Accidental Night of Passion

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My family was all in town to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday. My parents had decided to celebrate even though they had just announced they were going to get a divorce. It was a big show of unity since my parents had stayed together to get their last kid, me, out of high school. Now that I was going to college and would be out of the house there was no reason for my parents to stay together.

My mom was a nurse and my father was an attorney. Over the years they had been married my mom had numerous affairs. I found out later in life that my middle sister was not fathered by my father but he obviously forgave her because I came around about 6 years later. Despite my mom’s screwing around, my dad still loved her. My mom asked for a divorce to be with a new lover and my dad finally accepted that had lost her.

The party was big and there was a lot of alcohol consumed. I watched my parents, family and their friends get trashed. Every room in the house was full of family and friends that were drinking and too drunk to drive home.

My mom had a few too many drinks and I knew from experience that alcohol made her sleep. I found her in a guest room passed out on the bed. I knew my father was playing pool and drinking with a few of his friends in the basement. From the sounds of it, they were all rip-roaring drunk.

I was tired and wanted to go to bed. I went to my parents room after finding my aunt and uncle in my bed and no other rooms available. I passed out on my parents bed after stripping down into a t-shirt and panties.

I woke-up when I heard my dad come in the room. My dad was obviously drunk and bumping around making a lot of noise. I tried to ignore him. I heard him pissing and turned toward the bathroom. I felt a strange tingle in my crotch as I watched my dad hold his penis and piss. I made a mental note to wipe the seat because, from the sound of it, his aim was way off. I quickly dozed off.

I woke-up when I felt the bed move as my dad got into bed. He cuddled up against me. I immediately realized that something seemed off. I felt something like hair tickle my thighs and then I felt his penis against my thigh. I realized he was naked. He cuddled up against me in the spoon position. I could smell the mouthwash and alcohol on his breath as his cheek brushed up against my neck. He wrapped his arms around me and then he took my left breast in his hand and gently squeeze it. I pushed his hand away in protested. Again he grabbed my tit and I pushed his hand away again. I heard him mumble something about one last time or something like that but I didn’t understand him. He took my left breast in his hand again and gently squeeze it. I started to get out of bed but I stopped when he gently pinched my swollen nipple between his finger tips. I realized that my nipples were hard and I felt a strange tingle in my crotch.

He murmured something about my tits. I could tell that I was breathing deep and my heart was beating fast. He caressed my tits and told me how beautiful I was. My body went limp as I felt my father’s cock harden against my hip. I felt him adjust his position behind me and then I felt him gently hump his hard cock against my panty-covered ass.

He slid a hand under my shirt . He complemented me on my tight abs and how, after three kids, I was still fit and beautiful. My head was dizzy from the alcohol I had consumed but I had confirmed right then that my father thought I was my mom. I knew I should get out of the situation but I didn’t. I couldn’t move.

My mom and I have a lot in common. Although our personalities are opposite, our bodies are basically the same shape and size although my moms hips and ass are slightly fuller and she was more endowed. My smaller b cups are tiny compared to my moms fuller c-cups and her nipples are twice as large. Obviously my dad couldn’t tell us apart in the darkness and in his drunken state.

As his hands caressed my tits and he played with my hard nipples, I knew letting it continue it was wrong but I also knew he needed a woman that loved him in his life. I knew I loved him and guessed it was time to show him how much I loved him. I felt my crotch getting damp as my father humped his stiff cock against my ass. He adjusted himself and aligned his cock to my crack and started humping and moving his hips in a fucking motion. I adjusted to make it easier for him and my hips started moving in rhythm with his. I was very aroused. I felt his large hairy balls brush against the back of my thighs as he humped my ass. I slowly reached back and wrapped my hand around the thick shaft of my father’s penis. I heard him moan. My dads cock was almost too thick for me to wrap my hand around. I slid my hand up and down the 7.5 inch curved shaft that had an additional 1.5 inch long head that was thick and it had a wide flared head with a wide ridge at the base. My father’s dick was at least 2.5 inches longer and twice as thick as my boyfriends.

I cupped his large balls and gently squeezed them. casino şirketleri I heard him moan. I felt a strange power over him as I caressed the large hairy sack under his hard curved dick. The large oval-shaped globes in the hairy sack were twice as large as my boyfriends.

