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Chapter 010 � Love or Lust & Culture Shock



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Randy Best: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adam Mann: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries

(a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Doug Meat: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven Goodman: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Magnus Savage: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

Jason Allman: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Platoon Leader

Matt Longdick: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Squad Leader

Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Beauty Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog


“You too, my office NOW” as Adam and I lead the way. “Luke take a chair”, “You Staff Sergeant stand at attention till otherwise instructed”. You know it is common courtesy to ask ones Commanding Officer for permission to get married. Billy Bob responded: “Yes sir, it was just so sudden”. Luke piped up, it was his fault, he had announced it to the Alpha Zulu team, Billy Bob had no knowledge of him doing it.


That sure took the bluster out of anything I could say. “Have a seat and relax Staff Sergeant”. Look guys, I”m happy for you but you”ve caused a mess of administrative headaches for me. Give me a couple of weeks to see what options we have after I discuss it with Colonels Mann and Best. If you are really serious and it just isn”t your hard dicks looking to sew some wild oats I”ll make this happen for you. “TRUST ME!” For now, let”s keep this as low key as possible knowing 75 men are aware of you two being in love.


A few days later the imps knocked quietly and respectfully at my office door and I knew something was up. (They usually barged in like a steamroller.) As the three imps hung on my body bathing me in hugs and kisses I knew “Uncle Meat” was putty in their hands. They told us they knew how much Luke and Billy Bob were in love and would I please do everything in my power to help them. Luke deserved a loving man in his life and Billy Bob truly loved him.


I asked Billy Bob to join Luke Steven and me in the conference room for our evening meal. After the mess staff had delivered our food and we were sitting down to eat, I simply turned to the pair and asked: “Do you really want to get married”? Without hesitation or reservation both answered a resounding YES! OK, let”s enjoy this meal and figure out how we are going to make this work. Billy Bob still had two years on his Alpha Zulu contract but we all knew one call from Luke to the Secretary of Defense and that problem would be eliminated. Billy Bob wanted to stay with Beauty and the imps. It was a wonderful assignment and one he enjoyed as much as sharing love with Luke. Luke said he would try to make a long distance marriage work but to plan on him being a frequent visitor to Fort Connor. I assured Luke as Billy Bob and Beauty had a double room all to themselves I didn”t see any problem. Other than you may have to increase the imps allowance again so they can increase spoiling Beauty with “doggie treats”.


I turned to Billy Bob and asked him if Luke, Steven and I could have some alone time. A suggestion from us was considered an order in his mind and he reluctantly left my office. I turned to Luke and simply asked: “Are you thinking with your head or your cock”? He blushed and said “BOTH” Sex with Billy Bob is fantastic but I keep sitting at my desk, looking out the window and wanting to be with him. Every waking minute, if I”m not busy I”m dreaming of making love to this beautiful man. If there was an upside to loosing Liam it was finding this beautiful man. Please make it happen, I want Billy Bob to be happy but I also want him part of our family for the rest of our lives.


I reaffirmed to him: “You know he can never know the truth about Liam”. It would devastate Aiden for life if he found out his father was a traitor to the United States. What you also don”t know when digging further into Liam”s life there is a high indication he had his wife killed and hired the men who kidnapped him and raped Aiden. He was the mastermind behind this total plot. Aiden would never survive knowing the truth. After Luke recovered from my shocking news he quietly spoke: “Billy Bob is so sweet and innocent I”m afraid he”ll have culture shock in the Worthington Social Circle so for now letting him remain with Alpha Zulu is probably the best scenario for him. You have many men who are married and apart from their partners here. We”ll make it work also at least until his contract is up and then all four of us will consider the options. As for now I want a small wedding at Fort Connor for us as soon as possible. Please make it happen.”


The jungle grapevine was super active the rest of the day and every man on base was aware of the new lovers and pending nuptials. The two love birds only enforced their commitment for one another and they walked hand in hand with “Beauty” being heartbroken not being the sole love in Billy Bob”s life. The imps helped with “Beauty” but it was evident it would take time for her to share her love equally with her master and his new partner.


