Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 08

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“Bristol? So, I see you want to move?” Alene wondered.

“Sure, we are three girls and we only have 3 rooms. I heard Bristol is nice and quiet, so maybe if we move there I can scream as much as I want as you fill me.” Nadia answered teasingly.

“I’m fine with Bristol. Can we get some action now? I haven’t had sex for the last three days…” Jen busted in.

There was a stressful silence in the air as none of the girls wanted to be the one to act first. “Fuck this,” Jen whispered and made a move. She walked up to Nadia and passionately kissed her, she was so soft and pleasant. Jen didn’t want to break the kiss and it seemed like Nadia didn’t mind either. Jen reached down and touched Nadia’s jeans, it was too much, she broke the kiss, “you’re soaking, darling.”

It was true, and it was clear, a wet spot started showing on Nadia’s jeans.

“You can’t blame her,” Alene interrupted, “not with those boobs of yours…” and she squished Jen’s right boob, it was soft but firm, so nice she started feeling a shift in her crouch.

Nadia, knowing Alene all too well noticed the shift and spoke, “I think you should tell her, she is going to know in a few moments any way…”

“Tell me what?” Jen wondered as Alene took a step back and took off her shirt, revealing her breasts, “I could have guessed you were flat without…” Jen started mocking as Alene took her pants off, exposing her cock and balls and silencing Jen, who had a totally shocked look on her face.

“Alene, you dummy, I said tell her, not show and shock her.” Nadia broke the silence. She came up to Jen bahis firmaları and hugged her, “don’t worry, she is a girl. It’s one of her spells, don’t be afraid.”

Jen broke the hug, “I knew she had a cock, it was in my dreams since she summoned me, I just didn’t know it was so huge. It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen, and she isn’t hard, is she?”

“No, it gets to about 15 inches when I’m hard.” Alene answered.

Like a bullet from a gun, one second Jen was next to Nadia and the next second she was on her knees sucking Alene’s cock. It was so soft and nice, Jen could feel it growing bigger in her mouth. Suddenly she felt a hand grabbing her left breast, sending electricity through her body, as another hand entered her jeans and started playing with her clit. It was clear Nadia joined in and it was great. Jen felt her orgasm building up.

Jen was amazed again, orgasm? So soon? She just started having fun, what the fuck? She fought the urge to cum.

Nadia sensed somehow that Jen was straggling and whispered in her ear, “are you about to cum?” Jen sounded a muffled yes, her mouth filled by Alene’s growing monster.

“Don’t fight it. Just let it happen. You’ll have many more before the end of this session.” Nadia whispered. Jen took her advice, letting herself go, she exploded like never before, shaking and quivering she took the cock out of her mouth and screamed in joy. Riding each wave of contractions for all its worth, she was in heaven.

When she came down she could see a wet spot on her jeans, she lifted her gaze to the goddess standing before her, 15 inches of kaçak iddaa rock hard pleasure pulsating with anticipation.

“So how was your first orgasm from us?” Alene wondered.

“Bedroom now!” Jen commended, “I need more!”

Alene had her evil grin on, she knew this time she can let go, she will be satisfied and Nadia won’t be hurt.

As they entered the bedroom Nadia and Jen undressed and Jen took control.

“Alene, lay down on the bad please,” Jen instructed and Alene did as asked. laying down, her cock reached her relatively small breasts. Jen though of ways to progress and it seemed like the girls were waiting for her. She looked down at her boobs and then at Nadia’s, she knew what is going to happen next.

She walked to Alene’s left side, “Nadia, please come here to her other side.” Jen asked and Nadia agreed. Then Jen took Alene’s cock and lifted it up between the two girls, it was so hard and heavy. She put the monster between her boobs, it was clear Alene was too thick for Jen’s boobs “Nadia, give me a hand, will you?” Jen asked. “You mean a boob.” Nadia asked coyly with a smile as she pressed her boobs against Jen’s, encircling Alene’s shaft.

“Now slowly and together,” Jen directed, “up!” she girls moved but Nadia moved too much, the circle broke. “Sorry,” Nadia apologized, “let’s try again. Down.” Jen directed but this time it was Jen’s mistake, she went too slow and the circle broke again.

“This isn’t working,” Alene commented.

“Wait, I have an idea.” Jen instructed Nadia to support both her and Jen’s boobs, Jen sent her left hand to Nadia’s kaçak bahis clit and her right hand grabbed Nadia’s neck gently, she kissed Nadia passionately. For a moment she broke the kiss, “up!” The girls lifted at the same time, “down,” Alene entered, keeping the pace as the girls kept their passionate kiss. “Up, down, up, down.” She set the pace as the girls enjoyed themselves.

After about 20 minutes of boobs sliding up and down her shaft, Alene felt the edge coming. “Girls, I’m close!” She whimpered in pleasure. Nadia and Jen where in their own world now, kissing, Coming and having a piece of heaven.

“I’m Coming.” Alene cried in pleasure, and the world stopped around her.

The first blast was the biggest, it was huge. The girls felt it pushing against their breasts as cum traveled up Alene’s Shaft. It fired directly into Nadia and Jen’s chins, coloring there faces white, blasting everywhere, their hairs drenched in sticky white cum. The next blast was smaller than the first but was still bigger than any load a man ever shot before. It pooled in their cleavages and soon overflowed. The mattress absorbed as much as it could. Jen felt Alene’s orgasm end, she broke the kiss slowly and wiped the cum from her eyes.

First, she saw the pool of cum between their breasts, it was a lot. Never before had she seen so much cum. Then she looked around and was shocked. The drenched girls stood in the middle of a pool, the mattress was so full of cum it couldn’t absorb any more. Cum pooled in a puddle around the girls.

“My fucking god! You pack one hall of a beast, bet you won’t be able to do this again for at least week.” Jen said as she marveled in the mess, Alene started smiling.

“Actually,” Nadia said, “she just started, it is going to be a lot messier before we finish.”

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