Aimee Whatchu Wanna Do?

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Though I think this may be one of my best entries and pretty hardcore, I also feel this could be an ok starter story that would arouse people who are curious about the fetish. Please don’t ruin it for everyone else by not even reading it to the end and leaving a poor rating and no comment as to why. We are human beings too just like everybody else. If scat and pee fetish isn’t your thing or you aren’t curious about how awesome it is please exit the ride now.

I also ask why is it that we have to remain underground? I don’t think we may really be as rare as we might think we are. When will we be represented? When will we have a character on every TV show and our own superheroes? When will we have the first scat or pee fetish government official or openly has threesomes presidential candidate?

But I kid, I actually enjoy keeping what I do with consenting adults behind closed doors just a dirty little secret that only a handful of close and once close people know about me. And that I know complete strangers have come to…

As is my style to this point, this story is stand alone, but I feel it both enhances and is enhanced by my previous submissions read in any order, as well as more that are planned. All characters in this story are 21+. Enjoy!


Mia and her girlfriends decided to get together for drinks at a karaoke bar lounge one night. Two of Mia’s hot friends brought their flavors of the week and two other girls were single. We’ll call one the duff, and the other one was Aimee, a twenty something year old, 5’6″ tall, cute blonde with blue eyes who drove in from out of state. We had previously invited her to stay the night with us in our recently set up guest bedroom.

Uninteresting small talk ensues, and I wonder why I even came because if there is one thing I’m bad at, it’s singing, and I refuse to do karaoke. Enter booze.

A few shots in I start to think maybe it looks like it could be fun, but I still feel like I would be too embarrassed. The rest of our table is seemingly having a blast taking turns with the other patrons at the mic with their chosen songs.

Aimee asks me if she can borrow my favorite roll-up sleeved, button up, plaid shirt and ties it to show off her midriff in preparation for her song. If I had a complaint about Aimee’s body it would be that she is not chesty. From the looks of her clothed (and videos Mia sent me from their Vegas trip), it appears that she has smaller boobs than my 5’0″ tall, 105 pound Asian girlfriend Mia’s B cups. Aimee gets up on to the stage and the song opens with such deep bass I can feel it reverberating in my chest.

“Hi Barbie

Hi Ken

You want to go for a ride?

Sure Ken

Jump in

I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world

Wrapped in plastic, it’s fantastic

You can brush my hair,

undress me everywhere…

Imagination, life is your creation…”

“You suck!” Mia shouts out, obviously buzzed.

I agree, she did suck, but at least she was a cute girl sucking…

A few more songs and a few more shots in, I get up to go take a piss. I’m still very much sober at this point and when I open the restroom door, the bathroom is cartoonishly diminutive. I take one step forward through the door jamb and I’m at the urinal. The toilet and sink are crammed in so close next to me that I could have easily put my left leg against the wall on the other side of the toilet and washed my hands at the same time as I pissed.

I whip out my half chub through my fly, and as I’m letting it flow a hammered patron walks in on me.

I never lock bathroom doors if I’m just taking a leak and I can only imagine what the scene must have looked like to his intoxicated eyes, but all I could hear was, “Wooooah… duuuuuude!” as the door swung back shut.

Returning back to our table I sit next to Mia across from Aimee.

An inebriated scraggly bearded middle-aged man approaches and proceeds to ask our table, “Do you know this guy? He is massive!” as he holds his hands out about a foot apart. “I mean this guy has got an anaconda in his pocket.”

The other guys at our table give a questioning glare as Mia and her girlfriends giggle. As I glance around the table I catch Aimee smiling as she traces up my torso until our eyes meet. I just roll my eyes mouthing no as I shake my head.

Though I am quite proud of it, I don’t believe that I live up to anaconda standards. I didn’t want the bar to be set too high in case she ever actually did see it.

Not that there is anything wrong with it, and perhaps having one may have other advantages, but I don’t get the point of a cock that’s so long that it doesn’t even all fit in a pussy. I definitely love the feeling of my swinging ballsack slapping a hot piece of ass and cowgirls being able to grind their pelvis into me as hard and as recklessly as they want to.

I’m also sorry that I will probably disappoint many of you, but I didn’t get gang banged by 5 girls while they took turns kaçak iddaa shitting in my mouth that night unfortunately. You are more than welcome to fabricate that story if you would like. This is my story and one I would argue is still pretty damn good.

