Alex’s Gifts Ch. 14

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Content Warning: This chapter ends with some heavy watersports action. I understand this may not be to everyone’s liking, it won’t be a common theme in future chapters. Consider yourself warned.

Please keep the comments coming! This story is long from over and I will gladly take feedback into consideration when writing new chapters.

Thanks & Enjoy.



Alex woke to his alarm clock blaring. He smacked it blindly and bought himself ten more minutes. Grumbling, he sat up. It was ten past eight and lifeguard tryouts started at nine. A mix of anxiety and nerves turned his stomach as he considered what the experience would bring. The only information he had was gained during a short phone call days ago. He knew to expect a written test and a swimming skills evaluation, and there would be at least three other people competing for the same job.

Rising from his bed, Alex pulled on a pair of boxers and t-shirt and walked to his bathroom. After a quick shower, he dressed in a pair of jeans and a button-down shirt. He packed a small bag with his competition swimsuit, goggles, and a towel; everything he thought he’d need for the swimming part of the tryouts. As he left his room, Alex heard moaning coming through his sister’s door. It seemed that Casey and Megan were still playing with the toys he’d given them the night before. He smiled and checked his phone for the time; ten minutes to spare, long enough for a little fun.

Quietly turning the handle to Casey’s room, Alex peeked in to find Megan kneeling behind Casey, naked except for a pair of belts circling her waist and narrow hips. His sister was on her knees and elbows, moaning loudly while her friend pummeled her with a big black strapon. Alex stood with his jaw gaping open at the sight, the smell of feminine sex and sweat were heavy in the stale air. He watched Casey flail wildly on the bed with Megan knelt behind her, thrusting in an untrained but clearly effective rhythm. Alex undid his zipper and pulled out his cock, twirling his fingertips over his sensitive tip and feeling himself grow. He stroked himself to potential while watching Megan, harnessed in and eagerly plowing the thick black toy into her friend.

“I see you like my gift,” he said, stepping into the room and smiling with his dick in hand. Megan jumped and Casey yelped as the heavy dildo popped out of her unexpectedly. “Don’t stop on my account,” he said, and then walked around to face his sister whose head was near the foot of the bed. She smiled at his wagging cock, licking her lips, and then opened her mouth in anticipation. Alex stepped closer and placed his tip on her outstretched tongue. He angled his hips, sliding his sensitive glans around her mouth while she licked across his rippling skin and flicked her tongue along his tiny slit. He thrust forward and his sister closed her lips, circling his thickness and sucking with gleeful abandon.

Alex looked up at Megan and she grinned wickedly. Grasping the black dildo hanging between her legs, she aimed at Casey’s entrance and thrust back inside her. Alex felt vibrations rattle through his body from his tip to his core as Casey moaned from deep in her throat. Megan wasted no time picking up where she left off, railing into her petite friend, clearly excited to have her very own boy parts. Her small breasts careened recklessly as each thrust bounced Casey forward and his cock slipped farther into her mouth. She rebounded, pressing against the massive rubber cock that unnaturally dangled between her friend’s thighs, and he slid back out of her tepid mouth.

Alex stood motionless while Megan fucked Casey’s mouth along his cock. It was sensational, a blowjob by proxy. He heard wet slurping sounds coming from both ends of his sister as she had two holes filled at once. The debauchery of the scene quickly caused his climax to rise. Casey was also close, her hips began to buck and her breath quickened, sending gasps of hot air through his short hairs. The siblings groaned in unison and Alex’s cock twitched, spurting a hot stream into his sister’s trembling mouth. He slipped out of her as she collapsed and buried her head into a pillow to suppress a deafening scream. With nowhere else to send his spunk, he aimed down her back, sending one long milky thread along her spine before dribbling the rest onto her bed sheets.

“Mine!” Megan said excitedly, quickly unlatching the strapon and crawling up Casey’s body to claim Alex’s gift. She noisily sucked up his mess, Casey squirming and giggling beneath her.

“Stop, that tickles!” she gasped while Alex chuckled and tucked himself back into his pants.

“Unfortunately, that’s all I have time for this morning,” he said and leaned down to kiss Casey’s pink cheek before turning to leave.

“Wait!” she said, and crawled out from under Megan with urgency, meeting him at the door. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a long kiss. “Good luck today, I know you’ll do well,” she said and bahis firmaları smiled at him lovingly.

