All in the Family Ch. 01

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They say when you wed; you also marry your wife’s family. I didn’t mind being considered part of Lisa’s family, in fact I loved it. The challenge was dealing with the open and sensual atmosphere her family promoted. It would not be an overstatement to say that they changed my sexual life.

Lisa and I met after college while we both were working in a web design firm. She’s a designer, and I’m in client services. We became work buddies, slowly morphing into dating. A year later we decided to marry. Lisa’s family embraced me. Being Italian, they wore their emotions openly. My white, Protestant family was small and introverted. The wedding was hysterical. My parents, I’m an only child of only child parents, behaved like they were wearing meat-scented cologne while being surrounded by a tribe of cannibals. They barely left their table.

Lisa’s family was dancing, singing and drinking—a lot of drinking. There were more aunts, uncles, cousins and godparents than I could count or remember. Narda, my new sister-in-law, dragged me to the dance floor, and wouldn’t let me leave. When the DJ started a song that usually required grinding, I started to make my way off the floor.

“Hold on, Wright,” she said. “You can’t leave me alone.” As we danced Narda backed her butt into my crotch, and didn’t hold back on grinding. I did everything I could to fight off an erection. I was three-quarters there when the music stopped. I prayed my suit coat blocked the obvious bulge in my pants.

I sat next to Lisa. She kissed me and said, “Narda loves to dance. She looks so freaking hot out there.” I looked at her and she grinned. She slid her hand onto my lap, letting the tablecloth cover her motion.

“Ooh, I see you agree.”

“Lisa, I didn’t mean for anything to happen.”

“Chill, Wright. It’s only natural. I’m sure if I had a dick it would be hard all the time, especially if an ass like hers was parked on it. Besides you’re part of the family now, and that includes Narda. You’ll get used to it.”

The rest of the wedding celebration went along without further dancing with Narda. I did dance with Lisa’s mother, Maria. She was an older version of my wife. She looked years younger than her age, and bubbled with an energy that infected everyone around her. I never felt so much love. Looking at my parents huddled together, I knew that I wanted the Cantafio’s to be my new family.

After the reception we went to Lisa’s parent’s house. The reception continued, but now everyone had changed out of formal clothes to relax in garb appropriate for the hot July weather. Lisa’s mom and her mom’s sisters put out a spread of Italian food that could have fed half of New Jersey. Lisa and I hardly ate at the wedding because we were so busy with pictures, visiting, cutting the cake, and all the other formalities. Sitting on a swing with plates on our laps, we relaxed for the first time in nearly a month.

Narda came over carrying a bucket of cold beers. She was wearing short shorts and a yellow tank top. In any attire, Narda looked sexy. Tonight, with a fine coating of sweat collecting at the neck of her top, and her nipples pushing against the thin fabric, she oozed sensuality.

“Having a good time?” Narda asked as she handed us two beers.

“Definitely,” I said, trying unsuccessfully not to stare at her nipples.

Lisa snorted, “I guess you are, too, judging by those freaking bullets in your shirt.”

Narda looked down, and laughed. She pulled each nipple and said, “God, weddings always make me horny for some reason. Maybe it’s imaging the bride and groom ripping each other’s clothes off, and screwing like dogs.”

I laughed and Lisa barked. That broke the three of us up. I was in awe of how easily this family talked about sex. Late that night, we left for our honeymoon at her parents’ beach house. It was only an hour away. They gave it to us for two weeks, but said expect some company in the second week. The way her mother explained it was priceless.

“You’ve been living together for a while. So screw your brains out the first week, and then you’ll be happy for some company the second week.”

Although Lisa and I had lived together for three months, we took her mother’s advice acting like newlyweds during the first week. Rarely dressing or even getting out of bed, we made love at a frenetic pace. By the Saturday following the wedding, we both were sore, and agreed to a one-day cooling off period.

We were lounging around the house when we heard tapping at the door. Narda was standing outside. Lisa, still naked, screamed and ran to greet her sister. I quickly pulled a pillow from the couch and held it strategically in front of me. After hugging Lisa, she brought her bag in to drop it in an empty bedroom. I backed out of the room toward our bedroom.

“No hugs for your sister-in-law?” Lisa asked.

“In a moment, absolutely.”

“You take the fun out of things, Wright.”

I continued to back away until I could close the door to our bedroom. I dropped the pillow and noticed the dark spot created by my seeping erection. I pulled casino şirketleri on briefs to try to keep it pinned in place, and added baggy shorts and a tee shirt.

