Adventures in Montreal

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There’s nothing quite like a free trip to make a rather uneventful summer a lot more interesting. For their 18th birthday my twin cousins Danielle and Maria were given a free trip to Montreal by their parents. It was a chance for them to be away from home for a week over the summer before they went off to college in the fall, but they still needed to have an older chaperone with them. Fortunately for me I had always been pretty close with them, and at 24 years old I fit the requirements their parents needed for a chaperone. For my troubles I would get to stay in a hotel free for a week, and my Aunt and Uncle were kind enough to give me an extra $500 as spending money for the week. All I had to do was make sure Danielle and Maria didn’t get into too much trouble in a foreign country where they were actually able to drink legally. I planned to have a few nights out myself while spending most of my time lounging by the pool at the hotel.

The plan was to drive up to take the 5 hour drive all in one shot. Maria wanted to drive, so I would have no problem spending most of the ride sleeping in the back seat while Maria and Danielle sang along with Taylor Swift, talked about boys, or whatever else 18 year old girls do during long car rides. They arrived at my apartment at 4 am to pick me up. I managed to drag myself out of bed and bring my suitcase down to the car. They both waived to me from the front seat, and I smiled back trying to shake the cobwebs from my head.

I couldn’t get a great look at them, but Danielle appeared to be half asleep too and still dressed in her pajamas. Maria, fortunately, looked to be more alert and ready to drive. I crammed my suitcase into the trunk and hopped in. I brought a pillow and blanket with me so I could lay out in the back to get a little more sleep on the ride. Don’t judge me when I tell you that both of my cousins were sexy in their own way. They were not identical, and judging by their personalities you would not know they were sisters. Maria was 5’7, thin, with long dirty blonde hair. She carried herself in a fairly serious way, but had a smile that could cut the tension in any room. Her best feature was her long slender legs that led right up to her ass. Her ass was simply nice. Enough for each hand to grab on to. Her chest was probably a c-cup, but the size fit her body perfectly. Then there was Danielle. She had the reputation as more of a party girl, and I was a little worried about having to actually watch her while drinking in Montreal. She had long and light blonde hair. She was a few inches shorter than her sister and had smaller boobs, but she had probably the nicest ass I have ever seen. I know, she’s my cousin, but if you saw that ass you couldn’t blame. You could tell by the way she walked that she knew she was hot, and she knew when the guys noticed her.

The benefit to being their cousin was that I got to know them better than the average guy, and most of the time I got past the trying to impress someone bs. I said my quick hellos to Maria and Danielle before settling in. We got back on the road quickly, and I was asleep by the time we hit the highway. By the time I woke up we were somewhere in northern New York. I didn’t make any noise to alert them that I was awake, my eyes just kind of opened up and I was able to listen to their conversation.

Danielle: “I can’t wait to start drinking tonight. Those French Canadian boys won’t know what hit them.”

Maria: “We both know you’re much more of a tease than anything else.”

Danielle: “When you know what a guy wants it’s so easy to get them to do anything when they think they have a chance at it.”

Maria: “I’m just going to enjoy the freedom. I doubt Adam is going to be that harsh on anything I want to do.”

Danielle: “If he is too hard on us, I’m sure I could get him to let us do what we wanted.”

Maria: “Oh yeah? You’re gonna seduce our cousin, so you can party a little more?”

Danielle: “I could if I wanted to. He has a penis.”

Maria: “I’m sure he’ll be pretty cool anyways. He always has been with us, and he’s been listening to this whole conversation back there.”

Adam: “Haha you saw my eyes open back here cuz?”

Maria: “Hahaha yeah I didn’t want to let Danielle give away too many of her plans before she knew you could hear her.”

Danielle: “You know I’m just kidding cousin Adam. “

Adam: “And you know I’m gonna let both of you have a good time this week. I just want to have a nice relaxing week. All I care about is making sure both of you come back home alive with no arrests or pregnancies.”

Maria: “Well you know you don’t need to worry about me, but Danielle has seven nights so that’s at least 5 guys who will have a shot to get her pregnant.”

Danielle: “Hey! That’s not true. I’m only gonna hook up with one or two guys this week. Don’t judge just because you’re gonna be all prude. I’m sure Adam’s gonna try and get some pussy this week, so you can feel free to be the only one not getting laid.”

