Akka Bama Pt. 01

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Hi …folks,

I am ….Tamilselven . & fondly called as Selva .

I am glad to unfolding one of my hidden treasures of sex.

I am not in for a debate over the Incest Love’s right or wrongs..!

It just happened accidentally and indulged in it occasionally.

It is for you to desist it or just enjoy it without any qualms.

This is happened with My elder Sister, Bama .

My Tamil Akka .

She is a stunning figure with sizzling, voluptuous breasts dancing up and down all the time. Her waist is curvy more in the line of Famous Actress Sim ran or Salma Hayek.

When bama is 22 years old and me, 20 years, it just sort of happened in a flash of urge.

We are a Tamil middle class family of Madras with just a two room flat. So, the one room is occupied with my parent and the other one is left for Bama and me.

Sharing the room with bama is always a pleasurable one and in my adolescent days, a seducing one.

That sharing of Bedroom leads to sharing our Sexual organs and enacted a stunning INCEST.

Bama is always beautiful and her full, firm breasts are really hard to miss and give a frightening erection to me whenever I came across her.

I am used to jerking and playing with my cock .

I am a breasts man since from self — using my cock.

She also has a pretty face with a full round dangling buttocks.

I have been secretly looking at her breasts and bouncing butts which gives me the urge to jerk. Fantasying bama’s breast always makes me explode my cum.

Moreover, in the night time, I have been used to see her jerking also. I mean fingering her pussy. As Bama is wearing only night gowns and by the frenetic pace of her probing hands, I am certain that she too is fingering and masturbating.

I too started to jerk off in the other side of bed.

In her wild fingering, she will cup her breasts passionately and sometimes remove the tops in the darkness. Her Boobs are really large and full.

The street light lamp’s shady light helps me to see her full size of her tits which are monstrous.

By seeing her cupping, my little prick develops into a monstrous phallus.

I am uncertain about whether she is seeing me or not. But since she never speaks about it, I too keep it quiet.

So, our masturbation show is going on very hotly with regular fingering and jerking. May be, both of us are jerking by watching other’s jerking work.

During that Week end, my parents decided to visit the relatives function at the nearby town. As we cannot afford the traveling charges, they left bama and me to stay here.

It is not the first time But after our grown up masturbation sessions, that is our first ever home alone session.

It turned out to be a Classic incest demo.

After our parents left, we speak elatedly and mind our own work. I am bored and restless to start masturbation.

Bama wears a bahis firmaları light blue night gown with a frontal button is slightly opened.

I am able to see her cleavage clearly and the nipples are thrusting against the buttons.

My mind thinks wildly but bama’s silence cautioned me. So, I never uttered a word and rejoiced the stunning view of breast curves and dancing views of all for myself.

Bama too is seen as erratic and disinterested in reading books.

So, I got up and told her that I am going to sleep in parent’s room and left in a hurry. Bama just nodded her head.

There are no locks the rooms of our house. So I just closed the door and removed my shorts in a jiffy. I am semi-nude so as to feel free to masturbating.

My Cock has erected fully and some 7 1/2 inch long. I am glad and content to see its erection and started to stroke it slowly.

I imagined bama’s voluptuous breasts while playing my cock piano. The pleasures are knocking my whole body.

My jerking became wild and I closed my eyes to concentrate on bama’s breasts .

As I am playing with my thing, I failed to notice the telephone ring.

I also never opened my eyes.

For heaven’s sake, I also forgot to remember that the telephone is in my room.

I am jerking my cock more madly and tried to get orgasm. I am very close to explode when I heard the voice of my sister, Bama .

” hey …selva , what are you doing? Are you mad …?” bama yelled.

It strangulate my Orgasm but keeping my erection fully still on.

I opened eyes and blurted out …” me…me …just playing …”

” oh ..yes. you’re playing … but with your thing down there ..?

this is not good for you ..? ” bama calmly told me.

I am unable to cover my cock which is now erecting more pointedly.

Bama’s eyes are feasting on my long, full phallus.

I just don’t know what to say.

” akka … I am sorry. I can’t help it …” and flushed like a girl.

Bama jokingly told.

” selva … don’t feel so down. It is o.k. but do it occasionally but not overly.

By the by, you are now a man. … Your thing is really that good …”

I flushed again but fearing to speak.

” can I ask something..selva.? You should not tell it anybody..? ”bama asked.

” oh ….yes …akka . You can ask anything..? ”

” your thing is beautiful. Can I touch it now..? ” bama spoke softly in a trembling voice. Bama fixedly watching my Full cock and its erecting look.

I am bewildered but grateful to her for saying that.

Her face is full of perspiration which is a stunning perfume.

Her two breasts are bouncing and dangling when she tried to sit besides me.

I am stunned and quickly blurting …

” I am always yours …akka. But, is it right ..?”

Bama uttered nothing but touched my penis.

My own Bama is kaçak iddaa now holding my penis and stroking it.

