A Very Special Weekend Pt. 02

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Public Sex

This story contains watersports… swapping… Group… FF…MFM…FMF

All characters are over 18…

For the rest of the morning we enjoyed the company of Todd & Crissy. At one point Todd & I fucked our wives side by side which I never ever dreamed happening. It was early afternoon when Todd & Crissy had to leave but would be back later that day.

After they left Ronni and I chatted outside on the patio as we laid naked in the sun.

“How is my lovely wife enjoying her special weekend?”

“Very well. This place is terrific.we have to come back again.”

“I was thinking more in the line of Todd & Crissy.”

“They are very nice, don’t you think?”

“I do. I do have to ask you something though.”

“What my love?”

“How come you let him put his cock in your cunt? We said no fucking.”

“I know. But he convinced he that we weren’t really fucking since he was just going to pee in my cunt. I told him that it would be ok then. Are you mad?”

“No, just surprised. I felt the same when Crissy asked me to pee in her cunt too.”

I continued, “How did it feel having his cock in your cunt?”

“To be honest, I enjoyed it. I did want him to fuck me & shoot his cum in me. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. I can understand that. I wanted to cum in Crissy’s cunt too.”

“Hon, would you be mad at me if I let Todd fuck me?”

“Not really. After all, I would love to fuck Crissy and cum in her. Besides, the picture of Todd filling your cunt with his cock got me rock hard.”

I went on, “Look, we never discussed swapping but if you want to try it, we can but it is up to you.”

“I think I would like to try it once, what do you think?”

“Well, you know I love you & you love me, so I think it’s safe for us to try it once. And then, if we are in agreement, we can see kaçak iddaa where it leads us.”

“Ok. Then later when they come over, we will do it.”

“Ok Ronni…Now let’s fuck.”

Late in the afternoon we got a call from Todd who told me that they would meet us for dinner that night and continue the celebration afterwards. I told him we would meet them at dinner.

We met them at 7:00 and enjoyed a great meal and plenty of wine. Crissy and Ronni both looked incredible in their short, sexy dresses. Neither woman wore a bra and it showed.

During dinner, I casually mentioned that Ronni loved Todd peeing in her cunt. And that I loved doing the same to Crissy. We all laughed and drank more wine.

Then Todd said, “Congratulations to both of you on your anniversary and a special congratulations to Ronni on her birthday.”

Then Crissy added, “Todd and I talked it over and we both wanted to do something special for you guys. Now, we know you aren’t swingers but since Todd already had his cock in Ronni’s cunt and I had her husband’s cock in my cunt, we would like to complete the act and swap partners for the night for some fucking. What do you say?”

I looked at Ronni and replied, “Ronni and I talked about what happened earlier and we both feel like we would like to swap as well. And since she already had Todd’s cock in her and I had my cock in Crissy, there wasn’t really any reason not to try swapping. Yeah, so let’s do it.”

We drank up and finally left to go back to our cabin.

As soon as we were in the door, Ronni & Crissy disappeared into the bedroom. Todd & I undressed and were naked waiting for our wives to come out. When they did, they looked ravishing…Ronni in a red sheer two piece lingerie and Crissy in one of Ronni’s black sheer two piece lingerie.

Crissy came over and sat kaçak bahis near me and Ronni went over to Todd. Although I’ve seen Todd & Crissy naked before, I took their vision in…Todd’s cock was nice and hard and must have been at least 8″ long and thick. Crissy’s nipples were really erect and I noticed that her pussy was now smooth.

My cock was nice and hard as I watched my wife with Todd. They were feeling each other up and Todd had a lip lock on one of Ronni’s nipples. I watched as Ronni moved her hand down to his cock and started jerking it. It wasn’t long before she swallowed his cock while playing with his balls.

In the meantime, Crissy had her mouth full of my cock and was giving me a great blow job.

I looked over at Ronni and yelled out, “That’s it baby, suck his cock good. Let him cum in your mouth.”

Then I told Crissy I was about to cum and then shot streams of cum into her mouth and watched as she swallowed every drop. Just then I saw Todd arch his hips and knew he was filling Ronni’s mouth with his cum as she swallowed it all.

We all rested for awhile having some wine.

Some time later, I said, “Let’s go on the patio and you women can get on all fours and Todd & I are going to fill your asses with our cum & pee.”

We all got up and headed to the patio. The women got on all fours and Todd & I lubed up our cocks. Then we got behind them and lined up our cocks to their ass holes. We both started slipping our cocks into their asses. I filled up Ronni’s ass first and started fucking her ass. Todd was doing the same to Crissy. After a few minutes, Todd & I switched and now my cock was fucking Crissy’s ass and Todd was fucking my wife’s ass.

As we fucked them, their tits were swaying back & forth. Todd yelled out he was cumming and I said I was going to cum…then we both filled illegal bahis their asses with our cum…as soon as we finished cumming Todd and I let out streams of our golden nectar filling their asses. We peed so much that our pee was flowing out their holes and going all over us. When we finally stopped, peeing we pulled out our cocks to watch our pee pour out of them.

A couple of hours later, we were all in bed and really for the first time I watched a total stranger filling my wife’s cunt with his cock, then he started fucking her.

Even as I was fucking Crissy, my eyes were on Ronni. She was in ecstasy as he was fucking her. She looked over at me and smiled and moaned in pleasure….”Fuck me hard Todd.” She said.

In a few minutes, he gave a yell and shot his cum in my wife’s cunt. I could see her having one orgasm after another, as I was cumming in Crissy.

The rest of the night was more of the same with us swapping. Todd and I even did threesomes with the women and Ronni and Crissy did the same to me & Todd.

Just before dawn, Ronni & Crissy put on a show for me & Todd. They got on the floor and put their pussies together and they both peed into each other’s opening. Their pee was flying all over themselves and Todd & I took advantage of their position on their backs and we peed all over them as they were finishing their performance.

We never even went to sleep and Todd & Crissy finally left around 7:00 a.m.

After Ronni & I had breakfast we discussed the weekend.

“Well Ronni, did you have a nice birthday & anniversary?”

“Yes, it was terrific.”

“What did you think about getting fucked by Todd?”

“To be honest, it was ok. I’m glad I did it, but I prefer to fuck only my hubby from now on. What about you?”

“Crissy was nice but I prefer you as well.”

We finished eating, packed our things and checked out and started our drive home.

Ronni said, as I drove, “I will have to say this about Todd & Crissy, they know how to enjoy watersports.” As we laughed.

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