A Wife’s Revenge

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I was standing under the awning outside McDonald’s on this particularly gray Wednesday morning. I happen to look up as a new white Mercedes Benz pulled in the driveway. I was staring at the car because it looked so out of place in Mickey D’s.

I watched as the car parked across from where I was standing. Then a flash of lightning streaked across the sky, followed by a loud body chilling reverberating clash of thunder. The big raindrops were already pitter pattering on the pavement of the parking-lot. As the car door opened another bolt of lightning shot across the sky, followed by yet another loud clash of thunder. Then the wind picked up as the torrential rain came down.

Then car door opened and an umbrella sprang up as a tall woman stepped out, closed the door, and dashed across the parking lot through the downpour. As she stepped up on the sidewalk beside me, she said something about being scared of thunderstorms. Not knowing what to say, I nodded in agreement with her.

I watched her close her umbrella and shake the water off it. I felt like a fool for staring at her. I wanted to say something to her but I didn’t know what to say so I opened the door for her instead. She squared her shoulders and brushed pass me into the restaurant accidently rubbing her breasts across my chest giving me a cheap thrill.

As she went by me, I caught the scent of her perfume. It was such an exotic fragrance. I unconsciously closed my eyes, drew in my breath to savor her sweet sensuous feminine aroma. After she got into Mickey D’s she said, “Thank you, sir, you’re a real gentlemen. ” She paused for a moment as she brazenly gave me a once over. Then the corners of her lips curled and she got a twinkle in her in pale blue eyes and said, “For such a big man.”

Her words snapped me out of my trance and brought me back to reality. I was flattered by her comment so I replied trying to sound like a gentleman, “Oh, you’re very welcome.” I stood there staring at her for a moment.

She had a long face, perfectly trimmed eyebrows, thick black eyelashes, high cheek bones, dimples, a straight nose, and full plump lips. But what I really noticed about her was the way her long wavy golden blonde hair framed her face.

Then I glanced down at her bosom. It was obvious she was a big breasted woman because the buttons on the front of her raincoat looked like they were going to pop off any second. I also noticed she was staring at my chest. I watched as she stuck out the tip of her tongue and licked her upper lip. Then she nipped her lower lip and made eye contact with me like she was trying to read my mind.

We just stood there for moment gazing into each other’s eyes, pondering our own private thoughts. I was wondering what a classy woman like her was doing in McDonalds. However I had no way of knowing what was going through her mind.

She nodded for me to go ahead of her but I wanted to get a look at her from behind, so I said, “Ladies before gentlemen,” and made a hand gesture towards the counter. As she walked to the counter, I gave her a long lingering once over from the rear. She was wearing shiny black high heels, black nylons and a tan belted raincoat that hugged her waist and clung to the curves of her hips and ass.

As I followed her, the mere sight of her was making my heart beat so fast and hard. I could feel it pounding in my chest and heard it beating in my ears. I stood behind her as she ordered, trying hard not to stare at her. After she placed her order, I stepped up beside her.

As I told the kid what I wanted, the woman placed her hand over mine and asked, “Can I join you for breakfast? You seem like the kind of person I can talk to and trust.” Her hand was cold but her touch felt like electricity sending shivers of excitement up and down my spine. “Of course you can join me. I’d love to have your company.” Then I glanced down at her hand. When I saw the wedding ring on her finger my heart sank.

When it comes to women, I’m an opportunist and I usually take whatever comes my way. However, I try not to get involved with married women. “Is there something wrong?” The woman asked, I replied trying not to show my disappointment, “Oh, you’re married. I should have known a beautiful woman like you would be taken.”

Her face flushed, the corners of her lips curled and she got a twinkle in her eyes as she said in a stutter, “Do you really think I’m – I’m beautiful?” Before I answered her, she said, “OH, how, I wish I wasn’t married now because you’re the kind of big man I’ve always dreamed about and wanted.” Then she rubbed her hand over my forearm up to my bicep and squeezed it.

As she did that, I got more chills racing up and down my spine that ended in my manhood. I felt my face flush as I said, “Oh, yeah, I think you’re very, very pretty.” While I was saying that, the kid behind the counter brought our orders.

After we get into a booth, I told her my name is Danny and she told me her name is Jennifer. She asked if casino şirketleri I was married. I told her no. She didn’t ask why. All she said was, “Oh really, I’m surprised that a man like you isn’t married.” While we ate Jennifer kept staring at my arms, chest and shoulders.

