Arrested by Love Ch. 02

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Matt sends a friend home.

After the first weekend with Matt we took things kind of slow being that we were in a small town and such places tend to notice when two people spend a lot of time together…especially if that time tends to be at night with the lights off.

Matt, on occasion, pulled his truck into the woods behind the house and then would sneak back into the house through the back door. On one occasion I had seen him coming down the driveway so I got naked poured him a wine and met him at the back door. We ended up on one of the kitchen chairs with Matt sitting normally with me straddling him with my legs crossed behind the chair with his cock buried to the hilt in my deepest recesses and our eyes locked in passion until he unloaded his balls deep inside me.

Another time was during a nasty wind storm and he pulled up to the back door instead of the woods. I again met him, this time on the back porch, again naked but on my knees as he walked through the screen door. A smile broke across his face and he let me unzip his fly and suck his cock to completion. Later than night the passion between us was so violent that the bed on which we were fucking broke in half. He unloaded his cum into me among the wreckage of our bed.

We bought an antique four poster bed with heavy curtains, like the ones used when houses were heated by nothing more than a fireplace or stove, to replace the bed we broke in half. We liked it because it was an added bit of privacy and seclusion and could take the abuse he and I put it to.

The fact that it was a California King didn’t hurt and the posts were great for Matt tying me up on occasion. He especially enjoyed hanging me from ropes overhead and rocking me back and forth as we fucked. The only issue I had was that he didn’t tie me up often enough to suit me mostly because of his frequent assignments to the city when riots broke out. Riots had been an increasingly frequent problem that had been calling Matt away for weeks at a time because the city was a few hours away.

One time it got so bad that the National Guard had been called in and the police removed as the riots had been about recent shootings involving police. It would seem that the persons who had been shot robbed a gas station/bakery and beat the girl behind the counter so badly she nearly died. When the police tried to arrest them they pulled guns and shot two police officers who then returned fire and killed both perps.

A local reporter for the television station reported, incorrectly, that the police had opened fire on the two men who only fired back in self-defense. The riot that ensued was the worst on record and nearly a quarter of the city erupted in violence. The police were in riot gear shooting tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds. The reporter was eventually arrested for inciting a riot and fired from his position at the television station. It turned out that he was angling for a permanent spot at the anchor desk by making a dramatic report of police brutality, conveniently ignoring the facts and inserting his own for dramatic effect. He was later killed in the very riot he started…by rioters.

It wasn’t long before the situation devolved into chaos and live fire fights in the streets. Matt was called in and was gone for several weeks. The city was a war zone. One day I was out mowing my lawn when Matt called and informed me that he had invited a friend to stay for a bit because his apartment building was in the center of the riots and wasn’t safe for any police officers. His name was Seth and was on his way to spend his time off with us.

After a bit of a pause, Matt said “It’s bad here not sure how long I’ll be. Anyway, Seth knows about ‘us’, and…well, he is one of the people I knew here and did things with on occasion, if you know what I mean. We’re both dedicated tops and we used to spit-roast a guy on occasion.” There was a long pause. Before he continued “Anyway, I figured that if you two hit it off…maybe we could…well…you know…have some fun with him. That is if you are up for it” he said.

I smiled over the phone because we had discussed this very thing on occasion but being in a small town, the opportunities for such things were slim to non-existent. “When will you be coming back?” I asked.

He answered “Not sure, yet. The National Guard need a few cops here…but they are concerned that our presence will inflame the rioters, thanks to that news reporter. It may be a few days…maybe tomorrow…can’t say for sure.” It was clear that he was frustrated with the situation. He then said “Hey, you know I love you right?”

“Yes…I know you do” I said.

He laughed softly then said “Seth is my very best friend and like I said we share everything.’ He paused. ‘It is my hope to get out of here soon but the situation keeps changing. If I can’t get out of here and if you two hit it off…I’m giving you permission to have fun without me. Call me if that happens…just before if you can…so I can at least ‘be there’ in mind.” bahis firmaları

“What?” I asked.

Laughing nervously Matt replied “If you and he hit it off…and things get interesting…I’m giving you my blessing to enjoy yourself…if you want to” he said.

“Is that what he is expecting?” I asked.