Anyway, back to the story. Later on a group of the girls including Mia and Aimee got up to go to the restroom. I assume the ladies room must have been at least a little more spacious.

When they returned, Mia sat to my right, and Aimee sat on my left and scooted in right next to me so close that our thighs were touching which definitely gave me a rise.

Mia insists they didn’t talk about me in the ladies room that night, and I have no reason to doubt her because she shares way more intimate stuff with me than that, but it still seems strange to me that it wouldn’t have been a topic of discussion.

I don’t really remember for sure, but eventually we head out maybe just after 10 pm as I don’t remember it being super late. Mia’s other friends lived locally and go their own separate ways, perhaps home or bar hopping. However, the plan always had been for Aimee, who lived about 3 hours drive away, to stay with us for the night in our guest bedroom.

We arrive back at our house, and Aimee brought a bathing suit in anticipation of using our hot tub.

I speedily change into my board shorts and hit record on my phone before I got it set up hidden in the couch and angled towards the patio door. I then went to the kitchen to get a glass of water as a ruse, and not 10 seconds later Aimee came out in the skimpiest bikini. She had squeezed herself into a bathing suit that perhaps had once covered her adequately at 18. The stringy black top barely had enough material to cover her nipples and the rounded curves of even her small breasts spilled out on every side.

I just caught a quick glance at her ass as she walked by. I knew that she had walked perfectly into view of my phone and no doubt Mia and I could enjoy that later as we have done before. However, what I saw with my own two eyes and not through a screen greatly defied even my high expectations.

Aimee’s ass… first off, Dam Son. Aimee does not look fat at all when she is fully clothed, but what an incredible fat ass she has on her. Her pink bikini bottoms were what I would call a fairly conventional panty style cut, but they were small, and her ass had to be at least a large medium I would guess. Aimee’s long, wide, deep butt crack peaked out visibly about an inch above her bikini bottoms and the material, though stretched, couldn’t help but be sucked in between her cheeks.

Though this bikini was certainly designed to mostly cover it, one of my favorite visual parts of a woman’s body is the gluteal fold, and this bikini was having no part in covering any of that shit. Think that scene in the first episode of Game of Thrones when Daenerys is stripped naked and the camera pans down level of gluteal fold. However, Aimee’s ass is even more full and plump than Emilia Clarke’s and it joyously bounced and jiggled about as she walked.

The hot tub is to the right of the door as you exit and Aimee was already in the steaming water facing the house as I lit the tiki torches before joining and facing her. Soon after, a buzzed Mia slides open the screen door completely naked and steps out into the dancing dimly torch lit night as Aimee and I raise an eyebrow at her choice of attire.

“What?” she says, “It’s not like both of you haven’t seen me naked before.”

Mia, a former cheerleader, turns around to flaunt her cute little naked butt and bends over grabbing her ankles and spreads out straightened legs. She must have peed beforehand because only a small trickle comes out as Aimee and I watch. Bent over in this position Mia slowly squeezes out a good medium sized 8 inch poop that hangs for a few seconds before falling and thuds onto the patio step, smooshing on impact into a roughly 6 inch cock and balls shape pointing straight up into the air.

She did come prepared with a box of wipes and after using them she just tossed her used poopy ones into the yard for me to pick up later.

“What? it’s not like both of you haven’t seen a big turd before.” Mia says as she climbs down into the hot tub. “What’s the big deal?

Mia sits next to me on my right and then proceeds to grab at my board shorts and pulls them down and off before draping them off on the side of the tub as Aimee watches.

Mia looks at Aimee and says, “What? It’s not like you haven’t seen a naked guy before… and it’s not like Matthew hasn’t seen other naked girls…”

This set of circumstances must have gotten Aimee’s motor revving at least a little and she decided that she was suddenly a little over dressed. I see Aimee lean back and put her legs up as her pink bikini bottoms rise up out of the water and she sinks down to cover her chest before removing her top.

As you probably know a night out drinking usually causes you to have to pee often, and despite kaçak bahis my growing cock my urge to piss also grows.

I ask to excuse myself to go to the bathroom and Mia says to just stay and go out here.

