All for Love

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Chapter one

Sheryl and I have been watching each other’s backs since she were five and i seven; we vowed to be there for each other till the end of days. We grew up in an orphanage under the watchful eyes of the head mistress Rachel. We faced everything life could throw at us together. We left for the navy after graduating high school. Navy seal training was brutal but not as bad as this.

We’re stuck in the middle of South America in a rainforest south of Brazil. We were sent on a mission to take out a world famous drug lord named Stephan Delgado that no government could touch by law. This drug lord apparently has a mansion somewhere in the jungle. Most of our team have been killed on this mission or so everyone else besides certain members of our team thought. All that’s left is my long-time friend Sheryl and I.

Our team was ambushed at a warehouse in the middle of nowhere that was supposed to be the lab where these no good thugs were developing a deadly mix between cocaine, meth and heroin. Our team already took out three labs a few days before the ambush. I can’t even count on both my hands how many times Sheryl and i saved each other’s lives in the past three weeks. Our radio was destroyed in the ambush at the warehouse, so we had no communication with our people back home.

It’s dark, quiet and misty in this jungle; the sun was just starting to rise over the eastern mountains. We can’t have any light and we can’t cook what we catch so we wouldn’t draw attention to our location. We have been living on raw fish and edible fruits from the jungle. Sheryl and I have been on our own for two weeks now. We built a camouflaged tree house in the highest tree in the jungle out of harm’s way. We could see everything in a seven hundred meter radius. We used equipment to survive we gathered weeks before when we all raided the other labs.

As I was patrolling around our area looking for food I heard voices and ducked for cover before anyone could see or hear me. Sheryl was watching my back through a lens of a sniper rifle from the tree house. Two guys passed me. I watched them in silence, and then suddenly my foot slipped from under me in the mud. They stopped and turned in my direction weapons ready.

One of them suddenly fell dead on the ground. Sheryl took him out. The other one turned to his partner.

I stood up silently, snuck up behind him as he reached for his walkie talkie and broke his neck in one swift move. I grabbed their weapons and bags, hid their bodies in the bushes then headed toward the tree house.

“That was way too close for comfort.” I said over my headset.

“I know Joe, don’t worry. You know i always got your back.” She answered back.

“I know you do; I just can’t imagine my life without you Sheryl.” I said.

“And I can’t imagine mine without you Joe. That is exactly why you and i make such a good team.” She said letting out a sigh.

“Why the sigh, Sheryl?” I asked her.

“Oh, nothing I was just thinking about something, nothing important really.”

A few months ago I realised that Sheryl was checking me out. It actually occurred to me that she might feel something for me. Every time she looked at me I could see something else in her eyes, a kind of needy and lustful look. The trouble was that I was doing exactly the same. It was against military rules to have a relationship with another member. We could be thrown out of the military if caught. This was our last mission then our four year service contract would be completed. After that we could do whatever we liked.

When I got back at the tree house we checked inside the bags and found tinned food, spare ammo cartridges and a map of the jungle with the location of one last lab and the mansions blueprints. This was defiantly our lucky break we were waiting for but it doesn’t feel right.

I looked at Sheryl suddenly noticing how beautiful she really is, her eyes and her lips. I could feel my eyes traveling down her neck and shoulders down to her breasts. I was admiring every inch of her body.

“What are the odds of us finding these, Joe?” Sheryl asked with a smile as she caught me staring at her body.

“I don’t know Sheryl, but this seems way too easy for me. Either those two men were prone to get lost or this is a trap.” I said in disbelief over our findings. I was undressing Sheryl with my eyes and she caught me doing it. I suddenly blushed, my ears feeling very warm.

“Oh Joe, this is the break we needed to catch these guys and end this drug parade. Then we can go home. What’s wrong Joe you look like you are burning up or something?” Sheryl said watching me.

“Oh nothing I just felt a little feverish all of a sudden … okay, let’s just pack out the rest of the stuff in these bags and see what else we can find.” I answered her knowing that she knew i was lying. I couldn’t look her in the eye when i lied about anything. She caught me out every time.

“Okay, if you say so Joe.” She said digging in one of the bags.

Sheryl held up two id tags in her hand.

