An Adventure of Siblings

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This is my first independent, full erotic story and submission to Literotica. To be honest, I really enjoyed writing this, but maybe a little too much; it got a little away from me. What was supposed to be my first erotic story, bred from a simple idea that came into my mind, kept expanding and expanding until it reached nearly a full hundred pages. I broke it up into segments to make for a little easier reading. Regardless, I think it’s some of the best writing I’ve ever done, and if you are willing to read through it, I hope you enjoy and I would love feedback or comments of any type. Thank you!

Note that this story involves incest. I personally do not participate in nor am I interested in committing incest. This is just a literate fantasy, and if you do not appreciate or enjoy incest, I fully respect that and ask that you do likewise by not reading.

Special thanks to LarryInSeattle for help editing.


An Adventure of Siblings

“Just take your sister, take your emergency black card, and head up to the Vineyard.

… I don’t want us to lose our deposit money for nothing. You two are adults now, you can enjoy it up there almost as much as we would have.

No, we can’t just give our reservation to one of our friends. If your father really is going to work through our anniversary weekend, I want to have him to myself as much as I can.”

Shawn knew what she really meant, what she wasn’t telling them. Dad had crumbled under his boss’s demands once again, on their twenty-fifth anniversary nonetheless. Mom was pissed. At best, they would end up fighting every moment he wasn’t at the office, and maybe make up just in time to have a last-minute candlelight dinner and a single night of marital passion. At worst, he and his sister would come home to find all of dad’s stuff packed, or that mom was staying at their grandmother’s.


“Hey. Cheer up,” Shawn said, looking briefly to the right where his sister sat glumly in the passenger seat while he drove up the interstate. “I’m sure dad will make it up to mom and she’ll forgive him. Meanwhile, we get to wine and dine finer than any other time.”

Ellen rolled her eyes and shook her head while letting a slight smile slip. “You’re an idiot. That doesn’t even rhyme,” she responded, looking away from the passing scenery towards her brother.

Shawn Culver had always taken after his mother. He had her same dark brown hair and brown eyes, and had always cared more about friends and family than where he was going in life professionally. At twenty-five, he was a moderately successful second manager of a large food chain restaurant while continuing his classes at state university. His work kept him on his feet and moving a lot, so while he had never been a particularly sporty individual, he remained in good shape; lean and muscular, but not necessarily beefy. He cherished his free days, since his work had strict regulations about his appearance, resulting in him joyfully refusing to shave on days like these where he didn’t need to conform. And as such, he was already sporting a thick shadow of hair all across his chin and face. The stubble added a rugged feature to his already well-cut handsome looks. He could remember his last girlfriend complaining about such stubble, since it scratched whenever they kissed, but that was not one of his concerns while spending a weekend away with his sister.

“It does too rhyme!” Shawn argued, smiling. “You’ll think it rhymes after your forty-second wine sample.”

Again, Ellie rolled her eyes. “You know if we do go wine tasting, you’re not supposed to swallow. I don’t want you getting piss drunk and embarrassing me in front of all the other tourists. I will decline knowing you and leave you behind,” she teased him, smiling.

“Won’t get drunk, won’t swallow; it’s no wonder you don’t have a boyfriend,” Shawn teased back without thinking, immediately regretting it. He winced to himself as he realized how both harsh and inappropriate his remark had been. Ellie shot him a hurt look, but he responded before she could say anything. “Sorry. That was mean. I was just joking.”

Ellie smiled sadly, forgiving him quietly as she knew he hadn’t meant it rudely. “For your information, I don’t need a boyfriend. Boys are stupid, and I don’t even think any of the ones at school could handle a sophisticated and intelligent woman like me,” she said, holding her chin high in exaggerated self-assurance.

Shawn smiled, glad to see her act so confident. In truth, he admired his sister. While he had easily fallen into typical social culture all through his life, finding his confidence in sitting at the ‘popular’ table and breezing casually through classes, Ellen never got so caught up in other people’s opinions. She had her father’s ambition and drive, always being the top student in classes and priding herself in extracurricular activities like the track team and the environmental awareness society. As such, she had worked her way straight into university after high casino şirketleri school, skipping community college unlike her older brother. Focusing on her studies, she had, thus far, earned a free ride at college and devoted herself as a full-time student while continuing to live at home, unlike Shawn who used his work earnings to move into campus apartments. Being such a dedicated and successful student, Ellen was on track to graduate the same year as Shawn, despite being three years younger.

