An Unquenchable Thirst Pt. 01

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My story starts like most people’s. I grew up in a home where you were told to act like a man. My father would often rant about how faggots were ungodly people doomed to hell. I was taught lusting after a man was the worst thing a male could do. I joined the Marines at seventeen; the manliest profession I could think of. I enlisted into the infantry and was thrust into a world of alpha males, and I rose to the rank of sergeant in five years. At the time, it was impressive. I’d seen Marines, good ones, take seven years to get where I got. I got married to a beautiful wife who could rock my world in bed. She could make me cum in seconds and I would be lying on top of her in a pool of sweat, barely coherent. But none of this could change my darkest secret. I loved cock.

I wasn’t attracted to men, or their bodies. The thought of kissing a man repulsed me. No, I loved thick, veiny cock. The thought of hot sticky cum shooting down my throat, on my stomach, or deep in my ass would have me rock hard in seconds. Don’t get me wrong. I love my wife more than life itself, and I was still attracted to her; but something was missing. I bought anal sex toys to use on her, but she wasn’t too interested. So, I used them on myself when she wasn’t home.

Oftentimes I would find myself rushing upstairs, after she left, and I would start rummaging through our sex drawer. Within seconds I would be on my back in front of the mirror, with my legs in the air, watching my asshole stretch to fit one of the anal dilators I bought her. I’d watch shemale porn or bisexual men porn while teasing my cock for a few hours. I would only allow myself to cum after that ache for desperate release settled into my balls. The feeling was always intense. My asshole flexing around the toy, my toes curled in ecstasy, and rope after rope of cum decorating my chest and stomach. I’d clean up and look at my red, swollen asshole and secretly wish a cock was the reason my hole was sore.

I had told my wife of my fantasy of being fucked in my ass, but I omitted the part of wanting it to be a guy. I did genuinely want her to peg me. The thought of her small, fit frame sporting a rubber dick and mercilessly pounding me was one I got off to frequently. But, she was uncomfortable with the idea. One time, she did fuck my ass with her vibrator while she sucked my cock. But it never happened again, though we talked about it from time to time.

As time passed my urges got stronger. My usual jerk sessions weren’t enough. I bought a prostate stimulator and began wearing it in public. I’d go to work, dinner dates, and nobody (wife included) would be the wiser. Knowing that nobody knew about the small toy nudging my prostate and the constant stimulation would keep me semi-erect all day. My boxers would be stained in pre-cum and I would go home to my wife and fuck her like I was dying. Even this was not enough. The toy was too small and at the end there was no spray of cum in my mouth or ass.

My fantasies got stronger until I realized I had to do something about it. My wife had left for a week to visit her family and I found myself trying on her panties. I reveled in the smooth lace caressing my cock a balls. My ass was being stretched by an anal dilator and I was watching some bisexual porn. I decided that I wanted the real thing so I went to the place of desperate men: Craigslist. My ad was simple, a picture of my shaved ass in the air, being stretched by my toy. I offered release for any and all cocks for the price of a picture of their cock, and the gas it took for them to drive to my house.

Now, a little about myself. I’m six feet three inches tall. I weigh two hundred twenty pounds and most of it is muscle. Physical training, long patrols, and ten mile hikes keep me in shape. The constant lower body exercise gave me a round, firm ass. My wife often joked about how girlish my ass was. I kept my six inch cock shaved; as well as my ass and balls. I have a few tattoos on my torso and arms. I have dark black hair that I keep with in military standards. I’m not perfect, but I feel like I’m decent on the eyes.

Within minutes of my post I had five replies and I was able to choose a nice, average size cock. It was shaven, circumcised, and didn’t look too bad; as far as cocks goes. I called the guy and gave him my address and made sure my gun was easily accessible from where I was planning on getting fucked (I’m not naïve). I peeled off the red lacy thong I tried on. Then, I threw on basketball shorts and a T-shirt before I ran upstairs and got lube and condoms. My pulse raced. The air was electric. I couldn’t believe what canlı bahis I was about to do. I looked at my cock, and I was furiously leaking pre-cum, so I grabbed a hair tie and fashioned a cock ring. I did not want to shoot my load before I was ready.

