Abusive Fantasies

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This story was written as a screen play dialogue for the creation of an audio CD. There are special notations and instructions to the actress and actor to fallow. The names and physical descriptions of the characters were intentionally omitted to allow the listener the freedom to imagine who they would be with. All rights to this screen play are protected. All characters are 18 years and up.

* * *

Opening scene:

Sister walks in on brother jacking off to porno. Brother desperately tries to cover up and change the channel but it is too late. She has seen everything. She says,

“Oh my god, what the fuck are you doing?” Embarrassed he says,

“Damn sis, don’t you knock?”

“Were you just jacking off to porno?”

“No! I was just flipping through the channels is all.”

“With your cock in your hand? Bull shit! You were just jacking off to porno.”

“Yeah well……so what if I was. Is it such a crime? I mean, it’s not that big a deal.”

“It’s okay little brother, I don’t care. I thought you had a girlfriend for that though.”

“Well, I do but she doesn’t act like some of these porn stars.”

“What do you mean?”

“No! I’m not talking to my sister about my personal sex life. That’s disgusting.”

“Awww come on. Don’t be shy with me. I’m your sister. If you can’t talk to me about these things, then who can you talk to?”

“Thanks but I’m dealing with this problem just fine on my own. You can’t help me.”

“So let me get this straight. You’re watching porn to make up for the inadequacies that your girlfriend lacks in the bed room? That’s stupid! Why don’t you just ask her to do some of the things on this porno?”

(Sister picks up the porn video cover and reads the title)

“Dirty foul mouth sluts? Dirty whores with filthy mouths. Is that what you like? Women that talk dirty to you?”

“Well, yes but she’s too nice in bed. She doesn’t want to do anything kinky. And believe me, I’ve asked. But she won’t go for it. She’s a real bore.”

“Well, then let’s talk about it. Tell me your ultimate sexual fantasy. I mean, if you could have everything perfect, how would it be?”

“Oh hell no! I’m not discussing this sort of thing with my sister.”

“Awwww come on. Please. If you don’t tell me right now then I’ll just have to tell all your buddy’s what I caught you doing.”

“You bitch! You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh no? Try me.”

“That’s blackmail.”

“Call it what you want, but I swear I’ll do it.”

“Okay Okay. I’ll tell you, but promise not to say a word to anyone about this.”

“I swear to god, I won’t tell anyone. And don’t leave out any details. I want to know every thing from start to finish, no matter how filthy or dirty. I won’t find anything shocking.”

“Well, you may think differently after this but here goes….. First of all, my fantasy girl is not a nice girl. In fact, she’s a bitch. She has a mean rotten attitude towards me like she’s on the rag, only without all blood and shit like that. Just the shitty mood that comes with PMS. So she’s on the rag and she’s just had the worst day she’s ever had in her life. Everything that could have gone wrong with her that day, did. So she’s pissed off only to come home to a filthy house and a list of chores that I failed to get done. So she starts chewing me out and decides that she’s going to dump her worst day ever onto me, only in the bed room. So we’re in the bedroom and she tells me that the only way for me to make things up to her is to be her personal sex toy slave. From there she proceeds to force me to pleasure her while she unloads her rotten day onto me. And I mean she is a bitch. It’s not only what she says but it’s how she says it. When she yells at me with curse words, it’s at the top of her lungs. Almost loud enough for the neighbors to hear her. First she makes me tongue and eat her ass. Then she sucks my cock for a while. After that, she rides my cock with her cunt. Next, she makes me fuck

her ass doggy style and then she rides me again only with her ass hole and she clinches her ass hole tight on my cock head. She rides me some more only faster and

faster and tells me to count down from 5 when I’m almost ready to cum. When I get to ‘1’, she tightens up her ass hole as hard as she can and drives all her weight down on my cock just as I’m cumming. The pain and pleasure is so intense that I almost pass out. So I’m pumping her ass full of my cum and when she’s milked every last drop, she pulls me out and casino oyna shit’s my cum from her ass hole back onto my cock, pushing out a mixture of ass juice and cum. The entire time she is doing this, she is constantly yelling and cussing me out. Degrading me, humiliating me, insulting me as mean and loud as she can be. Well, that’s about it. You must think I’m a sick bastard.”

“God damn little brother. That’s pretty twisted. Who would have known that you were such a pervert?”