It was only a few weeks and “Beauty” was standing proudly with her masters as the two lovers committed themselves to man and God as partners forever. Every man off duty was there to celebrate their commitment with them. The mess staff baked their wedding cake with a perverted sense of humor in the shape of a giant phallus. “Beauty” not to be left out got a sculpted dish of “Steak Tartar”.


It was a small wedding with John, Connor, the General and Mama Bear in attendance in addition to the imps and men at Fort Connor. Billy Bob had no intentions of inviting any of his family. His family had no problem with boys/men having sex together but to marry a man was a sin against God and unforgiveable. When Billy Bob told them he was gay and was marrying a man they disowned him. Luke could now understand how committed Billy Bob was to him and to their future. (We could all relate to the homophobic nature of some people. Laws may change but the attitude of some people will never change.)


The wedding gift from John, Connor, Randy, Adam, Steven and me was a two week pass and reservations at the Hawaii Marriott in the Wedding Suite. We sure hoped Billy Bob was ready for the culture shock that awaited him in his new life. We definitely enjoy our vacation there and we hoped it would be a good introduction to the world in which Luke lived. The imps were smiling ear to ear as they watched their “fathers” walk up the plane ramp and start on their honeymoon. R.A. kidded his “brothers”: “You think we should call them and ask them if they remember what to do on a honeymoon”? All three erupted in laughter and we knew Aiden was indeed happy for his father and new partner. “Beauty” joined the three imps cuddled together arm in arm and was now part of any new conspiracy the three imps would think of.


It was no shock when our returning newlyweds stopped by medical and ask Doc for a couple of tubes of his special ointment. Doc just smiled and was happy Luke was recovering so fast from the shock of losing Liam. Billy Bob and Luke spent most of their first day back at Fort Connor snuggling in bed as “Beauty” kept track of the imps along with SSG Longdick in supervisor mode. The honeymoon and lovers were doing wonders for the morale of the base and both Randy and Adam were elated at Luke recovering so fast from his trauma.


It wasn”t 24 hours after they returned the jungle grape vine announced that Billy Bob could give as well as he received. Luke wasn”t embarrassed and told everyone how much he loved this man in and out of the bedroom. Billy Bob was a master lover and Luke was proud to be the man in his life.


The bad news came quickly that the Pentagon wanted more information on how the Kamikaze incursion at Fort Connor was so quickly suppressed with no casualties. (Considering the deaths and wounds incurred at the attack on the Worthington residence.) Our great minds had to come up with a unified story quickly that the “brass” would accept. Just the hint of a new super weapon would put the military into wanting it in the field “yesterday”. Connor was developed more to be a defensive weapon not something to be offensively. So far it had been developed totally with Worthington money but that wouldn”t stop the Pentagon into confiscating it in the interest of “National Security”. Luke and John had to do some fancy brainstorming and give Brad and Adam a rationale answer the Pentagon brass would accept. None of us wanted to see Connor weaponized.


The Secretary of Defense asked Luke why he was spending so much time at Fort Connor? bornova escort He blushed when he heard it was to be with Luke”s new partner in life. Nothing more was heard from the Secretary of Defense. Whether he was homophobic had not been determined but he was committed to the Alpha Zulu program and we cherished that commitment.


Life was becoming relaxing and we figured as hard as the imps worked at all we assigned them to do they deserved a beak and a vacation. We reserved an island paradise in the Caribbean for a week with the imps. The pentagon conspired to have a “war game” scenario around our peninsular vacation spot making it an exclusion zone for the week. The local police and military police patrolled the entrance to our paradise and the Alpha Zulu team was always armed and alert to any potential danger. The week was beautiful and the imps enjoyed frolicking in the surf naked and their fathers enjoyed making love on the sand under a full moon. (They quickly learned to bring a blanket with them.) Steven and I were in operational control of this vacation and we tried to make it as enjoyable yet safe as possible for everyone. That left us very little time for us and we were surprised when Luke and John announced they had reserved this beautiful bit of paradise for us to stay another week. We didn”t know what to say except “Thank you”!


