Ani , Lars Ch. 04

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Lazy Sunday


1 month later…

Ani faded in and out of sleep on Sunday morning. Their little trio had been out at a concert last night, and they had gotten home around midnight. The three of them had cuddled up on the sofa in the living room afterwards with a bottle of nice red wine, and talked for a few hours, falling asleep in each others’ arms.

Eventually, they had all padded into the bed, and fallen asleep again, in more comfortable surroundings.

Colette had permanently moved in with Ani and Lars 2 weeks earlier. She hadn’t stayed in her own apartment for about 2 months before moving in, and paying for it, and worrying about it was just a waste of time and money.

There was plenty of room in the condo for three people to live comfortably without being on top of each other all the time, so the change was not a challenge in any way. Just a cementing of their strong ‘threelationship’.

They all had different interests, so they didn’t spend all their time together, giving all of them the space they needed.

Ani had her volleyball team that she would spend two nights a week with, and she would occasionally go on one week painters’ retreats, where she’d fill 3 or 4 canvases in that short time.

Colette was dedicated to her Yoga and meditation. She’d spend a few hours at the yoga studio 2 or 3 times a week. And once a week she was a fierce kick boxer at the gym.

Lars went to the rock-climbing gym 2-3 times a week, and would go on climbing trips two or three times a year.

Ani usually slept on the right side of the bed, and as she sleepily rolled to her left to get close to her 6′ 2″ viking of a man, she felt her desire increase. He was still asleep as she snuggled into the crook of his arm, and wiggled to get in just the right position. She found the right position, and slowly fell back into unconsciousness.

She woke later, not sure what time it was, but not really caring. They didn’t have big plans for the day, but were just planning to hang out at home, maybe run a few errands or exercise a little. It was a three-day weekend, so no getting ready for work tomorrow either. A true lazy Sunday.

Colette was not in bed. She had probably gone to the yoga studio for a morning session.

Ani could feel her desire rising, as she lay draped over her sexy husband. Her right leg was between his legs, and her head was on his chest, with her eyes right over the edge of the duvet. She was warm and very comfortable, and steadily getting hornier.

She wiggled down a little, so her head was right below his pectorals, and completely covered by the duvet. She raised her hand in front of her to lift the duvet, increasing her visibility by about 2 feet, and exposing Lars’s large, but relaxed penis.

She very gently grabbed his cock in her hand, and slowly wiggled down, getting her head and mouth a little closer. The thin duvet let enough light through that she could see the contrast of her dark-skinned, long-fingered hand against the pale, silky skin of her husband’s big cock. She loved the contrasts; Lars’s hard angular body against her (or Colette’s) gentle curves, his pale skin against her milk-chocolate.

Ani sometimes fantasized about the opposite color contrast, with Colette in the leading role, being ravished by a gorgeous dark-skinned man. Her perfect pale ass cheeks split by a long, thick ebony cock, her milky hips held by big, strong coffee-colored hands, her sweet pink lips nibbling the nape of a black Adonis’s neck. She had gone ‘full Lars’; his arousal by looking at contrasting colors had infected her.

Her arousal was mounting and her mouth was watering at the thought of his big fat shaft moving in and out of it, her soft lips gently slipping up and down that wondrous hard column, and her throat being invaded by his insistent strokes, over and over again.

She was careful not to wake Lars. Her head was now laying on his warm, flat, ripped stomach, and his slowly growing erection was getting closer to her face as it grew. Her strokes were very, very slow, and her hand was barely touching his cock now. Her mouth was very close, and every time she exhaled on it, the growth surged a little. Ani was amazed at how subtle the stimulation could be to get him hard.

He was almost fully erect now, his full 8 1/2 inches laying on his belly, before Ani’s hungry eyes. She shifted a little, so her lips were directly before his purple, slowly pulsing head.

Her head still resting on his belly, she opened her mouth, and slowly slid onto him, filling her warm, wet mouth with his thick, hard cock. The feeling was intoxicating to her: her jaw straining to fit the thick column of meat, slowly sliding into her mouth, filling her, possessing her; her tongue sensing the soft, veiny skin over the hard cock-meat, gliding deeper and deeper.

“Mmmmmmmhhmmmmm”, a moan starting deep in her throat was silenced as he slowly, involuntarily, languidly, clenched his buttocks, thrusting bahis firmaları into her warm, welcoming mouth and throat. Deeper and deeper down her esophagus his now rock-hard cock went.

