Amber and Daddy

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Mike sat in the living room of his California ranch house and stared at the digital clock at the bottom of his television screen. Time seemed to tick slower than usual as he waited for the quiet noises of his daughter preparing for bed to die out, for her to be asleep. Some basketball game was on the screen, playing at low volume, as Mike decided what kind of porn he wanted to watch that night. His preferences varied but tonight he decided to indulge in one of his most dirty fantasies: father and daughter incest videos. As the clock ticked minutes past Mike listened as Amber’s bedroom door closed. After flicking off the television Mike prepared to head to his private office, the den. To be sure she was actually asleep he padded down the hallway in his socked feet towards his study, glancing under her door to see that the overhead light had been shut off.

In his den, after shutting and locking the heavy oak paneled door, Mike opened a locked desk drawer and pulled out a bottle of Astroglide. He set the blue bottle beside his desktop and opened his robe. Beneath it was a pair of black jockey shorts and a white undershirt. Mike typed a password into his Mac computer’s keyboard and watched the screen come to life. After a quick search in an incognito browser he leaned back in the leather chair, hitting play as the video’s film started to roll. He watched as the title scrolled across the monitor, “DADDY’S GIRL PT. 3” in a bold black font. As the video started he watched a young girl on her knees taking a man’s cock in her hand. She rubbed her palm against the shaft and watched as it grew harder in her grip. Once his cock was totally swollen with blood and rigid in her tight, warm fist she lowered her mouth onto the head and began taking the length of it into her wet mouth and throat. The man threw his head back as she took his member deeper and deeper inside her mouth.

Mark felt his own cock stirring beneath his briefs and reached down, gently rubbing his hand on its sides as he watched the girl suck. He grew fully erect in a matter of minutes and stood, sliding his briefs down to his ankles and then sitting back in the chair again. His cock was rock hard, nine inches and thick around, pressed up against his stomach with want. As the video continued he squirted some of the lube onto his right hand and turned up the volume on the computer and began stroking. He felt so good as his hand ran up and down his hard shaft and his cock head began to leak warm precum. As the girl turned around face down on her daddy’s big kind sized bed, Mike began to cum. He watched as the father pounded his nineteen-year-old daughter from behind and climaxed again and again onto his stomach, the keyboard. Mike shut the site down and cleaned up the desk and his own body and pulled casino şirketleri up his jockeys. After washing his hands in the study’s private bathroom Mike walked down the hallway, robe tied tightly, to the kitchen for a drink.

Passing Amber’s room he noticed the door was cracked. He wondered why, then figured she must have used the bathroom in the hallway before going to bed and forgotten to close the door on her way back to bed. Amber was eighteen, had just had her birthday, and was nearing the end of her senior year of high school. She’d been held back a year in elementary school and was more mature than most of her classmates, not only emotionally but also physically. Mike peered into the dimly lit room and was surprised to see his daughter stretched out atop her silk sheets totally nude. He watched closely as her chest rose and fell, the quiet sound of her breathing was steady. Suddenly she exhaled hard and kicked out with one foot, as if experiencing something in a dream, and her pussy came into full view. Mike felt his cock hardening in his underwear and quickly closed the door. The sound of it shutting was louder than he had anticipated and he froze in the silent hallway, hoping the noise hadn’t woken her. Unfortunately it sounded as though it had. He heard a quiet fall of feet on the carpeting and watched as the door to her room swung open before his eyes. Before him stood his five foot eight daughter, her tiny curves and little breasts wrapped tightly in a nightgown she must’ve thrown on before opening the door. Her green eyes darted across his face as she stood in the doorway a few feet from him.

“Daddy,” Amber said in a quiet, almost pleading, breathy voice.

“Yes Amber, what is it?” Mike replied, feeling nervous about what was going to come out his daughter’s mouth next. As he stared at her before him, he was reminded of his ex-wife Karen, Amber’s mother, and was struck by how similar their bodies were. He felt his cock stiffen again, halfway hard now in his briefs beneath his robe.

“I had a bad dream. Would you come hold me until I fall asleep? Sometimes I feel so afraid at night and it would make me feel better to have you there with me. Please daddy, it would make me feel so much better,” she whispered, her eyes fixed upon his unshaven face. He ran his hand over his grey and black stubble and nodded.

“Sure honey, I’ll be right in,” Mike replied and watched as his daughter smiled and slipped back into her bedroom.