I finally gave up my near virgin ass to Steven that week and he was so gentle a lover as he fucked me the first of many times. It was like Connor was with us and guiding him in what made me orgasm. I lost count of the how many orgasm Steven would give me before he would flood my guts with his seed. All I could do afterward is hold him tight and look at his beautiful eyes until my brain returned to a state I could form words of love and endearment.


Seeing Steven conquer Mt. Meat on the beach during a moon lite night was a scene I”ll always cherish. My beautiful jock lover riding me in wild abandonment till he sprayed my chest and face with copious amount of his seed. I could scream to the world how much I loved him. When he collapsed into my arms our lips would meet and he knew I was in love with him in this life and in the next.


All too soon we had to face reality and return to our life and duties at Fort Connor. The imps were happy to see us back and slyly presented us with two tubes of Doc”s super ointment on the way to our quarters. Our young boys were indeed growing up.


Worthington R&D was constantly tweaking something around our base and there was always a constant flow of technicians joining us. Most of the tech realized the men of our base were gay and some of them even joined the nude fun in our pool. Seeing two men walking hand in hand from the pool left little to the imagination what was on their agenda for the evening. Most liked the way a hard body Army man fucks a tight ass. I never had any complaints from visiting tech but when a few ended up with anal tears from an overzealous soldier I did have to have a meeting with him so he understood not to break his “toys”. He blushed profusely and simply said the guy was so tight and he was so horny he just got carried away. He”ll try to be more careful next time. Seeing him naked at the pool a few days later I could understand why any man would feel like a tight virgin to his piece of man meat. He was beer can thick but not as thick as Mt. Meat. I hoped the imps knew better than to proposition this soldier.


Watching the imps frolic at night was as relaxing as having sex with Steven. The nights they could steal Beauty from Billy Bob, Beauty had the imps worn out and it was all they could do is to shower and crawl into bed. The nights that Beauty stayed with Billy Bob the imps were more than active at satisfying their sexual desires. They definitely had their dad”s hormones even if two of them had no blood relationship to their father(s). Billy Bob never showed any of the imps favoritism but tried to be a good father and uncle to the imps. Work was work and play time was enjoyment time with the imps. Our little boys were mature enough they never abused the privilege of having their new “father” around them most of the time.


Billy Bob took his assignment to protect the imps with an aura of high importance. “Beauty” would tear the throat out of anyone who attempted to harm the imps and only a bullet would prevent her from her task. Billy Bob glowed with pride when the imps presented “Beauty” with her new light weight body armor and the new super Kevlar lightweight bulletproof vest sporting her rank of Master Sergeant. “Beauty” strutted her stuff at the dining hall showing off her new outfit emblazoned with both the DOD and Presidential Seal to all the men. (A typical woman even if she had four paws and a tail.)


I was constantly complimenting the mess hall staff on the high quality meals they prepared for the men. I urged the men to share their feelings. Often support staff whose work seem menial needs to be reminded how important and how one mistake in cleaning or preparing food can put the entire base down with food poisoning.


The imps weren”t totally elated about the now mandatory physical training but put their heart into it when they saw Billy Bob and Beauty challenging them every day. It became a tradition for all five to hit the pool after a hard workout and other than maintenance complaining about the dog hair in the filters “Beauty” enjoying a cool relaxing swim after she did her twenty miles on the treadmill every morning. Not only were our imps maturing sexually they were maturing physically to fine young men who were physically well developed beyond expectation for their age. Their fathers were well impressed at what had been accomplished.


It had been some time since Connor”s specter had roamed through our camp and it felt great to see him hovering over our bed one night. It brought back wonderful memories of this man I will always love. I only hope when I finally meet the real Connor in heaven he will be as happy to have Steven as part of our lives together as I am. I want the three of us to be together in eternity. I had to wonder why Luke and John had activated Connor again and was shocked when I asked them the next morning to find out “it wasn”t them”. They checked their computer files and their Connor hadn”t been activated. Had the real Connor actually visited us? Had we broken some “cosmic rule” that would endanger our future. I accepted we can only do our best and let the future do what it may do.