“Well, you were the one that said no matter how filthy or dirty.”

“Yes. Yes, I did. Well, the way I see it is this, short of paying a prostitute to do this, you’re going to need a very loving and understanding partner and it doesn’t sound like your girlfriend is up for it.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.”

“So what are you going to do bro?”

“Nothing. Just keep watching my porn to take care of my special needs.”

“Yeah but you’ll never get that exact fantasy by looking at your porn. Porn sucks. Wouldn’t you rather have the real thing?”

“Well, yes of course I would, but like you said, only a whore on the street would do it and I just don’t have that kind of money.”

“Hmmm well, I’ll tell you what little brother, as a favor to you, because I’m such a loving sister, I’ll do it for free.”

“Oh my god! Are you sick? You’re my sister for christ’s sake!”

“I know. I know, it may seem a little gross but who else are you going to get to do something like this for free. And anyway, it’s just sex. It’s not like we’re trying to make babies here. It’s just a sister who loves her brother and wants to help him out. Besides, I’m going to enjoy yelling at you for all the rotten things you did to me as a kid. And not to mention your fantasy has got me all horny just listening to you tell it. Just think how

perverted it is, brother and sister living out this anger sex thing of yours. FUCK! I’m

wet just talking about it. Come on little brother. Let me do this for you. Please…….”

“What! Right here? Right now?”

“Why the fuck not? You’re horny. I’m horny. Just think of it. You’re finally going to live out your ultimate fantasy.”

“Yeah that’s true. It’s been a fantasy of mine for years. You know if anyone ever found out about this then we’d be fucked!”

“Hay I’m not going to say anything. You think I want any of my friends knowing about this, let alone mom and dad.”

“Okay Okay, you talked me into it but this will go to our graves. Not one word.”

“I swear to god, I won’t say one word. So how should we do this? I’m your sister and I’m on the rag and I’m having the worst day of my life. I come home and you haven’t done any of the chores I asked you to do.”

“Right. And you’re pissed. You’re so mad you are ready to kill.”

“Okay little brother, get ready to be verbally abused like never before…….

Oh my god! What the fuck! What the hell have you been doing all day. I thought I gave you a list of shit to clean around this house and look at it. You haven’t done one fucking thing have you? Have you, you lazy ass piece of shit?”

“Well, I was just going to get started.”

“Oh you good for nothing lazy ass mother fucker. You picked the wrong day to piss me off. This has been the worst day of my life and I come home to a fucking pig pen. You don’t fucking do a god damn thing around here except eat and make a mess. I’m not your fucking mother fuck face, I’m your sister. And I’m pissed.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’ll start cleaning right away.”

“Oh hell no! It’s too late for that now. You’ve fucked up this time little brother. I’ve got something else in store for you. There’s only one thing that helps me get over a bad day like this and that’s a good hard fuck. Yes, that’s exactly what I need. To get fucked good and hard. And you’re the one that’s going to fuck me. Only I’m going to take out my rotten day on you while you’re doing it so since you didn’t clean the house, you’re going to start by cleaning my dirty ass hole with your tongue. Get the fuck over here and start eating my ass you lazy piece of shit. MMMMM, that’s it you lazy fuck, clean

my dirty ass… Go on, lick it clean mother fucker …Lick my ass hole clean of the last shit I took …Come on little brother, eat your sister’s ass out …Eat it mother fucker! EAT MY ASS GOD DAMN IT!.. I’M FUCKING PISSED AT YOU!… COME ON, BURY THAT FUCKING FACE IN MY ASS!… That’s right, I want you to tongue your sister’s ass out… Come on mother fucker, slot oyna push that tongue deep into my ass hole… Tongue it out… That’s so fucking hot… My little brother is tongue fucking my ass… Oh my god!.. I’m going to fucking cum… Keep eating my ass mother fucker… Make me cum… Oh shit, pull my ass cheeks apart and drill my ass hole with your long stiff tongue… Come on fuck head… Make me feel it… TONGUE FUCK MY ASS!… Yeah that’s it, stuff my ass with your tongue… FUCK IT! FUCK MY ASS!… Faster mother fucker… Tongue fuck my ass as fast as you fucking can… DO IT ASSHOLE!… TONGUE FUCK YOUR SISTER’S SHIT HOLE!… Make me cum… Oh god… I’m cumming… Put your finger in my ass and drink my cum… DRINK IT!… I’m cumming in your mouth… That’s it, drink your sister’s cum… AAAAAAAAAA Oh fuck that was hot… Okay dick wadd… I need you nice and hard so you can fuck me…. How would you like your sister to suck your cock?… Huh?… Would you like that?… Your own flesh and blood sucking you off… Huh mother fucker?… How would you like to see your sister’s slutty mouth sucking on your cock?… mmmmmm… Watch your sister’s tongue run up the length of your cock. LLLLLLLLLLL… Are you watching me suck your cock?… mmmmmm… Huh?… How does that look?… Your very own sister that you grew up with sucking your cock. mmmmmmm.”