The doorbell rang and I hurried downstairs. The guy “Mike” was waiting for me when I opened the door. He was about five feet seven inches and of regular build, but I easily towered over him at six feet three inches. He looked as nervous as I felt, but his pants were straining over his erection nonetheless. I let him in, and he started to say something but I cut him off.

“I don’t want to talk,” I started. “this isn’t about romance. I’m not into men, I’m only into cock. If you want more then leave now; but if you’re fine with everything then take off your pants.”

My own boldness didn’t surprise me. I had been leading Marines into combat for years. I knew how to tell people what I wanted to get done. When he started unbuckling his belt I knew I was golden. I immediately removed my shirt and shorts before dropping to my knees. His pants slid down to his ankles and I could see drops of pre-cum staining his boxers. I fished his rock hard dick out his boxers admired it for a few moments.

Finally, my fantasies were coming to fruition. His cock was about five and a half inches, smooth, and very veiny. I could smell the musky odor his member gave off, and I loved it. I licked the length of his shaft and ended at the tip if his cock where I lapped up the beads of pre-cum forming. I reverently stroked his shaft while I sucked one velvety testicle , then the other. I heard him suck in his breath as my tongue ran over his balls. The salty flavor making my cock throb harder. I wasn’t concerned about his pleasure, but more excited about finally getting a cock to worship and fuck.

I took his cock into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head and began massaging his balls and perineum. I began bobbing my head up and down, taking more and more of him into my mouth until my face was pressed against his pelvis. I held it there until I ran out of breath and I pulled away leaving strings of saliva connecting my mouth to his dick. I took his hands and put them on them on my head, urging him to fuck my mouth. My initiative was rewarded.

As soon as the tip of his cock reentered my mouth he started relentlessly hammering my mouth. I could feel the tip of his member slide down my throat and back out. I was in heaven as I reached down and started stroking my cock. Then without warning, I heard him grunt and felt his cock spasm in my mouth. Hot ropes of sticky cum coated the inside of my mouth, and I eagerly swallowed it all down. The taste was salty and potent, it drove my libido to new heights. I slurped off the remaining bits of cum of his rapidly softening cock before finally letting it pop out of my mouth.

Mike started pulling his pants up and mumbled an awkward,” Thanks man.”

“What the fuck?” I replied. “I swallowed your cock and cum, and you’re going to just bounce out? I don’t even get the courtesy of you fucking me?”

Clearly flustered and finally dressed he mumbled an apology before quickly leaving my house. I redressed, after sampling my own pre-cum that was liberally flowing from my dick. I liked the taste better than Mike’s. It was sweeter and less salty. So with my cock throbbing in my homemade cock ring and my asshole beginning to get sore from the continuous stretching it was receiving from the toy I went back to the Internet. It seemed like that during my lustful oral talent show I had amassed a large amount of men who wanted my holes for their release. Like a kid in a candy store I browsed through pictures of hopeful cocks. I finally settled on a guy named Rowan who sported a very appealing seven inch cock.

I contacted Rowan, gave him my address and he told me to expect him in twenty minutes. Still blinded by lust I relubed the toy in my ass and teased my sore, throbbing cock. I sampled my own pre-cum again but I could still taste the heavy taste of Mike’s cum in my mouth. As I was teasing myself the doorbell rang again. I hurriedly answered the door and met Rowan.

Rowan was taller than my last sexual contact. He was about six feet even and well muscled. Still not focused on the appearance of the people attached to the cock, I ushered him in without a second glance. As the door closed he immediately began removing his clothes.

“I don’t want a relationship,” he said while he removed his shirt. “I’m married and I don’t need drama about this. All I want is your faggot mouth and ass. bahis siteleri I’ll walk out if you want a long standing relationship with me,” he said as he finished undressing.

