An Owner and Their Pet

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“I’ll shout when I’m ready, then you call me in. Okay?” Jordan asked.

“Yeah, I got it,” I replied.

I moved to the couch, a bit nervous about what was going to happen. I knew what was coming, this had been discussed pretty at length, and I was on board. I knew how hard it was to open up to someone about stuff like this, and while it wasn’t my thing I wanted to be supportive and help them get what they wanted out of this. I helped them pick out everything, and even made the decision on what the collar and tag should be, given I was “the owner” in this scenario.

But I was still nervous.

“I’m ready” they yelled from across the house.

I inhaled and gave out a long high whistle.

“C’mon Jordan! C’mere!” I followed it with another, shorter whistle and then I heard a loud shuffling coming from the other side of the house.

But the story doesn’t begin here. This is just the beginning of the good part.

Several weeks earlier, Jordan was looking at their phone when all of sudden I saw their eyes go wide and a blush rise to their cheeks. They quickly put their phone down.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I, um… I want to try something” Jordan stammered. They lifted their phone up again and started tapping away and eventually turned it around.


On their phone was some artwork of a person with dog ears and a tail doing dog-like things. This kind of art wasn’t completely out of the ordinary for them, but then they got to the stuff that probably bahis şirketleri made them blush. It wasn’t too explicit or dangerous, but it was very clear what was going on and I understood their trepidation.

“What exactly do you want to do?” I asked for clarity, hoping I didn’t sound angry or judgemental.

“I want to be a dog for a bit…” they replied, face filled with worry.

“Okay, we can try that. Walk me through what you want.”

It took them a few moments, but they eventually pulled up artwork of all they things they wanted to try. I asked questions and they clarified.

“We can try all that. When?”

“Well, I kinda want a few accessories first. So can we wait until they arrive?” they asked.

“I’ll be ready when you are.”

“There you are! There’s my Jordan…” I was used to talking with animals, so I adopted that voice with Jordan. They walked shakily on all fours towards me, almost like a newborn animal, so I filled my face and voice with all the affection I could muster to help put their mind at ease. Admittedly, they were quite cute in all of their accessories.

“Do you want to come up?” I asked. They gave me a look that was equal parts hesitation and excitement. “Okay, come here” and I patted the spot next to me.

Jordan hopped up and laid down with their head in my lap. I instinctively started scratching the spot behind a dog’s ears, and I could immediately feel all the tension melt out of Jordan. It was clear that all of the nerves they felt bahis firmaları vanished in an instant, and I felt a shuddering breath leave them.

It was agreed upon that we were going to treat this like “an afternoon in chilling with a pet”, so I turned on Netflix and put on some nonsense show that had been in my queue for ages. I was less focused on the show and more focused on making sure that Jordan felt loved and appreciated as a pet, so I never stopped touching them. I touched them as if I was absentmindedly stroking a pet while I watched TV, and based on how they were moving and some of the sounds that escaped them, this is exactly what they wanted.

As we neared the end of the first episode, the sounds grew louder and more lust-filled and Jordan rolled so that they were on their back. I glanced down imperceptibly and noticed that their thighs and loins were slick with juices. Ever so slowly and ever so gently I moved from petting the rest of their body to focusing on that area, getting more and more of a rise out of them as I teased and stroked. This was nothing new, as I would often tease Jordan in this way, but their position, so exposed but lacking in shame and their eyes, filled with lust and submission, drove me wild. It took all I could not to let them know physically good this was for me as it was for them.

When the second episode ended, Jordan abrupt got up and sat next to me, their eyes unfocused but serious.

“What do you want, Jordan?” I asked, knowing exactly kaçak bahis siteleri what the answer was. They barked excitedly and growled, jumping playfully onto me and started licking my face.

“Down, down!” I laughed, pushing Jordan off me so I could sit up straight. “Alright, you gotta do some tricks for me if you want your treats, though.”

I stood up and walked to the centre of the room, confusion clear on Jordan’s face. I wracked my brain, thinking of what tricks they could do for me. I decided to start simple and see where we went from there.

“Come” I called. Jordan got off the couch on all fours and walked up to me. “Good Jordan!” I said excitedly, giving them a firm pet on the head.

“Okay, now sit” I commanded. And Jordan sat. Another “Good Jordan” and another pet.

I could see the focus clear on their face. They were enjoying this.

“Now lie down…” they lied down and I provided more positive reinforcement.

I went through the motions: roll over, beg, spin, lots of basic but simple commands, and with each successful action came a reward. Eventually, I worked back to sit, at which point I knelt down and gave them a long hug. It felt different than the hugs we normally share. Not bad, just different.

Somewhere else in the house, the alarm on my phone went off. I held on for a few more moments, then I let them go.

“I guess that’s all for today. You’re a good dog, Jordan. I’ll see you later” I said, smiling. I watched them go, still on all fours, back to the bedroom. My heart felt heavy.

When they returned to the living room, fully dressed and without accessories, they slumped down onto the couch and cuddled up to me.

“So, how was it?” I asked.

They blushed.

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