“Oh god sis… That’s nasty… Please… Please stroke it while you suck it.”

“Yeah?… You want me to stroke you off and suck it too?… Yeah?… mmmmmm. Watch me stroke your cock… Yeah?… Am I jacking your cock off?… Huh?… Does that feel good?… How about if I squeezed your head with my hand like this?”

“Oh shit!… Oh fuck!… Yes, make it hurt.”

“You like that don’t you…. You like it when I squeeze real hard on your sensitive dick head.”

“Yes, now bite it… Use your teeth.”

“You mean like this?”

“Ouch… Yes, ouch that’s good.”

“Huh mother fucker? You want me to scrape my teeth across your head like this?”

“Ouch!… Oh fuck yes… It’s so good.”

“Okay… That’s enough… Your cock is rock hard and I need to get fucked… Just sit in that chair while I impale myself on it… Are you ready?… Are you ready to see your sister ride your cock… OOOO yes, I want you to watch it go in… I want you to watch your sister’s cunt swallow your cock… Oh yes that’s it… Look at your cock disappear into my cunt… Look at it… Now I’m going to fuck it… I’m gonna to fuck the shit out of you.

(loud slapping noises)

“Yes, watch your sister’s cunt fuck your cock hard and fast… Oh yes, I’m slamming myself down on your cock mother fucker… How do you like seeing your sister fucking herself on your hard cock?… Does that look good to you?… Huh, you god damn piece of shit?”

(10 or so seconds of fast rapid hard slapping noises with screams and moans)

“Oh shit… You’re going to make me cum again… I can’t believe I’m fucking my little brother… It’s so hot… AHHHHH… I’m cumming… Oh Shiiiiiiit.”

(loud scream)

“Okay you little bastard, I’m not done with you yet… You’re going to fuck my ass now… I want you to bend me over this couch and FUCK MY ASS HARD!… That’s it. Yes… Push your cock into my sweet tight asshole… Oh yes… I want you to watch it as it goes in… Oh fuck, I can feel it so good… Oh deeper mother fucker… Push it all the way in… Go on… Now drill my ass little brother… Fuck the shit out of it… Come on. Fuck your sister right in her ass… Fuck your sister’s ass hole… FUCK IT!… FUCK ME MOTHER FUCKER!… Come on you god damn piece of shit!… FUCK ME!… FUCK MY ASS!… You got what you wanted, your god damn sister bent over this couch… SO FUCK ME!… FUCK YOUR SISTER RIGHT IN THE ASS MOTHER FUCKER!.. HARDER GOD DAMN IT!… Come on you lazy ass… I can take it!… FUCK ME HARDER!…FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME!… I want you to look at me… Stare into my eyes as you fuck your sister’s ass… Oh my god you are one sick mother fucker… Just look at you… Can you see what you’re doing?… You’re fucking your sister in her ass… You’re having incest with your sister… Are you fucking your sister’s tight ass?… Is it tight enough for you?… You want me to make it even tighter for you?… Huh mother fucker?… Okay, okay slow down… Fuck me slower… Okay, here’s what I’m going to do… I’m going to squeeze my ass together as you thrust in and relax as you pull out.”

“Oh my god, that feels great… Your canlı casino siteleri ass is impossibly tight when you squeeze it like that.”

“Yeah?… You like that?… You like my tight ass gripping your cock?… Yeah fuck my tight ass you dirty piece of shit… FUCK IT!… Oh yeah I’m squeezing it hard… I’m clinching with all my might.”

