All That is Fraser

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I couldn’t even thin that anything he was doing to me was less than evil. But Fraser was a determined guy and was set on getting that he wanted. Damn the feelings of anyone else.

“I shall have you arse by the time the day is through” he yelled with a very rude gesticulation.

It was if he had some sort of hold on me that I could not resist. He was an extreme extrovert and I was quite the opposite so although I said that I didn’t want that, he grimaced and told me quite categorically that I had no option.

Jim wined me, dined me and set me up in my own pad. So it was the least I could do to let him feast my ass. (His words not mine) So what could I do. Give up the pad or lump it?

Well to be honest, it would not be the first time I had been used by a lusty dominant guy. The first had me in the lounge of the cricket club when all had gone and we were the only two left. He said he needed as secretary some help in setting the venues for forthcoming matches but it didn’t take me long to realize his true intent when, behind me he shoved his hand deep into my right trouser pocket and gave me a massaging I had never known before.

To feel someone else doing it other than myself was really a delightful new experience because you never knew what the next move would incur.

So I was shocked, flabbergasted yet drawn to his touch and made no effort to refuse him when he asked me to drop my trousers.

It was like it was all some fantasy -almost unbelievable that I was with this guy, hardly known to me who was ten years my senior, standing there with my legs apart as ordered, and taking his length deep tipobet365 yeni giriş up into my relenting ass where he soon initiated me in the art of anal sex.

It hurt sure it did. It was my first time but he made no consideration for that even when I told him. All he muttered was that he loved a bit of virgin ass, so tight and fuckable and that is what he did and not messing, he had me pinned across the desk and had his use of me hook, line and sinker.

I just closed my eyes tight and gritted my teeth hoping it would soon finish. My hole seemed like it was burning and |I suddenly felt hot liquid shoot between, as he rolled his erect cock around and around making my hole squelch with the cum he’d spurted in no mean measure as he paused and took me once again, but this time the numbness of his first penetration had numbed me and it really felt nice and soothing. His fuck was slower and gentler now, like he had gratified his immediate lust and now thought he would enjoy me slowly. I felt him submerge into me, hold it there and felt his throb inside, so nice.

“You are a great fuck Peter, I simply love your ass so tight and so enticing” and oddly I felt quite pleased about that and when he wanted to take me on my back after some oral; rummaging around the contours of my ass, I gladly stretched my legs tight around his back and let him fuck me to the rim.

To that point I had not seen his size, it was bloody enormous and I was thinking how ever did he get all that inside me.

But now it was there inside again, thrusting gin and out like a piston engine and he certainly had his full use of tipobet365 giriş me.

After that I knew I’d been well and truly initiated. I could hardly walk straight, Jim teased I was walking bandy and I told him it was his fault.

“There is a lot more where that came from” he said and it seemed as though this was going to be a regular thing, having his fuck when he wanted.

I had somehow got myself into accepting that and began to take more care of myself physically, prancing about in front of a mirror in tight, tight jeans expressing the contours of my bum to its best position, pouting it out to show its worth. He said he wanted me in tight jeans with just a slit in the right place, he said there was something very special in fucking in jeans and the way they expressed the contours of my ass, the way the separated each cheek delightful in the middle was sheer ecstasy and he’d’ want to spank me and I don’t know what.

Yet bent over his knee his slaps seemed heaven as he made me know just what good sex with another guy is all about. And he soon taught me the art of oral sex and how so suck him to the full, the way he liked it. The first taste seemed repugnant but soon I adapted to it, so much that I yearned for its flavor and smell, it made me feel all the more ready for his deep penetrating fuck.

It was nice and it was really something.

So when he went and got himself killed in a road accident I missed him dreadfully, but still retained my dreams of how he enjoyed me in bed and everywhere.

So now it was Fraser who fancied me, but differently. He wanted to master me, handcuff me tipobet365 güvenilirmi and I don’t know what, but I am sure I would soon found out!

“I want you to appreciate just what submissive means to your master and you will do as you are told at all times, do you understand?”

I nodded, his voice was so loud and dominant I had not option.

“And when I say I was you to wear this or that, take this position or that I want you to immediately obey me, and if I ask you to suck my cock till your mouth is numb you do it, understand?”

Christ! I knew Fraser was not to be messed with and wondered what I had gotten myself into. But I was intimidated and committed to him now and there was no way out.

I was to be his ‘joy kid’ as he called me, his ‘toy boy’ and everything else too and even though I was twenty now and had a life of my own, in Fraser’s opinion I belonged to him 100% and that was that.

Submitting to his desires, feeling him handcuff and tie me to the bed rail and give my ass a feel of his selection of Japanese dido’s was fearsome enough but I did enjoy the feel of his very passionate roving’s of my buttocks, fully pouted and serviced for him, him balling and sucking me all over. Then I felt the scourge of a strap as he let me have it full across the ass. It hurt, it really did,. I yelled and screamed but to no avail. And yet it was thrilling. It really was even though I shall never understand why.

I guess I am the type of guy that needs to be mastered and feeling then the stiffness of his large red penis entering me was a sort of relief after# that strapping, when my as cheeks were numb, but it all added to the enjoyment and thrill of the fuck and Fraser made sure of that.

I cannot say I am not happy with him. Sometimes I dread what he will do with me next, but somehow that is all part of the absolute thrill and excitement of it all. All that is Fraser!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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