Ashleigh’s Carnal Friends Ch. 14

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This series of short stories chronicles the journey of Ashleigh with her friends and relations, as she explores her sexuality, and progresses from teenage sex to the wider reaches of sexual behaviour. They are written from different points of view, to give insight into how the experiences influence the individual characters.

Read the whole set of stories for a better understanding of the characters’ motivation and personality, and watch their exploits unfold with people of both sexes, in single and group situations and within their families.


The big day finally arrived. Me, safely delivered to university, my mother gone home, the previous night’s farewell dinner done and dusted.

I woke up on my first morning of total freedom — no family, no work, no worries. Peering over my duvet, my small dorm room was filled with my stuff and a pile of official paperwork: registration documents, hand-outs, circulars, forms, information, rules and regulations.

This was it. My future lay ahead of me and I couldn’t wait to get on with it. I showered and layered on plenty of black eye make-up and pink lipstick overlaid with gloss. The sloppy grey dress I threw on hung loosely from my shoulders and finished at mid-thigh level. It looked good with a pair of thick, black tights and shiny black ankle boots with a small heel.

In the corridors and over breakfast, it was all hellos and introductions to people destined to become new neighbours and friends, possibly lovers. I eyed them over: some of the boys had potential; one or two of the girls seemed to have that look in their eyes — the gaydar look that lesbians swear by. I made some mental notes to follow up in the future.

After registration, the place to go was the Great Hall where the university societies and clubs laid out their stalls to entice Freshers like me to enrol. Fresher’s Week was for socialising and meeting new people and getting laid, and for me that meant every night and in every possible way.

I never imagined so many different leisure activities existed. There was something for everyone: drama, singing, debating, mountaineering, potholing, and sports of every kind — some I’d never heard of.

For some reason, tae-kwon-do appealed — self-defence I suppose. Or was it the tall, fair-haired hunk flexing his muscles at the back of the stand, alongside his equally attractive black friend that made me linger? A few rounds fucking them seemed very appealing. I flirted, signed up, and left with a couple of phone numbers.

The Law Society was a must, seeing as that was what would be studying for the next three years of my life. Everyone on that stand looked sober and academic and boring — not my type at all. I began to wonder if I was studying the wrong subject.

I lingered by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender stand. It felt a bit too obvious for a bisexual like me to join. I had no interest in gays or people worried about their gender, but lesbians? It sounded OK to me.

The stand was busy and didn’t need to pull in recruits as eagerly as many of the other groups. The gays looked more feminine than the girls, and more vocal as they swanned around exhibiting themselves to Freshers.

A voice took me by surprise as it whispered in my ear. “Are you concerned about your sexuality?”

A tall, slim girl with short, bleached-white hair, dyed with streaks of red and yellow, heavy mascara and deep red lipstick stood beside me in the university tee-shirt, a denim jacket and tight jeans. She gave me no chance to answer.

“Lots of Freshers are like you … and this is their first opportunity to answer a question that’s been rumbling around in their mind for years.”

“Were you confused when you were a Fresher?” I asked, falling into the spirit of the conversation and wondering where it might lead.

Asking a question also gave me time to assess the girl while she sought an answer. Was she a lesbian? Or bisexual like me? No matter what, she was definitely my type. I got a whiff of her perfume — it mixed with the imagined taste of her cunt as it hit my gaydar.

“No. I’d worked myself out long before I came here,” she replied, swishing her long fringe from her eyes. “Want to join? There are lots of girls like you … don’t be shy.” She bent her mouth close to me and whispered. “You’ll enjoy every minute of it.”

I felt her hot breath on the side of my face and inhaled another draft of her scent. I knew the dryness of my mouth could only be relieved by the taste of her cunt.

“I’m sure I will … especially if they’re all as appealing as you.”

She looked into my eyes, then looked me up and down, then raised her nose to inhale my perfume, then licked her lips, like an animal assessing the potential of its prey. The taste of her cunt continued to develop in my mouth as she got closer, and a frisson of excitement flowed through me.

“You don’t look like the sort of girl to be intimidated … the name’s Alice.”

“I’m Ashleigh … are you a lesbian, Alice?”