Matt was quick to reply “No, no…nothing ling like that. I have known him for a while and he has a way about him…and…well…if he likes you he will let you know. In fact when we were talking about a threesome …Seth is the one I would bring home…to fuck you. I mean I would love to watch him bury his cock into you, I really would” he said.

All I could do was sigh and say “We’ll see…we’ll see. Let me know when you are coming home…and I’ll have Seth call you when he gets here. If this is something you are serious about…you will have to talk to him about that. If this happens…I don’t want you getting upset with me…IF anything does happen.”

Matt laughed again “Understand. Yes, have him call me and ‘if’ anything does happen I promise I won’t be angry or upset with you. I love you…You have taken care of me so well…I just want to show you how happy I am.”

We said our goodbyes and I gave it some thought. Should I go ahead and cleans just in case things do get ‘interesting’? I went inside and showered off, cleansed because fully expected Matt to be home soon anyway. So I did what I needed to and then finished the lawn.

I was putting the lawn mower away when a strange truck pulled up into the back yard. Clearly he had been instructed by Matt where to park. Seth was as tall as Matt and very nearly identical in terms of physique. What was different…was the fact that he had his cock tucked down his right leg and it was clearly defined by the semi loose denim…but it was a good 9″ of cock sticking down that pant leg. Not being a complete slut I did not stare…only it was hard to miss. He had ear buds in his ear and his phone in his hand talking to someone. It was not long before I figured out that it was Matt he was talking to.

“Yes…I just pulled up. Yes, I see him…he’s walking toward me from the barn. Are you sure about that? I mean I can wait for you to get here…that is no problem.’ Pause, ‘Okay…if you insist. I’ll keep you posted and see what happens okay?”

He smiled and hung up the phone and then looked at me. “Hello, you must be Rich.’ I nodded and took his hand. “Just got off the phone with Mathew and had an interesting conversation with him. It would seem that he has given me, in a way, permission to…to…well, enjoy your company while he is stuck in the city.”

I blushed and nodded “Yeah, he had the same talk with me not long ago” I said.

Seth laughed and said “Well, before we go ripping our clothes off and screw each other’s brains out let’s get me settled and have some coffee, get to know each other.”

We had coffee and talked a while. He told me about the goings on in the city and the idiotic nonsense that started it all. The news reporter who started it all was being buried that day and the National Guard was there to see to it that ‘his’ supporters didn’t riot. He’d been killed by a gang-member who was waving a gun around, drunk and angry for no other reason than to be angry. Of course the police were blamed for his death even though they were nowhere near where he’d been killed. Still the media was trying to find something to pin on the police…even the mood, tension…anger was all supposed to be the police fault…for doing their job.

It was clear that Seth was frustrated. His apartment building was in the center of it all and he knew he wouldn’t be able to stay there, if he expected to live in peace he’d had his tires slashed twice in less than a week so was on the hunt for a new place to call home and was hoping to hole up at Matt’s house or my place since Matt had not officially moved in, due to the need to keep up appearances in our small town of ‘1955 Ozzy and Harriet-ville’ where torches and pitch forks were a genuine concern if anyone got wise to what went on in my bedroom.

The conversation turned to relationships and how Matt and I had met from the false arrest to the inadvertent discovery of my ‘date site’ profile and the subsequent meeting and what it led to, short of the details. It would turn out Matt had already told him the whole thing…including all the sorted details.

We talked about his sex life, which was near to non-existent as he didn’t really have the time necessary to spend looking for a person to get to know much less have a meaningful relationship with. The best he could get was the occasional blow job when he went to the local gay haunt. He said that his sex life had been primarily dependent on Matt’s prowess with the hook up and his willingness to share.

We were warming to each other which was made clear, to me, when I caught him checking my ass out when I went to get coffee. I made sure to give him a good long look taking my time.

Trying not to be so kaçak iddaa obvious Seth asked me to show him around the property, so we took our coffee cups and headed outside.

We walked around the perimeter through the trails and the barn where the previous owner had once kept horses. The afternoon sun was falling behind the trees just as a lightning bolt hit a nearby tree followed immediately by a thunder clap that shook the ground. An afternoon storm had blown up and was threatening to cut loose. We headed up into the loft and opened a hay loft door to allow the breeze to cool it down.

