Anything For You, My Dear Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Months later, I’m talking to one of our male swinger friends at the meet and greet and we start to talk about double penetration. I know Sue has been thinking about that a lot. She’s talked to me about it a couple of times. I tell him and he smiles. “My Kate is also wanting to try a DP.”

I say, “Your Kate does anal?”

“Oh, yeah. She’s done that for several years now. She really wants to have one in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time,” Mark says.

“Well, maybe we should talk to them about giving each of them what they want,” I say, “we’ll have to toss a coin to see who goes first.”

He laughs and says, “Sounds like a plan. Let’s go talk to them.”

He runs and grabs her, she’s just finished getting fucked by a rather large black guy. She looks tired. Hah! I go get Sue who has been practicing her lesbian skills. We head for the buffet and then sit down together.

“Ladies. Mark and I have been talking and we’ve discovered that both of you have expressed a desire for a double penetration. Mark and I would like to volunteer to give you both what you want. We’ll have to flip a coin to see who goes first.” Sue and Kate look at each other and then smile.

Sue says, “Sounds like a plan, honey.”

Kate kisses her husband and says, “I agree. So how are we four going to accomplish this feat?”

I look at Mark and he seems content for me to explain. “Well, we flip a coin and then next weekend, the winner will get two penises. If it’s you Kate, I’ll fuck your pussy and Mark will use your ass. If it’s Sue, we’ll reverse that. Then the following weekend, the other one will get her DP. The lady not being DP’d can assist by playing with the others nipples. Then after we are done with the DP, Mark and I will take care of the other lady with our mouths.”

Sue claps her hands and hugs Kate. I don’t know about Kate’s lesbian leanings but Sue has turned into quite the pussy eater.

Kate says, “Okay, flip a coin. Let’s get going on this.”

I take a quarter out and say, “Choose ladies.”

Kate says, “Tails.”

Sue says, “Good, I’ll take heads.”

“Okay, I’ll flip it in the air and let it fall to the floor. Which ever side is showing after it stops rolling is the winner.” I flip the coin in the air and it hits the floor, bounces a couple of times and rolls about three feet and ends up with the tails up.”

Kate claps her hands and Sue groans.

“Okay, let’s plan on next weekend for Kate them. Now, our place or yours?”

Mark says, “How about our place for Kate and yours for Sue?”

“Great. 8pm Saturday okay?”

Everyone agrees. We all decide to swap spouses tonight. All four of us head for one of the rooms. I’ve got my arm around Kate and Mark is holding Sue’s hand. We find a “private” room that is not too crowded and settle in on the mattresses.

Within minutes we are all naked and I’ve got my face buried between Kate’s legs. Sue is sucking on Mark’s cock. Mark seems a little bigger than me, maybe 7 1/4 or 7 1/2″.

I’m doing my favorite thing in the world…eating pussy. Kate is really enjoying what I’m doing to her. Her first orgasm hits her after only two minutes. As I continue to eat her, I slip my thumb into her ass. She squeals, looks into my eyes and mouths “Thank you.” Two minutes later, she screams and rises off the mattress when her second orgasm starts. I’m really enjoying her pussy. She tastes great, just as good as my lovely wife.

I bring her to another screaming orgasm and when she finishes that one she pushes me away. I move up next to her and when she starts to calm down a little, she grabs me, pulls me near and gives me a long French kiss. “Damn, Danny, you are really an expert at that, aren’t you?”

I kiss her again and say, “Thanks for noticing, sweet Kate.” She smiles at me, scoots down and buries my hard cock in her mouth all the way. Wow, her lips are touching my abdomen. She’s good. She fucks me a few minutes with with her mouth and then I stop her. She slips a condom on me and then sits on it. She starts to work me good and hard. I love to watch a woman bounce on my cock. She has big tits and they are just bouncing up and down. I love it.

We fuck for over five minutes and she has two more orgasms. When she hits her third orgasm, I loose it and shoot four streams into the condom. She collapses on me and I start to rub her back. I really like this woman. She’s hot as hell and a really good fuck.

After a few minutes, she sits up a little, looks me in the eyes, gives me a long French kiss and says, “You’re a damn good lover, Danny. We’ll have to share more often.”

I give her another kiss and say, “I agree. I love your pussy. Just as good tasting as my lovely wife’s. I could eat it all night long.” She laughs and hugs me.

We both look over at our spouses and then are laying beside each other looking at us. We all smile at each other. Kate finally gets off of me and leans down to clean my cock. She’s the first to ever do that for me. Sue doesn’t like to do that. I casino şirketleri give her another long French kiss and we move over to join our spouses. I give Sue a long French kiss and Kate kisses Mark.