Luke and John did a full diagnostic on Connor and he was functioning well within normal parameters. I told them I was happy he was with Fort Connor and we will only save him for dire emergencies. We definitely want to keep the Pentagon Brass out of our hair and asking embarrassing questions. I was surprised one morning when I found a new app on my smartphone named “Connor”. Luke and John had given me the “keys to the kingdom” and control of the most sophisticated weapon in the military arsenal.

The squads were becoming quite competitive and I had to act like a commander when I walked past the pool one sunny afternoon to find 50 naked off duty men half on each side of the pool seeing who could shoot their cum the furthest. With all the stress these men had lately I reluctantly broke up the unique form of a circle jerk they had devised but I was envious of them and their initiative. It definitely was a good enjoyable form of stress management.


When the jungle grapevine made it to the imps, they were hurt not to be included and invited by the men so they decided to have their own distance challenge in their shower. Taking turns standing opposite in the shower each one tried to see if he could shower his “brother” with his cum as he jacked off. It was hilarious to watch and I”m glad Steven made it home in time for the explosive ending. These little imps were shooting a pretty big load for youngsters their age. Time to have the “actions have responsibilities” lecture with the three of them.


As I started my discussion with the three imps they blushed and told us they knew all about sex. After all, this was the 21st century and there was the internet. I agreed the internet was a good source of information on the mechanics of sex but what about 9 months after the act and you find you have a bouncing baby to care for, feed and protect for the next 18 years. That can definitely put a crimp in your education and college social life. Not to mention all the wonderful sexually transmitted diseases that hide in bodies you”d never know about until they are full blown in yours. You have to accept that every person you have sex with has every disease out there. Unprotected sex is like playing Russian Roulette with all the chambers loaded with live ammo. Or a better comparison, playing Russian Roulette with an automatic pistol. DUH, you are going to lose. (That got their attention.) You can always ask Steven or me anything and we won”t be judgmental and answer truthfully.


Three very intimated red faced imps left for their room and had much to ponder and discuss that night. I don”t know what Luke told Logan about his conception but I hope we didn”t have a repeat performance with this trio of imps.


It was the calm before the storm literally. All was peaceful at Fort Connor, beautiful sunny weather, harmony among the men, the imps behaving better than normal and then the forecast of a major hurricane heading our way. It would miss our island base but we were going to get some heavy rain and high winds as it passed by. Remembering the “halo jump” incident that cost Connor his life I was determined to keep this base on high alert and hopefully Worthington Tech corrected the sensor problem when they patched the system.


Our men were not happy when the First Sergeant laid down the instructions that even men off duty would be dressed, have side arms and Uzi”s with them 24/7 till otherwise instructed. Any indication of trouble this base would immediately go to full alert without any hesitation. Even with the grumbling, the men who had gone through the attack that resulted in Connor”s death understood fully and tried to education the new men as to why this was being done.


The bostancı escort imps, Billy Bob and “Beauty” were to be locked down to protection mode and I was bringing Connor online in protection mode at the first sign of any incident. I wasn”t going to lose another man on my watch if at all possible.


Guess my actions were “over kill”. The storm passed and other than some wind damage and minor rain damage we survived unscathed. Beauty was happy to get out of “lock down” and was pawing at the door for a “poop” break. All three imps argued over whose turn it was to go on poop patrol. They drew lots as Beauty waited at the door barking letting them know if they didn”t decide quickly they would be cleaning it up on the floor of their quarters. R.A. drew the short lot and Beauty was saved from having an embarrassing accident in the imps quarters.


Life went back to normal for the imps. Beauty and Billy Bob headed to their living quarters, the imps hit the shower, dressed and heading out for flag raising and then breakfast. (I swear imps had a hollow log for their stomach. They put away more food than most of the men.) They always seemed to turn that food into muscle so who was I to complain.