He removed my shirt and slid his right hand down into the front of my panties. I was trembling. “Hmmmm, you are not shaving anymore. I’ve always liked a little bush.”

I moaned and tried to pull away but my attempt was weak. I really didn’t want him to stop. His fingers quickly found my clit and I orgasmed immediately. I knew I should stop him but I didn’t. I tried to speak but his lips covered mine. We kissed and it was eerily pleasant and nice. I felt his fingers between my legs and sliding through the wetness of my pussy. I was really wet and surprised just how wet and sexually excited I was.

I had experienced sex a few times so I wasn’t a virgin. I had a steady boyfriend but sex was new for me and my boyfriend was inexperienced. We had only had sex twice and it really sucked. I had heard my friends talk about fucking their boyfriends and their sexual experiences seem to have been a lot better than mine.

My father’s fingers were quick to find my pussy lips and I moaned as his middle finger penetrated deep into my pussy.

“Please stay with me tonight. Please don’t leave” he said. “I want you one last time. God you feel so wonderful. Please don’t leave.”

I was numb as my father’s mouth covered my lips and his tongue entered my mouth again. I found it odd that I was making-out with my father as he finger-fucked me. I massaged and explored his cock and hairy balls. I started wondering how he could fit in me.

He pushed my panties down as he softly kissed my tits and sucked on my nipples. I wondered why he didn’t realize that I wasn’t my mom. My tits were a full cup size smaller and much firmer than my moms. As he sucked on my nipples and my tiny pink and blue bikini panties passed over my firm slim hips I knew I wasn’t acting like a respectable daughter. Honestly, I felt strange. I guess I was waiting for him to realize it was me but hoping he didn’t. At any minute I expected him to stop and tell me to get dressed and leave.

My panties slid down past my ass. He grabbed my ass and squeezed. He quietly moaned his appreciation for my firm ass. I swear I felt him tease my anus with a finger. I yelped and felt my heart beating harder. I reached down and helped him remove my panties and I threw them to the floor.

I was naked and I felt my father’s warm naked body against mine. He was hairier than my boyfriend and his dick was much larger. My brain was spinning and I couldn’t believe where I was. I always thought my dad was handsome but seeing him naked and feeling his warm skin on mine gave me added comfort. I paused and tried to gain control of my thoughts. What was I doing? I reminded myself that he was my father and I knew he thought I was my mom. Why was I ok doing this? Was he that drunk? Was I that drunk? Was he pretending to be oblivious that it was me? Did he want me or did he really think I was my mom? Was I committing incest?

“You have lost weight and you look and feel even more beautiful than you did before you had our kids. Its been along time. I want you.”

Holy shit, kids. I knew I wasn’t protected. I knew the next step was sex. It was really happening. I wasn’t stopping him. Why wasn’t I stopping him? Kids. I don’t want a child now.

As a catholic I knew premarital sex was wrong and I hadn’t started oral birth control. Although it was wrong, I had chosen on prom night to have sex just like a lot of her friends had. I hated being the only virgin but after screwing my boyfriend I realized he didn’t care who he was fucking. I felt cheap. I hated knowing that all of his friends knew he had fucked me. I wondered what he said about me. After planning it out and getting a hotel room, my boyfriend had used condoms and a jell for protection and lubricant. It had been messy and condoms made it seem impersonal. I was too nervous that first time to get wet or feel any satisfaction.

I wasn’t wet that night but I was now. I felt my father’s finger sliding into me again and I realized my pussy and his fingers were soaked.

That first night my boyfriend came quick all three times we had fucked. Yip, three times. The second night we snuck off to his parents bed he lasted longer but he still came quickly and filled two condoms before we had to make the bed and leave before they came home and caught us. My father wasn’t going to wear a condom. Getting caught wasn’t an option.

What if someone walked in? I was naked and in bed making out with my naked and very horny father. I wasn’t protected. I knew my mom had her tubes tied many years ago and I quickly realized my dad wasn’t worried about knocking her up but he would be fucking me and not my mom. I wondered if he was really going fit in me. I wondered if he really thought casino firmaları I was my mom. OMG, how would his fat cock fit in me?

