Angie Pays on Her Debt

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It’s been 6 days since I loaned Angie the money to pay bills that she had gambled the money away to pay them with.

I was just thinking about calling her when the phone rings. Its Angies telling me that Tom took the boys to a baseball camp in St. Louis. Says it’s a two-day deal, he and the boys won’t be back till late tomorrow night. Also telling me she has $100 cash to give me on her debt.

She saying “Why don’t you come to the house. I’ll pay you and we can go from there?”

“You’re certain they’re going to be gone till tomorrow?”

“Yes, Tom is supposed to call me when he gets to St. Louis.”

“Okay when do you want me to come over?”

“Anytime is fine just come on over when you want.”

I eat a quick bite for lunch. Take a shower and get cleaned up. Climb in the car and head for Angie’s place. They live in the country about a mile from anybody else. So there’s not much chance of anybody seeing my vehicle.

I pull in the drive get out the car and walk to the door. I knock on the door wait a few minutes but there’s no answer. I go over to the door to the garage open it Angie’s car is there. I’m thinking well maybe she’s in her garden or something. So I go around the back of a house. I find Angie on the back patio sunbathing.

She’s lying face down on a chase lounge with the top of her bikini undone. She doesn’t seem to notice me coming around the house.

Seeing her 34 year old hot body lying there like that makes my cock stir. I sneak up on her and smack her on the ass.

“Ouch that hurt.” She raises up looking at me exposing her beautiful tits.

“It could have been a lot worse. It could have been somebody else other than me.”

“Well I don’t know who else it would have been because I’m not expecting anyone other than you.”

“I don’t know the mailman, a neighbor, UPS man hard to tell.”

“Okay I get it, but it wasn’t, it was you.”

“Why don’t you take your clothes off and sunbathe for a while?”

“I really don’t think that’s a good idea you never know somebody might show up.”

“Okay let’s go in the house it’s getting kinda warm out here anyway.”

She gets up starts heading to the house not bothering to put her top on. I’m about a step beside and behind her watching her tits bounce and her ass jiggle.

We get to the door I grab a handful of that beautiful ass of hers. Then give it a big squeeze.

“I’ll give you about a half an hour to quit that.” She laughs. Going inside she tells me, “I need a shower.”

“Great I’ll wash your back and ass.”

“You can do the rest of me too if you’d like.” That is an offer I can’t refuse.

“Hell yeah let’s go.”

I follow her up the stairs looking at that beautiful ass jiggling just inches from my face. She goes into her bedroom and tells me to go ahead casino şirketleri and go into the bathroom. I go to the bathroom and sit down on the stool.

She enters the bathroom a couple of minutes later. Nude and carrying something. Places whatever it is on the shelf in the shower and steps in. She says “It’s going to be pretty hard to clean anything sitting there.” I get up nearly rip my clothes off and climb in with her. She turns the shower on it about burns me. “Fuck that is hot girl.”

“Your a pussy.”

“No I’m a weenie.”

She laughed and says “Yeah that’s right.”

She picked up a washcloth and the soap handing it to me.

“Here’s your job, this is my job.”

She picks up the item from the shelf. Turns it on, its a vibrating egg.

“I might as well get some enjoyment while I’m being tended to.”

I soap the washcloth up and start working on her shoulders, neck and back. I love the feel of her silky skin as I slowly clean every inch of her tanned back side.

“Mmmm that feels good.”

“I agree it feels so great to touch you and clean every inch of you wonderful body.” But I also know she talking about the humming coming from her pussy.

When I reached her ass I soap it up real good. Run my fingers down the crack of her ass. I take my middle finger and start playing with her anus. She actually pushes back against my finger. So I press the tip of my finger into her asshole. She lets out a slight moan. I surprised as she usually tells me not to touch her anus. I think the vibrating egg is getting her really worked up along with my manipulations on her anus.

With my free hand I reach around and start playing with her nipple. I’m running my fingers around her nipple flicking and pinching it. It responds growing harder and swelling. She starts to grind her ass on to my finger. I work my finger in as deep as I can get it.

“Oh my god that feels good.” she says. “From now on I’m gonna have to start fingering my ass while I’m using my vibrator.”

Within a couple minutes I feel her sphincter clamp down on my finger. I can tell she’s having an orgasm. She convulses as I apply butterfly kisses to her neck and ear lobe. When she’s done I pull my finger out of her tight ass. She places the vibrating egg on the shelf. Then supports herself on the wall of the shower.

Out of the blue she tells me “Fuck me in the ass.”

I’m hard as a rock so I’m more than willing to oblige. I soap my cock up really good. Placing my cock against her anus. Pushing forward the head of my cock slips in. She lets out kind of a grunt of pain and a moan at the same time. I stop with only my cock head in her ass. Her ass is squeezing my head like a vice. A bit painful but so erotic too. I grabbed her by the hips and push my cock all the way into her ass.

She groans casino firmaları out “Oh hell yes.”