I have to admit I was admiring the swell of her breasts as well. After some idle chit chat, I asked her what she wanted to talk about. She glanced around the room. Then she took my hands in hers as she said in a strained voice, “I want to talk to you about something important.” “Okay,” I replied, “What is it? ” Jennifer said with a tremble in her voice, “Not here, it’s … its personal, it’s about my husband.”

Ta-da, that’s when it hit me. Her hubby is cheating on her and she wants a revenge fuck. Well, at least that’s what I hoped she wanted.

Jennifer continued, “I don’t want anyone to know about this.” She paused for a moment as she glanced around the room again. Then she asked, “Do you know somewhere, we can talk in private? But promise me you won’t tell anyone what I’m going to tell you.” I leaned across the table and whispered, “We can go the Day’s Inn across the street and get a room.”

Jennifer was so shocked by my suggestion. She opened her eyes so wide, her foreheand wrinkled and her mouth fell open and gasped, “OH, no sir, that’s not what I meant.” Jennifer was staring into my eyes in disbelief as she stuttered in a rush, “I only want to talk. Besides that I’m … a, a married woman. What … what if my husband, found out? You won’t tell him, will you? We’re … we’re just going to talk. Promise me you won’t tell anybody.”

I put my hands over hers and squeezed them as I said trying to reassure her, “Relax Jennifer, you can trust me.” I paused for a moment to let my words sink in. Then I said, “I promise you, I won’t tell anyone about this and we won’t do anything you don’t want to do.”

She was still wide eyed as she said, “I don’t know. I’ve never done anything like this before.” She was staring at me like she was trying to make up her mind. Then she muttered, “Okay, I’ll go with you as long as you promise not to tell anyone.”

When we left McDonald’s, the downpour had let up but it was still raining heavy.

Jennifer followed me across RT 80 and we parked behind the motel. She was sitting in her car biting her fingernails as I went inside and got a room. When I got back to the car and helped her out. She said, “I really I shouldn’t be here with you.”

Jennifer eyes widened as we entered the room and she saw the king sized bed. She glanced at me apprehensively as she kicked off her heels and unbuttoned her trench coat. I stepped behind her and helped her take it off and hung it up. Jennifer seemed jittery as she said, “I’ve never been in a hotel room with anyone other than my husband before.”

I was surprized when I heard that. Then I snuggled up behind her and put my arms around her waist. As we stood there staring at our reflection in the mirror, I thought we made a good looking couple. She was the kind of woman I’ve always wanted and dreamed about but never found.

Sadly our differences were also obvious. She was a vision of loveliness, her long curly blonde hair famed her face and cascaded down over her shoulders. She was wearing a white blouse with a plunging neckline that revealed some cleavage and a snug fitting black skirt that came down to her knees.

There was no denying that she came from money and lots of it. On the other hand, I’m just a trucker and it shows. I was dressed as usual in a black tee shirt a pair of faded Levis, and like all trailer truck drivers, a pair of old beat-up cowboy boots. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no bum. And like most truckers, I make a decent week’s pay. Besides that my grandparents left me a few bucks. But there was no denying it, Jennifer was way, way out of my financial league.

I brushed her hair aside and kissed her neck and shoulder. As my lips touched her, she shuddered, hunched her shoulders and said, “Please don’t do that. I told you. I’m not that kind of woman.” “Okay,” I replied as I let go of her and sat on the foot of the bed and pulled off my boots.

Then I asked, “What do you want to about?” “I … I,” she sputtered as she sat down beside me. She was sniffling like she was trying to hold back her tears. Then she said, “It’s my husband.” She paused for a moment, then she said, “I know he doesn’t love me and he never did. But now he’s calling me names like the Jolly Green Giant or the big rich Amazon bitch.”

My heart was breaking for her but my cock was throbbing for her. I put my arm around her and pulled her against my side. She was trembling as she smuggled against me and rested her head on my shoulder. I instinctively put my other arm around her and kissed her forehead saying. “It’s alright, it’s alright. Tell me all about it.” “MY husband told me hates me.” “Oh come on, Jennifer, maybe you two were just having an argument.” I replied trying not to casino firmaları take advantage of the situation. Although the temptation was almost overwhelming. “No, no, I’ve always known he only married me because my father promised him a promotion.” “No shit,” I said without thinking, “I’d do anything to have a woman like you.”

