All About Family Ch. 03

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“What were you thinking?” yelled John, “I can’t believe I raised a son that would break the law like that.”

John and his son Nate drove back from the county courthouse in John’s Aston Martin DB9.

“I’m sorry,” was a Nate could mumble. Bad enough what he did, then the fact he got caught and his parents then found out about it made it worse.

“And with your sister none the less. What is wrong with you two? You’re just lucky I’m a lawyer and I knew the judge,” John continued to yell at Nate who just hung his head down.

“It’s not like we did anything too bad?” replied Nate.

“Not too bad? You were caught trying to use fake ID’s to enter a downtown nightclub. For what? Obviously to drink.” John felt a bit hypocritical. He remembered when he was younger and would use his brother, Jason’s, ID. But that was in the day when they didn’t have pictures on their licenses, nor the fancy barcodes that verified whether the ID was even legit or not. John knew the night clubs had the ability to use the barcodes, but never really expected them to go past looking at the picture and actually use them, let alone on the day his son and daughter try to get in using a fake. He wondered where they even got them but right now he was happy his son got off, but also had to put on his stern and angry face as to convey a point to his son.

“I’m still pissed Stacey got off. It’s only because she’s a hot girl.”

“Well, according to the bouncer he only checked your ID with the scanner.”

“That’s bullshit! I saw him check them both but when the police came he only reported me. So fucking gay.”

“You’re right, she is lucky that she is an attractive young female but you shouldn’t be mad she didn’t get in trouble. She’s your sister and you should be happy you took the fall for her.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” said a defeated Nate. It was only 10 am and it already was a long exhausting day.

They continued to drive home. As they pulled into their neighborhood John decided to ask Nate something that had been bothering him ever since they got caught. “Nate, I have to ask you something. When you two decided to get fake ID’s, why did you choose them to be husband and wife?”

“I don’t know. We thought it might help our story, I guess.”

It still bothered John. Ever since that night a month ago when his wife came back to bed after sucking Nate off John has thought of Nate in a different light. He was his son, but he was also like this stranger to him. Since then he didn’t think his wife had gone back to Nate, her son, but he still was on edge and then the fact that Nate had pretended to be married to Stacey, his daughter, Nate’s sister. It just all seemed to weird and sickening to John.

At least it was supposed to. He knew he should feel something, and he did feel weird. He knew what Nate and his mother did was wrong, and it should have sickened him, but it didn’t, far from it. In fact, he had never seen anything hotter than when Jenny came into to bed wearing her son, in a matter of speaking. And now on top of that the idea of Nate and Stacey being ‘married’ and doing what married people do, which is to have sex, made John feel other things. He was again turned on, though he knew he shouldn’t be, to be honest he knew he shouldn’t even think about his son with his very beautiful, and well formed, sexy, angel faced daughter having… There he went again, thinking bad thoughts, but they weren’t bad, he thought, they were hot. And then John felt a sudden rush of jealousy wash over him as he pictured his son mounted on top of his daughter as she moaned out in ecstasy. At that moment he hated Nate. Then Nate’s face flashed to his own as he pumped into his daughter.

“Dad!” yelled Nate.

“What do you want you little shit,” hollered back an angry John as he snapped out his incestuous day dream.

“God, I already apologized about using the fake. I learned my lesson. I won’t do it again. However, we drove past our house.” Sometimes Nate wondered if his dad knew about him and his sister, or worse, him and his mom. He thought the three of them had a pretty good pact and have remained pretty tight lipped but maybe he found out.

“Sorry, Nate, I’ve just been a little stressed out with work,” John hated using work as an excuse. Truth be told, work was going great. But he couldn’t tell Nate the truth, never in a million years, he couldn’t tell anyone.

John turned around and pulled up the driveway and into the garage of the house.


“Oh my God mom… Oh FUCK. That feels so good.” Jenny just continued to eat out her daughter’s deliciously sweet pussy for the second time that morning.

“Oh. Oh god… just a little… bit… oh… more… I’m so close… so fucking good. OH GOD!” groaned Stacey as she arched her back of the bed and grounded her pussy on her mother’s face. “OH shit, mom… I’m cumming…” she finally came, drenching Jenny’s face in her sweet girl nectar.

“Stace, you are by far the best tasting thing ever.”

“That’s what Nate keeps telling me. I mean, I’ve tasted myself but you mom, casino şirketleri you taste great.”