Lisa, now draped in a loose sundress, and Narda were in the kitchen opening beers. Narda gave me a big hug. I tried to just embrace her with the top of my body, but she pulled me close to full body contact.

“So, have you been fucking the shit out of my baby sister? And with what I’m feeling, I’m becoming the most jealous woman on earth.”

My mouth opened, but no words came out. Thankfully I had returned to close to normal, although it felt thick and ready to spring up at any second.

“Well, you better be taking care of her,” she added with a laugh.

“Well, the truth is,” said Lisa, “this is one of the few times we’ve even put on clothes. And, I am really sore.”

Narda’s eyes lit up and she offered a high five to her sister. “Hey, you didn’t have to put clothes on just for me. After what I felt with Wright at the wedding, it could have been a pleasant sight. And, I envy your soreness.”

I know I blushed. Lisa was used to the bawdy nature of her sister. I had come to learn that the whole family loved earthy language along with sexually charged conversations. It wasn’t what I knew growing up, but I understood that they meant no harm by it. They just enjoyed life and had few inhibitions.

Lisa laughed. “I can tell you what you probably felt at the wedding was twice that size this week. My man out did himself.”

“Well, then let’s toast to big cocks that keep on working,” said Narda.

Lisa raised her bottle and the two of them drank their beers.

Narda was born Leonarda. Their dad is Leonardo. Their parents had been trying for years to have a baby. When their mother finally became pregnant, their father was sure their baby would be a boy. It was a family tradition to name the first born male after the father. When a little girl appeared, Leonardo was conflicted. He and Maria discussed it, and decided that they may never have another child, so Leonarda was christened. To their surprise and delight, a year later Elizabeth joined the family. Her birth was more difficult than Narda’s, so the Cantafio’s ended up with two beautiful girls.

After finishing the beers, the girls decided that beach time had arrived. Narda went to her room and Lisa and I to ours. As we stripped, I had a growing desire to not leave the bedroom. Lisa looked at my growing desire and said, “Put it away. I really need a break, and I don’t want Narda lurking outside our door listening.”

“Would she do that?”

Lisa laughed as she fastened the top of her bikini. “Hell, I know I would. And, don’t let her see that thing in its present condition.”

“Not that I planned to do so, but why?”

“God, she’d be all over it in a second.” Lisa looked at my erection. “Hell, what woman wouldn’t?” She bent and gave it a nice kiss on the tip.

I pulled on my baggiest bathing suit and the three of us walked to the beach. Arriving we picked a spot on the sand, the women pulled off their cover-ups. Although Narda was older, her body was the fitter of the two. She ran and did yoga. Lisa was not a big fan of exercise and her shape was softer. This is not to imply that she’s heavy. I love Lisa’s figure and demonstrated that point repeatedly during the last week.

Looking at the two bikini-clad women lying alongside of each other, I made silent comparisons. Lisa’s breasts were definitely larger, both in how they pushed out against her top and in their roundness. Narda’s small breasts showed almost no cleavage. Narda’s waist was tight, with the slightest hint of a six pack. Her long legs evidenced the result of her exercise in shape and muscle tone. She was about three inches taller than Lisa. Even without shoes she came close to seeing eye-to-eye with me at around five-ten.

Narda’s suit bottom was relatively modest. I noticed she had a tight rear end with enough of a bubble to take her out of the “boy butt” category.

I felt guilty mentally evaluating my sister-in-law’s body. I turned my attention back to my wife. Lisa is pretty. The first thing I had ever noticed about her was her eyes. They are deep brown. Her thick dark eyebrows gave her a mysterious, intense look. Her olive-toned skin easily darkens in the sun. With a broad smile showing white teeth, Lisa’s face draws my full attention. Her ample breasts are lots of fun to play with. Funny I was never a “big breast” guy, but I find that Lisa’s turn me on. Her middle is soft and she has a slight muffin top in her tiny bikini bottom. She’s wearing a new bikini, bought for our honeymoon. It is quite narrow in the front and sports only a thin strip in the back. It showcases her hips and full butt. Being shorter than her sister, her legs are not as long or toned.

“New suit, Lisa?” asked Narda.

“Yep. Got it just for this week.”

“Sexy,” Narda said. “Looks like you must have done some serious grooming to fit into it. As I recall you used to have quite the garden.”

Lisa laughed. “That was years ago and you casino firmaları know it. I’ve been keeping it trimmed for a while.”

“And now?” Narda asked.

Lisa blushed. “Went all the way.”

“You like that Wright? Finding it bare and smooth turns you on?”

