Asian Girl Becomes Call Girl

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As this second installment of my “Truth” Series, I should explain that these stories are parts of my past life before I met my husband. I used to be quite wild. Sex came easy and was always available due to my bodily assets.This story is as true as I can remember, and yes, it really did happen. I did change a few things such as City and client descriptions to keep anonymity.

Prior Stories:

“My Experience with an 11-Inch Cock”

About Me:

I am 23, Korean (happily married now!) and have a body much like Kerry Marie’s. My boobs have always been the center of attention when it came to boys. I began to develop when I was 9. Currently, I wear a 38DD bra. I have long black hair that comes to the middle of my back, and I stand about 5 foot.


When I was 19, I got a call from one of my long time friends from 2nd grade (She went by the name “Mei” at the time this happened). She and I used to be in the same classes together until we graduated. Her family moved to Winnipeg, MB soon after for a job position that her father took. She’s of Phillipino decent. Like me, she is about 5 foot, has long hair, but it has been highlighted blonde in parts, and she is much thinner than I. Where I am about the size of Kerry Marie or Ewa Sonnett (or somewhere in between), she would be more like an import model, such as Alley Baggett or Devon Aoki.

Anyway, we talked for hours that night! I stayed up until 4am talking to her. We hadn’t seen each other since 12th grade. Turns out she had moved by herself to Thunder Bay, ON and found work in an escort service. She told me all about it that night. She made it sound so fun! I was floored when she was pulling in about $5000 a week. Sure it was Canadian dollars, but with the exchange rate at the time, $4100 still was a huge amount! Her parents thought she was just going to college there, and she was… but making more money on the side to “put herself through school.”

At the time, I was going to the local community college and working at a law firm as a receptionist for $5.00 an hour. I made about $150 a week, so that money sounded really good! I asked her if it was hard to do, and she told me that it was easy. Guys will tell you what they want up front, so there is no guess work, but you have

to do some really nasty things to earn the cash. My interest was piqued…

“One guy had me put on his fiancée’s Bridal gown and he and his buddies pretended I was his fiancée.” She admitted. “Another one got off on me sniffing his hairy balls and licking his asshole.” I was floored! I thought I knew what guys were into, but this was completely nasty! She told me that it was the really nasty ones that paid the most money though. I went to sleep thinking about the conversation.

A couple weeks later I found a message on my answering machine.

“I don’t know if you’re interested, but I have a call that I was hoping you might join me for. There’s a bachelor party I am assigned to do in two weeks. It’s for 3 guys, business professionals. They need 2 Asian girls who are

into hentai (Japanese rope bondage), oral, anal, and DP…er… Double Penetration. We’d be there all night from 9pm to 10am the next morning. There is a minimum of $4000 for each of us if you want to try it out. If you want to pass, I’ll just ask another one of the girls here. I think it would be fun though, and they would probably pay extra for your big tits! Call me back!…”

I pondered this for a couple days, but the money was too good to pass up. The only problem I was having was that I had a boyfriend at the time, and I knew that he wouldn’t be into it. I was killing myself trying to figure out what to do. I finally decided to call Mei again and ask her.

“A boyfriend? Here’s what you do. You just tell them that you are going to visit me for a “girl’s vacation.” What we actually do is a job, and nothing more. This is just to earn money. It would be considered your “temporary work life.” At least, that’s how I told myself how to think of it.” I felt better after talking to her again, so

I decided to go.

“You’ll want to bring really comfortable clothes—like sweats and tees or wifebeaters. Most of the time when we have clients, we’re dressed in really uncomfortable lingere.” Was her advice.

The place was really nice. It used to be a 4 Seasons hotel that the service bought. The girls all had their individual rooms that ankara türbanlı escort they stayed in on the lower 3 levels. The Top 2 floors were for the clients and the girls to do their thing. The lounge was converted into a place where girls who didn’t have any clients could mingle with walk-in guests. When I got there, Mei showed me my room, just down the hall from hers. She said that she had a client coming at 8pm that evening for an hour, but she was free until then.

We went out and ate dinner and talked. It was much like old times again. We shopped at the mall for a while, and then headed back to the hotel. At 7:00, I was still visiting with Mei as she got ready. She had the “Client Sheet” out on the table. I scanned it.

“Mr. Smith.



Requirements: 1 girl, Asian, 18-22 years old, petite, long hair. Must do anal, oral, vaganal. Light Bondage.

Fantasy: Wants to “teach” innocent student how to get an “A+”

Time allotted: 1 hr paid.

Pay: $75″

Mei had bought a school girl outfit a couple days prior, and was now putting it on.

“If you need to buy clothes for a certain fantasy, then get the receipts. You need to turn them in to accounting so that the client is charged the expenses. You are reimbursed 100% for your purchases! Its really cool cause you get free clothing!” She opened up her closet and to my amazement; it was jammed with all sorts of naughty


At 7:45, Mei took my to the employee screening room. I sat in front of a dozen monitors on the wall. Some of them were blank, and some of them had scenes on them. She indicated which one she’d be on.