I grab Sue and hug her to me. She wraps her arms around me and says, “You two sure do get along good, honey.”

I smile and say, “Well, it’s nothing to worry about lover. You are my girl always.”

She smiles at me then whispers in my ear, “I know. I was just a bit jealous of how you made her cum so hard.”

“I think it was the thumb in her ass, honey. It was an experiment. I’ll do that for you tomorrow night.” She kisses me.

On Saturday at 8 pm we are knocking on the Mathews’ door. Mark greets us and let’s us in. He walks us back to their bedroom and Kate is already on the bed, naked with her ass in the air. Looks like she well lubed already. Sue and I look at each other and both of us lick our lips. Mark starts to strip and so do we.

Mark grabs Sue and pulls her over to the bed. They start to make out. I walk over to Kate, smack her ass and tell her to get on her back. She smiles, quickly moves to her back and spreads her legs. She got a big smile on her face and then she licks her lips. I’ve soon got my face buried in Kate’s pussy and she’s moaning. Sue is moaning too as Mark is licking hers. I slip the thumb into Kate’s ass again and she squeals as I start fucking her ass with it.

Sue squeals too and I look over. Mark has his thumb in her ass. Kate must have told him what I did to get her screaming. I continue to work on Kate and soon she screams and arches her back. Her hands are pulling my face harder into her pussy. Sue follows with a scream of her own shortly thereafter. We bring the ladies off again and them Kate says, “Alright boys, I want cocks in both my holes and NOW!” We all laugh.

Sue moves over and I lay down. Sue puts a condom on me and Kate is soon slipping my cock into her. After Kate and I are connected and moving, Mark comes up behind Kate. He must put his cock at her rosebug because she stops moving and puts her head down on my left shoulder. He’s moving closer and soon Kate is saying, “Oh, God. Holy shit I feel full!” She looks at Sue and says, “Wow! It really makes you feel full.” Sue smiles.

Soon Kate starts to move a little but it appears Mark is the one moving the most. He’s drilling her good and she is just moving a little on me. She moaning and groaning really quickly. She moving on my cock so that my pubic bone is rubbing against her clit. Mark leans down and bites her neck lightly. She squeals and says, “Oh, God!” then kisses me. She lasts only two minutes before she screams and clamps down on me. I’m not ready to cum yet so I reach up and pinch her nipples just a little. She screams again and leans down to bite my shoulder.

We continue to use her two holes and four minutes from the start of our DP, Mark growls and says, “Oh, Shit…Fuck!” Kate hits her second orgasm as Mark is shooting cum in the condom he’s wearing. I don’t cum yet though. I’m not getting a lot of friction because Kate is not moving much on me. Mark soon pulls out and Kate starts to really work me. Mark removes his condom and lays down next to Sue. I see Sue bend down and take his wet cock in her mouth. What?

Kate kisses me long and hard and then stops moving. I look in her eyes. She leans up a little and grabs my cock. Soon it’s in her ass and I’m really surprised. She starts to move on me again and my cock is driving into her ass now. Damn that feels good. She’s very tight there and it feels amazing. I look over and Sue and Mark are kissing. He soon moves down and starts to eat her.

Kate is just slamming my hard cock into her asshole. I don’t know how she’s taking that but she seems to be enjoying it. She is still rubbing my pubic bone on her clit and in a couple more minutes, she screams again and arches her back. Her head is thrown back. I pinch her nipples again but hard this time and she screams again. This time she’s really clamped down on me. I’m going to loose it. Soon I’m shooting stream after stream of cum into the condom. She screams again.

She soon stops moving and collapses on my chest. A minute goes by and she leans away from me and then plants a French kiss on my lips. Her tongue is relentlessly moving in my mouth. She leans down and whispers in my ear, “Thanks, Danny. That was wonderful. You’re really a good fuck.” She lays her head on my shoulder and then kisses my neck. I look over and Sue is moaning as Mark is really going at her pussy.

I’m surprised Kate hasn’t moved off my cock but I’m okay with it. I’m growing flaccid though. After a few minutes of just laying on me she does sit up and pull my cock out of her ass. She lays down next to me and cuddles. She reaches over and pulls the condom off my cock, then leans down and licks me clean like Sue did for Mark. After she finishes, she leans up and French kisses me again. I’m watching Sue and Mark.

