Anal with my Dreamgirl

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*This story takes place in a time frame roughly 100 years into the future, with a light sci-fi element.

“Your ‘Dreamgirls’ fuckdoll will be arriving at the location you provided within the next 30 seconds”

The message that flashed across the phone of 24 year old Steven Deadley, just as he walked out of the bathroom of the 1 bedroom condo looking down from the 24th floor, over the brightly lit cityscape below. The warning is the same any time you order a ‘rental’ from the company “Dreamgirls”.

This warning didn’t give him any time to get dressed again. Not that he would have anyway. HIs mind was focused on one thing, and one thing only! Putting clothes on over his naked body would just mean more time between now and that happening.

As far as Dreamgirls is concerned, they weren’t the first to use site to site transportation to ‘deliver’ their girls to guys like Steven. But they did seem to smooth out the process the best. Having tried several different companies at various times, he always seemed to fall back on this one lately. The catalog allowing him to ‘customize’ who he got based on preferences, the quality of women sent out was always top notch, and finally the discretionary way they were sent, including heads-up messages down to the second of their arrival, all just made them the best option in his mind.

Other times he had browsed the preferences and narrowed down just who he wanted to be sent to him based on far more parameters than tonight’s choice. Those weren’t particularly special nights…on the contrary. But tonight is simply a primal need. After spending the last 3 months on a colonial re-supply vessel, serving as a fusion reactor engineer, sheer horniness took control of his situation. The entire last day of the ‘slingshot’ (trip out and back) was spent re-fitting the reactor fuel injector pods for the next run to whichever Mars colony the ship would be leaving for next week. The work was tedious, and allowed his mind to wander to what type of girl he would potentially order from his favorite service. Would he choose from the ‘exotic’ portion of their catalog, perhaps a redhead, narrow it down to a 35 plus year old from the MILF choices? Or possibly make his choice based on body type, as all types are present in their offerings.

His mind wandered to 6 months ago when he had his cock wedged between the massive, obviously augmented breasts of a redheaded beauty, before unloading on her somehow innocent looking face. Or would it be one from the exotic menu this time? Remembering a night almost a year ago with an Indian beauty who showed him some of the finer points of tantric control, as she worked him dry of his sperm.

All that fell away as soon as he got back to his apartment, flipped his entertainment system on, and navigated his way to one of his favorite porn outlets. The massive screen integrated into the wall of his bedroom began showing scene choices of all types. But the one that caught his eye was a simple ‘boy/girl’ scene, with the man stroking his cock roughly in and out of the young woman’s tight little backdoor. For some reason, the simplicity of it, the raw animalistic way the woman was having her ass used, made the decision for Steven.

With a few simple taps, swipes and a final tap on his comms/interface device on the “Confirm” button, an order had been placed to the Dreamgirls company for a 2 hour rental of any nationality/race, under age 30, anal/3 hole model. That’s all he and his throbbing cock cared about at the moment. From watching the video, and the 3 months spent in space with no female outlets for his attention, all he cared about was sliding his cock into the tightest hole of whichever Dreamgirl was sent to him.

A quick walk through the bedroom and out into the living room of his apartment was all it took for him to be there the second his ‘rental’ arrived, and materialized seemingly out of nowhere. Having spent his time on re-supply ships and freighter vessels, he still marveled at the instant matter/energy transporting of people from one location to another. Sure he watched it happen from time to time as ships were loaded with products for transport to the various colonies, or when the empty containers would materialize in the ship’s cargo bays. But this is different. This is a living, breathing human…and it works every bit as well.

In front of him stood what he could only think of as a slutty angel. He hadn’t checked any of the more specific boxes when going through the applications menu, so curiosity had been there in his mind.

‘Would she look like the woman in the video playing? Would she be small, or maybe a midsize or even a larger girl?’ He hadn’t taken the time to specify, trusting the fact that Dreamgirls hadn’t let him down once yet. And the trend continued.