“Apparently canlı bahis those two goons were builders for Stephan. It looks like these tags were used to get in to his grounds. See the barcodes Joe?”

“Yes I see Sheryl. So they get scanned in, I wonder what they need all the security for? What else are they hiding in there?” I said grabbing the map of the mansion grounds.

“I sure would like to find out Joe?” Sheryl said as she yawned stretching her arms into the air exposing the form of her chest and breasts.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her, something about her just lured me in deeper into an abyss I could not get out of. Sheryl just smiled at me lowering her arms.

“I think we need some coffee, don’t you?” I said as I got up taking our tin cups in my hand.

I heated some water in a tin camping kettle on a one plate mini gas stove connected to a nine litre gas bottle. It is quite amazing what you can find in a lab. As I prepared our cups with coffee and sugar, I could feel Sheryl standing behind me. I turned around with my eyes connecting with her beautiful clear light blue eyes. We were standing face to face. I could see a sparkle in her eyes I have never seen before. I could smell her every scent come from her. She smelled like jasmine; the perfume she loves so much.

“Joe, I want to do something that I wanted to do a long time ago.” Sheryl said looking into my green-brown eyes with a sly little smile on her face.

“I … what … Sheryl …”

I stood there stunned as she pressed her lips to mine silencing me. I sank deeper into this new sensation as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I wrapped my arms around her waist wanting more of her. Her lips tasted so sweet, so perfect. We broke our kiss looking deep into each other’s eyes.

“Wow … you … I … never expected that.” I said still stunned.

“That was better than I thought it would be. You should see the look on your face Joe; I wish I had a camera.” Sheryl said grabbing my ass with both her hands. I jumped in surprise then we both fell to the floor.

I landed on top of her cushioning her head with my one hand and my other hand landed on her breast by mistake. We spent about a split second looking into each other’s eyes which felt like an eternity. I leaned in and kissed her. She tasted so sweet.

Sheryl wrapped her legs around my body pinning me closer into her. I could feel her nipple growing firmer under my hand. She started unbuttoning my shirt

Revealing what she wanted to feel under her soft hands. Sheryl moved her hands slowly and softly over my body down to my belt. As she started to undo the buckle I stopped her.

“You really surprise me, you know that Sheryl?” I said smiling.

“Oh Joe, I need you so badly. I was just starting to have fun.” Sheryl said with a mischievous smile.

I looked at my hand on her breast, removed it and brazed myself over her with both my hands.

“Sorry Sheryl … we … can’t … I … think we should get back to work.” I said as i got up to my knees.

Sheryl grabbed my hands pulling herself up to her feet. Still on my knees I looked up at her with her hands in mine. I felt like proposing to her, this felt so right.

“Don’t be sorry Joe, I know we can’t. My feelings for you have grown so much. I couldn’t hide it anymore.” Sheryl still smiling pulled me up to my feet.

She stood in front of me fastening my buttons again while looking deeply into my eyes.

“You were always the gutsy one between us Sheryl.” I said looking into her eyes, getting lost in her blue eyes.

“Yeah I’ve got the beauty and guts; you got the brains and strength.” Sheryl said walking past me pouring water in our cups.

Passing me a cup we sat down looking at the map of the mansion and that of the last lab. We spent the rest of our afternoon planning an assault on the lab and mansion, constantly steeling glances at each other. I was the demolition expert

And Sheryl was the snipping expert. We both were crack shots with any weapon.

During our two week stay in this jungle we collected quite an arsenal taking out Stephan’s goons. I started thinking to myself about what was going on between us.

What was this? Were we just acting on our ‘lonely, horny and lost in a jungle?’

Impulses or were we actually falling in love with each other? Were we going to?

Break the navy rules and start having a relationship; a lesbian relationship.

Our plans were set; we would go in tomorrow night late check things out and make our plans from there. Right now we needed to get as much rest in as we could.

We decided to go to the nearby waterfall to have a swim and cool down as we usually

Did and catch our dinner for the night.

At the waterfall I got undressed as I always did. This time it felt different because I could feel Sheryl’s eyes undressing me. I caught her checking me out as I got into the water.