I start grinding my dick in her ass. I’ve never quite felt a sensation like her ass. I’ve never fucked a girl in the ass before. I don’t think she’s ever taken it up the ass before either. I pump her tight hole for about 5 minutes. Then bury my cock into her and shoot my load off in her ass.

She shivers and moans “Fuck yes!”

I feel her ass gripping my shaft as she orgasms.

I pulled my still rigid cock out of her tight sweet ass. Then take the washcloth, soap it up to clean me up and then her. I finish washing her legs and turn her around. She looks me straight in the eye and says.

“I had no idea that could feel so good. I have never done that before. I always thought it was such a gross thing to do.”

“I know I sure enjoyed it. I’ve never ever done that before either.”

“Then it was a first for the both of us.”

She pulls me to her and kisses me.

“I know now it’s not going to be to last tine.”

I know I’m thinking I’m willing to take any hole she is willing to offer.

I take the washcloth, soap and proceed to wash the rest of her body. Taking extra care at her titties and pussy. A job I’d do every day if given the chance. We finish drying off.

Then she takes me by the hand and lead me to her bedroom. She crawls in the middle of the bed lays on her back. I get on the bed and between her legs. I want to eat that beautiful pussy. I start by kissing her belly and inner thighs.

“Oh that tickles!” Wiggling her ass.

I take my fingers and spread her lips apart. Exposing her love tunnel and clit. I run my tongue up and down the opening then flick it across her clit.

She reaches down with both hands and pulls my face into her pussy. I began to suck and lick on her clit. She’s rolling her hips and pushing her pussy up into my face.

“Turn around I want to suck your cock.”

She doesn’t have to tell me twice. I pull my mouth off her long enough to get us into the 69 position. I renew my devouring of her pussy. She began sucking on the head of my cock.

After a couple of minutes she does something else I didn’t know she could do. She deepthroats my whole cock until my balls touch her nose. Again this is something I’ve never felt before.

I take my mouth off of her pussy long enough to tell her so.

“God damn that’s amazing. But you better quit or I’m going to cum.”

But she doesn’t quit she actually seems to be working harder at it. Less than a minute later I blow my wad into her throat. I’m amazed she leaves it there until I’m done.

I’m actually having a hard time sucking on her pussy. When I finish cumming I’m pulling my cock out. She gives my cockhead one last suck and lick. Making me shudder with güvenilir casino ecstasy. I roll off of her on my back exhausted. Setting up and turning to face me.

She says “I’m guessing you enjoyed that.”

“I have no words to express how much I enjoyed that.”

“You deserve that for what you did for me in the shower. I have not had an orgasm like that in a long time.”

“It was great to me too girl.”

She reaches out takes my half hard cock in her hand. Begins to stroke it.

“I could still use a good fucking though.”

“I think you wore him out for a little bit. Too many new experiences I think.”

But in a short time of her working my cock. It starts to get hard again.

“Hummm, Feels like he’s wanting more to me.”

“I don’t think he could ever get enough of you.”

“He’s always kept me happy too.” She leans over and kisses me, continuing to jack me off. As soon as it’s hard enough she climbs on and slips my cock into her pussy.

I never tire of feeling her tight warm slick pussy on my cock. She starts rotating her ass and stroking in and out. I reach up and grab her firm titties. Pinching and rolling her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. In a short period time I feel myself getting ready to cum again.

I tell her “I’m going to cum Angie.”

In about 2 minutes I shoot my load into that tight warm pussy of hers.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t wait for you to orgasm.”

“What you didn’t notice, I already did 3 times.”

“I guess not I was enjoying the feeling of you fucking me too much.”

“I just want to make sure that you got off.”

“God you’re a great niece.”

“You’re the best uncle I could ever ask for too.”

She climbs off me and the bed goes to the bathroom. Brings back a wash cloth and towel. Cleans my cock and balls. Kisses the head of my dick.

“I don’t know if he’s done or not but I am for a little bit.”

“I think he’s more than satisfied for a little while. I think I worked up a pretty good appetite after that.”

“Considering we’ve been at all afternoon. I could use a bite to eat too.”

I say “Why don’t we get dressed and I’ll take you out to eat.”

She says “I think that’ll be great.”

We get dressed. Then head out for a restaurant. She never gave me the hundred she was going to give me. But I really didn’t give a fuck. This afternoon was worth twice that.

We eat then I drop her off at home. “If you want you could come by early tomorrow. Tom and the boys won’t be back till late.”

“I don’t know maybe it would be better if you came to my house. That way there’s no chance of him coming home and catching us.”

“Okay sounds good to me. You better get some rest you’re going to need it tomorrow.”

“After today I’ll sleep like a baby tonight. Goodnight kiddo”

“You to Uncle Dick.”

She give me a quick kiss and gets out. I sit there until that beautiful woman gets into her house. Then I go home quite contented. Thinking of what tomorrow will bring.

Next story. Angie’s next payment

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