Once we got the imps settled in the classroom Steven and I slipped away for a morning quickie. I needed to have him hold me and getting to fuck him was just a fringe benefit. I”ll never tell him how much I loved it when he got forceful and took my ass hard and deep. Feeling him flood my gut with his hot seed always made my balls erupt 99.9% of the time. I had one passionate partner in life and one fantastic lover I will cherish forever.


I have to admit watching the imps at night usually gave me a major boner and I did rub out a few hardons thinking about who the lucky guys were or will be to tap those beautiful asses. Those imps riding Mt. Meat only gave them the confidence to know they could handle anything any guy had between his legs. I hope they find men that will love their asses and just not fuck to savor a tight hole. Logan and R.A. were pretty much a pair with Aiden being their sidekick. They were still young and had plenty of years to explore their sexuality before they ever needed to consider who they wanted to share their love and the rest of their life.


Billy Bob was a semi protective father. He let it be known to the men he”d never stand in the way of the imps enjoying themselves sexually with any of the men so long as it was consensual. If anyone hurt an imp or forced themselves on one he doubted if Doc could sew his ass back together after he got done with him and/or if Beauty didn”t have him for an appetizer. The men quickly decided that hard labor at Leavenworth was preferable to dealing with Billy Bob and Beauty. The imps were respected and we never had any problem in their sexual experimentations. They were always begging to spend the night with Steven and me and satisfied with being a cuddle sandwich with us. Even Mt. Meat”s morning hardon failed to phase them in the least. They understood the sexual needs of a man, even their fathers and especially Steven and me. The men who had partners on base they respected their commitment to each other and that still left them plenty of prime men to enjoy when they needed that itch scratched. There wasn”t a red blooded man on base that wouldn”t get hard if offered a night with any of the imps. Steven and I knew when one of the imps asked if they could spend the night with a soldier it was their code for saying: “I need sex”. I”d rather know who and where these trysts were happening than to have them sneaking around trying to hide their sexuality. It wouldn”t be too many more years and our imps would be leaving the nest and they would have college life and adult decisions to make. (Hopefully, better than Luke did!)


Doc called me to visit him and wanted me to know whoever was having sex with R.A. was really giving his ass a major hard fucking. It didn”t take much research to determine who the individual was and I asked him to report to my office. Again, this damn military courtesy when one wanted an informal discussion but as he stood rigid at attention he figured he was in deep shit. “At ease, take a chair!” I advised him this is an informal and off the record discussion. I simply asked him if he realized how traumatized he was leaving R.A. ass after he had fucked him. Blushing beat red he stammered: “No, he didn”t. He”d never hurt such a beautiful young man.” With the sincerity in his voice I believed him. I take it R.A. never told you of his discomfort? He simply shook his head in the negative. I”m not asking you to quit the fun you two apparently enjoy. R.A. isn”t screaming STOP and seems to be coming back wanting you every time. Just take it easier, use plenty of foreplay, use lube to an excess both in him and on you. If it continues to be a problem we”ll discuss it further but as R.A. goes this discussion never happened.


Doc was happy when he had a follow up with R.A. but R.A. was totally pissed when he found out I had interceded in his sex life. He came pounding at my office door and barged in with blood in his eyes and fanged bared. (Guess he had been taking lessons from Beauty.) How dare you tell my lover to take it easy on my ass he screamed! I like it rough! It makes me feel like a man to be able to take it from him. And when his balls explodes and my gut fills with his seed it burns so good. After he exhausted his screaming tirade, I asked him to have a chair so I could talk with him for a minute. “If I was concerned about you having sex I would have forbid the soldier to ever to see you again. All I did was ask him to use plenty of lube and take it a little easier on you.” You are old enough to have a sex life, I just don”t want to see you harmed even if it is accidental. I love you and I”ll always protect you even if you hate me for it. R.A. teared up, ran around the desk, hugged me tight and kissed me profusely whispering: “I”m sorry I lost my cool.” “Just shows you are a normal adolescent” was my reply.