Jennifer’s lips curled into a slight smile when I said that and she got that I want you to kiss me look in her eyes so I did. As our lips awkwardly brushed against each other’s, Jennifer put her arms around my neck and her body twitched. I got such a thrill from it that a jolt of pleasure shot right through me into my groin making my dick tingle.

Our lips had barely come together when Jennifer pulled her lips away. She rested her forehead against my chest and whispered, “OH, God, Danny, I’m sorry, I just can’t do it. I want to but I’m not a slut. I’m a married woman.”

She dropped her arms from around neck but left her head on my shoulder. I kissed the top of her head as I said, “It’s alright Jennifer, I understand. Tell me all about it?”

“Oh, God, I’ve always known my husband was unfaithful. But he’s always been discreet about it in the past. However, now he’s coming home all hours of the day and night smelling of perfume and with smudges of makeup on his clothes.”

“No shit,” I exclaimed. “Yeah,” she said, “It’s gotten so bad, the office staff’s gossiping about us.” “Oh, really. What did you do?” I asked. She replied, “I went to his office early this morning before the staff arrived to talk to him about it. When I got there the door to his reception area was open.” Then she paused for a moment like she was thinking.

So I asked, “Tell me more? ” “As I entered I had a clear view into his private office, that’s when I saw his Latino secretary perched on the edge of his desk. Her head was tilted back her eyes were closed, and she had a dreamy expression on her face. Her blouse was unbuttoned, her purple bra was pushed up over her breasts, her dark red nipples were swollen and glistening with saliva, her black mini skirt was bunched up around her waist and her purple panties were laying on the floor.” “Holy shit that must have been quite a sight to see. Where was your husband?”

Jennifer got wide eyed as she said,” my roly-poly husband was kneeling on the floor between her legs with his pants down around his ankles. She was holding his head against her crotch mumbling, oh, God, I love the way you do that to me. Then her face contorted into a grimmest as she leaned forward and clamped her thighs around his head moaning, oh, fuck, Wendell, I’m coming. Then the slut said, oh, baby I love the things you do to me with your tongue.”

Jennifer paused for a moment. Then she told me, “You know, he’s never done that disgusting thing to me. No one’s ever done that to me.” “Oh, really,” I replied in amazement. Then I asked, “What did you do after that?” “Nothing,” she replied, “It was like I was frozen in place.”

“Tell me more.” I pleaded. “Huh? Okay, as Wendell stood up, she grabbed his penis and pulled him towards her with it and said, ‘I need you in me now’. As he went into her, the little slut groaned, ‘Oh, God, that’s it, that’s it, baby, fuck me good and hard’. Then she leaned back on his desk and lifted her legs and rested her feet on the edge.”

I asked her again, “Then what did you do?” “Nothing, I just stood there, watching them and listening to my husband grunting and groaning and her moaning, as they did it.” My cock was throbbing and oozing pre-come as I asked, “Really? Was it hot and getting you excited watching them?”

“Yeah, yeah, oh, God, yeah I was really getting excited and turned on, but I don’t know why. I could tell his little whore was really loving it, because she was rolling her head moaning, ‘Yes, yes, that’s it, baby, fuck me harder. Oh, God, don’t stop, please don’t stop. I’m almost there’. Then she arched her back and screeched, ‘Oh, baby, you’re making me come again’.

“My husband had his hands on the little whore’s waist and yanked her against himself as he groaned, ‘Now it’s my turn.’ Then he slammed himself in and out her grunting and groaning, ‘Oh Baby, I’m coming, I’m coming.’ Then he clinched his ass cheeks as his body went stiff, and exploded inside the little whore.

After his orgasm subsided. He leaned over her and whispered, ‘I love you,’ and kissed her like he’s never kissed me. As he pulled his penis out of her. A trickle of sperm oozed out of her and dripped on the floor. Then, then the brazen little slut pleaded, ‘Wendell,please leave her you belong with me, not her.”

“No shit, Jennifer. That must have been quite a sight to see. I can only imagine how bad you must have felt watching it and hearing your husband and her professing their love for each other.”

I didn’t care about that. I guess I’m … I’m only jealous because I don’t have anyone.” “Huh? Oh, really,” was all I said.

Then I asked, “What did you do after that?” güvenilir casino “Nothing,” She replied, “I went driving around, trying to collect my thoughts. I just stopped here to get a cup of coffee.