“Deal,” I responded as I eyed his impressive erection. All seven inches pointed almost straight up, with a slight lilt to the left. He had a short patch of pubic hair above his shaft, but everything else was clean shaven.

“Well,” he said expectantly. ” Are you gonna stand there eyeing it, or will you get naked and act like the filthy slut I know you are?”

Unused to his boldness, after Mike’s silly performance, I balked for a few seconds before stripping down. I dropped to my knees and began servicing Rowan’s cock. I licked all over his shaft, and I swirled my tongue over the head collecting his pre-cum in my mouth. His taste was sweet like mine, and his smell was less musky than Mike’s. His balls were smoother and his testicles much larger. I was excited that I was going to get a much larger load this time.

I began bobbing up and down on his shaft. It was slightly more difficult to deep throat than Mike’s, but I got the whole cock in my mouth. His pubic hair tickled my nose and I held my face there as long as possible before pulling away for much needed air.

“That’s it?” he scoffed. “That’s all my little slut can take?”

“No sir.” I replied meekly. A shiver ran through my body. Being submissive after having to take charge all the time felt good. I looked him square in the eyes and stated matter-of-factly,”You’re gonna fuck my face.”

“Good slut,” he said as he took my head in his hands.

I opened my mouth eagerly as he slid the tip into my mouth. He began slowly fucking my mouth and throat. When my lungs began screaming for air he would pull away, and let me catch my breath before reentering my mouth. He began picking up the pace until he was furiously fucking my slut mouth; Pausing occasionally to let me breath before resuming his use of my mouth. His balls slapped against my chin and saliva ran off his balls and began pooling on the floor. I began lightly stroking my aching cock, feeling the river of pre-cum I was producing.

His breathing became labored and he pulled away. I gasped at air as he smiled wickedly at me. My eyes were drawn to that magnificent cock glistening with my saliva. My thoughts turned to that cock entering my ass and it seemed like he read them.

“Now give me that girlish ass you promised in your photo faggot,” he demanded. His commanding voice drew a twitch from my cock. I retrieved a condom and the lube, and gently rolled the rubber into his thick cock. I lubed his cock up and turned around on all fours. I presented my ass to him; ready to be penetrated.

“What a fucking whore,” he spat derisively. He twisted the toy in my ass, drawing an unexpected groan from me. “You can’t even wait for a dick, can you? Beg me for my cock, slut.”

“Please sir,” I gasped around the twisting of the toy in my ass. “Please fuck my slutty ass,” I finished. This submissive side of me I didn’t know I had was turning me on even more.

He teased me a moment longer before removing the toy. The well lubed dilator slid out of my ass, leaving me feeling empty and hungry. I could feel the cool air on my exposed, slightly gaping asshole. Then, I felt the tip of Rowan’s thick cock push past my sphincter, stopping just after his head was fully buried in me. I gave it a second before pushing back on his rod. Inch by inch, I took his throbbing member into my ass. Once I had his full length in me I held it there.

“Are you ready to get your ass pounded, slut?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” a gasped around the waves of pleasure emanating from my back door.

Without another word he grabbed my hips and began slowly thrusting in and out of me. The slow rhythm caused me to grown each time his cock pushed past my prostate. He maintained his pace until I began pushing my ass back against him. Taking my hint for what it was, he began pounding into me like I never would have dreamed.

The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room. I could feel his balls slapping against my perineum as he mercilessly plowed my fuck hole. I reached between my legs and slid off my makeshift cock ring before I reached further back to fondle his balls. My initiative was rewarded with a grunt of approval. I began to feel the hints of release building in my balls. I was rapidly approaching the point of no return; and from Rowan’s labored breathing, I gathered he was too.

Then, without warning, he stopped. He removed his cock from my ass and stood up. Curious bahis şirketleri as to why he stopped when we were both clearly on the edge of climax, I looked back at him.

“I’m not finished with you yet,” he said; answering my inquisitive look. Turning around and bending forward slightly he commanded, “Now lick my asshole.”

