Apart For Too Long

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“Now boarding, flight 1737”

That was his call, time to go. Where he was going was a long way away from home, his girlfriend lived all the way across the country, on the west coast. The two of them still being young, 18 and 19, she had moved there with her parents, and was attending college. He had miraculously been given permission to spend a week there, to visit. He gave his ticket to the handler and got on his flight. Having a long distance relationship sucked sometimes, but seeing her again would make it all worth it.



Oh god, she found me first he thought, as she slammed into him, pressing her face into his chest. As he held her, she looked up, and they shared a kiss. For one fleeting moment, the world around them ceased to be, even in the airport of Las Vegas, full of bustling people and raucous noise didn’t bother them, they were together. Finally. She was just as he remembered her, beautiful blue green eyes and soft lips, on a face that would melt a man’s heart, a busty chest, and a gently curved body with legs that drove him insane with lust. She was a beauty like no other. “I love you, Cecelia.” he whispered.

“I love you too, baby. Lets get your bags and go home.” she said.


It was a long ride home and they immediately went to bed upon arrival, in separate rooms. There was no way her dad would let them sleep in the same room. They woke up early the next morning, and he made breakfast for her. “Pancakes and bacon, breakfast of champions.” he joked.

“Shut up, its my favorite and you know it.” she replied. She still couldn’t believe he was here. Her tall, handsome, teddy bear. She was going to hate it when he went back home, but for now she ate her breakfast and enjoyed the moment. They sat there for a while after they finished, enjoying the silence. She took his hand suddenly, and led him to the couch.

“Let’s watch some TV!” she casino şirketleri said. He smiled, and they cuddled up on the couch, and settled on some generic action movie he wanted to watch. Neither of them were really watching it anyways, and soon they fell asleep in each others arms, only to be awoken by her parents.

“My you two look comfortable.” her dad said, rolling her eyes.

“Oh hush, daddy.” Cecelia said.

Her father gave a look of discomfort, seeing her little girl all grown up. “Your mother and I are leaving for work, we’ll be back tonight.”

They left, and as soon as he heard the cars pulling away, a thought flew across his mind. They were finally alone. Apparently she was thinking the same thing.

“Robbyyyyyyyy” She said, running a finger down his chest. He smiled devilishly, and she was on him, kissing him passionately, their tongues intertwined, massaging each other. Her head crept up his shirt, rubbing his chest. “You’re so fuzzy!” She exclaimed as he kissed her neck. They began breathing heavily, and grinding each other. He could feel the heat coming from her pants and surely she felt how hard he was. She unbuttoned his shirt, running her fingers through his body hair. She moaned and slowly made her way down to his crotch, unbuttoning his pants and looking into his eyes as she slowly unzipped him. She grabbed his dick from his pants and slid it into her mouth.

“Oh… baby… that feels so fucking good. I’ve waited so long for this.” he moaned. She said nothing, just continued to bob her head up and down, lovingly sucking his shaft. She looked so cute, sucking him into a blissful oblivion. She stopped for a second, and he looked down to see why. She took off her shirt revealing that she had worn no bra when she got dressed this morning. Her breasts were absolutely lovely, round, and full. They looked like they would be the softest thing he ever touched, but he didn’t get a casino firmaları chance to find out, as she went back to sucking him off. He was inexperienced, so it didn’t take very long for her to finish him off. “Oh, god, sweetie, I’m gonna fucking cum!” She sucked even harder taking him into his mouth, swallowing all she could but some dribbled out of the side of her mouth. She quickly scooped it back in and consumed it.

“Mmmmm… tasty.” She winked at him, as he laid on the couch, shuddering. “Your turn.” he said and pushed her back, tearing at her jeans. They were unbuttoned and unzipped in a manner of seconds, her panties coming halfway down her gorgeous legs and he tore those off too. “Slow down baby, take your time.” she whispered.

He calmed himself and slowly kissed his way up her leg, giving tiny French kisses to the inside of her thighs, occasionally nibbling them. “Robby, I’m ticklish!” she screamed. He smiled playfully and moved up. He paused to get a better look at her. Her pussy was very beautiful, shaven and very, very red. The scent was intoxicating. He dived into it, lapping at her inner and outer lips. His tongue played circles around her clit, stopping to suckle it every once in a while.

“ROBBYROBBYROBBY!” she screamed as she wrapped her legs around his head. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna..” He stuck his fingers in her and moved them back and forth, savoring her flavor. “OHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCK!” she exploded with ecstasy her every muscle tightening and relaxing, cumming on her boyfriends face.

“Fuck baby, you taste so good.” he said.

“Robby, please fuck me!” He got on top of her and she wrapped her legs around his back .

“Are you ready, baby?” he asked.

“Put it in me.” she ordered. He positioned himself up to her slit and slid halfway in. “Mmmm… more!” she moaned.

“Baby, you can have it all.” he said, and slipped the rest of his cock in and started to slowly fuck güvenilir casino her. Their lustful sounds filled the living room.

“Faster, Faster.” she begged.

He began pumping in and out of her, speeding up the pace until he felt the clamp down on his dick. “Cecelia, cum for me baby, I fucking love you!”

“I love you too, baby! UHHHH!” she cried.

They kissed violently as she came, his only thoughts were giving her as much pleasure as he could. It was such an aphrodisiac knowing that he caused to orgasm, knowing that it was his dick that made her spasm and scream under him. They laid still for a second or two, regaining their breath. “More.” he breathed.

He sat up on the couch and pulled her onto him, she lowered herself on his dick taking all of it in her. She loved how his cock felt inside of her. It was a perfect fit, it filled her up just right. They embraced each other, and she put her head on his shoulder.

“Oh, Robby, I love fucking you, you feel so good in meee!”

“Oh, baby, fuck me, you’re so wet!” he yelled. He felt his own orgasm approaching, his dick and balls swelling. Then, he told her to do something he knew they would both enjoy.

“Cecelia, bite me baby, please, please!” She bit him, right where his neck met his shoulder. “Oh baby, bite harder, harder, HARDERUHHHH!” he grabbed both of her as cheeks and exploded inside of her, his white hot pleasure overloading his nerves, all he felt was ecstasy, all he knew was elation.

Cecelia relished her boyfriend’s orgasm, loving how his dick swelled and loving even more how his cum felt splattered all over her insides. It sent her over the edge and she had her third orgasm, squeezing her lover tightly.

They said nothing for a while, they just sat there and kissed each other gently. The soft, tender kisses were all they needed now, the both of them spent, regaining their breath.

“I’m glad you came, Robby.”

“Was that a pun?” he asked, smiling.

“Shut up!” she said, hitting him. ” My parents won’t be home for a few hours, we can nap.”

They laid back down, cuddled up into a ball and slept. Everything was absolutely perfect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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