An Afternoon Affair

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You greet me warmly, with a smile and bright eyes. You are barefoot, and wearing a sexy sundress. You take my hand and walk me over the couch, where we sit down next to each other. You run your fingers through my hair and hold my face in your hands before you lean in for a gentle kiss.

You break off a kiss and hold me tightly, whispering in my ear and nibbling softly on the lobe. “I’m glad you finally made it and I know that you won’t disappoint me.”

You start exploring my body with your hands while we continue kissing. You deftly peel off my shirt and run your hand through the hair on my chest. You take one of my nipples between your thumb and forefinger and pinch it lightly, and then harder. Soon, you lean forward and lick one nipple and then the other. Your licks become soft bites and I moan and start to get aroused.

Soon I feel your fingers on my abdomen, your nails slipping into my jeans and lightly scratching just above my groin. I shiver with excitement and you giggle. I lean over and start kissing your neck down to your shoulders. As I approach your chest, you pull the front of your dress down slightly to expose one of your breasts. I cover it with kisses and gently lick and suckle on the nipple.

You respond by unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants. Pushing me away, you tell me to stand up. As I stand before you, you slowly lower my jeans to my ankles. Looking at the bulge in my briefs, you giggle. Leaning forward, you start rubbing it. After a bit of this, you grab the waistband of my briefs and lower them as well.

I feel a bit awkward standing in front of you, with my briefs and jeans bunched at my ankles and this seems to amuse you. You look up at me and smile, and then you playfully run your fingertips over my scrotum.

“Hah, I love seeing your small penis all locked up. You poor little thing,” you coo, “don’t be embarrassed, it’s cute!” I think men with small penises are sexy — you try so hard to please women like me, even though you have no hope of satisfying us.”

You tell me to stand still and to keep my hands at my sides as you lean so close to me that I can feel the warmth of your breath on my groin.

“Let’s see if we can make it any bigger,” you giggle.

Then you start to plant soft kisses and licks all over me, before softly lapping at my scrotum. I struggle not to move, but a soft moan escapes my lips. You continue your ministrations, making me further aroused – my penis, futilely straining to grow erect within its constraints. When I moan a second time, you disengage. Sitting back, you seem to admire your work, which has left me shaking, and makes you smile.

You tell me I can finish undressing and I am soon completely naked and once again seated next to you. You push me back against the couch and, gathering your dress around your waist, straddle my lap. Looking into my eyes, you lean in for more kisses and I gladly oblige. With my eyes closed, I can feel he warmed on your body against mine,

Suddenly rolling off me, you lie back on the couch and spread your legs. You look at me teasingly as you dip two fingers into your panties and start playing with yourself.

“Is this what you want?” you ask me.

“Yes my queen.” I respond.

“Awww, poor baby, you’re all worked up. I bet it’s tough not being able to masturbate while thinking of me?”

“Yes” “Here” you beckon me forward with a glistening, finger.

I lean forward, and you place your finger against my lips and slowly push it into my mouth. I suck hungrily at your fingers and you continue to rub yourself and then feed me your juices as I am now kneeling on the couch between your legs.

With strength and grace, you bahis şirketleri pivot your legs high in the air and start removing your panties. Pointing them at me, I know to help you as I carefully glide them over you lovely calves and feet.

“You may smell them,” you say, and I breathe in your aroma.

“Thank you, you smell lovely.”

Then you beckon me forth and, with a hand on the back of my head, guide me to you. You tell me where and how to worship you having me kiss and nibble each thigh and all around your sex. You reach down and cup my chin, holding me so close that my nose is just barely grazing your nether lips.

“Very good. If you continue to serve me well, you’ll be rewarded.”

And with that you pull me closer and I begin to worship you. I begin with soft kisses and then start licking the outer folds of your sex. You moan a bit and shift your hips as my tongue starts exploring deeper, and intermittently circling your clit. You grab my hair and press harder, and soon my tongue is inside of you, as you grind against my face. I lose all sense of time as I continue worshipping you, but I start to feel your legs stiffen and you emit a deep series of moans that announce your orgasm. I continue licking, until you push me away. I sit up, watching as you enjoy the prolonged orgasm, you eyes closed, your mouth agape, and your own fingers gently rubbing yourself.