His hands groped around and found her thick wavy hair, grabbed the back of her head, and pushed her all the way to the hilt. “Mmmmmm, good morning sweetie,” Lars said sleepily. “My favorite way to wake up!”

Ani, still fully impaled, started moving up and down on Lars’s cock, helped by his thrusting hips, and his hands pushing and pulling her head on and off his long, thick member.

Her hand went to his balls, and started alternately massaging them, and pulling on the skin of his ball sack. This spurred Lars on. His thrusts became faster and more insistent, and he started moaning every time Ani bottomed out, and her soft lips hit his pubic bone.

His mounting desire made hers grow too, and the longing for that completely-filled feeling grow stronger. She wanted her ass filled by his hard cock. Her limbs still had a little of that sleepy lethargy left in them, and she moved slowly, stretchily, letting his hard, saliva-covered member slip out of her mouth, then rolling onto her right side, and pushing her chocolate-brown butt-cheeks up against him.

“I want you to fuck me in my sleepy asshole,” she purred.

She could hear Lars grab the lube bottle behind her, squeeze out a healthy helping, and deftly lube up her sphincter and colon.

He was behind her now, and she could feel the tip of his big, fat cock pushing against her tight anal opening. He moved impossibly slowly, and she savored the millimeter-by-millimeter filling of her silky, warm cave by his thick, long, insistent column of rock-hard man-meat.

The feeling of being filled so deliciously slowly was intense at the same time as being very ‘Sunday Morning Lazy’. As she felt Lars’s abdomen make contact with her round ass-cheeks, the ‘full’ feeling in her asshole reached a peak, and she moved a hand between her legs, to increase the pleasure.

But Lars’s hand was quicker. His fingers found her wet slit, and two of them slipped inside her, only to come out again almost immediately, and assault her clit.

“Mmmmm, yes love, I’m going to rub your pussy, while I slowly ravage your asshole,” he whispered in her ear.

Ani whimpered, as her swollen clit was expertly manipulated by Lars’s strong, confident fingers.

Lars slipped his middle and ring-fingers back into Ani’s soaking pussy, and he clamped down his hand around her vulva, putting delicious pressure on her, from both the inside and out. He expertly rubbed his palm against her now hypersensitive clit, while pushing from the inside with his middle fingers, and every little movement made her groan with pleasure.

“Oh, fuck, Lars,” she moaned. “Start fucking my asshole with that giant cock of yours.”

He did. He pulled out slowly, and pushed back into her expectant asshole, his strong hand rubbing a steady rhythm against her electric button.

He started a steady pace of tip-to-hilt ass-fucking, relentlessly sliding in and out of her needy asshole, filling her up with his thick, hard cock.

“Where is my cock?” he whispered in Ani’s ear.

“In my aaassssss,” she groaned as he pushed into her hot, velvety rectum. “Oooooohhhhhhh! Fuck me harder!” she demanded.

“You want me to pound your tight little asshole, do you?”

“Yes, pleeeease!” Her answers were coming out in breathy spurts, in sync with Lars’s thrusts.

His cock was even harder now than when he started driving it into her tight, warm butthole. His thrusts were more insistent, but still at the same pace, like an 8 1/2″ piston pumping in and out of her sweet anal cylinder.

Lars shifted his weight slightly, and rolled Ani onto her stomach, still holding and squeezing her clit in the palm of his hand, and still driving his fat, hard rod relentlessly into her tight asshole, now from above, making gravity increase the power of his thrusts.

He started increasing the pace, pounding his cock into her upturned asshole with more speed and force than before.

“Is this what you were looking for?” Lars asked, with a devious smile on his lips, slamming his cock into her ass, at the same time lifting her bottom with the hand clamped onto her pussy.

“YES! Oh, fuck YES! YESYESYESYES!” Ani screamed. “FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS! Oh, FUCK! HARDER! Don’t you dare stop!”

He kept the action up, pulling her perfect ass up as he was slamming his cock down, and letting her drop back down on the bed as he pulled out. He relentlessly repeated this forceful invasion and retreat from her hungry asshole, over and over again. The meeting of his abdomen, and her firm round golden-chocolate-colored cheeks made loud ‘slap’ sounds every time they met. The slapping sounds mingled with rhythmic groans from both Ani and Lars, as both of their now sweaty bodies were nearing the point of no return.

The feeling of fullness when his cock kaçak iddaa slammed its way into her colon, constantly increased her pleasure and desire, pushing her forward on the path to a massive orgasm.

