A Weekend with a Pervert: Friday

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I’ve always lead a pretty average life by most standards. I’d be lying if I said that getting ladies in my bed took no effort at all. Of course, I’ve still had my fair share of flings and relationships. I’m not a bad looking guy. I’m 22 years old, 6’0, about 170, well shaved and groomed over all my body.

I like to think that a big part of me having a hard time with girls is my constant crappy financial situation. I work a crappy paying nine to five, I drive a 90′ Topaz that constantly gives me new things to replace and or fix. And I never seem to have a single dime to spare after I get done paying the bills to my place. And just having moved leaving me with no friends or family in the state really didn’t sit well with me. I’d say that my being sick of just barely getting by is the main reason that I did all this that I’m about to tell you.

I was pulled over on the side of the road a good ten or fifteen miles from my house. My ‘dependable’ car had started over-heating so my choices were to sit and wait, or try and fix the thing as if I knew how to. I’d taken a seat on the trunk of my car after getting sick of waiting inside when a truck pulled up behind me. Out from the truck came a large scruffy looking man. Just from his appearing and his pulling over I assumed he was a mechanic or familiar with cars so I eagerly welcomed his presence. So not to cause any problems for him I’ll just call him Robert. I told him a little bit about the car and instead of lifting up the hood he suggested we go to a bar just down the street and burn some time. Normally I’d have dismissed the thought of going to a bar with a guy, especially a guy like him, that I didn’t know, but sadly enough I had nothing better to do.

Once there, we bought a couple rounds and talked about things of no real importance. Somewhere in the mix of it all I’d mentioned how I didn’t have a whole lot of money I could spend on what I wanted to. He apparently gave this a little more thought than I did. No more than a half hour passed by before I decided I’d get back to my car and see if I could make it home.

As I walked from the bar to my car, Rob jogged up beside me and from out of no where tells me he’s got a proposition for me. He tells me that he’ll give me 1,500 cash if I’ll leave my car where it is and come to his house for the weekend. This kind of money may not seem like much to a lot of people, but 1,500 un-taxed extra bucks to spend on whatever I wanted was very tempting. On the other hand, I knew he didn’t want me to come to his house to play catch and I’ve always been straight. Being with a man in that way simply wasn’t on my ‘To Do’ list. I knew it was a stupid thing to ask, but it’s the first thing that came to my lips “Why??” “Because I’m a man with less than usual tastes.” “What would I have to do…?” “Anything I want you to do.” Ok, so it’s not the smartest idea to give your self to a complete stranger for a weekend. It’s not the most appealing idea to know that I’ll probably be doing all sorts of sexual favors for this grizzly looking man, but I’ve got greed. I wanted the money, I needed the money, I accepted his offer. I hesitantly got in his truck, probably more nervous than I’d ever been in my life, and didn’t say a single word. He didn’t make any effort to start up any conversation on the way to his house, which was out in the middle of no where as far as I could tell. We drove for an hour, which seemed like days, on country roads that I’d never seen or heard of before. Finally we pulled up into the driveway. The houses had acres between them. All of the ‘middle of no where’ stuff made me even more nervous.

Rob unlocked his door “Not getting cold feet are you?” I came out of my little daze and shook my head “No, just looking around.” Once inside the house I couldn’t help but notice how normal it seemed. After his offer, I immediately labeled him a freak and expected a very unusual house. I sat down at the kitchen table as he began to make himself something to eat. Then the line-up of questions started: “So, have you ever had sex with a man before?” “No!” “Ever wanted to?” “No.” “Ever had anything in your asshole?” “No, Never!” I knew I had nothing to hide, but these questions were really making me nervous. He continued on with a few more questions, sticking to the sex theme, then suggested I go use the bathroom if I needed to. Despite bahis firmaları it being a very weird thing to say, I jumped at the opening to leave the room and get a few minutes to relax. I went in the bathroom and sat down on the toilet with my head in my hands. I needed to calm down, recollect my thoughts, get a hold of myself. I just had to endure this for a couple nights then I get paid all that money. I hadn’t even started though, and I felt like I was ready to throw up I was so nervous. Then came a knock at the door “You about done in there?” I got up and flushed the toilet, just to make it look like I had a valid reason for taking so long, then stepped out. “I’m done” He motioned for me to follow him down the hall where he pointed out his bedroom, then one door down, mine. He opened the door to a room with a bed, dresser, mirror, and a single lamp. No windows or light fixtures on the ceiling, just the lamp. He told me to get undressed and sit at the edge of the bed. While I was doing this, he went to his room for something. During my idle time I noticed the hooks on the ceiling. Upon his return with several strands of rope, I figured out real quick what those hooks would be for. I turned my body to the side slightly trying to conceal as many parts of my body as I could not being comfortable naked infront of anyone. Especially a guy like this.