Then I saw you standing there ogling me. I thought to myself, ‘Oh, God, No’ because you’re the kind of man I’ve always wanted and dreamed about but never found.”

I didn’t know what to say. Because she was the kind of woman I’d always wanted too. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her against my side and kissed the top of her head. As I did, Jennifer tilted her head said, “Oh, God, Danny,” and our lips came together in a tender kiss.

Then I felt the tip of her tongue brushing across my lips. As I opened my mouth her tongue parted my lips. When the tips of our tongues touched. We leaned back on the bed.

We kissed deeply playing with our tongues from mouth to mouth. Jennifer finally broke our kiss and asked, “Danny, you know I shouldn’t be doing this. Can … can we just cuddle for a little while?” When she said that, I knew I should’ve gotten up and got the hell out of there but I didn’t.

“Okay,” I replied as we crawled to the center of the bed and embraced. This time when our lips came together our mouths were already open.

As our lips touched, Jennifer pushed her tongue into my mouth as I ran my fingertips up and down her spine. We flicked the tips of our tongue across each other’s. She was moving her head around as I forced my tongue into her mouth.

While I was raping her mouth with my tongue, Jennifer was grinding herself against me as she slightly opened and closed her legs, causing her skirt to slide up. Then she lifted her leg over my hip and pressed herself against me jamming the lump in the front of my jeans against her crotch.

She sucked my tongue as we ground ourselves against each other. I broke our kiss and nipped her ear lobe as I put my hand on the cheek of her firm butt and pulled her harder against me. She didn’t resist but said again, “I shouldn’t be doing this.”

When I stuck the tip of my tongue in her ear and kneaded the cheek of her ass, Jennifer ground herself against me and said, “Maybe we should stop before I let you do something to me … that I might regret later.”

No, means no. So I took my hand off her. But I didn’t want to give up and said, “Jennifer, I promised you we wouldn’t do anything you don’t want to do.” She replied, “Oh, God, I just don’t want you to think I’m some common tramp like … like that woman my husband is … is doing it to. “After she said that, I kissed the side of her neck and covered her ample but firm breast with my hand.

Jennifer drew in her breath and placed her hand over mine and held it there. This time as our hungry lips came together, Jennifer forced her tongue into my mouth and licked the roof of my mouth giving me goose bumps.

While she was doing that, I moved my hand off her tit and opened the buttons on her blouse. I kissed down the side of her neck to that hot spot between her neck and shoulders. While I was nibbling and sucking on that sensitive flesh, I was also caressing her bra encased breast. Jennifer seemed shocked as I opened the clasp on the front of her bra and gasped, “What … what do you think you’re you doing? You promised me.”

I said, “Don’t worry about it. You’re going to love this, I guarantee it. Remember my promise I said I won’t do anything to you that you don’t want me to.” Then I rolled her onto her back and moved the cups of her bra aside exposing her big beautiful breasts.

She was staring into my face as I leaned over her and blew around and over her light pink nipples causing them to harden. Jennifer shuddered as she groaned, “OH, God, please don’t do that.” I didn’t pay any attention to her plea. Instead I licked around her large bumpy areolas and across her swollen nipples, first on one breast then on the other, while I kept caressing them. Jennifer was pumping her hips and opening and closing her legs causing her skirt to bunch up around her waist while I was teasing her nipples. I thought to myself, she’s the most beautiful, desirable woman I’ve even seen.

Her eyes grew wide as I rolled over on top of her and sat on my heels just below her knees. I continued to caress her breasts and rub the ends of my thumbs across her nipples as she said, “Oh, God, Danny, I should make you stop but it feels so good I don’t want you to stop.”

Then I bent over and sucked her nipples and swirled my tongue around them first on one tit then on the other.

Jennifer was mumbling something about not being some sex starved slut as I kissed her stomach and licked around her belly button. When I curled my tongue stuck it into her navel, she bolted upright and screeched, “OH, God, no, don’t do that, it’s nasty.”

Then she grabbed the bedcovers and leaned back moaning, “Oh, God, no, stop, please don’t do that, it’s dirty and disgusting.”

She tried to wiggle away from my invading tongue by moving her hips but she was unable to and screeched another long drawn out, “OH, God. Stop doing that.”

She was squirming around mumbling something about me being some sort of a perverted pig and saying nobody has ever done that to her before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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