“That’s true,” Shawn said, reinforcing her confidence. “But anyway, like I said, mom and dad will work it out, while we have a good time in Vermont. It’s a nice weekend to see all the foliage change for autumn, and I know how much you’ve wanted to see all those covered bridges in the countryside.”

Ellie nodded. She knew it would be a fun weekend, once she managed to stop worrying over their parents.


Shawn slowed his car to a stop as they pulled up to the front of the bed and breakfast. It was an old, beautiful, Victorian mansion called Edward’s, which stood at the bottom of a massive and lucrative vineyard.

Ellie got out on the other side of the car as Shawn headed to the trunk, popping it open before a bellhop came over to load their bags onto a cart while the valet smiled and took his keys so she could park the car around back.

“Shall we?” he asked his sister, gesturing towards the doors. Now that their drive was over, he could appreciate his sister’s beauty. Her straight, long dirty-blonde hair was left down, with a single strand in the front that she had curled. She had their father’s green eyes, but with a hint of her mother and brother’s brown eyes speckled in, making them appear hazel colored in certain lighting. Her work with the track teams she had been with since High School kept her slim, and she wore a pretty, simple, gray sundress with a floral design. Shawn had never thought of her in a sexual way… but he couldn’t deny that she had that sort of appeal.

As they entered the mansion side-by-side, Shawn heard Ellen audibly gasp.

He understood her shock. The place put the word ‘grand’ to good use. He had known from the drive up past the brass gates and through the gardens that it was luxurious, but this was beyond words. The entrance hall spanned the height of all three of the mansion’s floors, its high ceiling trimmed with intricate molding and dominated by one massive, shimmering chandelier. An indoor fountain was directly in front of them, where a gentle cascade of water flowed over a central platform, upon which stood a statue of an armless woman in nude repose, elegant and beautiful.

As Shawn took in the lavish decorations, he felt Ellen’s warmth as she took a step closer to him, coming up against his arm. Curious as to what could cause this, he looked at her and followed her gaze to a nearby couple. That’s when he realized it. Despite their extravagant surroundings, Ellen, perspective as always, had actually been shocked at the people around them.

The mansion accommodated a lot of guests, and every visitor was there as a couple.

The couple she had been looking at then was their age. Young, the woman was bronze-skinned and had exotic, almond-shaped eyes, while the man was well muscled and smartly clothed. Nearby, an older woman sat in a velvet chair on her much younger boyfriend’s lap, while a middle-aged couple like their parents walked across the floor and towards the elevator.

It didn’t shock Shawn. It was the type of place that would inherently attract couples looking for romantic getaways. But still, he felt Ellen’s embarrassment.

Two men walked passed them through the doors, their arms draped over eachother’s shoulders while they commented on the Victorian design. “Come on,” Shawn said, taking Ellen’s arm gently. “We should check in.”

Ellen nodded and allowed him to lead her across the floor, her arm looped through his. They got to the desk behind the gay couple, waiting at the velvet rope for the next available attendee. Behind them, an older gentleman came up with a very tall, gorgeous blonde woman, her arm draped across his similarly to Shawn and Ellen’s. Both of their faces flushed at the sight of the old man and his bimbo, and their arms dropped subconsciously.


“Ah, yes, Mr. and Mrs. Culver, welcome to Edward’s mansion,” the receptionist greeted them as she brought the reservation up on her computer. “Your room is in the east wing, three-twelve. That’s on the third floor; a balcony room reserved for an anniversary, I believe?” Shawn’s face flushed red but he had no idea how to explain otherwise to the lady. She handed them their room keys while telling them about the facilities. “Breakfast is served between five and eleven AM, and dinner between four and ten PM. Both are in the dining room, or seating is available out on the veranda when the weather permits. The buffet is twenty-four-seven on the weekend and located on the first floor of the west wing, and room service is available casino firmaları at any time. Gregory here will escort you and your bags to your room so you can get settled.”

Shawn thanked the woman and turned to follow the bellhop up to the room. It was a short walk to the elevators, then down the hallway on the third floor near to the end. Gregory carried their bags into the room and Shawn handed him a few dollars before the man left.