As soon as Amber had gone back into her room Mike hurried to the bathroom and splashed his face with cold water. He tried to snap himself out of it and succeeded in making his erection go mostly down. He then brushed and flossed, rinsed his mouth out with mouthwash, shaved his face closely and applied casino firmaları a little scented aftershave. Once sure he was cleaned up he walked back down the hallway and entered her cracked door. Amber was underneath the sheet, half asleep, in the little silk nightie she had put on to go into the hall. He crept towards the bed, trying not to wake her, and pulled his body underneath the sheets. Slowly then he pushed himself up behind his daughter and enfolded her form with his own, putting his arms around her. She sighed, offered a brief audible thanks, and quickly fell fully asleep. Mike felt odd pressed up against Amber like he used to press himself up against her mother and before he knew it he was thinking about fucking Karen. He tried to get the thought out of his head but was already feeling movement in his briefs. He hoped that Amber wouldn’t notice and repositioned his body so that his groin wasn’t up against her ass. Amber moved in her sleep and pushed her ass backwards and as the nightie slid up he found that she was naked beneath the little dress. He gasped quietly and felt himself grow totally hard. Before he knew what he was doing, his right hand was down the front of his briefs and pulling them down to free his throbbing dick. He rubbed it in his palm and found that it was harder than he had been in years.

In the darkness Mike started to stroke his cock and felt himself getting close to orgasm. He stopped for a moment and checked if Amber had woken up with the steady rocking of her mattress. Her breathing seemed even so Mike slid his cock against the crack of her round and soft ass. He imagined sliding it inside the tight hole and felt himself nearing climax again. Stopped again. After a few minutes in the quiet he felt Amber stirring again, this time as if awake. She pulled his hand from her stomach to her breast and then moaned softly as he fingered her nipple. He realized quickly she had been away the whole time and had felt her father’s hard dick up against her ass. He reached down again and found the lips of her cunt to be swollen and her pussy to be dripping wet. Her warm mound was pulsing with want as he slide his two fingers into it and began pumping back and forth. Amber moaned again, this time louder, and rolled to face him.

“Oh daddy, I’ve wanted this for so long. Fuck me daddy. Make it hurt. I want to feel your hot cum inside me,” she moaned as she pressed her lips to his. Mike felt her body against his as she undid her nightie and pulled off his robe. Next off came his shirt. In just his jockeys, around his knees by now, Mike looked at his naked girl above him. She was perfect and he played with her clit as she held herself above him. Her pussy then started to lower and he realized that she was going to mount his rock hard güvenilir casino cock and ride him. As she lowered her tight little cunt onto his dick he moaned, loud and long, into the darkness of his daughter’s room. She began to ride fiercely, as if it was not her first time, and pumped up and down as he grew to full attention inside of her. He watched as his long hard rod pounded her, sliding in and out, growing wetter and wetter. The veins of his cock were rippling and she seemed to be enjoying the sensation inside of her as she moaned his name.
“Oh Mike, oh daddy, you’re the only man I need. I wanna be your little slut. Fuck me every day, oh please give it to me, make my little pussy cum…” Amber yelled out.

As he heard this Mike began to thrust as he never had before, slamming Amber over and over as she began to moan with a more and more high-pitched key. Suddenly, without realizing it was going to happen, he began to cum. His hot cum shot forth from the head of his cocking, filling his daughter with the sticky whiteness of it. As he shot over and over inside of her, she began to cum. Amber suddenly shook atop of him, moaning uncontrollably and tightening hard around his cock with her little pussy. She rolled off after finishing and began to push her ass, once again, into his now flaccid penis. As she did this, Mike could not believe he felt the stirrings again, so soon after having just climaxed.

Within five minutes Amber was rubbing his cock, spitting into her hand and smiling at him with a dirty smirk. His cock rose in her hand, expanding to its full four and a half inch circumference, and she told him that she was kind of tired. Mike moaned.

“Baby girl, that’s not fair. You need to finish what you start, and oh boy have you got daddy started…” he said to her.

She shrugged, smiled, “Daddy why don’t you just get yourself off and cum onto my chest? I’d like that. If you’d like I can play with myself while you jerk it.”

Next thing he knew Mike was hunched over his daughter, straddling her stomach and jacking his cock towards her breasts furiously. God he had not been so horny since his teen years, looking at her little tits and wet pussy as she fondled it. He rubbed the thickness of himself and moaned louder and louder as he approached finishing. Suddenly, beneath him, Amber began to cum and cried out, her face a mask of pure ecstasy and without notice Mike began to shoot cum onto her little titties, all across them, and then, unable to help himself from doing so, all over her innocent face. She moaned and licked at his cum at the side of her mouth as she relaxed from her orgasm and pulled him down beside her.

“Oh daddy… You’ll have to fuck me again and again. I may need to take tomorrow off from school, because I don’t think I can get enough by then…” Amber said as she felt her father begin to get hard against her ass again. Mike smiled as he flipped her over and mounted her from behind, ramming himself into her wet pussy as she bit into the pillow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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