Standing in his living güvenilir bahis room was what he saw as the embodiment of female sex appeal: maybe 5 feet 6 inches tall, petite frame with what looked to be B cup breasts, a small flare at the hips, long (for her height) legs, and a cute little thigh gap teasing his mind at the entrance he would soon enjoy. Her look oozed pure sex appeal, from her straight dark hair sculpted around her facial features, dark brown eyes, matching dark red lipstick, and near perfect looking skin.

Her outfit matched her job description perfect: skin tight black tube top, which clearly showed the outline of her nipples underneath, a matching, less than tiny miniskirt that didn’t even cover her entire mound. Leaving that job to her matching black panties, of which about 2 inches showed below the bottom of her mini-skirt. Below that is a clear path over her creamy smooth skin, down to a set of black high heels, making the most of her long legs.

“Thank you for getting her so quickly! I got a little too worked up watching some……well that…umm well I almost started jerking, before I remembered your um….service.”

Steven’s nearly 7 inch cock stood out in front of him as he stumbled through talking to the slutty angel in front of him. Thus explains one of the reasons he usually ended up using this type of service. He was blessed from birth with a high functioning mind and the ability to learn complicated tasks easily…but not so much in social skills.

At 24 with 2 years in the space fleet, he was doing the job of engineers that averaged another 5 years of service, thus showing off his problem-solving mind. This came at a cost in advancing his ‘love life’. But he didn’t care too much about that, as he could always make a selection from Dreamgirls to fill that void.

Her response came with the confidence and skill of a woman that’s spent a little time in her position.

He saw her take a quick glance around the room, perhaps noticing his engineer certification hanging on the wall, or his leather jacket laying on the couch, adorned with his ship’s logo on the chest. He hadn’t thought too much about where he left it, upon getting home.

“I came as fast as I could, once I saw your order, baby. Don’t want to wait up and miss out on a good time.” Giving him a wink to finish off the sentence. “I’m Grace. And who might you be?” extending a hand out to Steven in the process.

“Um yes…sorry, I’m Steven. And you’re just amazing!” catching himself staring for a brief moment, before extending his hand to meet hers and give it a shake.

After a couple seconds, Steven let go and looked down to see his throbbing member still standing at full mast in front of him “Oh and um sorry about….well you know. Just like I said, I’ve been watching a little bit of……well you know. And I’ve spent the last 3 months on a Mars slingshot…so yea…” using the slang term for the trip, his voice trailing off a bit as his eyes look away in a bit of embarrassment.

“Oh don’t worry about it hunny. I like it.” Her hand moving down to grasp the rock hard member in front of her. “It shows me that you like me.” giving him another wink as her hand glides up and down the length.

Steven relished in the feeling of her soft silky hand traveling up and down his shaft, before swirling around the head at the end of each stroke for a few more times, before speaking up again.

“And uh sorry about requesting anal. It’s just that…that’s what I saw on a video, and well…you see what it did to me.” His hand motioning down toward the cock that Grace was still lightly stroking.

Her warm smile gave him a whole new reason to stumble through his thoughts, as the ‘angel’ in front of him seems all too happy to accept his cock inside her tightest opening.

“Don’t be sorry baby. That’s why I was sent.” Leaning in for added emphasis, before lowering her voice a bit “I love a nice, big cock stretching my tight little ass.”

Blowing against his ear for extra effect after finishing her tease, and then pulling back to stand tall again. “And this one is going to make me stretch a LOT, baby. You’re huge!”

Steven knew that he wasn’t “huge” by any means. Good sized, yes. But not huge. But he wouldn’t begrudge her for trying to make him feel better about the situation. And the rest of her tease had it’s intended effect, as a small drop of pre-cum leaked out the tip of his engorged member, eliciting a low groan from him, before he snapped back to his senses.

As soon as he ‘snapped out of it’, he took his Dreamgirl by the hand and pulled her past him, so he could get a look at her ass as he walked her toward his bedroom. The view didn’t disappoint, as her hips swayed with each step, accentuating the buns peeking out below the ridiculously short skirt. güvenilir bahis siteleri ‘It would be more correct to call it a wide belt’, he thought to himself. Her tight cheeks swayed and jiggled ever so slightly. ‘No extra fat on that’, he thought to himself, as the beautiful specimen reached his bedroom, sauntered over to the side of his bed and bent herself over at the waist, flaunting a more amazing view than even he expected. The skirt slide even higher up her cheeks, showing off a black thong that covered her intimates entirely, but left each cheek completely exposed.

