challenge to devotion, suspense to certitude.

Like a she-wolf Carlota stalked me, baiting me with her smile, her dark brown eyes emitting the same energy that passed between us before in the woods. Luring me closer, mesmerizing me with heated aura. She arched toward me and I held her body against me, rocking her, playing with her thick hair. Carlota looked up into my eyes smiling wildly she’s always smiling. And began to suck my lips like they were ripe fruit. Her scented body was hot and moist and throbbing. I groaned under her inquiring hands and lips. My dick was hard and rigid.

“By the way” she said softly, “I saw how big and hard your cock was inside your pants, back at the stream. I also saw the hot desire in your eyes and I knew you were mine”…She really doesn’t miss a thing, this girl-woman I thought. Carlota took my hand and led me to her sunny bedroom, dropping her caftan on the way. Sandalwood incense swirled around the room; very erotic. Eager and impatient, she helped me to settle between her thighs, clutching my dick and guiding it into her steamy cunt.

“Holy fuck!, your dick is so fucking hard, like steel” she moaned, squeezing my ass as I thrust deeply into her yielding flesh. And holy fuck, her cunt was so fucking tight; it was simply delicious.

Bouncing frantically at the feel of my big cock, she raised her legs and locked them around my waist. “Oh, Ramon” she crooned, savoring my long, deep thrusts. I was lost in her steamy whirlpools, fucking her with lingering strokes. Carlota clenched then loosened her thighs rhythmically, opening and closing her cunt to my oily-smooth probing into her. Swallowing me inside, licking my ears, moving with me, sucking me into her twat deeper and deeper.

I felt her tremors stirring and spreading thru her body, from her cunt to her belly and thighs. Spasms of tightness opened and clamped down as hoarse rhythmic groans issued from her gaping mouth. Her legs were flexed and spread wide.

Power surged in me as I drove deeper into her womb. I stared down at her agonized face, her clawing hands. She was totally abandoned to her pleasure, calling my name, begging me not to stop. The she began to shake and tremble violently in orgasm, screaming continuously triggering my own release.

Her features relaxed, her body limp, the tremors subsided. She was unwilling to relinquish my throbbing cock so I rested inside her for a while. She was utterly calm and at peace. “Let me rest awhile Ramon, then I want to fuck again” she whispered. Two hours and more cums later we were both ready to quit. Outside her window the trees were a waterfall of birdsong. Carlota and her dog followed me back to the cottage later that day, to see where I lived.

Soon three days went by, one day turning into another. We were closeted together, boozing, eating, fucking and sleeping. I did not miss the city, nor did I want to go fishing. It was as if time did not move. We clung to each other’s flesh, fucking our heads loose. She was utterly obsessed with my perpetual hardon and I with her deep, juicy, ravenous pussy. All else disappeared. On the fourth day Carlota decided to return home for a change of clothes and I drove her over. It had started to drizzle.

We were confronted by a very angry Elsy who apparently had returned two days earlier, not only to find the house empty, but also to see a whole lot of work left undone by Carlota.

A huge fight ensued between the two women. When I tried to mediate Elsy told me to go to hell. Undaunted, I persisted in calming things down. We agreed to a deal. Carlota could only see me again when she’d cleared up all that backlog of work. In the meantime, I could finally get some fishing going. I invited Elsy to stop by for a drink sometime, after she apologized profusely for her outburst.


A Cougar Reawakened

Elsy paid me a surprise visit two days later as I got ready to go fishing. She and Carlota had another horrendous fight.

“I told her I wished she’d go away and never come back” said Elsy tearfully. Thinking that Carlota might be with me she’d come to apologize and to take her back. She was beside herself. I calmed Elsy down and made her feel at home with some snack and gin and tonic, her favorite. For the first time I noticed how attractive Elsy really was.

As I refilled our drinks, we talked bits of our past. Then I lit a joint and offered it to Elsy, telling her it would make her feel better. She hesitated for a moment then took it, partly out of curiosity partly out of fear of appearing uncool. Surely she must have known that Carlota smoked pot.

Elsy was in her early-40’s. Her background had been working class and kaçak bahis she grew up poor and wanting. She’d grown up tough and independently minded. I was entranced by her natural womanness, her strong face the color of red earth clay that so finely modeled her. Her eyes were black almonds that looked thru you with the wisdom of ancient memories.