“I can’t believe we’re stuck here through Monday,” Ellen sighed.

“What?” Shawn said, trying to cheer her up. “It’s awesome here… fine dining, huge tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools, wine tours, it’s gonna be fun!”

Ellen locked him with a serious glare. “Everyone here is in a couple. It’s so embarrassing.”

Shawn shrugged. “So what? We can uh, we can…” he struggled to find words to express an optimistic sign. That’s when it dawned on him, the receptionist’s words, Mr. and Mrs. Culver, “We can just pretend we’re a couple and blend in. Just a few days, we can make pretend and next thing we know we’ll be heading home.”

Ellen’s eyes went wide at his suggestion. “Are you serious?”

Shawn nodded. “Yeah, it’ll be easy. We don’t look that much alike, no one will guess we’re related. I can sleep on the couch by the TV and no one will know. It’s not like we have to make out over dinner or anything. The most suspicious aspect will be the idea that you could land such a hot stud like me.”

Ellen couldn’t resist chuckling and rolled her eyes. “Fine. What would you like to do until dinnertime, ‘honey-bear’?” she gave in and joked, batting her eyes with mock affection.

Shawn smiled, and for some reason, his mind flashed to what a real married couple might do for the next few hours. Shocked at himself, he shook the thoughts from his mind. “Let’s, uh, let’s take a tour of the grounds,” he said, and Ellen’s eyes lit up as she smiled and nodded in agreement.


The two of them explored the mansion and its various facilities. In the east wing, where their room was, the first floor housed the indoor pool as well as a day spa including hot tubs, a sauna, and a gym. On the opposite side of the mansion, were the dining and kitchen areas, so they skipped over that and walked the grounds outside. There was a hedge garden with various species of western fauna, a grand fountain that put the indoor one to shame, large tennis courts, and an Olympic size lap pool. Ellen loved the hedge garden, so Shawn let her lead him around as she pointed out all types of beautiful flowers and rich herbs she recognized from a botany class she had taken a few semesters previous. They walked the gardens and marveled at the beautiful autumn foliage; the trees displaying a myriad of colors, all orange and yellow and brown and green. They were beautiful, and the two had fun walking outside and enjoying the sights.

While they walked along the path, Shawn looked over to see Ellen holding her arms across herself. The sun was beginning to dip and the air was growing chillier as the darkness grew around them. Suddenly, Shawn found himself unzipping his jacket and taking it off.

Silently, he draped it over Ellen’s shoulders. She jerked suddenly and stopped, realizing what he was doing. She looked up at him. “Wouldn’t want… ‘Mrs. Culver’ walking around cold… right?” Shawn stammered out.

Ellen smiled as she looked up to him, nodding. “Thank you,” she said, pulling on the jacket to wrap it more tightly around her.


The two of them decided to head back to the room to change and get ready for dinner. The mansion’s dining hall had a formal dress code, so they needed to comply before eating. It would be fun to dress up for the night and have a good dinner.

Shawn took his suit hanger and went into the bathroom with it, hanging it by the mirror and shutting the door so that Ellen could have the room with the vanity to get ready. He had two suits; a simple, black jacket with matching pants, and a rich gray with a light plaited design. He chose the black for tonight, He wore a royal blue silky shirt under the jacket and a black silk tie to bring it all together.

After he styled his hair and cleaned his face, he put on his shoes and headed to the door. As he reached for the nob, he froze.

God, this was cliché. He was painfully aware that he had no idea if Ellie was done dressing in the next room. If he went out, he risked stumbling in on her while she was still changing. He knew it was wrong, but for some reason he didn’t think it was a certain unpassable wall. Quietly, he turned the knob of the door and inched it open, peeking out.

She was dressed.

For some reason, he felt a little disappointed, but shook the feeling out of his head. She was sitting on the bed, facing him, while she filed her nails. Shawn cleared his throat as he entered the room. Her eyes shot up towards him and she jumped up in response, holding one finger out as if to tell him to wait a moment and stay there. Her arms twisted around güvenilir casino as Ellen’s hands pawed around behind her where Shawn couldn’t see. That’s when he noticed it; her dress was sagging a little in the front, not quite as tight around her bust as it should have been, He couldn’t help but to notice her chest then. He could even see the top of her bra a little bit. She must have been having trouble getting her dress zipped up.