“No, not bahis firmaları me … I put the bi in bisexual … it’s so much more fun … you should try it.”

“I’ve been thinking for a long time that it doesn’t seem right that if men get so much pleasure from a woman … why can’t a woman enjoy it just the same?”

“I love girls who like to experiment, Ashleigh. Is that what you want? Or are you just a tease?”

“Coming to university is liberating … I want to try everything it has to offer.”

“Are you sure?”

I nodded. She nodded. An unspoken message passed between us. She went to talk to a Goth-looking girl behind the desk. They both turned to look at me, their faces serious and fixed. It was clear they thought me to be a novice. I gave them a smile in an attempt to look young and pretty and innocent.

I wondered how long it would take me to pull a girl when I went to university, never imagining I would land a good looker within a couple of hours — and she was throwing herself at me.

Alice was a few years older than me with a fresh complexion and tight jaw line. Her tits were small, more in keeping with a slim girl of about my height. That didn’t bother me — it was her cunt that interested me.

“My place is just around the corner,” she said when she returned. She looked at me in a quizzical manner to make sure she was picking up my signals correctly.

I had no intention to play hard to get, realising this was an opportunity — not only for sex with a new girl — but also for her to introduce me to the bisexual scene. My cunt went liquid at the thought of all those new girls experimenting with their sexuality, and me helping them to discover it.

“Let’s go,” I said, linking her arm and drawing her close to my side.

Alice exchanged glances with her Goth friend, who looked enviously at us as she propelled me through the crowd of people, and out of the Hall. She was on a mission and seemed just as eager as me to get to her place and explore the sexuality of a this new stranger in her life — me!

At first, we walked leisurely through the autumn sunshine. At each corner, our speed increased. We were almost jogging when we reached the entrance to her building. Her excitement came through in her voice — she never stopped talking and it got higher and higher.

I told her nothing about me, preferring to maintain the mystery.

By the time we reached her front door, I knew she was a post-graduate economics student; originally interested in a career in finance; now intent on developing her own business; intent on making a name for herself; intent on making lots of money, and spending it.

Then, we ran up the two flights of stairs to her first floor apartment. We were gasping for breath as she unlocked her door. We fell inside together.

The door locked shut behind us. Our lips met. Our arms tightened around each other. We held each other close. Our lipstick smeared around. Our tongues licked against each other — gently at first — increasing in aggression as we explored the deeper regions.

I love that moment when I first kiss a person I’ve just met, and desire floods through my body. My whole being can’t wait to tear off their clothes and get on with the sex and fuck and get fucked.

Animal instinct took over. We grappled at each other’s clothes. Alice’s jacket and tee-shirt came off easily. Her tits stood prominent when I removed her bra. Her nipples were larger than I imagined — pointed and dark brown — I couldn’t wait to feel their erection in my mouth. She pulled my dress over my head and gasped at the size of my tits when she released them from my bra. I could tell she was delighted.

Not a word was spoken. The only sounds came from our frenetic breathing.

We collapsed onto the floor. We didn’t care about the cold hard wood. That’s what being amoral is all about — hard fucking, anytime, anywhere. She pulled at my tights and peeled off my knickers with them at the same time. Wrestling with the fastenings on her jeans took me a bit longer, but I soon had them off.

Alice pushed me down and grabbed me by the ankles and spread my legs wide. I raised my knees as her mouth hovered over my cunt. She looked at it and then at me and smiled and slipped out her tongue just before sinking it into the depths of my body.

I reached down and pulled my cunt open as wide as it would go. Her tongue flicked against my clit. She worked her fingers inside me.

“You’re a very naughty girl,” she said.

“You can do anything you like to me, Alice … I love it.”

The fact that these were almost the first words I spoke to her since leaving the Great Hall seemed to enhance salaciousness of the moment — especially as she pulled at my clit with her teeth and started to roll it between her lips.

I needed to taste her, to feel the softness of her cunt against my lips, to drink her sex juice. I sat up and turned her over and ran my hands up her bare legs, past the tattooed barbed wire at the top of her thigh kaçak iddaa and the flash of colour on her stomach, to find her shaven cunt wet with anticipation.