She started undressing herself in a flirty strip tease manner watching bahis siteleri me intently. My eyes followed her hands every move. Sheryl got in the water and walked straight toward me, her body sinking deeper into the water with every step. The water kissed her nipples making them rise in excitement. Just the visual of her aroused me.

I could feel my heart skip beats and my pulses race. I never felt like this before.

It felt like i was high on something, maybe love.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her. Our tongues seemed to dance to a song we could not hear. My hands felt every inch of her body. I swam with her in my arms behind the waterfall into a cave. I spotted a flat rock and laid her down gently onto her back.

Laying on my side next to her with my one leg draped over her i ran my hand slowly down her body. Sheryl arched her back slightly tilting her head back, her breathing heavy and her heart speeding equal to mine.

She put both her hands on my breasts gently kneading them. I could smell her Arousal and she could smell mine. I leaned in to kiss her. Our lips locked as we both yearned for more of each other. She rocked her hips matching my rhythm, her mound rubbing against my leg and mine rubbing against her leg. I could feel her hands sliding around my chest and her nails digging in my back. We followed a slow rhythm gradually picking up speed; our sighing was being drowned out by the waterfall.

I moved my body so my mound would rub against hers, making the tingling inside of us even stronger. I could feel her and my orgasm growing like a bomb ready to blow.

Sheryl sank her nails even deeper in my back. Our orgasms grew even stronger and closer to exploding. We locked lips just as both of us exploded in ecstasy together. Sheryl screamed into my mouth as we started over again.

Several orgasms and hours later we returned to the tree house with our raw dinner.

We decided to cook our dinner, because we both knew that this could be our last meal we were ever going to share. We ate our dinner in silence keeping in mind what was to come the following night. After dinner we cleaned our dishes and relaxed a bit on our sleeping bags. I watched Sheryl as she fell asleep. She looked so innocent and perfect in her slumber.

I couldn’t sleep so i got up and sat outside on our little deck under the moonlight.

The moonlight lit up the whole forest around us. I could feel the light breeze kissing my skin. Everything seemed so peaceful and quiet. How were two navy seal women going to take out a whole army of weaponed drug enhanced goons protecting their lord Stephan? We needed to get our hands on a radio and get some help in with this. We needed to get this done and reach the rest of my team.

“What’s wrong Joe?” Sheryl asked hugging me from behind.

“Oh, I’m just thinking of what the two of us could do against a whole army. I thought that you were sleeping?” I said with a sigh.

Sheryl turned me around so i would face her. She looked at me with those soul searching eyes of hers.

“We came this far without anyone’s help Joe, you and i against the world as always. I truly believe that the two of us can get this job done. I am worried too, but I’m not going to let fear get me down. By the way i could never sleep if you weren’t by my side.”

Sheryl spoke such wise and true words. She always knew how to cheer me up. We were always in trouble when we were together, which was most of the time.

‘I remember the first day we met at the orphanage. We arrived on the same day, both of us with the same abusive history. Dinner time at the orphanage was war.

We literally had to fight for food. We had a bully that took food from the weaker

Of us, he was bullying Sheryl for her food. This guy was twice our weight, little taller than Sheryl but shorter than me. I walked up to them and asked her to hold my food. As she did i drew one fist back and knocked the bully out cold. I had enough food with me for two, so i sat next to her.’

Since then we became best friends and shared dinner every night. We always got in trouble by Rachel because Sheryl always crept into my bed at night.

She eventually gave Sheryl and me our own room.

‘The next day the bully cornered me with two of his friends while Sheryl was with Rachel of the house. I took out the friends but when i reached the

Bully i had no energy left to fight. Sheryl came around the corner and saw what was going on. She suddenly had a hellish look in her eyes. She grabbed the bully

By his shoulder turning him around and kicked him in the groin. The bully never

Bugged either of us again because we were always together, whether we were asleep

Or awake. She never did tell me why Rachel wanted to see her.’

“You are wright Sheryl as always. Do you still remember the day we met?” I asked her.

“Yes i do remember i will never forget that day. It’s the first day bahis şirketleri anyone ever stood up for me. Why do you ask?”

“I just want you to remember that i will always be there for you Sheryl.” I said

As i cupped her chin in my hand and kissed her.