When the rush of orgasm has passed, a smile breaks across your face and your eyes open to find mine. Taking my hand, you pull yourself up and start kissing me.

“Let’s go to bed,” you say and I dutifully follow you to the bedroom.

You let your dress drop to the floor and are finally naked. You walk past me and glance over your shoulder. Catching my eyes, you smile and grab a key sitting on top of the nightstand. You lay on the bed, relaxed, and pat the space next to you for me to lie down.

You have me lie on my back and tell me to relax. You sense my nervousness and it makes you smile.

“Why are you nervous?” you ask, looking into my eyes.

I cannot hold your gaze and look away. “I don’t know,” I say quietly.

“I think you do know, so tell me,” you counter, firmly.

“I guess I’m worried that I won’t be able to please you.”

“Aww, are you afraid that I’ll be disappointed?” you ask teasingly, as you begin to unlock my CB-3000. “Are you afraid that you’re too small to please me, or are you afraid that you lack control and stamina? Hmmm?”

I don’t answer, but you cup my chin and make me look at you.

“Sweetie, you could never satisfy with this” you say, pulling on my hardening penis to emphasize your words, “I like men who are well endowed and,” glancing down a giggle escapes your lips that you try to suppress and you take a moment to gather yourself before continuing, “And, you’re just a boy in that respect. But, you do give me a great deal of pleasure with your obedience, and your efforts. And you have a wonderful mouth and tongue.”

You lean closer and kiss me. “Don’t worry, we’re going to practice. Even though a small penis like yours can never please most women. Your problem isn’t so much your size as your lack of control. I bet you don’t even last two minutes.

I say nothing.

“Aw sweetie, don’t be embarrassed. That’s why you’re here, so I can teach you.

You secure my hands over my head and tell me to close my eyes and focus on my breathing.

“Now, if you feel like you’re getting too excited, you need to tell me. If you cum without permission, I’m going to be very displeased, do you understand?”

“Yes my Queen.”

“Good boy. Now breath in deeply. Feel the energy flow through your body and bahis firmaları release it by exhaling through your nose. Good.”

As I begin my breathing exercises, I start to relax. A feeling of warmth and pleasure grows as I feel your hot kisses on my neck and then feel you gently biting my nipples and kissing your way downward.

You start to stroke my cock as you remind me to breath. After ten strokes, you release me, just before I was going to ask you to slow down.

“You’re doing good. You need to relax. Here, let me give you something to focus on.”

My eyes are shut, but I can feel you shifting around on the bed, so that you’re straddling my face in a classic sixty-nine. You lower yourself to me and I immediately start kissing and licking you, savoring your taste. You rock back and forth against my tongue, pushing yourself against my hungry mouth.

A soft moan escapes your lips, and then I start moaning, too, because it feels so good to worship you.

A moment later, you lead forward and I feel you deftly slip on a condom and take me in your mouth. I try to breath, and focus on my own efforts, but I can’t help but moan again as I feel you bobbing up and down on me. Again, you pull away, just before I’m about to ask.

Lifting off of me you shift around again. Now you are lying by my side, with a hand casually playing with my chest.

“Open your eyes,” you tell me.

I follow your eyes, which are glancing downward towards my groin. My penis is erect and throbbing.

I think you need more practice. What do you think?”

“I guess you’re probably right, I admit.”

“Of course I am!” you laugh. We kiss me some more and I enjoy feeling my tongue intertwined with yours. “You poor little baby, you wouldn’t even last a minute. You couldn’t possibly satisfy any women in such a short time. That’s pathetic!”

“I’m sorry, Mistress. I know that I’m unworthy.”

“Honestly Doug, I’m embarrassed for you. You’re little penis is completely useless. I don’t know any woman that would be satisfied by you.

“I’m very sorry Mistress. Please forgive me.”

Getting off the bed, you grab a short silk robe and put it on. You untie my arms and tell me to put them at my sides and urge me to lie still for a few moments, but to keep breathing and to relax.

You walk out of the room briefly, returning with my clothes. You sit on the bed and pat the space beside you, telling me to sit up.

“Doug, are you familiar with cuckolding?” you ask.

“Well, yes. I mean, I know quite a bit about it and I guess I have a cuckold fetish of sorts.”