“Good must be in the genes then. Must be what Nate tastes so good too.” The two giggled as they repositioned so Jenny could receive her second eating of the morning.

“Who tastes better, Nate or Dad?” asked Stacey as she began to probe the warm fleshy folds of her mother.

“Oh, you are a dirty girl. That’s tough. Both taste good. Nate’s cock not only tastes good but so does his seed. Now you’re father, since he’s older his cock still tastes good but his cum is a little thicker and saltier, especially if he’s had a few beers in the day.”

Stacey stopped for a moment, “wait, what a guy drinks affects how he tastes?”

“Oh sure, that’s why I have Nate eat plenty of fruit every morning and only drink pineapple juice.”

“Really? What they eat affects how they taste too? Huh, I have noticed that’s all he has had for breakfast for the past few weeks. Does he know that’s why he has to eat it?”

“Sure, I told him. Because of it he actually eats more than I expected. I wish your father would take a page out of Nate’s book.”

“It really makes that much of a difference?”

“Oh yeah, you’ll have to try for yourself one day.”

“Oh, that’s dirty. How slutty would that be for me to suck and swallow daddy.”

“Not much different than eating your mother’s pussy. Now back to work, young lady, I feel the need to cum.” They laughed and Stacey immediately found herself buried in her mother’s snatch.

“Stacey, oh you are so good. You learn well… and fast. Oh god… Oh… Un, em.. uh… oh. Oh. Oh god. Here I cum, baby. Keep going! FASTER!” Just as Jenny hit her climax, Stacey heard footsteps coming up the back stairs.

“Oh god, that was good Stace. But why’d you stop?”


“What?” Asked a very relaxed Jenny who was fingering herself out of her orgasm.

“I think they are home from court already.”

“Oh shit,” said Jenny as both of them quickly got up and began scrambling about. They soon found themselves in a problem. They had started this morning in the family room, on the couches. There in two piles was their clothes. And now they were up a flight of stairs, half a house away in Jenny’s room with no clothes to throw on.

“Honey?” asked John, “You home?”

“Uh… Yeah, I’m just getting in the shower. Be out in a minute.” That should buy them a few minutes at least for them to get something out of Jenny’s closet. They’ll have to worry about the clothes downstairs later.

“Okay. Well, don’t mind me then I’m just going to change clothes. I’m not going in today I’ve decided.”

Shit, Jenny thought, there goes that plan. And before they could find a place for Stacey to hide the bedroom door started to open.

Meanwhile, down stairs, Nate was going to relax on the family room sofa. He had a busy day so far and he and Stacey were suppose to go see a movie tonight with some friends, which reminded him he needed to ask his dad if he could borrow the family Navigator as his Mustang couldn’t fit all his friends, and Stacey’s Fusion was also a little too small to hold seven people. But right now he needed a short nap. As he fell into the couch he noticed a pile of clothes, then another. He got up and picked up and article from one of the piles. A pair of panties. They appeared to be Stacey’s. Then he realized they must have left their clothes here. Then it dawned on him that they were surprising quick at court today and knew they were probably still at it up in one of the bedrooms.

He needed to think of something quick or his dad would definitely be stressed out and in a bad mood. Quick, quick, he thought…

“DAD?” He yelled… now what he thought.

“Honey? You home?” He heard his Dad say. By the sounds of it he was already up stairs. He heard some faint conversation then a door open. He thought it was too late but decided to act one last time in desperation, “Dad! Can I borrow the car tonight?”

“Which one? The Aston?” His dad replied. “No, I think you need some sort of punishment in light of today.”

“Oh, well I meant the Navigator.”

“Well… I guess. Why?”

“Going to see a movie.”

Silence. Then his dad appeared on the balcony overlooking the family room, “Movie? So you won’t be out too long then tonight will you?”

“Shouldn’t be.”

“Sure. But no Aston for at least a month.”

“Okay. Thanks dad.”

“Yeah yeah, nothing stupid tonight. No fakes.” Said John as he turned to head back to his room to get changed.

Back in the bedroom, both girls stood in the middle of the room like deer in headlights as the door opened in slow motion. Then they heard Nate. The door stopped for a second as John responded but then the door started moving again. Stacey closed her eyes, fearing the worst. But then they heard Nate again and the door swayed freely as John let go and went to the balcony.

“Shit Stacey, that was close, quickly hide,” whispered Jenny.