My head was spinning as my dad kissed down my body. My heart was beating hard and I was visibly shaking. Between the emotional high of knowing it was my father and the physical pleasure of how good he was making me feel, I was almost screamed.

The warmth of his breath on my wet pussy made me tingle. He had kissed my pubes and muttered something about old times before kids. My boyfriend had never eaten my pussy and here I was with my father’s mouth on my pussy. I watched him pull my pubes from his tongue, oh my god he was really eating my pussy. I felt like a woman as I looked down and saw my father between my thighs.

He opened my tiny labia with his fingers and I felt the warmth and softness of his tongue on my clit and my pussy lips. “You taste so good.” I started shaking and felt my toes curl. He held my knees and raised them higher. My thighs fully opened for him. I hoped he liked my pussy. I sure liked what he was doing to my pussy.

My body felt warm and I started shaking. I gasped and then tried to hold in my moans as an intense orgasm made my body shudder. I tried to push my father’s face away from my spasming pussy. I felt the first of many streams of piss uncontrollably erupt from my bladder as I orgasmed. I cried out and fell back on the bed. I knew I was pissing but I couldn’t control myself.

“Oh shit” were the only words I could say as my dads tongue darted into my pussy and he sucked my swollen clit. He licked my ass and then stuck his tongue in it. I gasped and felt my pussy quiver as he licked and then stuck his tongue in my ass. He repeated his assault on my pussy and then my ass again. Again I felt her body betray me and I started to shake uncontrollably. He started sucking and tongue fucking my pussy and each time he was sticking his tongue deeper. Again I felt my bladder spasm and my orgasm made me dizzy. After my orgasm he stuck his tongue in my ass again. I think I blacked out!

I tasted the tangy mix of my pussy juices and my piss on her father’s mouth. I tried not to think about him sticking his tongue in my ass as our tongues collided in my mouth. I hadn’t ever though my dad would eat pussy much less that one day he would eat my pussy. I wondered if mom liked getting her pussy eaten. I couldn’t believe he licked my ass.

I moaned as his weight shifted up on me. He rested on top of me and I opened my thighs so that the shaft of my father’s cock was pushing against my wet pussy.

I admit that I had thought of my father sexually. As I hit puberty I had wondered what my father looked like with a erection. I wondered if he and my mom had regular sex. I had seen him naked a few times in the shower and, after seeing a Play Girl magazine with some friends, I knew my dad was at least average. I had wondered how big he got when he had an erection and I masturbated a few times thinking of him. I had a few friends that had seen their father’s naked and a few had seen their father’s with erections. We joked about morning wood. A few of my friends had even seen their dads and moms having sex.

I had seen my best friends father naked and I saw that his dick was a lot smaller than my dads. I recall feeling slightly proud. I also knew that one of my friends was having regular sex with her step-dad and she had said her step dad had a big dick. From the video she showed me of them having sex, he was really big. I thought it was strange that my friend was regularly fucking both her stepdad and a boy our age from school.

I looked down as my father raised up and guided his cock into place between my open thighs. My eyes almost popped out of my head when she saw my father’s long and thick curved penis pointing at my pussy. My body shook and my muscles tightened. I look back now and smile at what I was thinking as I looked down between my open thighs and saw my dad aligning his dick to enter me. I recall thinking, Shit, just my luck. My dad does have a big dick. I hope it fits.

I felt the head of my father’s long curved penis push against the lips of my pussy. I tried to relax but I was scared. I felt more pressure and tried to relax. I gasped as my father’s large thick penis head stretched my pussy open and slid into me. I gasped and my body went rigid. It felt like he was shoving a baseball bat into my pussy. Holy shit, is it supposed to feel like this?

My father moaned and kissed me. “God you always were tight even after kids.”

I relaxed a little and I felt his cock slide deeper in me. I felt the wide head of his cock as it slid deeper into my pussy. He slowly lowered and then he raised his hips and I felt his dick sliding in and out of me. I thought I would bust as he started working his long-thick manhood deeper and with more force into my tight pussy. Initially his pace was slow and steady but then he started fucking me more quickly. I heard the mattress creaking under güvenilir casino my ass. I hope no one heard us.