“Thanks. Try to leave your bed at some point today,” he said with a teasing smirk.

“If she’ll let me go…” Casey said, trailing off in reference to her randy friend.

Alex laughed and then left the room, climbing downstairs where he quickly fixed himself a plate of eggs and toast. He ate outside on the patio, enjoying the warm summer morning. He tried his best to not become distracted by Casey and Megan and everything else that had transpired the past weekend, instead, he attempted to mentally psych himself up for the day’s events. He wasn’t worried about the swimming evaluation, that should be no problem given his training regimen. He just hoped he would be able to impress during that portion of the tryouts to cover any mistakes he may make on the written test. Finished his meal and deciding it wasn’t worth worrying about what may or may not be, he stood and walked back inside the house.

In the kitchen, Alex was greeted by a pair of familiar disheveled faces; flush, eyes glossy, and hair a mess. They must have kept going after he left. Each wore a tank top and cotton panties, neither had a bra on. He counted four peaked nipples pointing in his direction as the couple turned towards him. “Hello again, beautifuls,” he said cheerily. “Did either of you manage to sleep last night?”

Megan giggled and Casey said, “I think so. I’m not really sure, it was such a blur.” She was still in a daze from everything that had happened the past two nights.

“Thanks for the toys,” Megan said as she walked up and kissed him lightly on the lips. “You should see what else your sister can do,” she purred in his ear.

Alex backed away and said, “Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Don’t forget to see Jenny today, she’s excited to have both of you start work. And Lily should be home this afternoon, it would be nice if you could manage to clean up from the party a little bit and maybe put some pants on.”

“Listen to mister all work and no play over here,” Megan said, turning to her friend.

“He’s right, we should pick up. The party’s officially over,” Casey said, sighing with a gloomy look on her face.

Alex walked up to his sister and gave her a hug, then he pulled back and kissed her softly on her forehead. “Thanks, sweetness. Think of something we can do together next weekend. Maybe we can take a trip somewhere?”

Casey immediately brightened at the suggestion. “Ok, I’ll come up with some ideas. And thanks again for the amazing party. I’ll never forget it,” she said and then wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for another kiss.

“How’d your date go last night?” Megan asked.

“Very well. I like Jenny a lot. She wants to see me again today, I’ll probably stop by after tryouts,” he said.

“Ohhh, Alex has a girlfriend!” Megan teased.

Casey smiled up at him and softly said, “I’m happy for you.”

“Thanks, Case,” he said, ignoring Megan, and gave her one final peck on the forehead before stepping back to gather his swimming gear. “I’ll be home by dinner.” Heading for the garage, he opened the door and then stopped and looked back at the two bedraggled girls, “Bye ladies. Thanks for everything.”

“Bye,” they said in unison as Alex closed the door.

The YMCA wasn’t far and Alex arrived fifteen minutes early. He was familiar with the complex, he’d spent considerable time practicing and competing at the pool. Alex passed through the large double doors that lead to the aquatics center. Just inside he was greeted by a tall blonde woman that he guessed to be in her early thirties. She was attractive, lean and long like Alex, with a sharp angular face and long blonde hair. Her body was obviously built for swimming, although she hid it well behind a set of baggy training clothes branded with the YMCA logo.

“Hi, Ms. Weston?” Alex asked politely.

“That’s me,” she responded cheerily, “And you are?”

“Alex Donovan, here for lifeguard tryouts.”

“Ah, Alex, nice to meet you. Call me Emily.” She extended a long arm.

Alex shook her hand firmly and smiled. “Am I the first one here?”

“A couple girls arrived a few minutes ago, but we’re still waiting on the rest. I take it you’re familiar with the facility?”

“Yes, I’ve been coming here for years,” Alex replied.

“Great. Do you know where the classrooms are?”

“Down this way?” He pointed to a hall where he knew the administration offices were located.

“Yep, fourth door on the left. Have a seat and I’ll be in shortly. We’re going to start with the written test before heading to the pool.”

“Sounds great, thanks,” he said and followed her directions, counting the doors until he reached the one marked ‘Classroom A’. He opened the door and saw two girls seated at desks near the front of the room. They turned and looked his way and Alex immediately recognized one of the pair. Her dark curly hair and exotic kaçak iddaa face were unmistakable.