Stacey began to move towards Jenny and John’s large walk in closest. Jenny mouthed casino firmaları “no” and made a cutting motion at her neck making Stacey realize that the closest was a bad idea as John said he wanted to change clothes. She moved for the bathroom but thought that was bad because Jenny said she would take a shower. So instead, Stacey dove under the bed just in time as John and Nate finished their conversation and John reopened the bedroom door.

“Oh, hey honey,” said John, taken back at his wife’s beautifully naked body. “Thought you were hopping in the shower?”

“I was, but I thought I’d wait a second to see you and ask you how court went with Nate.”

“Well, I never expected my first ‘bring your son to work day’ would happen because he was the one in trouble.” Both laughed but John stopped short and sort of squinted and sniffed the air.

“Honey? Is Nate fine? Did it go how you say?”

“Yeah, he’s fine. No record nothing…” then he sniffed again, looked at the messy bed, and then at Jenny’s wet, shiny inner thighs. “You alright babe? Were you busy when I got home?”

“Yeah, I was fingering myself when you got home. You startled me.”

Stacey was a little shocked by how open her mother just was. Apparently so was her dad because he sort of stuttered, “Uh, ok. Did you finish?”

“Yeah, it felt so good. Really cut the stress.”

“I’ve been really stressed out myself. Maybe I’ll go in the hot tub later.”

“Or, maybe,” said Jenny as she walked over to John and grabbed his belt, “maybe I could release your stress.” As she finished with his belt she fell to her knees in one smooth motion.

“Thanks honey. You must have had a good morning.” He said as Jenny began working her hands on his freed cock and balls, bringing his shaft to life.

Stacey could not believe it. First how open her mother was about masturbating then how willing she was to suck dad off. From under the bed skirt she could she her mother on her knees in front of her dad with his pants bunched up around his ankle. Then she heard him moan and then a slurping, sucking sound. She had to see this. She belly crawled to the get a better a view. For the first time she saw her dad’s thick long cock and it was sliding in and out of her mom’s gorgeous, cock sucking mouth just a few feet from her.

Stacey suddenly felt a familiar tingle between her legs and decided to take advantage of the show and enjoy a third orgasm in a matter of an hour or so herself.

Stacey quickly brought herself to another climax and was surprised that she had actually beaten her dad, but she could tell he was close. She lifted the bed skirt slightly, taking the chance of being seen. She raised it enough to see her father looking towards the ceiling, with both his hands on the back of her mother’s head. He started to groan. Both girls knew what was coming next and Stacey was curious to see what her mom would do.

Jenny loved sucking cock and loved eating cum but while she performed on her husband she looked out of the corner of her eye and saw Stacey watching. She decided to forgo taking John’s load in her mouth and decided to instead give her daughter a show.

“Oh Jen… un… Oh, baby I’m gonna cum. Oh shit…”

Jenny pulled John’s cock out her mouth and began pumping with her hand. At first without thinking with her right hand, but then she realized Stacey would get a better view if she used her left hand.

“Oh yeah, John. Shoot your load on my face. Make me your whore. Put your mark on your slut’s face.”

John did just that and with one final groan he unleashed onto Jenny’s beautiful perfect face. Stacey couldn’t believe it. Her mother looked so hot as she continued to stroke John’s deflating cock with his cum streaked all over her face. Some even shot into her hair and some had dripped onto her breasts. Stacey knew that as much as she knew she still had a lot to learn, and she knew her mother would help.

“Why don’t you take a shower, honey,” said Jenny as she stood up.

“Thanks, but weren’t you going to take one?”

“I will later. I want rub your cum in and let it sit for awhile.”

“Okay, I won’t be long,” said John as he kissed his wife passionately on the lips.

“Take your time, sweetie.”

Soon John was in the shower and it was safe for Stacey to climb out from under the bed.

“Did you enjoy the show?” asked Jenny who was laying back on the bed, with her legs crossed, reading a magazine nonchalantly.

“I did, it really got me wet.”

“Did you fix that?”

“I did,” replied Stacey, “Mom, why are you letting dad’s cum sit on your face? Isn’t that gross?”

“No, not at all. Male ejaculate is very good for the complexion.”

“Really? Seems odd, but alright.”

“I know but it works, believe me. Oh, by the way now’s your chance to see what your father tastes like,” said Jenny as she scooped a glob of cum of her left breast.

“No thanks, I think I’d prefer it straight from the source. At least for the first time.”

“Oh, well you are dirty little slut,” said Jenny as she sucked her finger clean güvenilir casino of the cum.