Adam: “I’m not too worried about it. After finally breaking up casino şirketleri with Amber a couple weeks ago I don’t need anything to happen this week, and Maria feel free to make my life easier and not bring strange guys back to the room like Danielle plans to.”

Danielle: “I do hope Maria gets laid this week. I could hear her masturbating last night.”

I was too shocked to get a quick response to that, and Maria turned beet red while shooting a glare at Danielle.

Danielle: “Oh don’t get all embarrassed Maria. I’m sure Adam has jerked off before. I bet one of us will probably catch him doing it this week. No guy can go a week without doing it at some point.”

Adam: “Easy there cuz. Whatever Maria wants to do on her own in her room is her business, and I don’t think you have to worry about catching me. I’m fully capable of controlling myself.”

Maria: “Well thanks for sharing that one Danielle.”

After that the conversation turned away from sex and back to regular life things. Still hearing Danielle talk so casually about the idea of catching me jerking off turned me on a little bit. I hadn’t expected that and after she mentioned I briefly pictured Maria playing with herself alone in her room the night before. It felt wrong, but the idea of her being so horny she had to get herself off was exciting. I hoped Danielle didn’t plan on bringing all these guys back to the room with her, and that she wouldn’t be going that crazy this week.

The rest of the ride was fairly boring and we were even able to cross the border quickly. Montreal is not too far over the border, so we only had about another hour in the car before we arrived at the hotel. After five plus hours in the car it felt great to get out of the car and stretch in the parking lot. We were staying at the Sandman Hotel, and from the outside it looked like a decent place. We knew that it had an indoor pool, a small gym, and restaurant. It was also located right across the street from the train station giving us easy access to most the city. I unloaded the trunk as the girls slowly got out and stretched. Looking toward the front of the car I couldn’t help noticing Danielle as she stretched out. She was still in her pajamas and her lower half was only covered by a loose fitting pair of shorts. When stretched up I could see the lower half of her ass. I was mesmerized by the view. Slowly I came back to reality to notice that Maria was staring at me with a disapproving look because she could see what had caught my eye. I gave her a sheepish smile as I handed her bag to her. She turned and walked toward the door as I pulled out Danielle’s bag and closed the trunk. Maria was a sight to be seen in her own right. She was actually dressed in day time attire, but that consisted of a pair of short jean shorts and a tank top. Even her hair looked nice up in a pony tail. I could tell that I really needed to get laid this week if I was already checking out both of my cousins before we even got to the hotel room.

Maria led the way to the check in desk. She pulled out the credit card the reservation was made on as we were greeted in French by the receptionist. Maria smiled and replied in English. The receptionist quickly shifted to English and welcomed us to the hotel. She had us checked in within five minutes and we were headed to the elevator in not time. Our room was on the 4th floor making for a very quick ride up to the room. We walked down a narrow hallway before turning right into our room. The room wasn’t too big, but there was plenty of room for the three of us. The room had two double beds, a large window giving a view of the area, a 40 inch tv, a mini fridge, and a full bathroom.

I claimed the first bed near the bathroom while Maria quickly claimed the bed close to the window. I assumed that the sisters would be sharing a bed until Danielle started to put her things down on the same bed as me.

Adam: “Um…what are you doing?”

Danielle: “You think I’m going to share a bed with her? I had to do that for five years growing up and she is a bed hog. Plus she might just starting playing with herself again.”

Maria: “Apparently I just play with myself all the time, but hey if it gets me my own bed who cares?”

Adam: “Oh yeah? What if I start playing with myself to keep you out of my bed?”

Danielle: “Ha, you won’t start doing that. I know you’re not that big of a perv cuz.”

Adam: “Yeah you might be right, but I want my own bed.”

Danielle: “Then you can sleep on the couch.”

Adam: “There isn’t a couch.”

Danielle: “Well then you can have the floor.”

Adam: “Just stay off my side of the bed.”