He told me to lie back and put my hands up over my head. I could think of several things I’d rather do, but I complied. Laying on my back, I could feel him tie each one of my hands to a bed post. After he’d finished, I pulled and twisted at each hand testing to see if I could get out. The rope was as tight as could be around my wrists and I didn’t have a single inch of slack. Rob knelt down at my ankles, which were still flat on the floor, and started tying each of them up. He then stood up on the bed and took the pieces of rope tying each of them to different hooks. All of this left me laying on my back which each of my limbs going in different directions. My arms were tied off to the bed posts and my legs spread and pointed up to the ceiling. Worst of all, the edge of my ass was hanging off the end of the bed. Rob seemed quite pleased by the position, I on the other hand felt very vulnerable not being able to move a single inch hardly.

Rob sat on the side of the bed and finally spoke again as he unbuttoned his shirt. “You haven’t said much since we came in here.” “I don’t really have much to say right now..” “Are you scared?” Of course I was. I couldn’t think of a time where I’d been more scared. I didn’t want him to know that. “Ya’, kinda.” “Don’t worry too much, just make it though tonight. Keep thinking about all the cash.” The way that he said some of the things, it made me think that he was trying to provoke more fear out of me. After all, it seemed clear that this was the kind of thing he got off to.

After getting completely naked, Rob got off the bed and walked over to the drawer. I lifted up my head to see what he was getting and I couldn’t help but notice that his penis was huge by my standards. It was 5 inches long soft. That wasn’t the impressive part though, it was simply so huge around. I’d never seen a dick that was so wide. I looked down at my own penis to witness it sit there shriveled up like a frightened turtle. Our bodies were so different. I was practically hairless over my entire body while he was very hairy. I was pretty skinny and he was a rather big man. He had more than a few extra pounds.

He pulled out a bottle of lotion and came back to the bed with it where he put his knees on each side of my head so that his penis was laying down on my forehead. He put a little bit of lotion on one of his fingers then leaned over across my entire body bringing his penis a little bit farther down onto me. All I could smell was his crotch. What a horrible smell. I couldn’t escape the musky scent of his package. It’s like I couldn’t breath.

I felt a cold soothing lotion being spread along the rim of my asshole. “Hey! What are you doing?!” Ignoring my question, he stopped the rubbing for a moment and reached back to his cock where he lifted up the tip of it to the edge of my lips. “Put this in your mouth.” he ordered in a stern tone. It was habit for me to ask what he was doing, but the fact was that I really wanted that money. So this being said, kaçak iddaa I opened up my mouth as he slipped about two inches of his soft penis into it. It was so nasty! I can’t think of a time where I’ve tasted something so foul. “Now suck on it.” he ordered which I immediately complied with. I closed my lips around his dick and stared sucking on it lightly. I never raised my head up more than about a half an inch assuming that my gag reflex would kick in real quick if I did. He brought his hand back to my ass and continued rubbing in the lotion, never inserting his finger then sat back up on his knees with me still sucking.

I could feel his penis begin to swell up in my mouth until he finally moved back away taking his penis from my lips. He got up from the bed spreading a little bit of lotion up and down his penis. “Now I’m going to show you how to take cock like a good little bitch.” Now, I wasn’t stupid, I knew what he was doing the whole time with the lotion, but what he said really scared the hell out of me. “Wait wait.. Just go real slow ok??” He didn’t take too kindly to my request so before he took his place at my ass, he went to his drawer and took out a ball and gag. I hadn’t seen what he grabbed so when he inserted it into my mouth I really wasn’t expecting it. Still though, I made sure not to resist more than my body needed to.

Rob walked around to the front of the bed and begin rubbing the tip of his penis up and down my crack. This scared the hell out of me even more, I knew it was coming but I couldn’t do anything about it even if I needed to. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk, all I could do was make a little muffled noise come from my mouth which I did plenty of as the tip of his huge cock started pushing in. I only saw his dick when it was soft, but it was huge enough to be afraid of then. Now, it was more than likely hard and even bigger. I desperately wanted him to start. He had barely begun though. He let the tip of his dick push it’s way in no more than an inch, then brought it back. I could feel every nerve of my hole scream out in rage. It was like a stabbing pain at every inch of my ass then pulsated throughout my entire body. I wanted him to wait just a minute. Just until the pain subsided, but my efforts to let him know this failed as all he heard was a muffled cry.

Rob began pushing in his cock again, this time faster and farther in. It hurt so so bad. I couldn’t take it. He let at least a few inches of his penis push into me and I could feel every bit of it ripping me open. I never thought it would feel this bad. Never in my life would I imagine something like this could hurt so much. I couldn’t help it, tears were already going down my face. Rob began bringing his cock back and fourth just a little bit at a time. Each stroke brought new kinds of pain as it inched further and further into me. What glimpses I could catch of him through my tear filled eyes were of Rob swaying back and fourth on my ass looking me up and down. He had a look of pleasure and concentration on his face every second that I saw him. I could make out a grunt and a moan here and there, but most other noises were overpowered by my screaming out in pain. I could make out some of the things he was saying, none of them very comforting. “You like it don’t you?! You like taking my big cock in your tight man-pussy don’t you?”, “Quit your crying and take it like a man you bitch!”, or “You like me fucking your hole bloody you fucking bitch.”