Watching the storm blow through we both took a seat on one of the bales of hay stacked in the barn. I had created a kind of ‘sofa’ made of bales so that I could sit and relax and just enjoy the peaceful solitude of a hay loft. It was a place I often spent my alone time to meditate or to just re-connect with who I am. A nice hay loft is the perfect place to do just that, if you don’t have hay fever.

It afforded us a nice view of the countryside as the storm whipped trees and grass in its fury. As the wind picked up the rain began to fall. We sat quietly for a long while enjoying the atmosphere not saying a word because none were necessary. It was a nice comfortable silence, not at all awkward but a nice pleasant no rush to do anything kind of peaceful solitude. The idea of letting Seth have his way was beginning to feel more and more likely.

Matt called just as the rain got heavy. “Hey, how are things going?” he asked.

“Well, so far so good. I was showing Seth around the property and we are waiting out a rainstorm in the hay loft.” I told him.

“And…?” he asked with lecherous expectancy.

I laughed “Nothing happened…we had coffee and I showed him around.’ I then looked at Seth who was grinning at me talking to Matt ‘If anything does happen, he’s going to want more than a blowjob you know. He’d not been with anyone in a while since you haven’t been there to hook him up.”

Matt Laughed “Yeah, I figured. Well, maybe I have hooked him up. It’s up to you but I’m okay with you ‘hooking’ up with my buddy. Tell you what…I’m in my hotel room, naked on my bed thinking about you, sucking my cock. Why don’t you suck Seth’s cock? I’m sure that he wouldn’t mind. If you want to just hand Seth the phone and I’ll tell him what’s up.”

My heart jumped into my throat as he confirmed for me that he wanted me to do this. I handed the phone to Seth and fell to my knees in front of him.

As I did Matt told him what was going on. His eyes brightened as he started to unzip his fly, stood up, kicked his shoes off and let his jeans fall to the floor kicking them to the edge of a pile of bales. He then had Matt call us via Facetime and set the phone so that he could see what was happening.

At least I would know if Matt was truly serious about allowing me to have some fun with Seth. If there was going to be a problem…we would know immediately.

Seth took his seat on the bale in front of me as his cock grew to its operative length which was easily 12″ inches long. He had shaved his entire region clean which only made his cock seem that much longer. Matt’s voice came over the speaker “It’s ok to suck his cock babe. I want to see your lips on him and take his cock down your throat.”

My first response was to look into the screen to make sure that he was ‘okay’ with this. It was clear he was because he was laying with the phone looking up at him…so that I could see his cock erect and at attention as I was kneeling in front of his friend.

First I grasped the base of the cock before me and got familiar with it by stroking it and licking from the base of his shaft to the tip of his cock and then back down again. His moan was just audible enough to be sexy and I repeated this move several times before I took his velvet smooth balls, one by one, into my mouth. Seth scooted up on the bale and directed his cock so that it was a better angle…and I then proceeded to take his head into my mouth and down my throat. Since I’d been seeing Matt I had become good at taking him deep, which he liked, so I did it for him as often as I could.

Seth was just a bit longer than Matt and somewhat thicker but not so that it was overwhelming. But when his cock hit the back of my throat I backed off a bit as Matt said “Go ahead baby…take him like you take me…all the way” and I moved forward again…and swallowed Seth deep stopping only when his pubic bone hit my lips.

When I did this Seth moaned “Ohhh God…yesss”.

When his cock was fully engaged with my throat I shook my head side to side to get my throat used to him being that he was a bit thicker than Matt. By this time I was on my hands and knees so I could rock back and forth onto his cock and not strain my throat. In my peripheral vision I saw Matt through the screen stroking his cock as I rocked backwards off of Seth. I then moved forward again slowly enjoying his moans as my mouth engulfed his cock again until my lips again hit kaçak bahis his pubic bone. His head rocked back as I swallowed him whole and he moaned “Yesssss” grasping at the corner of the bale as he resisted taking my head into his hands.

Matts voice came over the phone “I think he likes it babe…I think he likes it”.