I hesitated. I really wasn’t eager to service a man’s ass. I’d done it before with my wife, but I wasn’t excited about servicing him.

“Now bitch,” he ordered. Snapping out of my internal conflict, I obediently crawled forward. I spread his hairless, muscled cheeks and exposed a shaven asshole. It didn’t smell unpleasant. The aroma was slightly musky with the hint of body wash. Thinking it was now or never, I leaned forward and gave his crinkled knot a tentative lick. The result drew a sigh from Rowan. Excited that I was pleasing the man who had become my master in a few moments; I dove in with enthusiasm.

I began tracing circles around the outside of his ass before rapidly flicking the tip of my tongue over his asshole. His groans and sighs raised my arousal to new heights, and I reached down and lightly teased my swollen cock. I dove my tongue into his ass and was rewarded with audible confirmation of my good work. After a few more moments he straightened up and stepped away from me.

“Lie on your back,” he commanded, and I quickly acquiesced. He grabbed me behind my knees and easily lifted my two hundred twenty pound frame until I rested entirely on my own shoulders and neck. My knees were on either side on my head, my pre-cum glazed cock inches from my face. My shaven, and slightly sore, asshole pointed straight into the air.

He grabbed the lube and reapplied it to his cock and generously to my fuck hole. Then he positioned his tip at my entrance and slowly filled me with his full length. As he passed my prostate I groaned and watched another bead of pre-cum form on the tip of my cock. When he bottomed out he looked at me for confirmation that I was ready for another pounding. Once satisfied I wasn’t too uncomfortable, he began to slowly slide in and out of me. After a few moments he began hammering me without abandon.

The strain on my back, neck, and shoulders was silenced by the ecstasy emanating from my ass and prostate. My cock was swinging wildly, slinging pre-cum all over my face. I gasped and groaned as my orgasm built much faster in this unique position. Within moments I reached the point of no return.

Cum erupted from my cock, and my balls furiously pumped out the load they had been saving for hours. Ropes of cum splashed on my chest, face, and into my mouth. Each twitch sent another stream of cum rocketing onto my body. I could barely feel my asshole flex around Rowan’s dick as he continuously hammered his pole into me. Rowan, it seemed, could last longer than I; as he continued his ruthless search for release from my asshole. My body, limp as I basked in my post-orgasm bliss, continued to provide my sexual master with pleasure.

Finally, he began to grunt. He quickly removed his cock from my sore, used ass, and ripped off the condom. Firmly grasping his shaft, he pumped it twice and sprayed his sticky fluid onto my face. There seemed to be no end to his supply of sperm as I moved to catch it in my mouth. His flavor mingled with my own as I swished it around in my mouth before swallowing it down. When he finished, we sat there gasping, looking at each other before he moved to get dressed.

I sat in silence as he finished clothing himself. He looked me in the eyes and offered his parting words. “Don’t call me,” he said. And with that he was gone. I didn’t miss him because he had served my needs. I was thoroughly, and vigorously, fucked to completion.

I laid on the floor, still amazed at the events that transpired. Surrounded by pools of cum, saliva, and lube; guilt started to set in. Not guilt for lusting after cock, but guilt for feeling like I betrayed my wife. I resolved to tell her as I got up to go clean myself.

After I showered I headed downstairs. The entryway smelled of cum and sweat. I cleaned up the evidence of my indiscretion and sat down on the couch. My swollen, freshly fucked asshole a reminder of the carnal pleasure I had experienced. As I flipped through the channels on the television my wife called.

“Hey baby,” I said, answering the phone.

“Hey,” she replied. “I’m super horny, and I have a dirty surprise for you when I get home. I can’t talk long because I need to wake up early to catch my flight home.”

“OK,” I replied. I decided then to tell her face to face. This was not the news you delivered over the phone. So we chatted awhile longer before she said she had to go. We said our goodnights, but she said a few words before hanging up.

“I know,” and the line went dead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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