Soon he sped up the process. He didn’t go slow for very long. Just minutes, which seemed like hours, into it all he was pounding my ass hard ripping it to pieces. It felt like he was sticking the length of his penis into my stomach. How could people find pleasure in this? It was an unbearable pain accompanied by a feeling of having to take a shit like never before. It hurt so bad. Every time he stuck it in, it felt like it went a few inches farther than it was supposed to. Finally I could feel his body start to shake every time he slapped it against mine. His hands began to clamp down harder on my sides until he pressed up against my ass sticking his cock in as far as it could go. That very moment I felt him shoot hot cum so deep into me, it felt like it was shooting into my belly. It felt like several shots were buried down into me before he was done. Rob leaned over laying his sweaty kaçak bahis body against mine for a moment, but still not taking his cock from my ass.

Rob caught his breath lifting his body off of mine. He finally began to slide his cock from my ass. Even after it was all over, I could feel it pulsating with pain. After he’d completely removed himself from me, I noticed I was stretched out so far that I couldn’t close my hole and keep it closed even when I concentrated on it. I laid there breathing heavily wishing my pain away when I looked up through my tears to see Rob looking down at his penis. He started walking around to the side of the bed taking the gag from out of my mouth when he said. “I thought I told you to use the bathroom earlier?” I looked at him curious not responding even as the gag was lifted from my mouth. I looked down him to his penis where I saw what he was talking about. His dick was covered in my shit. If there weren’t streaks of it, there were clumps of it all up and down the length of his shaft. Not to mention a red tint that I would imagine was from my ripped apart ass.

I didn’t feel like doing anything except dealing with the pain but I still told him that I didn’t know that’s what he meant. Rob shrugged his shoulders getting up on the bed turning to the bed posts where he began to untie me. Unfortunately, he paused when he’d started the first knot. “Well I shouldn’t have to pay for your mistakes now should I?” Rob didn’t give me time to think about what he just suggested, he simply turned around and put his knees just above my head. I threw my head to the side in defiance. “No way! I’m not doing that.” He leaned in a bit placing the tip of it on my face. “If you want that money you’ll clean it off.” Just the thought of it touching my face made me want to throw up. Then the smell hit me like a ton of bricks. It wreaked of my insides. I couldn’t take the thought of it being near me so I kept my head turned as far to the side as I could. Rob leaned in a bit more urging me to take it. “Come on, you don’t want all this that you’ve just gone through to be for nothing. I told you, the worst is in the first night, get through this and the money’s yours.” It’s even sickening to think about it now. Even more so then, especially when I thought about the situation I was in. Completely tied up and I really didn’t want to go home without any money..

I didn’t want to do this. I had to though. I needed to just tough it out. I started turning my head towards until finally I opened my mouth. He leaned in sticking the penis down into my mouth. “Close your mouth and start cleaning it.” he ordered it after he’d realized I hadn’t done a thing with it yet. I slowly closed my lips down on it cringing every second of the way and started to let him slide it in and out my mouth. As I started sucking on it, I felt the remaining bit of his cum pour down into me. The shit was right there at my nose. I couldn’t avoid it, and I had to breath in through my nose to get any air at all. I never knew such foul things lay inside me. The taste though: I couldn’t hardly take it. It tasted so horrible. Every second he slid it in and out my mouth brought me to another ‘almost gag’. It only got worse from there. He planned on cleaning off as much of it as he could, so he let more and more of it sink down into me until it hit the back of my neck. This provoked gagging that I couldn’t control. On top of all this, my shit was running down my throat.

Thank God he cut things short. He finally plopped his penis from my lips before I’d cleaned it off as he initially suggested. He let a wry smile come across his face. “Taste good??” I had my head turned to the side trying to spit out as much as I could, but the disgusting taste of my shit wouldn’t leave my mouth. Then I begged him for something to drink. Rob had made his way off to the side of the room cleaning off himself with a few spare towels. He took his time to take care of anything he needed to do to himself, then finally returned to me undoing all the ropes. I had three things on my mind upon being released: get a drink, use the bathroom, and then leave. I did the first two of course. Taking several glasses of whatever I could find to wash my mouth out. Then going to the bathroom to take the most painful shit I’d ever taken.

Rob walked in during my visit to the toilet and tried to lay some encouraging words on me. “Just remember, the first night’s the worst. If you’re thinking about running, don’t. Stick around for tomorrow. You’ll find there are much better and less painful things ahead for us.”

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