Mia asks Aimee if she minds if Matthew just pees out here and she just shakes her head, obviously curious about my size from the earlier event at the karaoke lounge.

I crouch swim completely nude over to the side of the hot tub facing away from the patio door, and I must admit that I did hesitate a little before standing up.

Mia must have motioned that it was ok to get a closer look because I see both of them scoot closer into my peripheral vision on either side. I finally draw the courage and rise up out of the water.

I am a grower and it was a little over half mast. I definitely didn’t get any laughs and I think it looks pretty good and thick from my angle at least.

My heart is racing as I’m looking down and holding it and I really had to concentrate, this was no time for stage fright. In my head I am overjoyed when I finally feel the sensation of piss rushing to the tip of my penis before a nice thick stream bursts forth as Mia and Aimee watch.

Mia asks Aimee, “Doesn’t Matthew have such a nice ass?” as she slaps it audibly while I’m pissing in front of them.

Aimee just smiles bashfully before saying, “Yeah…”

I pee out of the hot tub while Mia and Aimee watch for a good 20 seconds or so. Alcohol makes me have to piss more often, not necessarily a larger quantity. The last few drips are shaken off before I slip back into the water and take back my seat next to Mia.

Aimee then shyly says, “I kind of have to go too…”

Mia says, “That’s ok, just go in the water, Matthew will drain it.”

Aimee then says, “Well, I think I have to poop too… and when I drink it usually makes me have really big poop…”

Mia says, “Well you got to watch us, now we get to see you! Just go in the water. Matthew doesn’t mind… really.”

Aimee says, “Ok… I do have to go really bad now…”

Mia and I have a front row seat as Aimee spins around and lifts herself so her knees are now where her big butt was sitting before. Her pussy is roughly a foot above the water and she drapes her upper body over the edge of the hot tub.

Immediately, a full thick jet stream of piss is unleashed from between Aimee’s legs and splashes loudly into the hot tub water. Aimee pisses for about 10 seconds before her body visually tenses up and her fat ass cheeks clench. Aimee lets out the sexiest long hissy fart as her cheeks then relax to reveal her asshole gaping open an inch across. Her asshole continues to dilate slowly and still nothing has come out yet.

Finally we see it.

This was the thickest turd I’ve ever seen in real life, and I’ve seen some really big ones from Mia (Mia’s younger sister Tia as well, but after this story took place) and one other previous ex girlfriend.

Mia then approaches Aimee from behind while she is still pooping and bites her right butt cheek. Aimee turns towards Mia and Mia spanks Aimee’s fat jiggly ass before wrapping her arms around her waist and slipping her small body between Aimee and the edge of the hot tub.

Mia looks seductively at Aimee before their lips come together. I just stroke myself under the cover of the water as I viewed this amazing event. Both of the girls’ sexy fit young bodies were turned at a slight angle so I could see Mia’s face as she made out with Aimee as well as her small hands groping Aimee’s fat ass cheeks as the thickest shit log comes into view from in between the round globes.

Aimee’s fat log reaches the surface and the refraction of the water obscures it’s true length as an unknown amount continues snaking out. Finally, Aimee’s fat brown submarine falls out and completely submerges beneath the water, sinking to the bottom of the hot tub as her asshole remains agape.

“That was so fuckin’ hot…” Mia says as she breaks the kiss. “Let’s go take a shower to get this chlorine smell off of us.” Mia slides Aimee’s turd toward me with her foot as she moves to the patio side edge of the hot tub before stepping out and god damn what a cute little round ass she’s got on her…

Aimee gets out of the hot tub next and oh my goodness gracious… the water dripping off her naked body, the curves of her thick thighs as her legs lift to walk up the steps as her hips swayed causing her ass cheeks to bounce and jiggle on each step. Italian chef’s kiss… Delizioso.

Aimee was not kidding when she said that drinking alcohol makes her have really big poop. I don’t have much time now, but I reach down quickly while Aimee’s back is turned. I lift Aimee’s sunken treasure which spans across and sticks out further than both my held apart hands and is easily as thick as my wrist.

Upon measurement and photographic documentation the next day, Aimee’s hard, knobby, dark brown shit log was 16 inches long and 7 and 1/2 inches in circumference at illegal bahis the thickest part. Not quite as long as Mia’s record 20 incher (which I legit have Mia dumping on the shower floor for me on video.