It was now time for retreat and our evening meal and the balance of the imps joined Steven and I for dinner. Billy Bob always ate with his squad not wanting to show any favoritism being the lover of the head of Worthington Industries and “father” of the imps. When he was off duty he was in full blow “father mode” much to the consternation of the imps at times. They enjoyed unsupervised time more and more as they developed sexually and started to enjoy a sex life of their own.


R.A. knocked at the door of our living quarters late in the evening and asked if he could spend the night with us. We crawled into bed with him between Steven and me as he kissed both of us and told Steven and then me how much he loved us. We loved our little imp(s) even when we had to do things they considered punitive.


Imps will be imps and these three were no different. They decided to raid the stores and rip off three “paint ball” guns and extra ammo. They then skipped class and ambushed the squad that was having physical training in formation on the parade ground. As the twenty five men were peppered with paint balls from hiding, the imps dropped their “guns” and high tailed it for their classroom to escape their wraith. When the squad Staff Sergeant brought it to my attention I really wanted to laugh. I ordered the Staff Sergeant to have all 25 sets of BDU”s piled on the floor of the imps quarters. When they finished their class schedule today, have the imps brought to me before letting them access to their quarters.


As difficult as it was to keep from laughing at them when they arrived I simple said: “Actions have repercussions”, where have you heard that before? You”ll find twenty five sets of paint ball splattered BDUs on the floor of your room and I expect them clean and pressed before you do anything else and that includes retreat and dinner even if it takes all night. “NOW MOVE IT!” They now failed to think their prank was funny. I had accomplished my goal and didn”t have to wear out my hand. God, I”m beginning to be a politician. Randy and Adam must be rubbing off on me.


Three very sleep deprived imps fell in for morning flag raising and put away two helpings of breakfast. The squad thanked them for doing their laundry as they left the mess hall for the day which was of little satisfaction for their sleepless night. At least I would hope they would think twice before their next prank.


Their next prank wasn”t so funny. To get even with me for my prank “sentence” they raided our quarters and switched out the lube in our bedside stand for Doc”s Lidocaine Gel. I wasn”t laughing when I lubed up my cock to have sex with Steven and had a mountain of numb meat. Steven cornered the imps as I cooled off before facing them. As they stood in front of the two of us knowing they were deep in shit I calmly said that prank was beneath them and it broke the trust we had in them. It would be some time before we would trust them again. The look on their face said I had accomplished my goal with leaving them with a sore ass. The sobbing imps returned to their room as Steven and I laughed at the incident. If I hadn”t been so horny I probably would have enjoyed the prank more. (I”m glad the imps didn”t hear the `ole story about putting super glue in the grooms KY Jelly on his wedding night.)


The jungle grapevine was alive all night and by morning everyone on the base knew “I couldn”t get it up”… ha, ha, ha!!! I found a suction cup dildo stuck to our dining table at lunch the next day. The imps couldn”t contain themselves and all seventy five men lost it with them in uncontrollable laughter. Even Steven and I got a good laugh from that stunt. Steven rose, bowed and in his best formal presentation thanked them for their gift and he hoped it would never have to be used. I don”t think I could have gotten any redder.


As I sat in my office the next day I had a conference call from Luke asking if Billy Bob was off schedule the coming weekend. I checked and told him he was free and I”d reserve a VIP room for the two of them. I”m certain the imps will enjoy having Beauty for the night. John and Connor were planning on arriving buca escort with him and they were happy to spend the night with the imps also. (Guess Luke and Billy Bob”s long distance relationship was like a new honeymoon when they had weekends together. I picked up a couple of tubes of lube from the commissary along with a tube of Doc”s super ointment to put in their VIP quarters. (The imps weren”t the only ones with a perverted sense of humor.)


