A Valentines Gift for My Lady

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Her long flowing chestnut brown hair mixed with my long brown hair as we passionately embraced on the king-size four poster bed. I would catch a glimpse or two as I peered up between kisses. Mostly I saw her bright red lips as they neared my pink painted lips. She nibbled gently on my soft lips before driving her tongue into my mouth. Kissing me deeply as the temperature in me rose.

She caressed my face with her beautifully manicured hand as she kissed me. I returned the kiss drawing her hot tongue deeper into my mouth. Submitting to her will as only she could make me do. Her hand slid down to my small breast, cupping it gently. Her tongue never leaving my mouth. She toyed with my nipple and the jewelry attached to it. I moaned into her kisses as I felt my nipple harden and my resolve to submit to her grew by the second. She would back her mouth off of mine and squeeze my nipple harder. Kneading it and my breast in her not always gentle touch.

Her mouth would come at me again. Taking my breath away. Then she would pull back her head and let her long hair flow over my face like a gentle flogger. Then her lips would be back on mine, and on my cheeks and ear. Kissing, licking, nibbling, making me moan with pleasure like no other woman had ever done. I was pleading with my eyes. Silently begging her to take me. To make me hers for ever. Hoping she could hear me silently begging.

I wanted to suck her nipples into my hot mouth and make her feel the same pleasure she was giving me. I wanted to worship her beautiful, shaved cunt. To taste her juices and suck her clit and have her cry in pleasure until she was sated. She must have read my mind as she straddled my chest and leaned over to tease my lips with her nipples. My tongue darted out at them and she pulled them away. Lowering again till I could barely touch my lips to them, only to pull away again. Like a cat and a mouse. I cried out for her to let me love them. Finally she lowered down and let me take one into my mouth and caress it with my bahis şirketleri tongue. I was so hot and wet for her. Just wanting to please her. I reached up to touch her perfect C cup breast and she grabbed my hand stopping me. She leaned forward with her nipple still in my mouth and attached a cuff from the bed post to my wrist.

Not missing a beat she moved her other nipple to my mouth and cuffed my other wrist as well. She sat up and smiled down at my bound form. Not just a smile, but the gleeful look of a captor looking down upon their trapped prey. Knowing she had full control. I could feel the wetness on my belly where her warm moist pussy touched me. She slid down further and took my small breasts in her hands, massaging them. Squeezing them. Pinching my bejeweled nipples. Listening to me moan. Listening to me begging her to make me hers forever. Crying in joy as I begged to belong only to her, for her pleasure alone.

She arose slowly and moved forward until her cunt lips were settled over my mouth. It felt heavenly as my lips took her in and my tongue entered her sacred cunt. I licked and sucked on her cunt and clit as she had taught me over the past many months. I lived for this and brought her to a massive orgasm, feeling her juices flood my face. I was eager to continue but she recovered and moved off me, covering me with a blanket while she left the room.

She returned with a small bowl and a wash rag and set it by the bed. She took the key she wore on her necklace and pulled away the blanket and unlocked my chastity. As she removed it she took the warm rag and cleaned me thoroughly. She again sat astride me, this time facing my crotch and lowered her nether hole to my mouth. As she took my hardened male parts in her hands I worshiped her ass. My tongue went deep tasting her as she stroked me. I felt like a piece of hot steel in her hands as she manipulated me. I sucked at her hole as she insisted and tried to taste her as she rocked up and down on my tongue. She warned me not to squirt bahis firmaları as she stroked me with one and and played with her clit with the other. I strained to comply and concentrated on her pleasure as she teased me mercilessly. She let go of my parts as she came again. Just as heavily as the first time. Her juices flowing down to my mouth and making me even hotter with the taste. She eased off my face and reaching down pushed her finger, coated with her pussy juice deep into my ass. Without touching my parts she played in my bottom causing the cum to stream out of me. There was no earth shaking orgasm that would have come from her hand stroking it. Just a quiet flow of cum draining out like a leaky faucet. She scooped the cum from my belly and fed it to me. Letting me lick it from her hand like a puppy.

When I finished she cleaned me off again with the washrag and then pulled a plastic bag of ice from the bowl she had brought in. She placed the bag over my member and retrieved a package from the dresser. The cold was quickly shrinking my parts as Mistress asked if I meant what I said about wanting to be her girl for ever. I told her I wanted nothing more and could not imagine living without her. She kissed me and thanked me and said to watch in the mirror above as she would make my dream come true.

She removed from the box a silver ring with a ball at the center, then proceeded to remove the ring from my PA piercing in the head of my male part. The new one was much thicker and she showed me how it was reverse threaded so that when the ball was in place and twisted both sides would pull together to keep it from opening. She placed it through the PA piercing and left the ball off. Next an anchor ring was placed behind my sissy eggs and around my maleness. It had a different closure than the previous ring. With that in place she slid a tube over my male part. It seemed like some kind of flexible metal. It was not as wide as the old one and was a bit more difficult to get on. Once it was slid fully kaçak bahis siteleri on I could immediately feel how much tighter it was going to be.

The end covered the head with a few holes for cleaning and peeing. Mistress worked to feed the ring through two of the holes and was pleased with how it looked. She opened a tube of something she called “Thread Sealant” and put some on the ends of the PA ring and attached the ball, twisting it to pull the ends securely into it and wiped off any excess sealant. She looked me in the eyes and smiled devilishly. She then took a small screwdriver and a screw from the box. She told me how this design would not require a lock, and I would be happy not having a lock clanging around on the chastity. With the tube slid into a slot on the base ring she told me to watch carefully as she put more of the thread sealant on the funny shaped screw.

She started to screw the pieces together and as the screw reached the end of the hole she gave one more twist and the top end of the screw broke off completely. She showed me the broken piece and exclaimed with joy how nicely it worked. The pieces were now permanently sealed together with no way to remove it. I was free to be her girl forever. She seemed so happy now knowing that her girl would no longer have any male parts to get in the way. She leaned down and licked the tip of the cage and then my sissy eggs while tickling behind them. My parts strained to get hard in their confinement and I could feel the pain like my sissy eggs and shaft were being squeezed tightly.

The look on my Mistresses face was priceless as a huge smile over took her. She was so pleased with my new permanent chastity that she again climbed over me and had me lick her cunt again as she teased my locked up parts. The pain was so much more in this device and drove me to lick her as never before. She said she was so happy I liked it and wanted me to learn to love the pain she allowed me. And she reminded me that someday the hormones she was getting me might help ease the pain but it would probably take a few years for that to happen, but this was the best Valentines gift she could ever receive. She came again and allowed me to lick her clean before untying me so we could sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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