An Uncommon Doll Pt. 01

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Still amidst the depths of winter, I’m impatient to get home and find some respite from the bitter chill of the frosted air. By the time I arrive at the painted flaked door to my flat, my fingers are already starting to numb a little, I struggle for a second to convince the key to snuggle into its lock before finally persuading it. I always have to jiggle the lock a little to get the pins to line up! A pain in my ass I tell you!

Home at last!

Thankfully I was in a hurry to leave this morning and neglected to turn off the heating, so the place is half way to a tropical climate by the time I get back. A welcome respite from the relentless chill that haunted my journey home.

I throw off my coat, march into the kitchen and fill the kettle, flicking the switch on before I sit on the arm of my sofa to liberate myself from my boots.

Boots off, socks a distant memory and my belt following close behind, I prep a mug, tea bag and grab the milk out of the fridge before heading towards my bedroom.

I’ve been waiting all day to get home for this, to play with my new toy!

I turn on my computer before heading back to the kitchen to finish making the tea that will flush away any remnant of the cold outside.

Hurrying excitedly back to the sofa in my room, tea in hand, the computer ready and waiting for my order, I begin to browse around the web for a little while, looking for something relevantly kinky to amuse me while I try out my new toy.

I found an amazing video of some poor woman roped to a table while a couple have their way with her. Her moans while she lays there defenseless and in the throes of involuntary, forced orgasms are exactly what I was looking for.

I enjoy my tea while smoking a little joint as I watch the couple satisfying themselves with their bound toy. I’m already excited by this point and I can even feel a tiny little wet patch of pre-cum on my underwear as I finish the last of my tea.

I always did enjoy how much pre-cum I drip when I’m excited! It turns me on to feel it slightly sticky against the inside of my thigh as I throb, my cock still held tightly against my leg by my denims as I start to get really hard now.

I don’t want to rush this evening though. It will be a night to savour, a long night of simulation, edging and as many orgasms as I can manage! To that end I scurry away and put the kettle on again, still feeling a chill from before, even though the temperature in the flat is verging on barbaric.

I don’t wait for it to boil this time though.

This time I head back to my room first. Where there, in the chair under the window rests my new toy!

I left it there covered up in a soft purple blanket, I love that blanket. It felt like an appropriate mark of respect for such a finely crafted toy to leave it covered with such a thing.

I walk over to the chair and slowly lift away the blanket. Watching it slowly reveal my new toy to me as it slips off.

Her soft pale skin, slightly flushed by the heat of the room, excites me immediately. It’s the most beautiful toy you’ve ever seen. Entirely undressed, her arms resting on the arm rests of the chair, her legs already open, revealing her soft lips and just a little strip of red hair running up from her little pussy.

It’s the first real human doll I’ve ever owned! She had expressed to me once a fantasy of becoming such a doll one day, to be used and abused by some willing soul. Back when it was human.

But now… now it’s just a toy. Beautiful, red-headed, pliable, compliant, all mine to use as I see fit… perfect.

And oh how I intend to use it! My every deviant urge welling up inside me, ready to be vented upon this soft, squishy new fuck-doll of mine!

I admire her there for a minute, how the waves of her hair ride over the curve of her shoulder, and reaches down almost to her nipples. How lifelike her breathing is as she sits there in the chair, passively staring straight ahead, the occasional blink showing just how well-crafted toys really are these days! Such attention to detail!

I take its hands from the arm rests and wrap its arms around my neck so I can lift it from the chair, as I lift it gently from the chair I clutch its ass cheeks hard in my hands so I can manipulate it full weight more easily. They are not the lightest of things these fuck-dolls.

I lay it on the floor in front of my bedroom table. I lay it flat, face up with its head near the edge of the table.

I haven’t turned it on yet! I’ll wait till I’m fully ready before I activate it’s more interesting functions. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I head back to the kitchen to make that second cup of tea.

I get back to my room, put the tea on the table and get undressed. Still hearing the moans and now, full blown, screams of the woman in the video who is now having her pussy flogged by the other woman as the guy clunks around in the background, preparing something.

The excitement is clear on my underwear as I slip off my trousers. Little wet marks all over my boxers from lots of little drips of arousal.

Finally completely naked I stand over my new toy, and admire its face again before crouching to kneel over her and take a seat. My balls press against her lips as my cock throbs against her face, and I throb pretty hard so my cock is kind of tapping on her face gently at this point as though it’s taunting her for some reason unbeknownst to me or her!

I’m still dripping occasional beads of pre-cum onto her forehead in between throbbing taps. This amuses me greatly!

I chuckle a little before leaning forward to rest my elbows on the table to watch the video while I enjoy my tea and the second half of my joint.

It’s only when the guy returns in the video and tells his bound slave to open her mouth for the mechanical fuck machine he has rigged up to automatically deep-throat her that I remember that I haven’t even turned my toy on!!

Thankfully these things come with voice control these day, so with a single phrase… ‘Play-time!’ It activates.

I had programmed it before I left this morning so it is already good to go and begins to carry out my command for when I am simply resting on her face.