“Just like my mother.”

“Oh, very funny,” said Jenny as John turned off the shower. “Sounds like he’s done so you better get out quick, and grab our clothes out of the family room.” And with that Stacey was gone.

Stacey quickly made her way down the hall to her room. She made straight for her closest and threw on some clothes. No time for panties or a bra she decided to wear her athletic training clothes. When she left her closet she noticed that her and her mother’s clothes were in a pile on her bed. At first panicked but then realized that Nate was also home. She put the clothes into her hamper and left for Nate’s room. To her surprise he wasn’t there. She then ran down two flights of stairs to the basement and to the home’s private home theater. Sure enough, there was Nate in one of the large leather recliners watching the beginning of Saving Private Ryan on the big projector screen with the theater quality surround sound. Stacey was amazed by how real it sounded and swore a bullet really flew past her head.

She approached Nate who was completely oblivious to her and entirely engrossed in the movie.

“NATE!” She yelled but it was at the same time as an explosion and she was drowned out. Instead of yelling again she snuck up behind him and hit him.

Nate was startled and jumped, dropping the remote. He quickly grabbed it again and turned the volume down.

“Oh shit Stace, scared the crap out of me.”

“Sorry. I just wanted to thank you for stalling dad and bringing our clothes up to my room.”

“Sure, no problem. It was no big deal.”

“Oh yes it was, we would have been screwed. Dad was seconds away from walking in on me and mom completely naked.” Then Stacey began talking in her low, sexy, seductive voice, “and you know, if there is anyway to repay you, I’ll do anything,” she giggled, “anything.” She began to reach for Nate’s fly but Nate stopped her.

“Thanks sis, I could really go for a blowjob right now but don’t think it’s really safe. Maybe after dad goes back to work.”

“No, he’s not going back to work, he’s taking the day off. And besides, mom and dad are probably having sex right now.”

“Yeah, right, what makes you think that?” questioned Nate. So, Stacey told him the story of what happened starting with her and her mother playing with each other first thing in the family room all the way up to Jenny getting her facial.

“Really? She left it on? That really helps the complexion? Damn, I bet that was hot, I’d love to see that.”

“I bet you would. But why when you can actually get a blowjob from mom?”

“She says I taste to good to let waste.”

“That’s true,” laughed Stacey. “But yeah, mom swears by it that it really helps. I think you might have to let me try that sometime.”

“I might have to try that myself, sometime. Sometimes I get dry skin and regular hand lotion makes me look all greasy.”

“Gross, a guy getting a facial? Isn’t that a bit gay? Who would you get it from, dad?”

“No, stupid, I’m a guy too; I could just use my own.”

“Oh yeah, duh,” then Stacey thought about it, “Have you ever thought about being with a guy?”

“What? God no, that’s gay.”

“Really? Not even like a blowjob, or even a handjob?”

“No, why would I when I have you and mom and my girlfriends?”

“No, I meant give one.”

“Okay, enough, this is grossing me out. But speaking of blowjobs, I’ll take you up on that offer, if it still stands that is. After all you owe me.”

“Of course, anything for you,” said Stacey as she slipped off her short so she could finger herself. She then got on her knees and began sucking on Nate’s cock. Nate turned up the volume and just sat there enjoying his sister’s mouth and the movie.


Stacey was right, John and Jenny were in fact fucking after John’s shower. However, halfway through they had to stop because Jenny’s sister called. They let the answering machine get it only to hear Michelle, Jenny’s sister, saying it was “important, and an emergency” that she should call her back right away. So Jenny picked up only to find out what was so important was tabloid gossip about one of the many messed up females in Hollywood being arrested or some shit. John didn’t care, all he cared about was finishing and he didn’t want to do it himself, so he was force to wait on Jenny. That meant he could be waiting a few minutes, or the better part of two hours. John suspected it would be the latter. So to pass the time he went looking to see what his kids were up to.

First he tried their bedrooms, but nobody was there. So he then began searching room by room. Finally it dawned on him that they probably were watching TV or a movie down in the theater. Sure enough as he approached the theater he heard the deep low rumble of the bass as explosions went off on screen.

He opened the door and entered but didn’t see anyone, it was too dark. He closed the door behind him and then saw the top of Nate’s head in a seat down in the front row. He knew it would be useless trying to call to him. At first he just stood in the back watching but then decided he hadn’t seen the movie in awhile so he’d join his son until Jenny was done on the phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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