Before Sue has cum under Mark’s tongue, I get up, tell Mark to lay down casino firmaları and then move Sue so she is straddling his face. She starts to really move fast on his face and I lean down to start rimming her anus with my tongue. Sue screams immediately and begins to cum. She cums for several minutes and then says, “Stop, stop, both of you. I can’t take any more.” I back a way and smile. Kate looks at me and shakes her head then smiles at me.

I jumps up and go to the bathroom. I use the mouthwash and then come back into the bedroom. I lay down next to Kate and say, “I used the mouthwash.” She laughs and French kisses me again.

She looks at me and says, “How did her ass taste, Danny?”

I say, “Not bad at all.”

Sue says, “What an orgasm that was. When you started to do that, I thought the top of my head was coming off. Amazing!” I lean over and French kiss her.

“I’m glad you enjoyed that, honey.”

Kate looks at Mark and says, “Would you ever do that for me, babe?”

“I didn’t see, what did he do?”

Kate says, “He licked her asshole.”

Mark looks at me and shakes his head. “I don’t think so honey. Doesn’t sound to good to me.”

Kate says, “He said it didn’t taste bad at all.” She looks at me and smiles.

Mark says, “I don’t care. That’s where the shit comes out. I’m not licking it.” Kate looks kind of sad.

She says, “You said many times you’d do anything for me.”

Mark says, “But not that.”


Sue has me in a lip lock and has her arms around my neck. She’s not letting me go.

When she does, I say, “I’d do anything for my girl. Anything!”

She smiles. She looks over at Kate and says, “So was the DP everything you thought it would be, Kate?”

Kate says, “Oh, yeah. I’d love to do that many more times. It was really great.”

Sue looks at me and says, “Can’t wait for next week.”

We soon all get up and shower together. It’s a little crowded but very enjoyable. We all get to wash both members of the opposite sex. I notice that Sue is really enjoying washing Kate. I bet she’d love to get with Kate for a little private lesbian session.

After we are all dry, we move to their living room still naked. We drink a few drinks of some bubbly wine that they have. It’s really good. Soon I’m sitting there with a boner again. Sue and Kate both smile. Sue says, “I think we’d better go. I think Danny needs to put that hard cock somewhere warm.” Kate laughs. We get up and go to get our clothes. When we come out we both kiss our opposite half. Kate makes it a really long French kiss and she’s rubbing my crotch the entire time. Sue finally pulls me away from her and tells them both good night. I tell them good night too as she’s pulling me out the door.

In the car, Sue looks at me and French kisses me. “I’m jealous of the way she wants you, honey. You’re mine. I am attracted to her though. But she seems a little too hot for your body.”

I kiss her and say, “Baby, I’m yours and yours only. I’m not going anywhere.”

“I know, babe, but I can’t help how I feel.”

“Do you want to quit the swinger scene after next week?”

“No, I don’t think so. I think we should not swing with them again after my DP, okay?”

I’m surprised at her jealousy but say, “If that’s what you want, honey. Of course. But why don’t you and her go after one another next week after your DP?”

“Oh, I’d like that but I’m not sure she really wants me. I know she wants you though.”

I laugh. “Will you stop. I’m your husband. I’m the one who was worried about you being with other men.” She kisses me and says she sorry.

When we get home we strip and crawl into bed. I’m still partially hard so she goes down on me. I swing her around and we go after each others genitals. She’s very close by the time she decides she wants to fuck me. She climbs on and begins to really pound my cock into her. “My cock!” She says.

I’m surprised. As I look up at her she says, “MINE, DAMMIT!”

She fucks me good through two orgasms for her. I’m not even close. She gets off of me and then grabs the lube. She shoves a glob of lube into her ass and then gets on all fours. “Fuck my pussy baby, then my ass.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I say and she laughs.

I get behind her and slip into that still tight pussy. It’s definitely my favorite. I begin to slam into her hard and she says, “Oh, yeah, fuck me baby.” I slip my thumb in her ass and she squeals. “Yes, yes, yes!”

We fuck doggy style through three more orgasms for her. After her fifth orgasm, I pull out and begin to push into her ass. “Oh, fuck, baby. I love you in there.”

I begin to fuck her ass slowly at first and then start to speed up. After a minute or so, I reach around and start to rub her clit. She squeals again and puts her forehead down on the bed. She’s got the top sheet balled up in her fists. Ninety seconds later she lets out a scream that the neighbors probably hear and it lasts for well over a minute. Then she says, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, güvenilir casino fuck me!”

