Anger Management

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“I’m pissed off,” my girlfriend said as I walked in the door.

“Well, lets see if we can do something about that shall we?” I replied, setting down my bag. I took off my jacket and kicked off my shoes, this left me in shorts and a tank top. I walked over to the middle of the room, she walked up and took a swing. I caught her hand with my opposite and pulled her in front of me and wrapped my other arm around her waist. She bent forward and flipped me over onto the floor, I rolled away before she pinned me. Then I tackled her from the side, rolling her onto her back and pinned her by sitting on her hips and holding down her wrists. I leaned forward to kiss her and she bucked me off into a somersault onto my back. I rolled again onto my hands and knees, she did the same. We looked at each other, panting, then tackled at the same time and ended up rolling across the floor. Our legs tangled together and we stopped when my back hit a wall, I pushed off it to roll over top of her.

Supported güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri by one leg to the side and by the opposite arm around her shoulders, my other leg pressed between hers gently, and my other hand rested at her waist. She relaxed as my lips touched hers, gently pressing them apart, my tongue searched for hers and detected the pizza she had had earlier. I pressed my body to hers, our curves melding into each other. My hand slipped beneath her shirt and slid beneath her body to hold her hips against mine.

“Better?” I asked when I pulled back for a breath. I looked into her eyes and saw that she was heated as I had been when I walked in the door thinking about her.

“M mm,” she nodded and wrapped her arms around me to pull me into another kiss. My hand circled the back of her neck and the kiss became harder as we both pressed together. When she released me, I sat up and tugged her shirt up and off. I leaned forward and nuzzled her neck, supporting myself with güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri one hand, roamed slowly up her body with the other until I found a breast and cupped it. I kissed her neck, then traced my tongue down her body to the breast in my hand. I circled it a few times before she arched into me and I took the nipple in my mouth to gently suck and nibble on it with my lips. My hand that had been holding her breast circled under her waist and the other came up to play with her other breast. I began to tease her by pressing my thigh between hers in rhythm with my mouth, feeling the heat and moisture through the cloth of her underwear. I moved my hand from her breast down to hook a finger under the waistband, pulling them down as I lifted my leg to let them pass, then used my foot to push them the rest of the way. My hand wandered back up her leg while my mouth wandered down to her belly button. I flicked my tongue in and out of it before moving down further. I rubbed my güvenilir bahis şirketleri palm up between her legs as I breathed in her scent, then spread her with my fingers and dipped my head for a long slow taste from her vagina to her clitoris. I unhooked my arm from her waist and slid it under her leg and held her thigh.

“Lovely as always,” I said before settling my mouth onto her clitoris to gently suck, lick and roll it between my lips. I moved my hand down beneath my mouth and circled a finger around her vagina to tease her before twisting two fingers together.

“Oh!” she moaned as I began a slow rhythm sliding my fingers in a little deeper each time until they were buried in her sweet flesh. I pressed my mouth harder against her and sped my hand up a little bit while turning my wrist to cork-screw into her. Soon she was bucking against my mouth and nearly cutting off my air with her legs.

“Come for me baby,” I murmured against her as I felt her tensing up. I gripped her thigh tighter to hold on, untwisted and crooked my fingers inside of her to press upwards while sucking hard on her clitoris.

“Mm mm,” she hummed in contentment as I lapped up every drop that poured from her. Then I crawled up over her body to lay down next to her and bask in her afterglow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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