I deliberately took my time letting Seth enjoy the slow deep throat action I was giving him. Luckily this position was comfortable for me and allowed me to control the speed and depth. I lost track of time. I enjoyed sucking his cock.

However, this was not to last as I soon felt the tell-tale signs of his pending orgasm. Then Matt pipped up “See, I told you he sucks a mean dick”.

Seth replied “You weren’t kidding, you were not kidding. Ohhh…God” he hissed as I felt the first spurt of pre-cum on my tongue. It was then he grasped my head and began to urge me on…and I sped up my strokes until I felt his body stiffen…and arche backward…when he exploded in orgasm…shooting his cum down my throat. Impossible amounts of cum hit my esophagus as he groaned out an unintelligible “Argghhhggghuh”.

I pulled off of him as Matt said “He loves getting fucked in the ass even more.”

Seth lay back panting as I grabbed the phone as Matt in his excitement stroked himself to an orgasm…and he too moaned as his cum shot out the end of his cock. “Babe…that was so hot…so hot…I hope you let him fuck you…I’d love to see that.” He said as he came off his own orgasm.

I smiled and said “We’ll have to see what Seth has to say about that.” I said. Seth lay back onto the hay bales panting with his eyes closed but said nothing and smiled.

Matt pipped up and said “Ok, why don’t you go inside and get ready just in case.”

I replied “I did already in anticipation of your homecoming.”

Seth sat up and walked over to where I was standing. Looking into the phone where Matt laid naked on his bed his cock wilting from his recent orgasm. “I need to shower first” he said.

I replied. “There is a shower in the groomsman’s quarters.’ I looked out at the torrential rain ‘or we could take shower in the rain.” Smiling Seth removed his shirt and proceeded to remove my clothes for me as Matt watched. We then descended the ladder. After grabbing a bottle of body wash from the groomsman’s shower and stepped, naked out into the rain. The phone had to be put down so we left it in the barn so Matt was not privy to our shower in the rain.

It was a warm rain and it felt good on my skin as stepped onto the grass followed by Seth. His body was magnificent with his muscles in all the right places and a nice cock swinging mightily between his legs. Seth was the one who took control by grabbing the bottle from me and then soaping up my body. My back was to his front as he soaped my chest, back, legs and finally my ass. I in turn soaped up his cock and spent my time washing his appendage before letting the rain rinse us both off. We enjoyed the session so much we remained in the rain for 30 minutes or more as his cock began to show signs of life again.

Things started getting serious when he pulled me to him so that my back was to his front and his cock poked me and then slid under me. He lifted me up as if I weighed nothing and settled me down on the base of his cock. When I looked down the cock I had sucked earlier seemed much larger than I remembered. His cock was about 2″inches longer than Matts and a touch thicker. I had deep throated him easily enough but the visual I was receiving was a massive turn on.

I could feel his breath on my neck as he kissed and sucked on my neck while rubbing the base of his cock into the crack of my ass as he held me to his chest in the rain. As the last of the soap rinsed away a lightning bolt flashed dangerously close hitting a tree. It was close enough to us that we both felt the heat of electricity forcing us to move back into the barn where we dried off in the groomsman’s quarters.

We then headed back up into the loft carrying a few blankets to cover the hay bales with. It was then that Seth walked up behind me, turned me around, looking into my eyes and said “I enjoyed the shower. I’m hoping you are ok with my wanting more?” He then kissed me as passionately.

Breaking off the kiss he looked at me adoringly as I smiled and asked “Does that mean you want to fuck me or something?”

Seth moved in kissed me again and picked me up so that my cock pressed against his abdomen and his cock found my ass. “It means’ he said breaking the kiss ‘I want to bury my tongue, as deeply as I can into you…drive you insane…then fuck you, taking my time so I can enjoy your fine ass…and cum deep inside you, over and over again.”

I smiled “Sounds very nice.”

My phone rang in Facetime. Seth answered it as I took up my position on the bales that allowed Seth to do what he wanted. Matt came into focus, but instead of being naked as before he was in full gear with a not-so-happy look on his face. “Things took a bad turn here, so they are calling everyone in to enforce curfew. One of the armored personnel carriers was hit with a Russian RPG. Luckily it was a dud and did not go off. That doesn’t mean the next one will be a dud”.

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