“It seems I’m not the only bad girl around here,” I said before dipping my tongue into the glistening wetness and licking her cunt from bottom to top. It was as juicy as a peach and tasted of cum — the dirty bitch must have had sex already that morning — and with a boy.

“I never realised you were so experienced, Ashleigh.”

“You never asked … you just assumed.”

“I had you for a novice.”

“You were wrong … I’m a fucking amoral bitch, Alice … it’s how I am … I’m a certifiable bisexual, just like you … and crave as much cunt and dick as I can get … and I love sucking cunt that’s full of cum … like yours is right now.”

“We’ll talk about that later,” Alice said, moving into soixante-neuf so we could both take full advantage of the cunt on offer. Imagine my surprise when my face was filled with a huge tattoo in red and yellow and blue that grew on green stems from the depths of her cunt. I was too busy to inspect it closer.

I sucked on her clit while feeling mine grow in her mouth. The feeling of lust spread from my cunt, up through my nipples and into my head. It swam around for a moment and then the orgasm started in my clit. Her cunt began to gush juicy cum at about the same time as mine and I knew we were in sync.

It didn’t take long before we both gasped as two powerful orgasms hit at about the same time. Alice collapsed on top of me, her body merging with mine into a heap of naked womanhood on the empty floor.

We lay like that for ages, until the hard boards dug into my skin. “There’s nothing more liberating than casual sex with strangers,” I said, shuffling to make myself more comfortable. “Women … men … couples … groups … I love them all.”

“You never know what they’ll do next … that’s the most exciting bit.”

“We are so alike, Alice … it feels like I’ve known you all my life … but I know hardly anything about you.”

“All you need to know is that I’m a dirty fucking bitch … and I can spot another when I see one … and I see one right in front of me.”

“So what are you going to do about it?”

“Come here, bitch … and I’ll show you,” she said, getting to her feet and offering her hand to pull me up.

She led me the few steps to the bed, stood me against it and pushed me back so that my arse was on the edge and my feet on the floor. Kneeling down in front of me, she grabbed my ankles again, lifted my legs high above my head and lapped her tongue back inside my cunt.

Then she moved down and started to lick around my arsehole.

“Yes … give me more of that, Alice.”

Her tongue circled my arsehole again then moved up and over the hill before sinking deep into my cunt and licking it from bottom to top, finishing by rolling my clit between her lips. I relaxed and let her get on with it as she repeated the treat over and over.

“What do you think, Ashleigh?”

“If this is university life … I like it … I want to stay here forever.”

“Don’t move … I won’t be long,” she said, letting go of my ankles and throwing my legs sideways onto the bed.

I heard her rattling about in a drawer and she returned with an armful of sex toys. “Do you have any favourites, Ashleigh?”

“I like them all … the bigger … the faster … the better … you choose.”

“This is my favourite,” she said, taking a long, fat, purple, double-ended dildo. I watched as she spat on one end, massaged it around, spread her legs, and manoeuvred it up her cunt, the other end hanging out of her like a dick.

She pushed me onto my back, lifted my legs over my head again, and spat a gob of spit onto my cunt, working it around with her tongue to act as a lubricant. Then she fed the spare end of the dildo inside me. We pushed against each other, gently at first then with all our might.

The dildo disappeared inside us with every thrust — until the wet lips of our cunts kissed each other as they met in the middle. We ground our clits against each other, our legs in an X shape. We were both breathing as if we’d just finished a five mile run, well on the way to orgasm.

A spark of pleasure flooded through me, my cunt stuffed with dildo. I manoeuvred myself on top, my tits swaying in front of her face while I pushed and ground harder into her cunt — imagining how great it must feel to be a man fucking a woman. We gasped each time our cunts slapped together.

I slid my finger inside my cunt, placing the tip on my clit. Alice sighed as my bent knuckle worked against her clit at the same time. A few more pushes and we were snorting like pigs, our clits throbbing in tune with each other. We both climaxed. I let out a loud groan, my cunt gripping the dildo so tightly I felt every contraction of my orgasm.

I felt the need to piss. So I pushed down and my cunt ejaculated, my cum squirting out between our bodies, flooding the dildo, kaçak bahis and down into Alice’s cunt. I pushed into her a few more times to make sure we were both dripping wet.

“Wow … you must teach me how to cum like that, Ashleigh.”