Mei and the client entered the room. She sat him down on the bed. Although there was no audio from the monitors, I could see that she was talking dirty to him. She knelt in front of him, and pulled out his dick. She began to suck him off as he wrapped his hands behind her head. She bobbed up and down for a while, and then rose. she moved

between his legs, still standing and began to unbutton her blouse. He opened it and took it off her. She took off her bra as he pulled her skirt down. She was left in nothing but a white thong and thigh highs. The man stood up and bent her over the bed. He immediately jammed his cock in her and began pile-driving her. She looked like she liked it. She was yelling what I guessed to be dirty talk to him as he took her. A few seconds later he pulled out and flipped her over. He pulled her legs apart and rammed in again. This time it looked like she was in pain for a second. She winced as he pounded her like a jackhammer.

It only took about 5 minutes. He pulled out and she quickly slid to the floor. He came all over her face as she still was talking dirty to him. He lay back on the bed as she wiped her face off, then proceeded to suck him off until he was hard again. This time she rode him. From the angle of the camera, I could see her mouth the words, “your so big,” and “…so deep!” she slid up and

down his cock slowly. She came down so he could suck her tits (32B’s by the way). The man went after her boobs like a rabid dog! He sucked her nips making her cry out and arch her back. She was slamming her cunt down on his cock now. The whole bed was shaking as she fucked him. She was crying out really loudly and shaking.Suddenly, in one move, he threw her sideways on to her back, and he jumped on top. He began ramming into her again as she looked over his shoulder to the camera.

She stuck her tongue out at me and mouthed the words, “Small dick… Doesn’t really hurt.” I laughed. The man was really banging her now. He was about ready to cum as he grabbed her face and forced her mouth to open. He positioned himself, straddling her tits and unloaded in her mouth and on her face. I looked at the clock. She still had 15 minutes with him. He collapsed on her. She held and caressed him, whispering sweet nothings in his

ear. They spent the remainder of the time like this.

I met up with her back at her room. She was getting into the shower.

“There’s another one on the table. Take a look at his stats.” She shouted from in the bathroom. I went over to

the table.

“Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Ages: (M) 49 / (W) 36

Ethnicity: Caucasian (M/F)

Requirements: 1 girl, Asian, 18-35, Must do F/F, M/F, ankara ukraynalı escort F/M/F. toy play, anal, oral, vaganal, Light bondage,


Fantasy: Wants to give wife 1st time w/girl. wants 1st time w/ 2 girls.

Name: Ping

Time Alloted: 2 hours paid

Pay: $200″

“What does ‘name’ mean?” I yelled into the bathroom.”

I heard the water turn off. Mei came out in her towel, and took the paper.

“OK. Obviously it gives here their fake names, ages and what they are looking for (requirements). Fantasy is what they want to do. The Name is what they want you to call yourself while with them. If it doesn’t give a name, I’ll just use my alias, Mei.” She explained. “So, you want to give this one a try?” I got a really nervous.

“I’m afraid that I’ll fail.” I squeaked.

“Nonsense. You’ve had sex before, right? Just do what you would do if it was your boyfriend.” She made it sound too simple.

“But there is his wife. I’m supposed to service her???” I stammered. The thought of eating pussy repulsed me.

“Yes. You get used to it after a while.” she said. She was making waaaayyyy to simple!

“I cant go down on a woman!” I said.

“Sure you can.” She said. She grabbed my hand and hurried to the bed. She dropped her towel, spun around and sat down. Flabbergasted at her bluntness, I stared. She opened her legs, and took my hands. She guided me to my knees in front of her. I just stared at her cunt, not believing what I was about to do. She scooted to the edge of the

bed and pulled my head down.

“Think of it as eating a very rare dessert.” She whispered. I took a good look at her pussy. Despite doing this for a living, she was still quite small. Her lips were flushed and puffy, obviously from what she had just done

with the other client, and her slit was moist. I was being pulled closer and closer. Finally, I gave in, and gingerly stuck out the tip of my tongue. The instant it made contact, a fire was lit inside Mei. She arched her back and roughly drove my face into her cunt. Trying to breathe, I opened my mouth and got a mouthful of pussy!

I got the air I so desperately needed and began to get down to work. I sucked her lips, tongued her clit and ate her out. She was so wet that her juices were running down my face.

Now, I wasn’t really liking this and my stomach kept churning, but the sounds of her moaning had lit my pussy on fire too. I realized all of a sudden that my right hand was massaging my own clit as I ate. I jerked back, flabbergasted at what was going on.

“See you’re into it too!” She smiled “Come up here on the bed.” She positioned me on my knees on the edge of the bed. She went around behind me. She made quick work of removing my blouse and bra. She began to rub my breasts gently, just grazing my nipples. I felt my cunt flood from the stimulation.

“Take off your pants.” She whispered. To this day, I still don’t know why I did, but I soon found myself laying on my back, naked with my legs spread wide apart. Mei was hovering over me in a 69 position. Her cunt was less than an inch from my face. It was so weird having my best friend eat me out!