(grunting effort noises)

“Oh shit this is too much work… Okay little brother, I’m tired… I’m just going to relax. My ass is wide open for you… Just fuck away at that ass… As fast as you want. My ass is yours… Have your way with it… Fuck it full steam ahead if you want…. My ass hole is fully relaxed so you can fuck fuck the shit out of it… Oh my god that feels so fucking good… Come on fuck me!… Slam that cock of yours into my ass hole. I SAID SLAM IT!… Oh fuck just get off me… Can’t you do anything right?… Well, it looks like I’m just going to have to do it myself… Sit back down in that chair… I’ll teach you how to fuck an ass… I’m going to sit right down on it and show you how to fuck an ass right… When I tell you to fuck my ass hard and fast, I mean like this.”

(10 seconds of hard rapid slapping noises with grunting effort)

“You got it mother fucker?… How does my ass hole feel griping your cock?… Huh? Just let me jerk your cock off with my ass hole… You just sit there and let your sister take control of this cock… This is how you fuck and ass (SLAM) ….. (SALM) ….(SALM) ….. (SLAM)……. (SALM) How about if I just squeeze your cock head with my ass hole? Huh?… Do you like that?”

“Awww shit… Yes, that’s it… Squeeze with all your might… Make it hurt.”

“Yeah?… You want it to hurt?… Okay, you asked for it.”

(10 seconds of grunting straining noises)

“Awww that’s it… Clinch your ass hole on my cock head.”

“Oh you love it don’t you… My ass hole squeezing your dick head?… Huh?… With all my might?… Squeezing as hard as I can?… Okay, now I’m just going to fuck you senseless, but I want you to do something for me… When you’re ready to cum, give me a count down from 5.”

“Okay, but why?”

“When you get to ‘1’, I’m going to tighten up my ass with all my strength and drive all my weight down onto your cock just as you’re cumming.”

“Okay, but I’m not ready yet… Please keep fucking me.”

“Oh I’ll fuck you some more… I’m going to fuck the shit out of you, you mother fucking piece of shit.”

(10 seconds of rapid slapping and screaming noises)

“Are you watching your sister fuck your cock with her ass hole?”

“Yes, the brother sister talk is working… Keep talking like that and I’ll cum.”

“Go on then… Cum in my ass hole… Explode your cock deep inside your sister’s ass hole… Fuck me till you cum.”

“Okay sis… I need you to get mean… Cuss at me loud and I’ll cum in your ass.”

“COME ON MOTHER FUCKER!… FUCK ME!… Fuck your sister’s ass till you cum you god damn mother fucking piece of shit!… Yeah that’s it, FUCK MY ASS HOLE!… FUCK ME TILL THE SKIN FALLS OFF YOUR COCK!… Come on you fucking wimp!… FUCK ME!… Be a fucking man and fuck me hard!… You fuck like a girl!… QUIT BEING SUCH A FUCKEN BABY AND RAM YOUR GOD DAMN COCK UP MY ASS!… Come on little boy!… FUCK ME!… You’re a grown man who has no idea how to fuck!… NOW FUCK MY ASS HARD!… Come on you whining coward!… FUCK ME HARD!… Harder!… HARDER!… FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME YOU NASTY MOTHER FUCKER!”

“Okay, I’m about to cum… Here I go… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1”

(single grunt… single loud slap… brother moans in X T C)

“Oh yes… Fill my asshole up with all your cum… Oh god, I can feel it being pumped into my ass… Pump me… Pump me… Oh shit I’m cumming again.”

(Long loud scream)

“Oh fuck, fill up my ass with your cum god damn it… Give me every last drop…. Okay are you watching?… I don’t want you to miss what I’m about to do next… I’m going to pull you out of my ass and I want you to watch me shit your cum all over your cock. Are you watching?”

(grunting effort noises fallowed by squishy splattering noise)

“Oh look at that cum ooz out of my ass onto your cock. Wait I think there’s more.”

(grunting and splattering noises)

“Oh fuck you filled my ass with so much… Are you watching it drizzle out my ass. MMM let me smear it all over your cock and stomach with my ass… MMM yeah. How does that feel?”

“It’s fucking great.”

“So little brother, how did you like that? How did you like fucking your foul mouthed pissed off sister?”

“I loved it sis.”

“Well, don’t think this was the last time it will happen. This could go on for years.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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