I knew Narda was baiting me. She loved to tease and embarrass both of us if she could.

“Narda, it’s fantastic. Especially when I’m going down on Lisa. It’s heaven.”

Lisa shrieked and threw a towel at me. “Wright, really. That’s too personal.”

“You know that’s what she was driving at,” I said and looked directly at my sister-in-law. “and, it’s the truth.”

Narda laughed and slapped my leg. “So, Wright, did you return the favor?”


“Did you clean yourself up as well?”

“Uh, no,” I stammered. “Guys don’t do that sort of stuff.”

“Oh, so it’s ok for us to shave it off so you can enjoy eating us out, but you can’t return the favor. You think we like picking pubic hairs from our teeth after giving a blow job?”

“Narda, honestly, you are embarrassing Wright to death,” said Lisa.

“Truth time, sister,” said Narda, who was now sitting up. “Do you like all that hair when you’re sucking him?”

“God, Narda, please stop.”

“Come on, tell the truth. Are his balls hairy?”

I thought Lisa would probably pass on responding. Instead, she shocked me. Giggling she said, “God, yes, they are like really, really hairy. Makes me think twice about licking them, except they’re so big and full that I love sucking them. And, yes, Narda, I said big—huge balls.”

“Lisa!” I said.

“Wright,” pushed Narda. “What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander—whatever the hell a gander is.”

“Male goose,” I said.

“See, proves my point. I think you should return the gesture that your beautiful bride made. Clean it up.”

I laughed at how ridiculous the conversation had turned. “I really don’t want to talk about it any longer. Besides, I would be too scared to take a razor to my balls.”

“That’s what wives are for, dummy,” said Narda.

“Oh, I couldn’t,” said Lisa. “I would not want to cut something. No, that’s not for me.”

After a few moments of silence, Narda grinned. “Well, then I think that’s what sisters-in-law are for.”

“No way, you’d shave Wright’s balls?” exclaimed Lisa.

“Been there and definitely done that,” added Narda. “Of course, not with Wright. Let’s make that clear. And, I’ve also made sure the cock and the whole nest is as smooth as my pussy.”

I glanced down and wondered how smooth it was. “So, how smooth is your pussy,” I figured two could play this teasing game.

Narda took a quick look around to see if anyone was paying attention. Sensing we were not the center of attention, she crawled between Lisa and me and sat back on her legs. Grabbing the front of her bikini bottom, she pulled it out and down. Lisa and I stared at the smooth area between her legs. She held her suit open and I easily saw the top of sex lips. My immediate reaction was “Wow!” I then did a quick mental comparison to Lisa. Narda’s were smaller and tighter than Lisa’s plump outer lips and the bits of inner lips that always peeked out from Lisa were nowhere to be seen on her sister.

“My god, Narda, I can’t believe you. I think you’ve had too much sun, or something,” I said.

Narda smiled, and let her suit snap back into place. “It’s just skin, sis, just skin.”

She absently rubbed the front of her bathing suit and looked up.

“Maybe we do need a break from the sun,” Narda said. “Why don’t we go back to the house and we can spruce things up.”

“No way,” I said.

“What’s the matter,” Narda asked. “Afraid I’d think you don’t measure up?”

Before I could answer, Lisa said. “Oh, I can tell you that what’s under those shorts is nothing short of amazing. It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen or had.”

“Now, I’m really interested,” her sister said.

“You know this entire conversation is incredible. How did we get focused on my private parts?” I shook my head.

“Oh, come on, Wright. It’ll be fun,” Narda teased.

“For whom?”

“For me, that’s for sure. I’ve been wondering what my sister has been enjoying. And, when I’m done, I think Lisa will have a lot more fun.”

“Yeah, but I don’t see where my fun comes in,” I said.

“Wright, I’m going to be handling your cock and balls. Doesn’t that sound like fun? You can continue to ogle my tits while I’m tending to business.”

“Shit, Narda, I’m on my honeymoon. And, I have not been ogling your breasts.”

Both Lisa and Narda laughed. “Yes, you have, Wright,” said Lisa. “It’s ok. Narda has really sexy tits. You know, Wright likes tiny tits.”

“What?” I said in surprise.

“It’s okay, honey. I know you love mine and you certainly play with them a lot,” said Lisa. “But, whenever my girlfriend, Allie, is around, Wright’s tongue is dragging on the floor. She’s tall, thin, blond and has tits about your size. She never wears a bra and always seems to have to bend over in front of Wright to pick güvenilir casino up something. He just stares down her shirt at her little titties with the big rosy nips. I know I’ll get a special fuck that night. That’s why I love having her visit us.”