Lars’s hand, its vice-like grip on Ani’s hyper-sensitive clit, combined with the pile-driving force of his thick, long, diamond-hard column of meat into her tight, velvety rectal cavity, pushed her over the edge.

She came in a blinding orgasm. “OOOOHHHHHHHH, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Keep fucking me!!! Omigod!”

She was shivering, and both her pussy and ass were convulsing, grabbing and squeezing Lars’s fingers, and more importantly his cock. Her cum gushed onto Lars’s hand, and the sheets in sync with his thrusts.

The rhythmic gripping and releasing of Ani’s sphincter around his member took Lars the final inches to orgasm.

“Oh, fuck, babe!! I’m gonna cum! I’m going to fill your tight asshole with my cum!” He stopped his pounding, and groaned as he spurted his thick, sticky semen into her hungry ass.

Ani could feel his rock-hard cock stop moving, deep in her ass, and then his delicious, thick, pearly cum squirting out of his fat, long member. She could feel every long ejaculation in her sensitive anal cavity. Spurt after long spurt, it seemed like he would never stop delivering his giant load into her waiting asshole.

Feeling him shooting his load into her warm rectum kept her orgasm going. She moaned loudly, “Ohhhhhhh, fuck. I’m cumming again. Keep pumping that thick cum up my asshole! It feels sooooo fucking amazing! Ohhhhhhhh fuck ohfuck ohfuck ohfuck!”

Lars’s spurts slowed down, and eventually stopped. He stayed inside her, and collapsed on top of Ani. “Woah! What a way to wake up, love!” he said, his face buried in her hair.

Ani loved the weight of Lars on top of her. He was warm, sweaty, and he smelled of sleep and sex. He let go of her vulva and clit, sending more waves of pleasure through Ani’s pinned body.

They lay like that for a few minutes, Ani occasionally wiggling her perfect chocolate ass, making Lars’s member twitch and harden.

Lars finally pulled his semi-hard cock out of her buttery bowels, and Ani quickly reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a buttplug out of the drawer, and deftly plugged her cum-filled asshole. If Colette was at home, maybe she’d want a taste of Lars’s thick, pearly semen. Also, walking around with an ass-full of cum, after having been ravaged by Lars’s fat member made a mess, as the precious liquid would trickle down her thighs and onto the floor of wherever she was walking.

As a bonus, Ani enjoyed the full feeling of the steel plug in her ass, as she went about her day. She had picked a plug with a handle that made it easy for her to grab it herself, and tease her sphincter by pulling the plug in and out whenever she wanted.

They got up and, without bothering to get dressed, they changed the cum-soaked bedsheets, and then ambled into the kitchen, where they both stopped in their tracks, jaws slowly falling open. Leaning back in one of the kitchen table chairs was a skinny, very tall, muscular young man, probably 18 or 19, Ani thought. His well-defined bulging muscles were covered by skin the color of dark chocolate. He was completely naked, his eyes closed, and head thrown back in obvious ecstasy. The cause of this bliss was kneeling between his legs: Colette, also fully naked, had her nose pressed into his flat stomach and his cock down her throat. Her pink tongue was flitting back and forth on his considerable balls.

The stranger groaned, as Colette slowly, inch by inch, slid his black cock back out of her mouth. Ani watched, mesmerized, as Colette kept moving backwards, revealing a truly impressive member. Not as thick as Lars’s, but probably an inch or so longer. Colette dove right back in, and quickly slid the long black cock down her gullet. She lingered for just a second, and then came up for air.

Watching that long, dark-skinned column of cock-meat slide in and out of the mouth of the much paler Colette was a contrast that brought both Ani and Lars to the boiling point almost instantly.

Colette noticed the two of them, and beckoned Ani over, her long, slender index finger magnetically drawing her to where she was kneeling, while her other hand expertly pumped up and down on the spit-slicked cock, the stranger still leaning back in his seat with his eyes closed.

Ani knelt down, and took over the hand-job as Colette silently got up and went to the back of the chair whose occupant was still moaning, closed-eyed. She beckoned Lars to get behind her, and he didn’t hesitate. His cock was rock-hard and ready to go. Colette bent over, and wiggled her cute round ass at Lars, who took the hint and slowly slid his long, thick member into her soaking wet, tight twat. At the same time, Ani plunged the long black cock down her throat, and Colette leaned in and started kissing the neck of the oblivious stranger.