“You might say Carlota and I have a stormy relationship” she said reflectively, solemnly. “But there is also the good humor, the laughs, the affection, the sharing…She is so much like a kid sister to me. “

“Sure she’s a little wayward, but she’s still young”. Elsy talked of her love and knowledge of plants. Before becoming a potter she worked in a plant nursery. To be sure, her house was full of exotic plants.

“Change has continued in my life and I have continued to grow and move towards whatever is my future, though not always as smoothly as I would like. And my personal, emotional life has become so chaotic I have trouble attracting men. Let alone the right one. I’m 42 years old and I’ve been around the block a few times. Fucked quite a few guys. It’s not like I don’t know what’s happening to me. I do. I just don’t know what to do about it. But what the heck, I take what I have and use it freely” she intimated as I refilled her drink.

Elsy began to sway gently to the cool music of Earl Klugh coming from the radio. Her eyes were misted over. She seemed deliciously high and relaxed, lounging in the sofa sensuously. She smiled back at me invitingly, waiting for me to make a move.

It was apparent that we both felt something potentially serious happening, a simultaneous resistance and attraction. The tentative kiss spelled commitment. Soon we were sucking each other’s tongues. Elsy’s body began to tremble as I continued to stroke and caress her. I could feel her pulse beat and the rhythm of her breathing entered me like a beautiful code message, an invitation; an irresistible invitation. Tentatively exploring one another, we shared breath, taste, fragrance and the feel of one another.

“I’m out of practice you know…I have not had sex for so long I’ve even forgotten what it feels like” she said, as I walk-embraced her to the bedroom.

My hands roved over Elsy’s thighs, her full hairy cunt which was big compared to the rest of her body; slim shoulders, flat belly with a hysterectomy scar and small breasts. My fingers found her streaming wetness.

I stared hungrily at the glorious expanse of Elsy’s hairy, wet, swollen cunt her big clitoris. It beckoned me like an exotic flower, the labia petals thick and opened into full bloom, glistening with creamy juices. Elsy’s sensuality seemed to come out of her pores, her craving was intense, her passion incendiary. With her eyes riveted on my big, bobbing and swaying cock, I parted her labia. Between them the fringed fleshy sea creature, an exotic faceless submarine delicacy that gave off a fragrance like a ritualistic-mystical spice…I licked and sucked her big clit for long moments while she squirmed and moaned in pleasure. Her breath came quickly, grunting in staccato.

I stroked the engorged clit with my cockhead, teasing her over and over, then finally plunging deeply all the way to the bottom of her tight cunt, then slowly pulling all the way out. “Oh fuck!” she gasped tremulously, her body shaking as I fucked her deep, her cunt closed tightly around my cock… Her body throbbed, the fluids bubbling out of her soaking cunt, running down the crack of her ass. She gasped, grunted and cried out in ecstasy.

“Harder, fuck me harder” she moaned as her orgasm welled up and her body went into spasms and jerked; her pelvis raised off the bed twitching, gyrating, reaching a peak of intense throbbing pleasure that rose to heights of no return, forcing me into her frenzy. I held the base of my cock and watched it go in and out of her. She exuded a final great full-body shudder then stopped moving, wrapping her arms and legs around me as I heaved and poured my cum into her in great spurts..

“God, how beautiful”! she cried, clutching me tight. After resting awhile I started to fuck Elsy again, slowly, with deep lingering strokes.

“O God yes”, was her refrain as I fucked Elsy passionately, patiently, persistently, gently like a river carving out a canyon. There was so much juice flowing out of her, soaking the sheets.

She came again for the longest time, wailing and thrashing about…And she wanted more and more and I was in my mettle that Thursday. Taking her thru a kaleidoscopic range of exotic, erotic pleasuring…She pleaded with me to fuck her in the ass. “I’ve never been fucked there before and I want to give it a test drive” she said non-chalantly. And I fucked her ass most lavishly.

My cock and balls were soaked with Elsy’s juices as were the sheets. She lay in deep contentment absorbed in the afterglow of our afternoon fuck-fest. For a woman who claimed to be out of practice, Elsy was amazingly inventive and agile. We both illegal bahis drifted off to sleep.


The living room was bathed in the bright red-orange glow of the setting sun, as I emerged from the bathroom. Then I saw Carlota’s rusty Honda pulling up the driveway. Well, I’ll be damned!. I quickly grabbed my robe and intercepted her at the front door. She was accompanied by her “friend and fuck buddy” Teresa with whom she was staying. She’d stopped by to tell me she was returning home to make up with Elsy. She was flummoxed to see Elsy’s pickup sitting in the driveway. I told her Elsy was sleeping soundly.