I don’t feel that it deserves it’s own story but I’ll take a quick detour to describe it here. Mia and I had gotten back from vacation somewhere and she hadn’t pooped for at least 3 days or so. Not long after we settled in at home Mia tells me, “Babe, I need to poop… it feels like it’s gonna be a big one…” I set up the squatty potty from under the toilet in the shower for best angle and maximum lighting and Mia puts her feet on it before comfortably squatting all the way down.

I get my phone out and hit record. Mia let’s out a moan and a very small hissy fart, then immediately starts pissing onto the squatty potty and it’s splashing all over her small feet. She continues pissing for a total of 26 seconds and is still pissing when her big knobby turd slowly emerges. It takes 8 seconds for the first two inches to squeeze out, but just another 7 for the rest of the entire 20 inches. The knobby end hits the floor and starts curving back towards the camera before it falls out and away from me with a loud slap. “Damn,” I say out loud which is followed by Mia’s sigh and the sexiest moan as she exhales while saying, “I feel so much better…”

That video ends and another starts as I’m fucking Mia’s ass against the shower wall. When I’m ready to cum I pull out and stroke my throbbing cock as I shoot 7 thick ropes all over Mia’s massive mega shit.

A little later I get some pictures next to a tape measure and a used paper towel roll for comparison. Perhaps for some useful perspective, Mia’s single solid shit log was thicker than a spent paper towel roll for the first 13 inches before it tapered off somewhat. Also useful, If you add the length of my cock to the length of a paper towel roll, that’s still even a little shorter than how long Mia’s turd was.), but this one of Aimee’s as of this writing still holds the title for thickest of the turds I’ve ever seen in real life and 2nd longest, and I don’t forsee that changing any time soon.

Some of you may be asking, “What the fuck does Matthew DO with the turds!?” Well nothing really. You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars. I don’t really know what to do with one once I catch it.

I just find it extremely erotic to watch a cute girl in desperation. Watch her pee and take a huge dump out of a sexy ass and see her face as she sighs in relief.

I do partake in well hydrated high shelf piss and squirt drinking which I find to be the best aphrodisiac and actually tastes really good. However, I have not as of the day this was published put a girl’s turd in my mouth or smeared or anything. I just like to watch as a big long one comes out hot and fresh from a sexy girl’s cute ass, and then fuck with her big turd within sight. It makes it a special treat for Mia and me when she or a girl we are both interested in drops off a big poop for us, but we mix things up just fine with hot and steamy traditional sex too…

I turn off the heat and snuff the torches for an additional excuse for my delay. Mia’s big poop by normal standards, is left on the patio floor and Aimee’s almost comically humongous turd, is just left at the bottom of the hot tub for now and we all come back into the house.

All three of us are covered up with towels and drying off in the kitchen area by the patio door, “That was fun!” Mia exclaims, “I think that might have even been bigger than the ones you dumped when we went to Vegas! Matthew will totally clean everything up later Aimee, no worries.”

Mia and I went to our master bedroom and Aimee took a shower in the guest bathroom. We were a little unsure about how Aimee felt. Perhaps she was embarrassed that she actually got naked and farted in front of us? Or because she went to the bathroom in our hot tub or that her poop was so big?

I wouldn’t say that Aimee was wasted by any means, but probably a little tipsy. Mia was buzzed, and I need probably at least 10 shots of the hard stuff before I really feel much. I was perhaps 7 or so in.

Mia and I rinsed off as well in our en suite spa style shower which is easily large enough to at least accommodate four people comfortably and has two shower heads.

When we got out we checked to see that Aimee was out of the guest bathroom and the light was on in the guest bedroom.

Mia and I get into our king size bed and write out this text together on Mia’s phone:

“Hey Aimee, so we aren’t exactly sure how you feel and we definitely don’t want you to feel any pressure. You can totally say no and we won’t bring it up again and everything can just go back the way it was before, but we both find you very attractive and we were interested in if you would like to come to bed with us. We can go as fast or as slow as you want, you can say stop at anytime, we could just start by giving you a full body massage and see where it goes or just stop at that. We just want to pleasure you if you have any needs and we are open to anything you want to do.”

Our hearts were beating hard and I just smash the send button to get it over with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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