Danielle only smiled at me knowing that she had already won the battle. I wasn’t exactly sure I should be complaining that she was going to be sharing a bed with me. I never complained about sharing a bed with a girl as sexy as she was at any point in my life. Maybe by the end of the week I would be bold or drunk enough to sleep naked to try and win the bed for myself. Until that point I would have to make due with casino firmaları sharing the bed with Danielle. Maria seemed very content to have her own bed for once. Maria and Danielle unpacked their clothes putting them in drawers. I preferred to live out of my suitcase for the week, so I sat back and turned on the television. I found ESPN quickly and sat back to watch sportscenter. My attention didn’t stay on the television for very long as I caught sight of Maria bending over to dig things out of her suitcase. Somehow it felt more wrong to check out her ass than it had to check out Danielle’s. Part of felt like Danielle really enjoyed the extra attention and knew that she wouldn’t care if she caught me. With Maria I felt like she would be more bothered by my checking her out. Still it was hard to take my eyes off of her ass as she bent over with the sun shining directly above her.

I managed to avert my gaze before Maria turned back around to sit on her bed. Once the unpacking was done Danielle sat next to me in what was now our bed. She had pulled out a couple extra pillows for her own comfort.

Maria: “Danielle are you going to change out of your pajamas today?”

Danielle: “I think I’m gonna get a little more sleep in this bed before we got out to explore later on.”

Maria: “Well I’m gonna head out to explore the hotel if either of you two want to come with me.”

We both nodded indicating that we were going to stay in the room. Maria shrugged and headed out the door. I was sitting up with my back against the headboard as Maria left the room. Seconds after the door clicked shut Danielle had straddled herself across my lap. Her loose fitting shorts easily rode up her legs almost exposing her completely when I looked down. Her ass rested just above my crotch. She wasn’t making any contact with me, but I knew if my dick got at all hard it would soon be pressed against her ass.

I managed to choke out, “What are you doing?”

Danielle: “I wanted to continue our conversation from earlier. You didn’t seem to believe that I could control any man that I wanted to. It’s so easy for me to do because I know exactly what they want.”

Adam: “And what is that?”

She grabbed my hands which had been instinctively resting on her hips, and pulled them down to her ass as she whispered, “to fuck this. They want to get inside this, and I like to let them think they have a chance to do it.” My hands pulled her down closer to me as I could feel her ass press against my now growing erection. She smiled as she could feel my excitement through the thin fabric of her shorts. “See I already know how much you like this conversation we’re having.”

I knew that I couldn’t give her full control of me that quickly because she would take advantage of my weakness all week long. I had no idea what she wanted, but I knew I could play the game just as well as she has. “Is that what works for all of those virgin high school boys you hang out with?” I asked. She smiled at me again as she said, “Oh it works for every…” She was cut off as I quickly shifted my weight. Before she could react I had laying on her back with me above her. I leaned in close as I gently stroked her cheek. I lowered myself so my lips were centimeters away from her left ear as I whispered, “That may work on your young boyfriends, but us older guys have a little more experience and we know how to make a pussy wet.” I slowly ran my hand down her side to accentuate my point. I could feel her take a sharp breath as I pulled myself up and away from her body. She looked up at me expectantly as I got up from the bed. I smiled down at her as I said, “If you want to play games with me, then this is going to be a really fun week little cousin.”

Danielle: “That was pretty impressive Adam. Not many guys even try to turn the tables on me, but don’t think just because you talk about making my pussy wet that I’m going to be all impressed. All I have to do is stand and stretch and you’ll be straining your neck for another view of my ass.”

Adam: “Oh this is going to be quite the week. I can’t wait to see what you do to those guys at the bar this week. I’m gonna go see if I can find Maria. Enjoy your nap.”

Danielle: “Oh these boys have no idea what they’re in for. Try to calm yourself while you go find my prude sister. She might ask question if she looks down at those shorts of yours.”

I looked down to see that despite my best efforts my erection was still visible through my gym shorts. I wanted to continue the games with Danielle, but I knew the best way to get the upper with her was to leave the room. I smirked back at her as I headed for the door and left the room. I expected that Maria had gone to check out the pool and gym area first. I headed down to the second floor hoping to find her.

The gym was smaller than I had expected with three treadmills and a few free weights. I had a clear view of the pool from the weight room and spotted Maria walking around the edge of the pool. I walked down the stairs to join her. She was startled when I walked up güvenilir casino behind her and tapped her on the shoulder.

Adam: “Hey there pretty stranger.”

Maria: “Jesus, Adam you scared the crap out of me.”