I didn’t know what to say. Lisa was right, but I didn’t think I was that obvious.

“Nice to know,” said Narda. “I mean you’ve got the best boobs I’ve ever seen, maybe next to Mama’s. I always felt like the girl who didn’t get her Christmas present.”

“Oh, stop, Narda,” said Lisa. “Wright, she is just trying to make you feel bad for her. Her tits are perfect. Remember at the party after the reception and how good they looked in that shirt. And, every other guy there didn’t even know if you had a face. Their eyes were glued in one spot only.” Narda and Lisa laughed.

“So, Lisa, do you mind if I take care of your new husband,” Narda said with a lightness in her tone.

Lisa laughed out loud. “Hell, go ahead. Just don’t do any permanent damage. We may be taking a break today, but come tomorrow I want everything in top working order.”

After a pause, Lisa added, “Hell, Sorta like old times.”

I looked at both of them. They returned my look, and then turned toward each other. In a second they were both holding their stomachs as they rolled on the blanket laughing. I didn’t get the joke, but had an inkling that they may have shared something similar in the past.

“Ok, let me in on it,” I said.

“We will,” promised Lisa. “When we’re back in the house.” She and Narda fist-bumped each other.

“You mean you’re letting this crazy idea happen?”

“Why not? We’re all family now,” said my wife. She added, “And, it’s only skin.”

Back in the beach house, Lisa went to get some beers from the fridge. Narda told me I should go shower and make sure to use some conditioner “down there”.

“When you’re through, just wrap a towel around you. Oh, and bring the shaving cream with you.”

“This is insane, you know that,” I said.

“You’re right. I think I need a drink—or two—to calm me down.”

“Uh, I don’t think it’s a good idea to be drinking before you’re, well, you know.”

“You mean before I have your cock and balls in one hand and a razor in the other?”

I swallowed hard, and said, “Exactly.”

“Don’t worry. I promise not to accidently cut off more than an inch or two.” She and Lisa thought that was funny.

“Now run along and get that shower,” said Narda.

“Do I bring you my razor?”

“No, I’m going to use mine. It’s better for the delicate areas. And I’ll see if Papa left some hedge sheers in the shed. Just in case you have a nasty nest.”

Lisa and Narda were drinking beers as I slowly walked to the bathroom. I stripped and hopped under the warm water. I washed myself thoroughly, and did put conditioner through my pubic patch and on my balls. I still could not believe my wife was going along with this crazy idea. Just thinking about having Narda touching me made me hard. I thought about how her bare pussy looked in the sunlight. I imagined what her tits looked like under that bikini top. I gave in to the feeling and spent a couple minuets stroking myself to a strong climax. My dick was still sore from all the activity of the week, but I knew if I hadn’t done this, I’d be erect the second I walked out of the bathroom.

I dried off and wrapped the towel around my middle. With the shaving cream in hand I ventured out to the living room. Lisa came and handed me a beer. She kissed me and told me how much she loved me. “Are you ready?”

“No,” I said. “How about you tell the story that had the two of you cracked up on the beach. You know, the ‘old times’. I can finish my beer and screw up my courage while you talk”

The sisters again exchanged a look. “Ok, sit here and enjoy your beer,” said Lisa.

I was sitting on a big side chair and the ladies were across from me on the couch. I arranged the towel so as not to flash them. Narda pouted as I did this.

Lisa fetched two more beers for Narda and herself before beginning her story. “Well, as you might have noticed Narda and I can be a bit competitive.”

I snorted thinking about how they tried to outdo each other in almost every facet of their lives. Although Narda was in top physical shape, Lisa never backed down from a challenge. Many times I would hear them arguing about who made the best bacon and eggs, found the best bargains at the mall, or any number of stupid contests.

“So,” Narda said, “When we were dating we thought it would be cool to compete there as well.”

“You mean like who could get the other’s boyfriend to ask you out?” I asked.

“No, we never went after each other’s boyfriends or dates. What we did was more involved and a lot more fun,” my wife explained.

“Ok, so what?”

“Well,” Narda said with a smile, “We would double date, and then see who make her date come first.”

My mouth hung open. “You what?”

“Yeah, “continued Narda, “So we’d be at our house when our parents were out. We’d be in the same room, and start making out with our dates. Then we each pull their pants down. They guys would sorta flip out, especially because they were already hard. So, to help them out, off came our tops. That seemed to make them feel better.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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