“How do I look?” said the beauty bent over the side of Steven’s freshly made bed.

‘Oh she knows how she looks….she knows!’ are all he can think of for a few long seconds, before snapping back to reality again.

“I just NEED to get my cock in that. That’s how you look.” As his hands reach out for her skirt, pushing up the remainder of the way up to her waist, exposing the waistline of the thong underneath. His mind all business at the moment, a hand goes to the gusset of her panties and pulls them to the side, exposing every intimate bit of flesh below. What stared back at him was pure perfection in his mind: completely shaved or lasered of any hair, neatly tucked lips surrounding a tiny slit, and the tightly puckered ring guarding her tightest passage.

Before he could move forward to his prize, Grace spun around and dropped deftly to her knees.

“We’re gonna need you well lubed, if you’re gonna work this big boy up my tight little asshole…don’t you think?”

With that slutty statement, and the teasing tone she used, she set the table for ‘lubing’ Steven’s cock up with her deft mouth. As soon as she finished, she put herself to work at her task, bobbing her head forward to engulf his rod between her lips. Her lips softly ringed his thick member as they glided down nearly to his balls on the first push, before pulling in tight and sliding back up until just his fleshy head remained in her mouth. Even giving him a swirl of her tongue, before plunging back down. Each trip down depositing her spit around his throbbing member, before slurping tight to ‘clean it’ back off on the way back up.

After maybe a dozen trips down and up his rod, her mouth pulled free completely, replaced by a hand holding him at the base.

“I’m a butt slut AND a throat slut too. Just so you know…for ‘ordering purposes’ next time.” Giving him a wink, before engulfing him again. This time her reason was purely to lubricate the shaft that would soon be stretching her tightest hole, letting the head of his cock nail her throat like the time before. Only this time she pulled back off of him without tightening her lips around the throbbing rod, allowing her spit to stay on him, causing him to nearly shine in the low lighting of the room.

Taking a good look at his cock, Grace simply popped off her knees, reached under her skirt to either side of her hips, skimmed her thong down her legs, and bent back over the bed, showing him what he wanted the most. A soft kick rid her of the thong that had hooked around an ankle, allowing her to spread her legs a bit past shoulder width.

“Go slow to start. I’ll need to adjust to that big boy of yours.” Her teasing continued, mixed in with more than a small amount of truth.

This was the moment Steven had been waiting for for the last few weeks, if not months. Three months on a cargo vessel without any available women to try to take the edge off, and here he stands, shuffling up behind the perfection in front of him. The shuffling continued until the fleshy helmet of his cock bumped up against the tight little pucker of his slutty angel.

A firm, dedicated push and his head popped inside her body, spreading her as he worked his way inside. The intensity of her heat and her grip was intoxicating, as he drove forward until nearly half of his cock had disappeared into the tight little ring.

Somewhere in the back of his mind lie a thought that now seemed just ridiculous. ‘Maybe she wouldn’t be very tight, if she specializes in anal. Maybe I’ve made a mistake.’ Those thoughts melted away as her grip seemed to intensify the deeper he slid.

“Wowwwww you’re sooo tight.” His words coming out barely above a pant, as her ring gripped him as tight as any he could remember. His cock not even halfway home yet, and already she was squeezing him hard enough that he wondered if he’d be able to get his entire rod into her body.

“Nice and slow baby….just like that. Let me get used to it.” Her words came out in time with her breaths, as her entire body tensed at his entrance. “Mmmm fuckkkk.”

Her words came out lower than the intensity Steven was feeling from her tightest entrance. ‘How she could stay so measured’ was beyond him, as he back out until just iddaa siteleri his head was inside her, before sliding slow and deliberate forward again. This time inching past where he was before. Slow tedious strokes out and back into her body culminated in that wonderful feeling of being buried inside her ass, just moments later. The feeling being almost heaven, as her ring tensed and clamped around the base of his cock. His balls laying against her pussy below.

