A Treat for Two

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Close Up

I shouldn’t be surprised by how skillfully you get me to open up: the ease of light flirting and laughter over our romantic dinner, the naughty whispers when you hold me close overlooking the city lights, the deeper conversation we enjoy on our walk back to your place, and the casual mention of favorite desserts. I think I’d do just about anything for you!

Now tiny islands of warm chocolate syrup, highlighting key areas of my body, are quickly cooling on my bare skin. I lie completely naked between the dark sugar drizzle and your bed, large breasts heaving with each anticipatory breath. Your silk tie works nicely as a blindfold, and while I cannot see you, I feel your fiery gaze warming me as it sweeps over my trembling form.

“Mmmmmm…” you moan, taking in the sight before you. “You look delicious.” Your whisper makes me shiver as you lean over me and lick the syrup from the tip of my nose.

i struggle to refrain from licking my lips as your mouth moves to my cheek, your breath again a tropical breeze while your tongue gets to work cleaning the sweetness from my skin with long, firm laps.

I feel acutely, every one of your exhaled güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri breaths as you hover over my mouth. Waiting just long enough to draw a soft whimper from my lips before you stroke their width until all the chocolate is gone, somehow managing to avoid my tongue’s attempts to meet yours.

You laugh softly and move on to my neck, licking and nipping, making me moan as you go. Before continuing, you pause a moment by my ear, breathing a needy whisper. “I want to taste you, Babygirl.”

I tremble at your confession as you move down my chest, lapping up the syrup there and making my nipples stand at attention. Your tongue follows the chocolate pathway to them, circling the firm nubs in turn, before pulling each deep into your mouth.

I gasp when they are released from your hot grip, respectively with a sloppy pop. Your lips kissing their way down over my tummy and mound to my inner thighs, sending them into a gentle quiver. You pay them both special attention, even after you’ve cleared the syrupy lines, your tongue dragging along their smoothness in extra long strokes that end near my pussy.

I’m güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri writhing, every muscle seems to join the flutter from the tease of your lips so dangerously close to my throbbing clit. But you don’t make me wait much longer before pressing your tongue along my slit, glistening with chocolate, and now a hint of my vanilla too.

“Fuck!” I whimper, pushing my hips up to try and force you into my cunt. Your deep, knowing chuckle nearly sends me over the edge on its own. Chocolate syrup now missing from my slit, you lift your head a bit and whisper.

“You’re my new favorite dessert…” The sly smile in your voice causing my body to shudder uncontrollably as I gasp for breath. I feel your hands reach under me and cradle my ass. Then the heat of your tongue presses between my lips and flicks at my clit. I groan loudly, waves of tingles spreading over my body.

You slide your tongue towards my cunt, and dive into the dizzying wetness with a hungry moan. I clutch fistfuls of your bedding, and do my best to keep still as your tongue plunges into my pussy over and over. My head turning side to güvenilir bahis şirketleri side, the sheer pleasure pushing me onward towards the edge of ecstasy.

You slurp and groan for what feels like moments and eternity at the same time. Any second I’ll reach the peak! My breathing is shallow, sharp, and I can feel your attention riveted on my bliss as your words break through the fog of lust in my head.

“Cum for me…” your ardent whisper is raspy and deep. “Cum for me, Good Girl!” Your tongue returns to my clit, sucking, licking, and slurping up my nectar. I moan louder in agreement, my hands leaving the bed, fingers finding your hair and sinking you further into my twat.

Just as I start to question how much longer I can endure this delicious treat, your hands on my ass squeeze, drawing me closer still, you press your tongue hard against my clit. The flicking becomes firm, fast licks, and I scream from the intensity as my orgasm explodes. One more lick ensures the sensation carries on like a smooth stone skipping across the surface of a pond, and your tongue quickly moves back to my pussy, drawing my cum into your mouth with a long, satisfied moan. My back arches in rapture, before I gasp and whimper as I start to come down.

You pull back with a satisfied sigh, and lean up to kiss me deeply. I can taste myself in your mouth, and a hint of chocolate, as I lick your lips just as we part.

“Mmmm… I want seconds.” You whisper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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