“That’s wonderful!” you say with a smile. “I think you’re likely to cuckolded in all of your romantic relationships. Even if your lover isn’t a domme, it’s likely that she’ll have to turn elsewhere to satisfy her needs. I’m pleased to hear that you’re embracing the role.”

“Thanks you Mistress. I like sex and intercourse, and sometimes I struggle with my own ego, but I’m trying to come to terms with my own inadequacies.”

You lean in and kiss me affectionately. You hold my head in your hands and look into my eyes — silently commanding me to meet your gaze. Then you kiss me some more.

“You’re so sweet, little Doug. Tell me, are you also familiar with sissy sluts?”

“A bit, I mean, I know what they are.”

“And would you like to be my sissy, little Douggie?”

“I’d like to serve you, but I’m not a sissy. I’m not into cross-dressing and I’m not bi-sexual. I’m not even bi-curious.”

“I see.” you answer, flatly.

“What I meant to say, Mistress, is that, even though I’m not a sissy, I hope that I can serve you and please you.”

“Mmm, I’d kaçak bahis siteleri like that. And what if I asked you to suck Elle’s cock for me because it really turns me on? Are you willing to suck cock to please your Mistress?”

“Yes Mistress, if it pleases you.”

“Aww, so even though you’re not bisexual, you’ll be a little cock-sucking slut to please your Mistress?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Good, good. And now Douggie, what if I want you to wear panties and lipstick and maybe even a sexy, silky babydoll for me. You’d dress up for me, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Mmmm, good answer. And now we have something to look forward to,” you smirk with satisfaction. “I’ll keep this for your next visit,” you say picking up the chastity device, “Now get dressed and then meet me in the other room.”

As you exit the room, my mind is again reeling. As I sort though my clothes I discover that you’ve given me the panties you were wearing at the beginning of our session instead on my briefs. I bring the panties to my face and smell your essence. Then I quickly remember that you’re waiting for me and put them on. Even though I know I look ridiculous, it makes me feel proud to be wearing your panties. Feeling their dampness — your dampness — even turns me on.

I finished getting dressed and quickly wash my hands and face before meeting you in the living room. You are sitting on the couch in your short robe with your legs crossed and a smile bursting across your face.

“How do you feel?” you ask, beckoning me to sit beside you.

“Good,” I answer, trying to exude confidence.

“And how do they feel?” you giggle, running your hands over my thigh.

“Oh, they feel, uh, good, too, I guess…”

You seem delighted by my blushing embarrassment.

“Do you feel sexy wearing my panties?”

“I guess so…”

“You guess so? Would you rather give them back?”

“Oh no, not at all,” I sputter, suddenly fearful that you’ll make me.

You laugh sweetly. “Aww, I’m just teasing. I think it’s really sexy that you’re wearing them. In fact, why don’t you stand up and show me.”

Without hesitation, I stand before you and undo my pants, sliding them down to show you.

Grabbing my hips, you lean forward and start kissing and playfully biting my abs and hips and kissing the ever-increasing bulge in my — your — panties. As I start to breath hard, you stop.

“You better pull your pants up, before you make a mess in those panties.”

Our eyes lock and you see the desperate hunger in my eyes.

You cup my balls through the panties and start teasingly running the fingertips of your other hand along the underside of my hard penis.

“Is that what you want? Do you want to make a mess in your panties?” you ask, as you start administering short, quick tugs.

I can’t speak, the heat rising in my cheeks.

“You want to show me how hot your Mistress makes you? You want to show me what a slut you are?”

“Oh please, don’t stop!”

“A shameless little whore, who cums in his panties because he can’t control himself?

“Oh Mistress,” I moan.

“You’re a dirty little panty-wearing slut, aren’t you?

“Yes Mistress.”

“You’re a sweet little pussy-licker?

“Oh yes, Mistress.”

“You’re my little sissy slut”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Do you want to suck cock for me?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Oh please Mistress, please let me suck cock for you. Please, let me suck Elle. Please let me be your slut.”

“Now cum for me, cum in your panties!”

And, as I do, your laughter fills the room.

You grasp my sides, and guide me down to my knees in front of you. Spreading your legs, I see your lovely sex, glistening with excitement.

Grasping my head in both hands, you pull me towards you.

“Now it’s my turn again, slut. Worship me…worship your Mistress.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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