I didn’t tell her that I learnt it from my grandmother. I knew Alice was liberated, but some things have to stay secret.

We shuffled into a comfortable position, keeping the dildo firmly wedged inside us, pulled over a sheet, and fell into a deep sleep.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve fallen asleep with a man’s dick embedded in my cunt. When I woke up, the feeling was different. Instead of a flaccid, almost unnoticeable, dick inside me, the dildo was as large and stiff as the first time Alice forced it inside me.

The only time I’d experienced anything like that was when I’d fallen asleep with a vibrator up my cunt. But, this was different — Alice’s cunt was still on the end of the dildo — and the heat of our bodies and the smell of sweat and sex filled the space between us.

It was still my first morning at university. In addition to masturbating before I got up, I’d already had a further two orgasms with a complete stranger — and one of them was from penetration — something that had never happened until a couple of weeks ago. University life was already exceeding my wildest expectations.

As if she could hear me thinking, Alice’s eyes opened wide and looked into mine.

“You’re a dirty fucking bitch, Ashleigh.”

“And you’re just the sort of friend I hoped to meet … someone with a lovely sweet twat who can make me cum … and get me into the girly scene.”

“What about the boys?”

“They’re easy … I never have a problem … they find me.”

“What I like is that boys think they know everything about sex … but it’s us girls who are the real experts.”

“So who’s cum did I drink from your cunt, Alice?”

“He’s called Josh … I buddy up with him sometimes … you’ll like him.”

“You wouldn’t be jealous?”

“There’s lots you don’t know about me, Ashleigh … I use Josh for one thing … he has the biggest dick in town … not just long … but wide and hard … just right to give my cunt a good stretch.”

“Where do I find him?”

“I’ll introduce you.”

“I prefer sex with men older than me … young boys never seem to master their hair triggers.”

“You won’t be disappointed with Josh … he’s older than me … and he can cum and cum and cum.”

“He sounds just my type.”

“It sounds that anyone who can fuck or suck is your type, Ashleigh.”

“That’s because I’m a sex addict … I fucked my first boy when I was fourteen … my first girl when I was sixteen … and since I’ve been eighteen it’s been anal and threesomes and lesbians and groups and gangbangs … my cunt and arsehole have been stretched to the limit …. and I’ve loved every second of it.”

“It sounds like you are always up for sex.”

“People throw themselves at me all the time … for example, last week I was working in my Dad’s estate agency and this woman came in … it took me a while to realise she was the gym teacher from my old school, Miss Jones.”

“I like athletic types, Ashleigh … they have so much stamina.”

“We all fancied her at school … she’s a bit like you, Alice … tall and slim with a pretty face and nicely proportioned tits, but with a fair ponytail that swishes when she runs.”

“Glad you like my tits … but they’re not in your league,” she said, reaching down and licking my left nipple before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it.

“Miss Jones told me it was impossible for teachers to get friendly with pupils these days,” I continued while Alice enjoyed herself on my tits, “but now I’d left school it was different.”

“That was a come-on if ever I’ve heard one.”

“First I noticed that look in her eyes … that gaydar look … and then I passed her a pen and she touched my hand … only slightly, but it sent an electric bolt through me … and she gave me the look again.”

“What did you do?”

“I didn’t have to do anything … she told me her boyfriend was away on business … and that I could come round to her house any time … meaning, to come soon … before he returns.”

“So, when I approached you today, Ashleigh … it’s all in a day’s play for you, isn’t it?”

I nodded as I continued my story. “I didn’t want to make a fool of myself … so I texted her … in case I’d misinterpreted her signals … she texted straight back … and told me she’d always fancied me.”

“Who wouldn’t fancy these tits?” Alice said, sucking my right nipple deep into her mouth.

“Let me show you something,” I said.

I reached down and gathered up my left breast in my hand, lifted it up to my mouth and sucked hard on the nipple until it disappeared into my mouth — then I played with it — letting it partly out and sucking it back in again.

“What does sucking your own tits feel like?”

“It feels just the same as when you do it to me … a ripple of pleasure that goes through me … up through my head … it’s best when I masturbate at the same time … I get the feelings working together … and it gives great orgasms.”

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