“Um?” Shawn spoke up, “you need some help?”

Ellen bit her lip as she contemplated his suggestion; it was a very cute look on her face. Finally, her arms fell to her sides as she nodded in acceptance. Timidly, she turned around.

It wasn’t overly erotic. It was an everyday situation. It was just a little bit of her upper back that was exposed… and her bra hook. He had seen girls naked. He had zipped up his mother’s dress once or twice. This wasn’t a crazy or sexed-up situation… or so he kept telling himself. And yet, for some reason, that little bit of exposed skin on her back got him more anxious than he had been even when he first lost his virginity to Marie Stanfield in junior year.

He gulped and shook his head once again, telling himself he needed to get in control. He quickly stepped forward, coming up behind Ellen. Without hesitation, he simply reached up, took hold of her zipper, and pulled it the rest of the way up her back.

Once he was done, Ellen turned around, and looked up at him. “Thank you…” she murmured. She was always a quiet girl. Her eyes roamed down away from his and looked his outfit up and done. “We… match…” she added, and a smile slowly broke out across her face.

Shawn hadn’t noticed until now. Her dress was an elegant velvet gown. It was short enough to show her knees, and the front was cut low and showed off a bit of her shapely cleavage. And yeah, it was a royal blue, just like his shirt. To complete the picture, she donned a small black cardigan, further matching his blue and black outfit.

Shawn smiled, glad to see her pleased by this for some reason. “That we do. Good thing, too, if we’re going to pass as a married couple. Shall we?” he finished with a question, offering his arm out.


“Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Culver, welcome. We’ve made arrangements for you, if you would please, follow me,” the dining host greeted, motioning for them to follow him.

With a shared look and smile, Shawn and Ellen followed him across the dining room towards the back, arm-in-arm. They came to a table where another couple were already seated. “The rest of your table has arrived; Givens, meet the Culvers, Culvers, the Givens,” the host introduced them.

Shawn remembered now. Bed and breakfasts like this had a thing about pairing up guests in a way to encourage visitors to make friends and further enjoy their stay.. The four exchanged brief pleasantries as Shawn and Ellen moved to sit down opposite the other two. “Our special tonight is a bone-in New York strip, fourteen ounces, served with Dijon potatoes and steamed cauliflower. Our soup is an Italian Tuscany, and we have a wonderful sparkling champagne, vintage 1965.”

Mr. Givens spoke up; “We’ll start with a couple glasses of that champagne, if you would.”

“We as well, please,” Shawn agreed, deciding that champagne would be a good idea. Ellen had never done very much drinking…

The host nodded politely and turned to leave.

Shawn and Ellen turned towards their dining partners. With a start, Shawn realized they were the same young couple they had seen in the entrance hall upon arriving. Naomi Givens, as she introduced herself, was a pharmaceutical sales representative. She was Philippine, Shawn guessed, with her light bronze skin and almond shaped eyes. She was wearing a crimson satin gown, cut down the front all the way to her bellybutton, showing off her massive bust. Shawn couldn’t help but glance at her chest and think that they couldn’t possibly be real. Donald Givens, who preferred Don, was a lawyer that represented the same company Naomi worked for, which is how they had met. He was pale compared to her, but muscular and well-cut; his muscles could even be seen stressing the sleeves of his shirt. His hair was well groomed, sandy-blonde and neck length, while his face was cleanly shaven. They were only a few years older than Shawn and Ellen; Shawn guessed that maybe Don was 29, and Naomi would be younger.

“I love your dress, Ellen. I can’t pull off velvet to save my life, but you look splendid,” Naomi said, complimenting Ellen.

“Thank you…” Ellen smiled. “I love your earrings…”

“Fuck, man, she’s wearing earrings?” Shawn thought to himself. He was trying painfully had not to glance at the woman’s cleavage again. “So Don, you must have gone through law school quickly to be practicing law so early,” Shawn remarked.

The other man nodded. “What can I say, you know how pushy WASP parents can be. My father basically had me straight from my high school graduation to Dartmouth orientation. I didn’t care for it much, but I’m pretty good at contemporary law regardless, so I powered through school. You don’t have to enjoy law to practice it, so Naomi and I do everything we can to get away as often as possible,” Don explained.

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