I feel the first few drops of saliva wetting my balls, as she carries out the ‘drool’ command! My favourite little sub-command!

It isn’t allowed to restrain its spit at all, it is just to drool more or less constantly, letting its spit run down its cheeks, its body, my cock… anything and everything gravity would steer it towards based on her current position! And I am already loving my decision!

I highly recommend ‘drool’ commands for anyone out there with a doll!

It doesn’t take long before half of her face is soaked with her own spit, partly just from her drool and partly my readjusting my seating position, which happens to involve my balls rubbing over most of her face as I shift around. It’s amazing to feel a constant flow of warm, slick saliva coating your balls as you sit quite happily engaged in other matters. It’s by far the most fascinating and arousing piece of furniture I’ve ever had!

I stop swigging my tea every now and then to stroke myself as I watch the continued abuse of the couple’s poor victim. Now being fucked in the ass by the guy while the woman takes her pussy with a strap-less strap-on. I love not having to dedicate any focus to the situation while having my balls taken care of so warmly. It’s nice to be able to just drink tea and smoke a joint while your balls are bathed in what feels like a tiny fountain of warm oil! The novelty is quite beyond description.

Still intently watching the video, I decide to step things up a little bit more and move back slightly so that the head of my cock touches her lips. My toy responds to this as it was told to do and open its mouth and sticks out its tongue, circling its tongue slightly.

With its tongue gliding around, I rock my hips a little, softly grinding the shaft of my cock and my balls across its face.

Spreading the spit over what rest of her face was untouched by it, I massage my cock over her face for a while before lowering a hand to press myself against it a little harder. I like the pressure of its tongue on my balls as I rub my cock over her face, watching the obedient little toy getting on with things while occasionally pausing from its tonguing action to suck on my balls. It’s a tad tickly and I chuckle some more now and then.

With my tea finished and the joint all gone, it’s time to get see what else my toy is capable of.

I unmounts its beautiful face, now utterly soaked in its own spit and my, not inconsiderable, volume of pre-cum. I move down towards its legs and take hold of its calves. Lifting its legs and spreading them open I see that its pussy has gotten quite wet already. I don’t remember programming it to do that, but I like it.

I drop one of its legs and massage around its pussy for a while, feeling how incredibly soft it is. I tease at its lips for a while watching the wetness spreading around before I slip a finger inside.

It’s güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri so warm and wet for me already that I try two fingers, then three…

Three fingers starts to get some resistance, but I know I can get a forth inside. But I refrain for now.

I want to see what its ass feels like squeezing around my finger.

I slide a finger into its ass, and it jolts a little. I didn’t know they did that either. I enjoy teasing away at its ass, sliding a finger all the way in slowly and then all the way back out, letting its asshole close all the way before parting it again. I love watching it squirm and its legs writhing slightly as I re-enter!

I lift its legs again as I lower my head between its thighs to taste its wet little cunt. And it tastes incredible. It’s cute little clit, all swollen, feels amazing between my lips as suck on it and I flick it with my tongue for a while.

It’s not long before I spread its legs as wide as I can spread them and move my hips in to meet hers.

I slide my cock into its warm tight cunt hard and fast, embracing all the pleasures of a toy that doesn’t need any care or attention and proceed to fuck it hard. Still hearing the wailing moans of the chained slave in the video playing in front of me.

I feel it squeezing its pussy tightly around my cock as I slam my hips into it. Watching its tits jiggle as I thrust in. Saliva still drooling out of its mouth.

Hunched over her, I stick my fingers into its mouth, and pull its mouth open as my cock rides deep inside her. I spit into its mouth to add to its own mess, massaging its tongue with my fingers, watching the spit spill down her cheeks and into her amazing red hair. I spit on its face when I feel its pussy clenching around me and its legs trembling. Its breathing starts to flutter as I thrust even harder, the sound of my hips slapping against its ass filling the room.

I think its cumming on me!

I place a hand in its neck and squeeze tightly and I feel its pussy start to convulse as it lets out a deep moan. The pressure of its pussy is overwhelming and an orgasm creeps up on me as my hips thrust frantically! Just as I’m about to cum, it squeezes its cunt on my cock and holds it tense just like I told it to do.

I can’t fight the sensation, and with a few hard throbs I feel my cum squirting hard out of my cock and deep into its pussy as I try to keep thrusting through the intensity. My arms start shaking and give way as I throb and squirt out the last drops of my orgasm, my head landing on its chest, my breathing erratic and laboured. It still moaning, even though I’m not sure if they’re supposed to do that.

I lay there for a minute before sliding out of her, and sitting back to see the mess I’ve made as she pushes my cum back out of her like she was told.

I quickly lift her legs up and pull her into me, so that her hips are above her head now, tipping towards her face, her pussy right in my face where I can watch. It pushes out my cum which dribbles around its lips and clit and drips onto its face. A few drips at first, landing on her cheeks and lips, then with one hard push a stream of fresh warm cum rushes out of her and into her mouth, some running down her cheek to join the spit pooled around her head.