“Ohhhh fuck, you’re balls deep now, aren’t you baby? Keep it right there for a minute…let me relax for that huge fucker!”

‘Maybe she wasn’t just talking me up earlier’ comes the fleeting thought, as Steven held himself fully buried inside her for the next few moments. A soft hand came in contact with his thigh, ‘holding’ him there as his rental tensed and relaxed around the cock in her vice tight ass.

“Okay baby…fuck me. Use my ass, hunny!” came the impassioned plea from the sexual perfection in front of him, cueing him to start stroking inside her.

Not one to let her (or himself) down, Steven started by pulling back his full length, and sliding slow and deliberately forward, until he buried himself again. The next stroke followed the same way, but with a bit more pace, followed by a third the same way. Always gradually speeding his pace, until it became a regular rate of sliding in and out of the beautifully tight ring in hard, purposeful strokes. Now he was using her ass for his pleasure. Reveling in the tightness of her grip, the heat inside her body, and the whimpering noises she made as he rushed his girthy shaft into her.

“Ngh, ngh ngh, uhhh fuck, ngh” came the labored breaths and noises as his full balls slapped against her body. Each meet by a hard ‘bounce’ from her body being pushed forward, helping him to pull out almost completely, before his forward momentum and hers traveling backward helped slam him to full depth again.

The impassioned please of “ohhhhh fuck me…keep fucking…just like that…harder, harder” spurred him over the next few minutes of pounding, until he felt the telltale signs that he was about to cum. The tingling began in his balls, as the slapped against the sex goddess in front of him, until he knew he was going to hit the point of no return.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!” came the rushed statement. This more an excited yell than the past breathy labored pants.

The lithe sex goddess in front of him allowed 3 more rough strokes into her body, before yanking herself forward further, to dislodge his cock from her abused little ring. Before he could protest, she dropped to her knees again, grabbed hold of the base of his shaft, placed her mouth over his fleshy head and started to stroke him furiously into her mouth.

The eruption didn’t take long at all. No complaints came from Steven’s mouth, as Grace’s clamped tight over his fleshy head. Her tongue dancing at his piss slit, as her right hand flew up and down his shaft, as her left softly held his full balls.

“Now” was the only further warning he could muster, with a rushed grip on her shoulder, as she took the shots of his cum in her waiting mouth. Jerking them out of him to a sharper ‘eruption’ than he was used to. His jets came out in full force, into the warm, talented mouth of his new Dreamgirl, as he felt his right knee twitch as if it was about to give out on him. The intensity of her jerking and sucking him through his orgasm forced his eyes closed, and his body to involuntarily twitch as his cum was forced out of his body, by the skilled sex goddess below him.

As soon s he could regain full control of himself, he looked down to see the beautiful Grace softly nursing the head of his cock with her mouth still. Suckling at the head while softly stroking his full length. Her other hand fondling his now relieved balls, before pulling back with a soft pop.

A teasing look came across her face as she looked up at Steven.

“Not bad for round 1, right?” before giggling softly.

Now fully in control of his body, and at least partially of his mind, Steven could think of no better answer than “You’re amazing. You really are!”

The devious smile that came across her face looked like it had to have been practiced a thousand times…or perhaps she was just born with that perfect ability.

“And just think. You have me for another oh….hour and 45 minutes.” Giving him a teasing batting of the eyes, before reaching out with her tongue to give another lick on his cock. “You know, if you want me and my tight little ass here that long….”

Giving him her best teasing look

“That was just 15 minutes? Oh my God…what a goddess!”

A hand came down to softly stroke Grace’s cheek, as she gave him her best tempting look. Maybe it was the last 3 months spent in space. Or maybe she really was just that good. Either way, the next thought was all that was going through his mind at the moment.

“I wish I had you and your tight little ass here for the rest of my life. But that long will have to do for now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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