I continue to pound her and she starts to cum every minute and a half with that same scream. I’m hoping someone doesn’t call the cops. Finally as she hits her tenth orgasm total, She throws her head back and gives that same scream. Her scream is interrupted in the middle as she suddenly goes limp all over. Even her hands aren’t clinched in a fist anymore. I stop and ask is she’s okay. She’s not responding. I pull out and lay down next to her. She’s breathing okay but must be passed out. I help lay her body flat on the bed and soon she looks over at me and says, “Why did you pull out?”

I laugh and say, “You had me worried. You passed out and I got worried.”

She says, “Come on, Danny. Fuck my ass until you cum in it. I want to feel your warm cum in my ass.”

I shake my head and get up. She raises her ass up and instead of pushing into that ass, I lick it again. She squeals. “God, that feels wonderful, sweetheart. But I want ‘my cock’ back in my ass.”

I lean up and slip into her again and she sighs. “Now fuck me until you cum, stud.”

I start to really fuck that ass hard. She has another orgasm before I reach mine but I finally reach mine and as I’m pumping into her ass, she’s screaming again. Finally I’m finished and she collapses again with me on top of her. “Don’t pull out until you are soft. Okay, baby.”

A minute later, I pull out and roll of the bed to go wash up. I bring back a warm washcloth and clean her up. My cum is starting to run out of her ass. I clean what I can up. She gets up, pushes me down and says, “You are so damn good to me. I can’t believe you licked my asshole twice tonight.”

I look in her eyes and say, “I’d do anything for you, Sue.”

She says, “Anything?”

I say, “Anything. I’d even eat your shit if you asked me to. “

She says, “Ewwww, I’d never ask you to do that, baby. I love you too much.”

“That’s what I’m telling you, my wife. I love you so much I would do anything you asked.”

She starts to cry and I pull her to me. We fall asleep like that.

The next day, she says, “Honey, we don’t have to stop swinging with the Mathews. I’m over being jealous of Kate. What you said to me last night made me rethink what I said about being jealous of her and you together. I’m okay now.”

I give her a long wet kiss and she says, “I know you are mine forever.”

“That’s the God’s honest truth, my love. There will never be anyone in my heart but you.”

“I feel the same way about you, Danny.”

The following Saturday night Sue is nervous. I ask her why. She says she’s always nervous when she’s doing something new. I laugh. “Just enjoy the feeling, honey.”

“Oh, I will. I can’t wait for that feeling. I’m going to see if Kate wants to fool around with me too.”

“Good. I hope she does.”

She smiles at me, leans in and puts her head on my shoulder. “You going to lick my ass tonight, honey?”

“Maybe, we’ll see. I’m not wearing a condom in your ass tonight so I don’t know. I don’t really want to lick it with Mark’s cock in your pussy. That’s just too close.”

She laughs. “Are you sure you don’t want to try bisexual sex?”

“I’m sure, dear. I’ll stick to pussy, thank you.”

She laughs again. “Well, you are the expert at pleasing this pussy, darling.”

The Mathews arrive on time and we kiss them. Sue grabs Kate and pulls her into the bedroom. “You and I are going to warm each other up.”

Kate says, “But…but…I want your husband.”

“Well, you can’t have him yet.”

I say, “What’s wrong, Kate. Don’t you like to eat pussy? Sue just loves it.”

Kate says, “Well, it’s not my favorite thing to do.” The ladies strip and get into a ’69’. Mark and I strip and watch them while stroking ourselves. Sue gets Kate off first but eventually Kate brings Sue to orgasm. Kate is on top. I walk over and take over for her licking my wife to another orgasm. Kate kisses me and thanks me for taking over.

They decouple. Mark is there and Sue grabs his cock and swallows it. Kate grabs mine and swallows it too, nearly literally. Her nose is against my abdomen. Wow, I love that. I really wish Sue didn’t have such a pronounced gag reflex. I’m soon very hard so I pull out. I move over to Sue and raise her leg and begin to lick her asshole. She squeals. I know she took an enema tonight so she’s pretty clean there.

Soon Mark is laying on the bed and Sue crawls on top of him and inserts him into her pussy. I grab the lube and lube her up. Sue starts to move on Mark’s cock and I lube myself and touch her anus with my cock. She stops and looks back at me. She smiles at me and as I slip into her, she moans loudly. As I get all 7 inches in her ass, she says, “God, I’m full!”

I smile and begin to move in her. She squeals, “Yesssssssss!”

She begins to move on Mark and I’m moving in her. “Holy fuck, this is so good!!”

Kate is smiling at her and starts to lick her nipples. Kate also is slid down far enough that she reaches around and starts to play with my balls. I look her in the eyes and shake my head ‘no’. This is going to cause me to cum before I want to. Kate stops playing with my balls and I sigh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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