“Hey, Natalie,” he said with a surprised smile while walking toward the gorgeous young woman.

“Hi Alex,” Natalie said, looking him up and down with her chestnut eyes. “Here for tryouts?”

“I am. Casey told me about it last week,” he answered. “I’m surprised you’re not with Lily at Sam’s cabin.”

“I wanted to go, but I had to be here for this,” Natalie said and shrugged. “This is my friend Claire,” she added, motioning to the unremarkable blonde seated next to her.

“Hi,” Claire said.

“Hiya,” he responded casually. “Guess we have to wait for everyone else to show up.” Alex took a seat next to Natalie and glanced around the classroom. Over the next ten minutes, two more girls and two boys arrived and sat down by themselves. Alex discretely checked out the competition. One boy was smaller and looked younger, the other he guessed was around his age but didn’t seem to be in good shape. He liked his odds.

At ten minutes after nine Emily entered the room and walked to the front of the class. “Sorry I’m late, we expected one more person but I guess he decided not to come. Let’s go around the room quickly and do introductions. Claire, would you start please?” Alex listened to Claire and Natalie’s introductions, then announced himself to the group. Continuing around the room, he learned the younger boy’s name was Mark and the other was William.

“And as you all know, my name is Emily Weston. I am the aquatics department supervisor here at the Sanford YMCA. I oversee all swimming activities, including our summer program, overnight camps, and swimming instructors and lifeguards. I also take lifeguarding shifts myself if the schedule requires it.”

Continuing, she said, “We are looking to hire two new part-time lifeguards, one boy, and one girl, in order to replace a staff member who will be leaving us in several weeks. Our goal is to choose the best fit for the job and the work environment here at the Y. You’ll then complete Red Cross lifeguard training and begin work under the supervision of our more experienced staff. Are there any questions before we begin the written examination?”

When no one responded, Emily pulled a stack of papers from her briefcase and held them up. “The purpose of this test is to ensure that you will be successful here. We’re not judging you based on your knowledge of lifeguarding, I assume you’re all new to the profession. This will assess your personality and see how you would respond under circumstances you’re likely to encounter as part of the job. Please answer every question, even if you are unsure. You’ll have two hours, starting now.” When she finished speaking, she passed out the tests and handed a pencil to each applicant.

Alex was relieved to see the test was multiple choice. He flipped through the pages and read a sampling of the questions. Most were based on mock scenarios where something bad happened and the answer was what you would do in that situation. Common sense was easy enough. He was the first to finish the test, feeling conflicted about a couple answers, but overall thought he did well. He handed the completed test to Emily and sat back down. Natalie finished ten minutes later, then one of the other girls, followed by William, then the remaining two girls. Ten minutes before the two hours were up, Mark handed in his test with an uneasy look on his face.

“Alright, now it’s time to get wet,” Emily announced. “I’m going to drop these off to be graded and I will meet you at the pool. Alex, Natalie, would you please guide everyone to the locker rooms?”

Alex and Natalie nodded and the group walked out of the classroom and back to the lobby. Continuing straight, Alex entered the familiar territory and turned the corner into the men’s locker room. Inside, the three boys changed into their swimwear. Alex donned his competition suit, a tight-fitting pair of shorts that reached to the top of his knees. He moved on to the showers and rinsed off per the pool rules, then grabbed his towel and goggles and said, “The pool is just through there.” He pointed at a short hallway opposite the entrance.

Stepping into the large aquatic center, he found a man and woman waiting by the side of the lap pool, both had obviously just been swimming. The man was shorter than Alex but in excellent physical condition. He guessed his age to be in the late twenties. The girl was also a model specimen, her long tanned legs and narrow waist caught his eye immediately. Her hair was nearly black, cut very short, and she was wearing a red one-piece racing swimsuit.

“Hi there,” the dark-haired woman said. “I’m Faith, this is Max. You’re here for the tryouts?”

“That’s right. I’m Alex, nice to meet you both. I’m guessing you’re the two full-time lifeguards Emily mentioned?” he asked, shaking each of their hands.

“Yep, for a little while longer anyway. I’m leaving in two weeks,” Max said. “Are the rest kaçak bahis coming?”