” right or wrong, you should tell only whether my playing is good or not..? ”

I obeyed and closed my mouth.

Bama intently stroked my full size penis and blurting..

” Great…Hard like rock …” I am close to orgasm and cautioned her …

” akka … I am coming. Please do slowly …”

Bama asked me ” what is coming …? ”

” my cum …” I replied and told It will come if you keep it wild …”

bama flushed but never slowed down her playing .

I got more horny and bold.

In a sudden, I touched bama’s boobs and softly cupped the right side.

Bama looked up and kept silent.

I continued my cupping and fondled the left breast too. Bama slightly moaned and trembling even more.

I got bolder and tried to touch bama’s vulva. She just turned down my hands.

” no …you are going too far.. .’ but keep doing stroking my cock.

” bama… it is not right. You are making me horny and playing with my cock.

I too need some in return for it.

I am confessing now that I am seeing you fingering all night and cupping the tits ..”

Bama became shocked.

” you mean …watching me doing pussy playing …? ”

” yeah. I am watching and dying to do the same to you. Please allow me.. .”

I tried to touch bama’s velvet pussy.

She again trembled but not stopped me. I gained confidence and softly kissed her on cheeks.

She smiled and returned it. She is still holding and stroking my full cock.

” siva …. Your cock is really large. I loved it. For it’s sake, I will allow you to touch me a little. o.k …”

I became silent and softly tried to touch bama’s full tits.

She quizzicall removed her Blouse .

In full daylight,her breasts are bouncing and damn good scenario . she then pulled my face hardly into her bosom.

” Wohhh…. It is great and monstorous one.” I blurted.

I just pushed hard into her tits and cupping and fondling the lovable tits.

That’s too my sister Bama’s.

I am living out my daily jerking fantasy.

Bama then smiled and asked me …” do you want to kiss it fully..? ”

” Yes ” I said and gasped as bama removes her brassiere to free her

Stunning breasts.

The areola in her nipple is brown and curvy. She pulled me closer into her breasts .

” kiss it ..” she ordered.

I obeyed and kissed it and cuddle by my face and fondled the left breast while kissing, licking the right.

My cock is thrusting against bama’s hand.

She too groaned and moaned.

Her hands are moving in sync with my cupping of breasts.

I never saw such breasts and full large one even in my Present wife.

” selva …. Do do me another favour..? ” bama giggled.

” yes. kaçak bahis What’s it …? ”

Without a word, bama raised her knees and dropped her petticoat to the floor.

She wears no panty as she is a regular pussy fingering girl.

It just seems as a velvety, rosy leaves and bama slightly spread it wide to show its entrance.

They are two ways shaped and cleanly shaved without any pubic hair.

It facilitates a full and total view.

” touch it …” bama ordered firmly .

I loved to fantasies over breasts and backs.

But I never seen a pussy even though bama is fingering daily besides me .

I have no fascination for it. I did it just for bama .

I touched and felt the wetness of clit. It is so watery and juicy.

Bama’s moans became louder.

” oooh softly, slowly …” bama whispered while I probed her clit and inserted my middle finger.

it feels good to me . So I kept inserting it in and out of bama’s vagina.

While my right is fingering her, bama guide me to her clitoris.

I softly caressed the clitoris and fingered the pussy non-stoppingly .

Bama strongly kissed me and lip locked with me.

In the process, I can’t last any more.

I just exploded and cummed all over bama’s hand.

She is stunningly looking at my semen with surprise.

But still, she asked me to continue my fingering, fondling.

So, I concentrated on Bama’s.

As per my knowledge of porn books, I suddenly knelt down.

And without warning, I kissed bama’s clitoris and licked it slowly.

Bama became hysterical and crying in happiness.

” oh ….Please …stop selva. Please …” but never stopped me from fingering and licking her pussy.

I crazily licked her clit and inserted my two fingers at the same time.

In a moment of great satisfaction, bama exploded and achieved Orgasam .

” …..you …you … little selva . Just made me get climaxed. great …da ..!

Very thanks da …” bama softly told and kissed deeply into my mouth .

Then, we sat at each other silently.

I asked her …” don’t you want me to enter into you ..?”

Bama gasps for breath and told.

” no ….selva . We should not even come to this far. But it just happened.

It is enough for me and you….”

Bama rose and dressed properly. I too did the same.

Both of us are really happy and satisfied.

I asked again …” bama …akka … can we do this often..? ”

Bama smiled and kissed softly.

” occasionally…! Thanks ….da. Take care of your cock properly .

It may do wonder for your wife. It is simply superb….”

I thanked her by softly pushed my face in to voluptuous breasts.

She smiled again and pulled my face into her bosom.

Then abruptly, she parted with me and gone.

It is that Bama’s words about my cock’s size gave me the confidence to explore all the girls and exploded in them.

Thank …you …..Bama .

Selva .

My escapade with Bama — Part — II …

Will soon be in Literaotica.com for your eyes only …..!

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