Luke arrive just before retreat on Friday and within fifteen minutes of the flag being lowered he and Billy Bob were no place to be found. The pair was a “no show” at breakfast, lunch and when they didn”t show for dinner I had a pair of dinner trays made for them and I personally delivered it to their VIP suite. As I knocked on their door a pair of nearly naked love birds opened the door to see me holding FOOD. “You can”t live on love alone” was my only comment.” Knowing they were fine and just wearing out their hormones I made a strategic withdrawal and made my report to Steven who proceeded to drag me to bed so I could devastate his ass. Luke and Billy Bob weren”t the only ones who had a sore ass come breakfast on Sunday. The imps were happy that Luke and Billy Bob were so committed to each other. Surprisingly they didn”t try to prank the new couple. I think John and Connor had a “father and son” talk with the trio of imps about pranks and how they had lucked out with any “repercussions”.


A few weeks later I received a call from Colonel Mann (Adam) asking if he and Colonel Best (Randy) could drop by around 1100 hours on Friday. (Definitely a courtesy call, he didn”t need an invitation or my approval.) The next question really had me puzzled: “Do you have a cross cut shredder you can have moved into your conference room?” I assured him such a simple request could be easily handled. Shortly before 1100 hours on Friday OPS advised me Alpha Zulu One is on final approach to the base. I joined our security team as I headed to the airfield. Verifying their credential (Yup, even for my best friends protocol is followed.) We headed back to headquarters. On our way to the Land Rover Colonel Mann ask if I could ask First Sergeant Allman (Jason) and Staff Sergeant Longdick (Matt) to join us in the conference room. I contacted OPS and ask them to notify the two men to immediately report to our conference room.


When we arrived and walked in two very nervous soldiers stood at attention as I gave the order “At ease”. Colonel Mann addressed them: “Captain Meat, with your permission I”d like to address these soldiers”. “A year ago when I recruited you to the Alpha Zulu 69 Team here at Fort Connor we had an agreement that if you made a 100% commitment to the program for twelve months your previous indiscretion would be expunged.” “Colonel Best and I are here today to keep our end of the agreement.” “I thought you would like the privilege of shredding these documents.” Our two relieved soldiers were handed the material and the shredder was turned on. It only took minutes and an error in judgement that could have cost these two wonderful men their careers, a felony record and possible confinement at hard labor was shredded into a “burn bag”.


Colonel Mann continued: “I”m very pleased and proud of what you have accomplished these past 12 months and with Captain Meat”s approval I”d like to give you a 48 hour pass and I”m certain Captain Meat will authorize the use of a VIP suite for the 48 hours.” (Jason and Matt were smiling ear to ear and you could see the massive boners growing in their BDUs.) I turned to the pair and advised them to make arrangements to have their duties covered through Sunday afternoon and I didn”t want to see the two “love birds” until evening retreat on Sunday. I”ll make certain kitchen staff gets a tray of food to you so you have the strength to enjoy your 48 hours of “confinement”. Get the access code for the VIP suite from OPS and you are dismissed.


When finally the pair of lovers left I turned to Randy and Adam and said: “You didn”t have to fly in to do this. It all could have been done by secure mail and a video conference.” Adam simply smiled and said: “Randy and I wanted to see their faces and personally show them our thanks for what they have accomplished here.” “Besides, we want to enjoy one of those fantastic meals your mess staff serves.” (We all adjourned for lunch.)


As we were leaving the dining hall after having a wonderful meal I mentioned to the Sergeant who runs the mess of delivering meals to the VIP suite through Lunch on Sunday (for two). As the evil smirk crossed his face I suggested he put a fresh tube of lube on each tray delivered. He could pull them from commissary stock on my authority. (I wanted Jason and Matt functional when they returned to duty Sunday night.)


Matt and Jason quickly got their duties covered and the door of the VIP suite barely closed before they were tearing the BDUs from each other”s bodies. (Thank God for Velcro!) Matt went down on Jason and took every inch down his throat on the first lunge. Matt grabbed his head and skull fucked his lover giving him a quick and massive explosion of his hot seed. They finally made it to the bedroom and the next three hours were spent in foreplay like they had never enjoyed before. They both were a quivering mass of horny male flesh and it was time to consummate their pent up lust and love.