“I know that Joe. Can you remember the day after that?” Sheryl asked me.

“Sure i can, it’s the day that David kicked goliaths butt.” I said with a smirk on my face.

“It’s also the day Rachel offered me a home, which i turned down because of you.” Sheryl looked at me with a tear in her eye.

“Oh babe, you what … Why because of me?” I asked with a serious face sitting down on my sleeping bag.

“I wouldn’t go without you Joe.” Sheryl sat next to me and put her hand on my right leg.

“So you passed up having a better life because you didn’t want to leave me behind?”

I asked putting my arm around her.


Sheryl and i both came out of abusive families. My drunken grandfather and uncle used to rape me after they took me in. My parents died in a car crash, so i had no-one to fend for me. Sheryl’s own father raped her in front of her drunken mother then beat her mother to a pulp. The welfare saved us both at the age of five.

There was a man working under Rachel at the orphanage. He was the child psychologist. There was a story going around amongst the children that he was taking advantage of them; boys and girls. Rachel knew that something was going on but she could never prove it. All the children were too scared to talk about what he did to them. She needed proof to get rid of him so i offered to help after Sheryl told me that he raped her. What Sheryl told me just made my blood boil even more. She was just sixteen years old at the time and i was eighteen.

What he did was schedule an interview with the children for the next day; giving himself a chance to read up on their history in their files. The next day during the interview he would use that against them. He would turn their stories around and tell them that he would tell the police what they did if they didn’t do what he wanted them to do. Rachel got a small camera from the police and installed it in my cap. Rachel convinced him that he had to interview me because i was getting violent. He scheduled an interview with me for the next day.

I was always the tough cookie everyone could count on. I left my and Sheryl’s room heading for his office. He and i talked a bit about my temper. Then he sat next to me telling me that i should do what he said. I put the cap on the table next to me as i sat on the couch. I let him undo my pants and take off my shirt and let him touch me until i thought that it was enough. I kicked him in the groin and punched him in the face causing him to fly through his office door unconscious. I put on my clothes and went to Rachel’s office and gave her the camera.

The police were already in her office waiting for him. The police knew of everything and agreed with our plan the day before. After that all the children he hurt spilled the beans. He was arrested for twenty counts of rape.

Chapter two

I sat there holding Sheryl as she started to fall asleep in my arms. We were suddenly interrupted by a noise coming up the tree house. We both grabbed our silenced nine millimetres and waited. It was dark and silent. A silhouette came into light and just before either of us could pull the trigger it spoke.

“Sheryl, Joe, don’t shoot? It’s me…jacks.”

“Jacks?” Sheryl asked amazed.

“We thought all of you died in the ambush?” I asked as Sheryl and i helped him inside.

“I almost did, if it weren’t for the two of you taking out the doosh standing over me.” He said breathless.

“Wait a minute. Jacks, how did you find us?” Sheryl asked with a note of doubt in her voice.

“Easy, i followed you from the waterfall. I got there and hid in the bushes just as you two left. I wasn’t sure at first that it was you so i waited a while till i could see you more clearly.” Jacks said with what looked like fear in his eyes, nervously looking around.

I watched him carefully. I didn’t trust him anymore. He had a few scratches and Bruises but he had no injuries on him. Nothing was broken. He looked to …clean. Sheryl gave him something to eat and drink. She sat down next to me watching him as i did.

“So what happened to you after that jacks?” I asked as Sheryl looked at me. She had the same scepticism in her eyes as i had.

“I was captured and held captive in the mansion. They tortured me for days nonstop. I escaped four days ago after i heard them say that their men kept disappearing. So i figured someone of the team was still alive.” He said wiping the remnants of food off his face.

Well four days would be enough time four any wounds and bruises to clear up, but his story still didn’t make any sense. He sat in the one corner falling asleep.

Sheryl and i stepped outside taking our sniper rifles with us, keeping watch.

“I don’t trust him anymore Joe.” Sheryl whispered in my ear.

“I don’t either Sheryl, but we could use it to our advantage. If he is a traitor to his own country we could use it against him. I got a plan.” I whispered watching him from the door.

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