Don’t get me wrong, it was feeling pretty good, but my mind was still stuck on the fact that we had been friends forever. I was brought out of my contemplation when she pushed her cunt into my mouth. I tossed away my thoughts and began to eat.

“Oh…. ” She suddenly exclaimed, “You never have had anal?” She looked back at me, cunt juices smeared all over her face.

“UM…. N-no…” I admitted.

“That’ll never do! These clients want anal. It wont help you if you aren’t prepared for it.” She jumped up and went over to her dresser. She came back with a small tube of something and a butt plug. She sat down in a chair at the bottom of the bed. She turned me over and had me stick my ass in the air. I felt so

self conscious and weird. My best friend was about to violate my ass! She was doing something behind me and then….

“OOOOOOWWWWWWWW!” I screamed and lurched forward. She forcefully grabbed my hips and pulled me back.

“I’ve coated the the plug with numbing cream. After a few seconds it shouldn’t hurt so much. She began to push it in me again. It was SO painful as she slowly stretched my ass with the plug. It took her 20 minutes just to get ulus escort it in me. My ass did go numb about half way in, but she said she couldn’t hurry or I’d tear, and that’s no good for the client. By the time it was all in me, I just felt a huge amount of pressure. It felt like the pressure was running from my ass to my stomach.

Mei returned to the dresser and came back with a hose that had an air bulb attached to it. She laid it on the bed next to my leg and then laid herself down next to me on the other side.

“This might feel a little weird, but just enjoy.” She said as she began to massage my clit. I spread my legs wider and began to push against her hand. She leaned in and took hold of my nipple with her mouth. She was sucking my tits really hard as her hand rubbed my clit harder. I began to actually feel a climax coming on! I got really close right as she stopped.

“Its time.” She exclaimed. She reached around my leg and got the air bulb. She sat down in the chair and began doing something with the plug in my ass. I

heard the hiss as she started pumping air, and felt a huge increase in pressure from my ass.

“What are you doing???” I hissed, trying to deal with the pressure.

“The butt plug you have in you is inflatable. I’m stretching your ass so that you’ll be able to accommodate the man if he decided to buttfuck you.” Mei was so blunt. I heard her pump the bulb a couple more times. I spread my legs all the way apart to the point where my cunt was against the bed. Then she got a mirror.

“Want to see?” She asked. I looked over my shoulder, and to my horror, my ass was stretched so far apart. The hole must have been an inch and a half across

apart! I just stared at it, gasping.

“Now watch this…” She said. She grabbed the bulb and began to slowly pump again. Every time she squeezed, my ass spread a little farther. She kept putting lube around it so that it could stretch. She was very careful not to tare me. Once she got to the point where I could tear, she’d stop.

A lightbulb must have gone off in her mind because she jumped up and ran to her closet.

She came back with what I would later learn was a symbian. She attached a dildo to it, and put it under me, inserting the dildo in my cunt. I lowered myself slowly down on the symbian, feeling the dildo fill my cunt. All of a sudden I began bucking and grinding against the symbian! She had turned the vibration function on—Half speed. She sat there laughing as I bucked and ground my cunt down on the dildo. I was so close to my first climax, it only took about a minute until I came. I came hard. Shaking and crying out. She turned the vibes down to allow me to relax. I fell forward on to the bed. My ass was high in the air because I was still on the symbian.

“Was that good?” She whispered in my ear.

“Y—Yes.” I murmured.

She started the vibes again. I sat up. She was standing behind me. She pulled me all the way up so I sat straight up. She reached down and turned the vibes all the way up. I was screaming as she mauled my tits and I was grinding my cunt against the symbian again. She reached back with one hand and gave the bulb a couple more pumps.

I felt so much pressure I thought I was going to split in two. She held me straight up as I came and came.

Finally, I began begging her to stop because I couldn’t take any more. Mercilessly, she reached down and began to massage my clit again! I built up for one last climax.

Just as I was cumming, she reached around back and gave the bulb on last hard squeeze. I collapsed on the bed and blacked out.

The next thing I remember was laying on the bed on my stomach. The symbian was gone and there was no pressure any more, but my ass ached. Mei, was sitting in front of her laptop. She must have heard me stir, because she turned to me.

“You slept too long. I had to take care of those clients.” She said. “Anyway, lets go out for food. I got $200 and I’m famished!”

I looked over my shoulder. My legs were still spread apart. My ass was all red. I tried, but found that I could barely move. She helped me into the bathtub and washed me down.

“I have a small confession…” She whispered. “There’s a guy… One of my regulars. He’s really nice. Um… Well, he’s seeing us tomorrow at 5pm.”

I jolted up. “US????”

“He’s really nice. Don’t worry. It’ll be really cool.” She smiled “Just so you know, He’s into Hentai. We’re gonna have to go out and get you a geisha outfit cause that what he likes. We’ll do that first thing in the morning so that you’ll be ready for tomorrow night.”

I ended up drifting off to sleep on Mei’s bed next to her contemplating this new life she had exposed me to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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