“You didn’t! Did you?” she exclaimed. “Wow” she grinned, “how did it happen?”. “It’s a long story” I said coyly. Carlota and Teresa giggled for a while. “I guess Elsy finally took my advice and got herself laid for a change” said the chuckling Carlota. Quietly they helped themselves to some beer and tuna salad and loaded them into the car.

Carlota wanted me to try the pot that Teresa grew in her garden. I pulled on my jeans and T-shirt and we headed for Teresa’s the backyard. We sat down on the grass under a tree, surrounded by all kinds of flowering shrubs that smelled divine.

Teresa was stretched out comfortably on her back, reclined against the tree. Her legs were pulled up and bent at the knees, exposing her panty-less hairy cunt. Her wattle-like labia sat open, her oversized clitoris fluttering like a bird.

Her lips were sensual and moist, her skin the color of cinnamon. Her hair was black, long and riotously curly. Carlota lay on her back with her head resting on my thighs, her eyes covered with sun glasses. I stroked her cunt thru her dress making her wet.

We passed the joint around, it was so good. I began to feel very mellow, exhilarated. I could hear Teresa saying “After age 18, I fucked a lot. Then I discovered Lesbian sex; I did not choose my fate, but I chose from the paths that were laid before me…I’m always looking for a fuck, craving it; always thinking sex. Raw, bold sex without emotional commitment”.

Soon I felt disconnected from the conversation. My gaze was focused between Teresa’s legs with lust written all over my face. Her eyes were laughing serenely, knowingly amused. She must know what I’ve been thinking. She slipped a finger into her cunt for a few moments, sniffed then sucked on her finger.

Suddenly Teresa leaned over me kissing me sweetly, softly. Her lips were cool and wet from the beer. Then she moved over to Carlota, kissing her deeply while she fondled my cock thru my pants. I was rock hard. I slipped my hand under Teresa’s dress and probed her wetness with my fingers.

“Hey, come on you guys, break it up already. It’s time to go” yelled Carlota, jolting us out of our little revelry. “We could have had a nice three-some” I said regretfully, sniffing my fingers.

“Yeah, some other time. C’mon Teresa let’s go. We’ve got work to do and lover boy here’s got to diddle Elsy’s twat some more, I’m sure” chuckled Carlota.

“Do me a favor Ramon, keep Elsy there for the night. It would give me time take care of all that stuff I neglected to do earlier…I want to surprise her” said Carlota as they drove off still giggling. “I shall return” shouted Teresa waving goodbye.

Back inside the house I found Elsy sprawled languorously naked on the bed. The sensuous Brazilian music, echoed from the living room, permeating my skin. A gentle lullaby of rustling leaves and swaying branches outside the bedroom window, formed a low melodious cadence. It was full moon and the room shimmered in the sensual glow of the cascading moonbeams. Between the fragrant satin sheets a luxury for me!, I rubbed against Elsy luxuriously like a cat from behind, while caressing her small breasts, erect nipples, her soft belly…She smelled lavender fresh from her bath earlier.

My hard cock pressed against her swollen cunt from behind, the head probing up and down her vulva like a magnet, stretching out her clitoris into a blazing erection…I rolled her onto her back and placed a pillow beneath her ass. Her legs spread wide, her wet cunt totally offered.

Her reddish-brown pussy, framed by soggy dark curls, was warm, wet and glistening. I loved the way it breathed, moved. The labia quivering, the clitoris pulsating gently. She moved her hips forward, willingly offering herself as my cock slid up and down her juicy slopes.

“What do you like?” I asked,” “everything, everything” she said, her voice muffled with emotion. Gliding in and out of her like an oiled surface, with strong rhythmic strokes, she raised herself higher to swallow me deeper.

Her breath came in gasps, drawn faster and faster. My dick was fully, enormously erect moving inside her. I felt I could fuck her forever, engaging other parts of her body with my hands and lips.

Elsy began to bounce on the bed, whimpering, pushing hard against me shuddering. Still I pursued her unwilling to let her go. She lifted her hips off the bed, screaming as she spasmed and twitched and heaved violently in orgasm, then falling heavily onto the mattress…I heard myself howling as the cum cascaded from me like a torrent, drenching her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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