I lower her hips and sit her up straight, she continues the drooling command and slowly releases the streams of cum out of her mouth, it rushes down her body, running between her tits. Marking a trail down the length of her. I tip its head to the side so I can watch it drool my cum onto its tits.

It’s a sight I can barely describe for all the excitement it wells up within me. My cum traveling from my balls to its pussy, its pussy to its mouth and from its mouth down its body and back to its beautiful flushed red pussy!

A wonderful journey for a single orgasm to make through and across a beautiful toys incredible body.

And a fine start to the evening…

I hadn’t intended to cum so early into to evening, but my toy is even more effective at drawing it out of me than I had imagined. I indulge its beautiful face again for a moment, as I intend to do often.

After I’ve watched the wondrous mess dripping and running down it for a while, I lay it back flat again. I plant my hand on its belly, feeling the slick, sloppy mixture of cum and spit and spread it around, watching her curves start to glimmer in the light as I oil her up with our collective juices.

I close its legs and mount it again, resting my cock on the little strip of cum matted fur running up from its güvenilir bahis şirketleri pussy. My balls still wet, resting between the curves of its closed thighs.

I use both hands to spread the mess up its body until I reach the curve of its rather considerable tits. Its little pert, red nipples, hard as they could ever be for me. I push the mess with my hands around the curve of its breasts, squeezing them as I explore its magnificent chest.

I play with its cum soaked nipples for a few minutes till I notice it has stopped drooling.

With a quick flash of my hand across its face, it lets out a moan again, I stick my fingers into its mouth to pry it open… ‘Drool!!’ I tell it, unamused that it has forgotten its programming.

The spit starts flowing again, I take both of my hands still soaked in all the wonderful mess and smear it over its face, mixing it with the fresh warm saliva running out of its mouth. I’m starting to get hard again.

I notice the video has wound down and moved on to a pst abuse interview with the bound victim, and decide to search for another vid. I find a dry spot of my toys thighs and wipe the mess off of my hands.

I sidle up its body and sit high on its stomach practically on its chest, my cock extending between its cleavage. I take its hands from its sides and place them on its tits, forcing it to press them together to enclose my still quite sensitive cock, and begin to rock my hips tentatively so as not to over stimulate myself again so soon. And set about looking for a new video.

I decide to roll another joint as I sample a few videos. Cos why the hell not! It’s not like I have to repay a fuck-doll with any of my attention.

I find another promising video, this time of a ‘public’ gangbang. Three women tied and naked in the middle of a room, a red-head, blonde and a brunette, surrounded by a horde of men and women variously masturbating, drinking and generally having a fantastically deviant time. A few little scenes are going on in the background, paddlings and such, but the focus of the vid are the three in the centre. A storm of hungry cocks and longing pussy around them waiting to use and abuse.

I enjoy my joint with one hand, while watching the video, and reaching another hand down into my toys mouth, feeling its tongue and probing its throat as I watch the three women being face-fucked rather violently.

The toy gags slightly on my fingers as I probe a little too far, it makes me smile. I lean back to see its face and spit slowly, trying to get a long stream to reach down into its mouth as its tits massage my pulsating cock.

I place the joint in the ashtray and unmount my toy, I take a moment to taste its spit on my fingers, I can still taste a little of my cum in the mixture. I must have smeared some from its face back into its mouth.

I’ve never minded the taste of my own cum, its not great by any means. I do love the taste of my pre-cum though! It’s less intense than cum and still all sticky and kinky!

I’ve had big plans to play with my cum in the past while I’ve been masturbating, but by the time I finish, with no one else there to keep up my excitement levels, I lose interest in the idea and end up just cleaning it up and getting back to whatever I was doing before the need to stroke myself first surfaced. Shame really…

Un-mounted, I lift my messy toy by the hair and drag it to the side before laying down the purple blanket I had covered it up with earlier in the day. I lift the toy again, by the arms this time and pull it over to me and roll it over, face down on the blanket, so the mess it’s coated with doesn’t soak into the carpet.

The arch of its back leading down to the curve of its incredible ass is quite the sight. So much so I follow the curve all the way down to between its cheeks, and see that tight little asshole there waiting for me. I spread its cheeks with my hands in lower my head to taste its ass. Circling my tongue around the tight little hole. Making sure I drool plentifully now to give me enough lube around the area. All the while listening to the violent gagging of one of the women in the video.

I straddle its thighs and press the head of my cock against the toys little asshole and tease a little, making sure I get enough lube around the hole to glide in easily. Well, fairly easily.

I push in further and hear the toy gasping, apparently it’s not prepared to have its ass fucked. I like it.

I push in further still, and further… and further till I’m in as deep as I can go. Its legs attempting to squeeze together, presumably to simulate an attempt to bear the pain. And a few high pitched whines to match the effort. Quite convincing really.

All the way in I lean forward again and rest my elbows on the table, getting back to my joint, as I rest, with my cock sitting throbbing in the toys immensely tight little asshole…

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