Matt got on all fours with his head buried in the pillow, his hands clutching the mattress as Jason packed his ass with a tube of lube along with his fingers caressing Matt”s prostate with every entry into his body. Matt knew this was going to be one hard hot fuck and when Jason sank every inch of his cock into his body on the first brutal thrust the muffled howl of pain and pleasure filled his body as never before causing his balls to erupted coating the sheets, his stomach, chest and face with his baby batter.


Jason then proceeded to give him the power fuck to end all power fucks. Matt was in Nirvana, he never wanted it to end. As Jason finally shot his last load his cock went soft and slowly slid from Matt”s body. Jason looked into Matt”s eyes and cried thinking he had hurt his lover. Matt kissed him and told him what he did was wonderful. He never felt more in love with this man.


Just then there was a knock at the door and a smiling mess hall sergeant serving two dinner meals compliments of the Colonels and the Captains. They turned beet red when they saw a tube of lube on each tray. The jungle grapevine was running hot with the news of these two lovers and their 48 hours sexual marathon.


They forced themselves to eat if only for the energy to continue. They walked hand in hand to the shower to clean and refresh themselves returned to their bed and enjoying some tender romantic intimate moments of foreplay and passion. They still had till Sunday late afternoon to be in each other”s arms and pleasure each other”s body.


Meat was shocked when the two lovers appeared at his quarters mid-afternoon on Sunday a few hours before their “pass” expired. They were invited in and walked in hand in hand. “Sir” Jason spoke “The First Sergeant and I are asking your permission to become partners for life”. I can only assume that OPS read the body language of the two as they walked into my quarters. The jungle grapevine went into overdrive and amazing as it was to the men, the mess hall staff had baked and decorated a congratulations cake for the two by the end of the evening meal. The entire Alpha Zulu Team rose to applaud and congratulate these two wonderful men.


My greatest shock wasn”t in them asking to be married but was the fact either of them could even walk after hearing the grapevine gossip about their antics in the VIP suite. I sent a quick note off to Colonel Mann and he smiled as he shared the good new with his partner for life Colonel Best. His only comment was: “I guess I don”t have to ask if they are going to renew their contract”.


This simple act between two committed lovers did more to bring cohesion and comradery within the Alpha Zulu 69 team than anything Steven or I could have done or said as the leaders. I”d make sure to invite Randy and Adam back for a long stay when they returned for the nuptials. (Forget the VIP suite, they were staying in our quarters so Steven and I could show them how much we still love them.)


The imps took it all in stride and were happy these two found love. They had no problem with two gay men being in love. Fort Connor could have another wedding. Their minds went into overdrive on how to accomplish a new impish task.


A few weeks later Adam and Randy stood as best men for Jason and Matt. Our friendly chaplain was becoming a regular visitor to Fort Connor and perhaps I should feel him out about becoming a permanent part of our little family.


The entire base was in such a festive mood and everyone wanted to attend the ceremony. Steven and I knew this was impossible so to be fair we drew lots to see who could attend and who would have to man the critical systems necessary to protect Fort Connor. Those who drew the “short straw” were disappointed but understood the selection process was fair. We assured them we would have a separate reception for them the following day.


The men were more conservative with their wedding presents this time around. Our newlyweds were given a case of “super lube” and a dozen tubes of Doc”s super “anal cream”. (From what I hear about the 48 hours in the VIP suite they are going to need it.) Jason and Matt were passionate and committed lovers. Adam truly had made a great decision in asking them to join the Alpha Zulu Team.


As the festivities ended Randy and Adam joined Steven and I in our quarters. We remembered the “good `ole days” when they ran the base and Steven and I worked for them. After finishing our favorite 20 year old single malt whisky we reaffirmed our love for each other only as four loving men can. We had no inhibitions as we enjoyed every sensual part of each other”s body and lost count on the number of orgasms we shared.


As the four of us staggered into the shower shortly before dawn, the scotch had taken its toll on our heads but our morning wood still reminded us of what we had shared the previous night. We four would love and respect each other forever. The bond of trust and love we had was truly that of a “Band of Brothers”.






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