Adam: “Sorry about that. I figured I would join you on your little tour of the hotel after all.”

Maria: “Too hard to check out Danielle’s ass when she’s not looking in the other direction?”

Adam: “You saw that out by the car I take it?”

Maria: “A little hard not to see your eyes almost pop out of your head back there.”

Adam: “Yeah I know. I feel bad about it, but it’s like a natural guy reflex. When you see an ass poking out like that you have to look.”

Maria: “Even when it’s your 18 year old cousin?”

Adam: “Yeah even then. I’m sure I’d check out yours if you dressed the same way she did. I don’t know if that makes you feel any better, but I’m sorry my heads all messed up after spending those five minutes alone in that room with Danielle.”

Maria: “I’m not surprised. She wasn’t kidding about trying to manipulate guys.”

Adam: “It was crazy. I don’t think you should leave me alone with her this week. She might start stripping down and really go crazy.”

Maria: “If you’re that worried about it just wait till you’re stuck sleeping in the same bed with her.”

Adam: “Oh god, what is she going to do? And is it wrong if I try to play the game better than she does?”

Maria: “I’m sure she will have her fun under those covers. What do you play the game better than she does?”

Adam: “I mean is it wrong if I outplay your sister and make her want to fuck me by the end of the week?”

Maria: “Honestly I would be impressed if you could outplay her at that game. When she really gets going she can make any guy dream of fucking her.”

Adam: “I can’t believe we are having this conversation. I didn’t really expect this trip to start out anything like this. I mean we’ve been in Montreal for maybe 45 minutes and your sister, my cousin, is trying to manipulate me into wanting to fuck her. I’m not even sure why she wants to do it. It’s not like I was going to be a rule stickler anyways.”

Maria: “I really just think she likes the attention, and she hasn’t been with a guy in maybe a month after breaking up with her last boyfriend. Even still I haven’t had sex in almost 6 months, and I’m not trying to hump my cousin.”

Adam: “Whoa a girl as beautiful as you hasn’t gotten laid in 6 months?”

Maria: “Yeah…I mean…it’s not something I really wanna talk about it was the morning after our 18th birthday and it wasn’t anything special.”

Adam: “That’s pretty sad to hear. I haven’t gotten laid since Amber, so I really was hoping to meet a sexy girl at the bar this week. Not like I’m going to take her back to the room I’m sharing with you and Danielle though.”

Maria: “Sounds like you’ve had it pretty rough too cuz.”

Adam: “Yeah, but lets talk about some more happy things instead of kicking off this vacation lamenting all the sex we aren’t having.”

Maria smiled at me and agreed that we should talk about something else. We started talking about what our plans for the first night would be. We decided that we would continue our adventure past the hotel and into the train station across the street. We hoped to figure out how to get around making our week a lot easier. Neither of us had grown up in a city, and anytime we had to navigate a train station it would always be an adventure. Tacking onto our problems was that at least half of the signs would be in French.

I considered asking if we should get Danielle, but I knew that I wanted to keep playing the game with her. Making her wait now would help me over the rest of the week. Maria led the way as we left the swimming area to find the elevator again. We headed to the first floor, and then we went out past the front desk. After taking a left out of the door we were quickly forced to cross the street. As we started to cross the street Maria reached out to grab my hand. It seemed like some leftover reflex from always being told to hold hands crossing the street when we were younger, but she didn’t let go of my hand after we reached the other side. It felt comforting to walk hand in hand, so I didn’t make her let go as we walked towards the train station.

I pulled open the door for Maria as we entered the station. It was a long tunnel looking building at first glance. There was a narrow hallway that led into the main part of the station. On the way in we passed a few ATMs, a Mcdonalds, and a convenience store. After getting to the center of the building we reached a staircase with a bank on the other side likely an easy place to convert money. We opted to head down the stairs to the lower level of the station. Maria was still holding my hand as we headed down the stairs. It felt as if our mutual lack of sex had created some kind of bond between us. Danielle had crossed a very sexual line with me in the hotel room, and now it seemed Maria and I crossed an emotional line of our own. She saw me looking down at our intertwined hands, and looked back up at me smiling without saying a word. When we reached the bottom of the stairs we found the actual trains for the station. I looked around quickly noticing a machine to buy tickets.

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