“They should be right behind me.” On cue, Mark and William walked in. Mark looked small next to the older boy, but he was obviously in better shape. William’s body betrayed his softness, he clearly hadn’t spent much time in the gym lately. “Mark, William, this is Faith and Max,” Alex said politely.

“Hiya gents,” Faith said, smiling at the three boys. The girls exited their changing room in a group. Alex’s eyes fixed on Natalie. She was quite possibly the sexiest girl he’d ever met. Alex couldn’t place it entirely, but the combination of her curvaceous lean body, her exotic face, and a full mane of curly chestnut hair sent shivers of excitement through his body. He couldn’t help but look between her legs where her tight blue high-cut swimsuit pulled into a U-shaped mound. Alex longed to slide between those legs and cup that bulge in his hand. He’d beheld her dark lips once before and wanted nothing more than to see them again.

Alex snapped out of it as Natalie began making introductions for the four girls. Shortly after, Emily emerged from a side entrance with a clipboard in hand, still dressed in baggy training gear. “Alright, looks like we’re all ready. Everyone has had a chance to meet Faith and Max?” When the group nodded she continued, “Good. As I said before, Max will be leaving us in two weeks. That’s where you come in.”

“This swimming skills test is one that every lifeguard must pass. And you must maintain the ability to pass throughout your employment. There are three parts. First, we will ask you to swim three-hundred yards. It is not a timed race, we want you to maintain even and steady breathing and you must swim using the front crawl or breaststroke. For the second part, you must tread water using only your legs for two minutes. And the final test is a timed event that we will explain shortly. You may wear goggles for the first two parts, but not for the last. Are there any questions?”

William cleared his throat and asked, “What is a front crawl?” Alex heard a couple girls snicker, and when Emily didn’t immediately offer an answer he said, “Freestyle,” and swung his arms in alternating circles to illustrate.

“Ohh,” William said, “I knew that,” he added while staring at his feet.

Emily nodded her head and said, “Yes, thank you Alex. How about if the girls go first? And remember, the test isn’t about speed, but you are still competing against each other for the job.”

One of the girls raised their hand and asked, “How many laps are three-hundred yards?”

Alex heard Natalie answer before he had a chance. “Six, the pool is twenty-five yards long, so fifty yards a lap,” she said.

“That’s right, thank you, Natalie. Girls, please stand next to the blocks and you will begin when I say the word go,” Emily instructed.

Alex watched as Natalie sauntered into position, hips swaying. Her ass was unbelievably round and firm. There was no jiggle, just pure muscle under her tight blue swimsuit. Must be from all the volleyball, he thought, and a healthy dose of genetics, although he still had no clue as to her heritage. Natalie’s body made the other girls look like, well, girls; narrow and lanky with droopy swimsuits. Alex watched the parade of white skin scamper past as the remaining three took their positions.

“Ready!” shouted Emily. “Go!” and the four girls sprang into the water. After the first lap, Natalie and Claire took an early lead. None of them seemed to be struggling in the water, they were all clearly practiced swimmers. Natalie emerged victorious after the final lap, leading her friend by four lengths. Alex watched as she pulled her dripping body out of the pool, her bronze thighs glistening under the fluorescent lights.

“Nice work, girls. Ok, you’re up gents,” Emily instructed. Alex took the middle lane and put on his goggles. Mark was to his left and William to the right. “Ready!” came Emily’s cry. “Go!” Alex dove into the water, focusing on a streamlined entry and powerful underwater kick. He emerged nearly halfway to the opposite end and began working his arms, finding the familiar rhythm quickly. He ducked and turned, pushing off from the wall with his legs, gliding under the water with ease. This pool was the same dimensions as the one he had put in at home, by no accident. He was so well practiced that he could likely swim the six laps with his eyes closed. Paying no attention to his competitors, he focused solely on his breathing and form.

At the end of the short test, Alex stopped with his elbows resting on the pool edge, removed his goggles and looked back, surprised to see Mark and William right behind; momentarily, at least, because each boy ducked under and made another turn down the pool. He’d lapped them both. Chuckling to himself, he lifted out of the water, breathing deeply, but far from out of breath. He walked back to the group and saw Emily nodding in approval as she jotted down a few notes on her clipboard.

“Impressive,” said Max as he walked by.

“Yeah, you are fast! High five,” said Faith grinning.

“Thanks,” Alex said, slapping Faith’s raised hand. He grabbed his towel and started drying off.

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