It took kaçak bahis several seconds before he noticed that something didn’t add up. By then, Ani was throat-fucking his stiff, black cylinder of cock-meat in long slow strokes, tip to hilt, her soft pillowy lips sliding up and down, her nose mashing into his small tuft of man-scaped pubic hair when she bottomed out. Colette was hanging on to the stranger, her tongue in his mouth, while Lars was working like a steam engine, pounding Colette’s tight, wet pussy in a similar rhythm to Ani’s slow-burn throat-fucking.

His reaction when it dawned on him that Colette couldn’t have two mouths, was immediate: he opened his eyes wide, stretched his legs out in a reflex motion, which pushed the front legs of the chair off the floor, causing it to tip over, and him with it, his cock sliding out of Ani’s mouth with a ‘POP’ sound. He scrambled to his feet, clearly surprised and a little frightened. Ani and Colette came to his aid, and tried to calm him down.

They finally got him back on his feet, and Colette told the story: “This is Marcus. He came to the Yoga Studio for the first time a few weeks ago.”

Marcus was a senior in a nearby high school, and forward on the basketball team. His coach had recommended yoga to him, to increase his flexibility and range of motion. In the few weeks that Marcus had come to the Studio, Colette had noticed his openness to try the unfamiliar yoga positions even though he was a complete novice.

His willingness to try new things, his tall, strong, sexy body, and his relaxed, confident attitude had gotten Colette interested in having some fun with Marcus.

Today he had tried to impress all the gorgeous women in the class, and had overdone it on the mat, pulling his groin a little bit.

Colette, ever the ‘samaritan’, had offered to help him, and had taken him home to the flat, where she had ‘had to’ take his pants off, to get at the injury. She had sat him in a chair in the kitchen, so his leg would be relaxed as she worked on it.

Marcus had been apprehensive at first, not to mention embarrassed (he had been unsuccessfully trying to hide his growing hard-on as this tiny gorgeous blonde was massaging his inner thigh), but after Colette’s nimble fingers got inside his briefs, and started to wrap themselves around his by now turgid cock, he threw caution to the wind, and went with it.

He stood up, pulling Colette up with him, towering a foot and a half over her tiny frame. Colette pulled at his shirt to get it off, but Marcus had to help with the last few inches; she couldn’t reach that far. She looked up at his dark, chiseled torso, and she felt an almost palpable flurry in her groin. Her pussy was completely soaked and her mouth was watering, just being close to this gorgeous, funny boy with that giant, delectable, hard cock.

They had started kissing; Colette on her tip-toes, and Marcus hunched over to reach her soft pink lips. Meanwhile, Colette was working his big chocolate-colored erection in her hands. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, Marcus exploring Colette’s lithe, slender body, he peeled her yoga top up and over her head, freeing her lovely, firm pink-nippled 32B breasts for his large, strong hands to fondle and squeeze.

By now, Colette’s nipples could cut glass, and every time his hands brushed over them or pinched them, it was like an electric shock to her entire system.

His hands had moved inside her panty-less yoga pants, kneading her firm, round buttocks, and his long strong fingers slipping in between her legs, touching her dripping slit. His fingers brushed by her tight, quivering anal opening, sending shivers up her spine. Marcus eventually started pulling her pants down her supple, shapely legs, and quickly Colette was completely naked.

He stood back up, after helping with the yoga pants. He was a giant in front of her, and every gentle touch and stroke from his huge hands made her want him to take her, lift her up, fill her every hole, however he wanted her: slow, fast; gentle, rough; mouth, pussy, ass… She didn’t care… She wanted to be possessed by this big, strong, sexy man.

What was left of her rational brain knew that he wasn’t going to ravage her on his own accord. She’d have to guide him, and she was hoping that Ani and Lars could help her get him to understand what she wanted.

Colette let go of Marcus’s cock, and pulled him to her, squeezing his manhood between their bodies. Feeling his long, stiff, warm cylinder of meat pressing against her, made her moan: “Ohhhhh, Marcus, I want you sooooo bad! I can’t wait to feel you inside me.”

Her arms were around his neck, and her legs were wrapped around his waist. His arms were around Colette’s slender waist, not really holding any of her weight: She was hanging on to his shoulders and waist like she was velcroed to him.

Colette was positioned so her dripping wet pussy was rubbing against the tip of Marcus’s cock, clit to frenulum. She was flexing her hips, rubbing her wet slit up and down the underside of his cock, making his pre-cum flow and mingle with her sticky juices.

She was cooing in his ear: “I want you in my mouth. Come, sit back down.”

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