I tried to relax but it was difficult to do with a giant cock stretching my tight pussy. I thought about birth control again and quietly hoped my father’s cum would not find a fertile egg. I hoped my cycle was too far along. I wanted to tell him he couldn’t cum in me but as I looked up at my father’s face I saw him as a man and not just my father. He seemed happier than I had ever seen him. That was an image I will never forget. I needed him and he needed me. I was there for him and he was in me. He was actually in me. I knew this would change us but I wondered if he would ever know how close we would always be after this time together.

His thrusts became erratic and quick. I heard him moan and then groan. His pace was fast and then slow. I relaxed and he was able to penetrate me more freely. He pushed harder and I felt his hairy balls slap against my ass. He was fully in me, I couldn’t believe it. He pushed deep and then shallow. I felt my pussy twitch and I orgasmed again.

My father looked down at me as I shook and my pussy pulsed. “God you feel amazing” he groaned as he pushed deeper. “You feel so wet.”

He kissed me and then looked into my eyes as he raised up in his arms and pushed his cock deep into me again. I thought he realized who I was. He paused and looked into my eyes. “I am going to cum. Im close.”

He pulled partially out and hesitated before he pushed his dick deep into me again. I felt the head of his dick hit against the back wall of my pussy. I gasped. I heard the headboard of the bed hit the wall again and again. I was grunting and he was pounding himself into me.

I gasped about the same time her father started groaning. He pushed his cock deep and he hit bottom again. His muscles tightened up. I saw his expression change and his mouth opened. I heard him groan. “Im cumming. Oh yes, I’m cumming.”

I pulled him close to me and held him as I felt his penis start to pulse deep in my pussy. Oh god, he was actually cumming in me. There was a strange warm tingle and a feeling of being full as he continued to empty his warm cum into my pussy. I felt his cock twitching and pulsing. My pussy was getting flooded with my father’s cum.

I felt like I was in charge until he came and then I realized I had no power. I was also acutely aware that I wasn’t protected. I was amazed that he kept cumming in me. Stream after stream of my father’s cum flooded my pussy. Where was it all coming from?

He fell onto me and we were both laid still. Both of our bodies continued to spasm and I felt his dick twitching in my pussy. It was sexual and yet intimate. I felt so close to him. I was afraid to speak and feared he would know I wasn’t my mom. I had no idea how to react. I knew I needed to leave but he was in and on me. I was scared.

My fears intensified as my father pulled his slimy-wet dick out of me. I felt his warm cum ooze out of my freshly fucked pussy. I saw him look down at my pussy and smile. I wondered what he was thinking about as he looked at me. He got out of bed. I looked up at him and then down at his firm cock covered in cum. I waited for him to look at me and tell me to leave but he never said a word. My father slowly bent down and kissed me passionately and he turned and walked towards the bathroom. I smiled, cute ass.

As my father pissed I slowly got out of bed and found my clothes. As he returned to bed I saw that he was still staggering. I tried to look away so he wouldn’t have a clear view of me in the darkness. I hoped he would think I was my mom. He seemed agitated.

“I guess its too much to ask you to stay” he asked in a strange tone that made me scared. He fell back on the bed. “I just wanted one more night, you always were a cold bitch. I guess I should feel honored that you were here at all and you let me be with you one last time. After all of the times you cheated, I never cheated. Not once. Iv’e had chances but I have never fucked anyone else.”

I felt tears in my eyes as I pulled on my panties and shirt. I felt cheap. My father’s massive load of cum had already started saturating the crotch of my panties as I stood there looking at him. My knees were shaking. I quickly left the room and walked toward the stairs to the basement. His cum felt so strange as it leaked out of me.

I laid on the sofa crying. I was trying to take-in what I had just done. I hoped I hadn’t hurt the one man I loved more than anyone in the world. I was scared my father or someone would find out what had happened and it was me in bed having sex with him and not my mom. I felt like I had let him down. The sex had been fantastic and now I knew how great sex could be but I knew what my dad did to me was because he wanted my mother. My mom would know it had to have been me if it were to ever come up in a conversation but why would it. I was suddenly terrified I had let him cum in me.

I slipped off the next day and went to a clinic. My crotch was sore but the thoughts of my father fucking me were special. The pills they gave me made me sick and nauseous for a few days. I blamed it on a flu when people asked why I was feeling ill.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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